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Wednesday 23 March 2005 - "Theory Becomes Reality"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Theory Becomes Reality

(Ep screened in Australia on Wednesday 23 March 2005 - Episode # 3923)

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Leah?s place - Dan & Ryan are rather joyous when they return home, but Leah shatters that when she accuses Ryan of damaging her dress. Ryan fiercely denies this, but Leah says that he could be lying, as she wasn?t truthful about being ill earlier. Leah isn?t exactly impressed that dan seems to be siding more with Ryan on this,

Van park house - Zoe enters, and asks sally for her mail. Zoe notices that sally is way busy and suggests that maybe she should come back later. Sally says that she?s about to head to the MGP fundraising day. Sally is then V appreciative when Zoe offers to look after baby pippa whilst sally is out.

Surf club - Tasha wonders why Zoe isn?t at the fundraiser with plank, and he says that it?s V complicated. Plank then turns the conversation away from himself by wondering if Tash has told colleen that she doesn?t want to enter the MGP after all. Tash says that she hasn?t found the right time.

Leah?s - Dan returns to the lounge room, having just spoken to Ryan. Dan wonders why Leah is so armament about Ryan being responsible for the damaged dress. Leah responds by telling him about ryan admitting that he wasn?t really that ill today AND she also tells dan about Ryan?s rather negative comments about Leah & Dan?s relationship. Dan is clearly in a quandary as to who to believe.

Outside surf club - Colleen & joy are both selling scones, and colleen takes offence to joy?s sign which says that her scones are prize winning. Joy insists that she won a prize because her recipe was published in a national magazine. Hyde then approaches - and both women offer him some of their scones. Hyde is way diplomatic -he takes one of each.

Surf club - Tilly is selling her lamingtons when Ric approaches. Tilly comments about his naked bike ride being not such a good look, but Ric responds by saying that tilly would know, because she was looking at him for long enough on that day.

Outside surf club - Colleen & joy both see peter approaching. After joy comments on how much her scones are, colleen notes that joy has dropped her price. Peter ignores them both and continues on, whilst joy accepts Colleen?s challenge as to see who makes the most money today.

Leah?s - Dan & Ryan are in the lounge when dan asks Ryan about recent events (not really ill, comments to Leah), but Ryan absolutely denies that he damaged Leah's dress (note - IF Ryan is lying, he?s doing it V convincingly)

Outside Leah?s - Leah is annoyed that dan believes Ryan?s story, whilst dan tells Leah that he?s waaaaay between a rock and a hard place in all this.

Outside surf club -sally sees Zoe and wonders if she wants to enter the MGP. Zoe says no - and then Zoe continues on (looking at the various fundraising day activities). Colleen sees Zoe and suggests that Tasha should encourage Zoe to buy some of colleen?s scones. Zoe (who has baby pippa with her) is approaching Tash, when Zoe sees plank - and instantly changes direction and moves quickly away from plank. Josie then approaches Sally (who is manning the MGP entry stand). When sally asks, Josie says that she?s not entering the MGP. Jesse then approaches, and Josie suggest to him (in a total small talk way) that she thinks joy will win the scone "war", but Jesse suggest the opposite (colleen win) and when he moves away, sally insists to Josie that she has to give Jesse more time. Colleen, Hyde & Joy approach sally, who says that Tash, Tilly & only a handful of other girls have officially entered the MGP. Joy responds by saying that she has someone who?ll enter the MGP. Colleen responds by saying that there?s an age limit (assuming that joy was talking about herself) but joy says that her grand daughter is going to enter. Joy then calls out (to the nearby) "Cassandra" - and as Cassie approaches the MGP stand, Ric is V pleased to see her. Colleen then informs Joy of the MGP rules of entry, but joy says that Cassie isn?t a "blow in" because Cassie is now living with her. Cassie then enquires to Hyde about something school related, and colleen is NOT impressed that Hyde didn?t tell her that Cassie is a local.

Surf club - dan, Ryan & Leah enter, and they quickly go their different ways. Leah finds Jesse and talks to him about what?s happened. When Dan speaks to peter about the dress issue, peter mentions that he KNOWS (from personal experience) that ryan has definitely picked up a few bad habits from his mum (Dan?s ex). Elsewhere in surf club, plank & Zoe encounter each other - and they are able to resolve their difference. Meanwhile, Cassie walks up to behind Ric - and puts her hands over his eyes. When Ric enquires about her going to SBH, Cassie says that she likes being "full of surprises" - and Tilly is clearly jealous as she watches Ric & Cassie interacting. Leah &^ dan then arrive in front of Tilly?s lamington stand - and they are talking about the damaged wedding dress. When they walk away, till has a V sheepish look on her face (note: I love it when a theory of mine - see yesterday?s ep guide -is correct)

Leah?s - Leah & dan fight about speaking to other ppl about the dress. A frustrated Leah exits the room, and Ryan enters. Dan & Ryan hug.

Surf club - Sally is way more sceptical that any of the others (incl. Hyde & Jesse) when peter tells them that the police waaaay believe they have the "stalker" (marc) in custody. Peter seems surprised that its sally is voicing these concerns (that the stalker MAY be still on the loose).

Van park house - Zoe & plank agree to take things not so seriously with their relationship, but Zoe insists that she couldn?t help herself when she bought up the subject of kids, ie Zoe said "you should see the look on your face". Sally returns home, and she is pleased that all is well again (for Zoe/plank).

Surf club - Hyde informs that gathered crowd that Joy has raised more money for the MGP (with her scones). Colleen demands a recount - but decides on another way to get back at joy. Colleen tells Tash that she HAS to beat Cassie (and win the MGP). Tash tries to tell colleen that she doesn?t want to be in the MGP, but Tasha doesn?t. Nearby, Josie approaches Jesse. She tells him that if he tells her that he won?t ever has feeling for her again, then she stop hassling him. Josie is pleased when Jesse doesn?t say that he is (totally over hear). Meanwhile, peter sees that Tilly is looking WAY forlorn. He wonders what?s wrong - and Tilly tells peter that she? done something REALLY bad.

Diner - Peter & Tilly approach Leah, and peter tells Leah that Tilly has something to tell her. Tilly then admits that SHE damaged the dress, ie Tilly accidentally stepped on the bottom of the dress when she was handling it (at hunter house) recently.

Leah?s - Leah tells dan about Tilly?s admission of guilt. Dan wonders why Tilly was touching the dress. Leah responds that Tilly is a 15-year-old girl - "and that?s explanation enough". Dan then calls Ryan into the room. Leah apologises for blaming Ryan - and Leah & Ryan agree to "start afresh" by shaking hands. As they do this, Ryan has his fingers crossed (on the hand not shaking Leah?s)

Van park house - sally is chopping up some vegetables when the kitchen light blows.

Surf club - Cassie & Tash wish each other well for the MPG (which annoys colleen). When Cassie goes into another room, Ric wonders why Cassie acts all prim & proper in public. Cassie tells Ric that this way, she can "get away" with more antics. Meanwhile, in the bar room, Peter gets off the phone and he tells Jesse that forensics have confirmed that its? Zoe?s blood on the knife found at Marc?s place. Both peter & Jesse are V pleased with this news.

Van park house - sally puts a ladder in place and is climbing it when ALL the lights at her house go out. Sally calls out, wondering if it?s Flynn (ie he might have just got home), but seconds later, the ladder violently moves - and sally is knocked unconscious when she hits the floor (end of ep)


Despite Peter?s opinion to the contrary, sally insists that the stalker in STILL on the loose, whilst Tilly continues t be totally impressed/jealous of Cassie (on the latter?s 1-st day at SBH).

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