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Friday 8 April 2005 - "?CSI? Summer Bay?"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?CSI ? Summer Bay?

Police station -Harper tells peter that he was astonished when he was told that marc was dead before the car crash. Peter & harper discuss possible theories as top what happened to marc, i.e. why he was killed.

Diner - Josie asks Irene how she is (now that she?s bay in the bay), but this leads Irene launching a major verbal attack on Josie (about the wedding fiasco). Jess & Martha enter, and colleen is trying to get Robbie to decide want he wants to order, but when Robbie sees tash enter, he decides to bail. Colleen then speaks to tash about the MGP - and tash looks, well, at tad bored as colleen?s rabbits on about them going to yabby creek to select a dress for the MGP.

Police station - Harper thinks that Jesse killed marc, but Peter?s prime suspect is Josie.

Diner - Jesse introduces Martha to Irene, and then Josie goes over to where Jesse & Martha are sitting. Josie gives Jesse & Martha a BIG verbal ?serve? - before walking away. As Josie is about to leaver, peter enters diner. He wants Josie to come to station for questioning.

Police station - Josie tells peter that she didn?t kill marc but she?s not sad that he?s dead. When peter enquires about the secret marc talked about (and Morag?s enquiries on Josie?s? behalf), Josie insists that the accusations about the so-called secret merely proves how crazy marc is.

Diner - when Martha suggests that she & Jesse could ?back off? a little, Jesse insists that he?s NOT going to let Josie dictate his life. Meanwhile, Irene gets V angry at colleen for gossiping about the matha/josie/jesse situation - instead of working. Colleen goes back into the kitchen, and Martha approaches tash. Martha says that she can tell that Tash isn?t really interested in the MGP, but tash insists that whilst she doesn?t want to hurt colleen?s feelings, tash hates colleen trying to relive her youth though tash. Naturally, colleen overhears this - and is upset.

Police station - Josie insists that if they aren?t going to charge her, Josie is leaving. Peter asks Josie to keep the news of marc?s murder to herself - and ?suggests? that Josie shouldn?t leave town any time soon.

Beach - Josie is walking along, and she appears to be deep in thought.

Diner - tash approaches colleen - as tash is keen to go to yabby creek to select a dress for the MGP. Colleen insists that she is too busy - before telling tash that she overheard the ?reliving youth? thing that tash told Martha. Meanwhile, Martha tells Morag & Alf about the way that Josie spoke to Jesse & Martha, morag is outraged, and Alf is really concerned about the way Martha is talking about how Jesse defended Martha against Josie etc.

Police station - when Harper enquires, peter says that he doesn?t think Josie killed marc - but it?s just an instinct that peter is going on. Peter thinks that are REALLY missing something.

Diner - Tash approaches colleen - saying that she?s sorry for the comments she made. A further comments form tash leads colleen to saying that tash has NO IDEA of what the MGP win meant to colleen = for the 1-sty time in her life, ppl wants to meet/visit etc colleen. It opened doors to colleen that never would have opened if not for the MGP. Colleen? speech is V heartfelt - and tash is clearly affected by it.

Noah?s - Martha sees Robbie, and suggests that he & tash should sort things out. Robbie responds by ringing Samantha. Martha goes into the bar room, and she & Jesse are flirting with each other as they talk, but Jesse back off with Alf enters the room. Martha decides to bail, and then Alf wonders why Jesse is interested in a: kid: like Martha, Jesse insists that he & Martha are just good friends.

Diner - An exited Tash enters the kitchen and tells colleen that she REALLY wants to be in the MGP (for same reasons as colleen described). Tash ten shows colleen that (soft pink) dress she chose for the MGP - and colleen comments that she couldn?t have chosen better. Tash & colleen then joke about defeating both cassia & Joy when they win the MGP.

Noah?s - Alf talks to Martha about Jesse/Martha. Martha insists that she and Martha are just great mates, but Alf isn?t convinced.

Diner - tash tells Martha about the whole colleen-overhearing thing. Martha suggests that just like tash not meaning to hurt colleen by what she said, Robbie didn?t mean what he said either. Josie enters diner, so Martha decides to bail. Tash approaches Josie, and when asked, Josie says that the police needed a few details from her. Morag see Josie - and verbally attacks her for the way she spoke to Martha - but a defiant Jose tells Morag to ?get in line? - for the many ppl verbally attacking Josie. (Note - I REALLY like Josie in this scene)

Hunter house - tash arrives, and she sees that Robbie is about to go out. Robbie says that he?s going to the movies with Samantha. After Robbie exits, you can see that tash is in a quandary until what to do next.

Diner - tash is talking to Josie (about Robbie etc) when tash realises that Josie isn?t listening to her. Josie tells tash that she?s thinking about ?cutting her losses? and leaving the bay - because, apart for tash she has NO friends, and Josie has no job there. Tash is shocked by Josie?s decision.

Police station -Peter looks at marc?s watch (*recovered from crash scene). Peter notes that it stooped at 4.15pm. Peter & Harper then talk about the series of events on the day of the murder mystery party (and writ them on whiteboard as they go. 4.10 pm - marc?s rant to all at the murder mystery thing. 4.15pm marc?s death. 4.35pm - Scott & hayley discover bomb with 10 minutes to go on timer. 4.25pm - bomb is activated (evidence form forensics). This leads peter to the shocking conclusion that the stalker in still on the loose. This thought is backed up when Laura (uniform cop) enters the room and hands marc an envelope (which was found on one of the police cars) - the note says, ?you won?t be so lucky next time? (end of ep)


Will tash leave bay with Josie - and it looks as thought the stalker is trying to frame Josie from all the recent attacks etc

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