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Why were all characters who arrived in 1999 short lived?.

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On 05/06/2019 at 02:53, CaptainHulk said:

The thing which was stupid about killing Ken is he only just made the credits!

We can't even say that was to trick us, since he was also removed a few weeks prior to his death. As soon as I read the story in TV Week about him being crushed under a car, I knew he was a goner :( 

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I wonder Anthony Phelan wanted out so soon - he's done alright for himself since, but surely the producers had a long-term plan for him and the Smiths and therefore would have had him on a longer contract? 


I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I could see Joel Nash easily having become a stalwart of Summer Bay had he not been written out. Joel was a dependable father figure and the approachable, honest and "firm but fair" local cop, both of which made him potential stalwart material. His role as a cop also would have the potential for him to take in the odd waif/stray when he becomes emotionally invested in teen/child tearaways etc. 

Presumably if he'd stayed we'd never have had some of the subsequent father figures (i.e. Rhys Sutherland, Tony Holden and possibly even Sid Walker if Joel made it to 2010), but axing him in 2000 was a huge long-term loss in my opinion. Maybe Roo could have even married him instead of Harvey, which would have given her something long-term to work with too.. 

Joel is probably the most believable cop we've had in the last 20 years too and would have kept the current local constabulary in check too if he were still around :lol:

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