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Tuesday 17 March 2005 - "What The Hell Happened in 1989???"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : What The Hell Happened in 1989 ???

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

At Marc place, Josie is totally on edge as the stalker opens the cupboard that she?d recently looked fro the 1989 documentation in. the stalker shuts the cupboard and goes into Marc?s kitchen before stalker goes back up stairs. Josie waits a bit before she too goes up the stairs.

Seconds later, we see Josie walking away form Marc?s house. She hears a car approaching so she hides behind the garden of a nearby house. Josie (who has the ?89 info in her hand) is please that she did - because the car she heard approaching is peter & Co in a police vehicle.

At Leah?s place, Leah & Dan ask Ryan how the flight over to Australia was -before they give him the boogie board. Ryan is really pleased by the gift and Leah is pleased that things are going well - for now (see below).

Josie is at her flat and she is just about to burn the ?89 info when she hear a knock at door. She places the info on the couch - and covers it with some clothing before she opens the door. It?s plank &^ Zoe who ask Josie if she?d like to join them for a meal out somewhere. Josie suggests that she?d like to stay in, so Zoe suggest that they order some take away, but Josie changes her mind and decides to go out with Zoe ^ plank. (Note - Josie doesn?t even bother moving the ?89 info from on the couch where she placed it earlier).

AT Leah?s place, Ryan is keen to go to the beach - to try out boogie board when Leah & Dan tell Ryan that there?s something they have to tell him. Upon hearing the news of their engagement, Ryan wonders about Dan & his mum, and Dan says that there?s no chance that they?ll get back together - and it?s clear from the look on Ryan?s face that he?s NOT keen on Dan being with Leah

AT Marc?s place, the police are having a difficult time finding the ?89 info, but they DO unlock THAT cupboard - and discover the bloodied knife.

AT the police station, peter tells marc that he?s officially charged with the attack on Zoe. Marc can?t believe what he?s hearing and he wonders, to peter, why he?d tell to police that they can search his house if he knew the knife was in such a findable place - and marc also insists that Josie is framing him. Peter responds by saying that perhaps marc did this and is hoping that they?d believe his story that he?s being framed - but peter insists that he doesn?t "buy" Marc?s story - and neither will a judge.

AT Leah?s place, Dan & Leah discuss the aftermath of Ryan?s less than keen reaction to their news. Meanwhile, Ryan (lying in bed) sees a framed photo of Dan & Leah on the bedside table, and he moves the photo so it?s now face down - but he has no issue with the frame pic of sally & baby pippa on the same table.

AT the diner, Peter responds to a question from Morag by telling her that he has charged marc with the attack on Zoe. Plank then asks on why peter believes marc is the stalker - and peter says that it?s because of evidence found in Marc?s car etc. peter tells Zoe that she?ll have to come to station to ID the knife they found. Morag tells peter that she wants to be kept informed of proceedings to do with this case. Peter says that he will, before he asks Josie about Marc?s 1989 accusations. Josie says that marc is just trying to slander her - as he?s not gotten over to fact that she left him years ago. Josie adds that it took he AGES for her to leave Marc (because she was frightened of him). Josie then mentions that she?s glad the police found the knife in the kitchen, but peter corrects her by saying that the knife was found in a locked cupboard. Josie then realises that marc ISN"T the stalker after all.

At Leah?s place, Leah & Dan are kissing when Ryan enters the room. Leah offers to make Ryan some "Dan Cakes" but Ryan says that he HATES those now. Ryan however likes Dan?s suggestion that he & Ryan go to the beach. Leah, of course, isn?t so keen on the way Ryan is reacting to her.

At the beach, Ryan exits the water carrying his new boogie board. Ryan is having lots of fun, until Dan tells him that Leah bought the board for him. Dan tells Ryan that he?ll have to accept the Leah/Dan relationship, and Ryan responds by saying that he would have accepted it more if he?d been told sooner. Ryan adds that he accepts the relationship (LIAR) and Dan appears to believe this.

AT the diner, Leah wonders why marc has issues with the bay, and Morag responds by saying the police believe that it's because marc has a connection to Sarah Lewis. When Zoe enquires, plank tells her that Sarah killed one of their friends last year. Josie exits diner, and whilst Morag & the others continue to talk about the stalker, Ryan & Dan enter. As Ryan sits at a table, Dan goes over to Leah and tells her that things still aren?t great on the Ryan front. Dan then wonders why Leah isn?t looking the best, and Leah tells him that she?s just been talking to Zoe etc about marc being the stalker.

Near Marc?s place, Josie is watching the police as they search Marc?s house. She then had a flashback of the stalker placing the knife in cupboard and she remembers peter correcting her about the knife.

Josie enters the diner, and tells Morag that they NEED to speak. Morag?s not keen - as she?s V busy but she agrees to Josie?s requests.

Seconds later, we see Josie & Morag outside the diner. When Josie enquires about the (illegal) things that she did in 1989, Morag tells her that it would take AGES for the police to investigate something form that long ago. Josie then tells Morag that she broke into Marc?s house - and saw the stalker "plant" the knife. Morag tells Josie that, given Josie?s recollection of events, there?s no certainty that the stalker did plant the knife at that time - and Morag alos insists that Josie will get herself into trouble if she tells the police what she did. Morag also insists that the police WILL discover the truth about the stalker all by themselves.

In the diner, Ryan asks peter to go camping with them, but peter insists that he doesn?t think there?ll be enough room for him. Peter phone?s then rings, and as he moves away form the table, Josie & Morag re enter the diner. Both agree to keep their discussion to themselves. At the counter, Zoe is keen to know about Sarah, but plank annoys Zoe when he says that he REALLY doesn?t want to talk about Psycho Sarah. Peter then ends his phone call, and informs everyone at the diner that marc WON"T be getting bail - and all appear to be V happy with the news. As peter exits, Dan tells Leah & Ryan that he has to take a pit stop before they leave. When Dan is out of the room, Ryan wonders what Dan is talking about. When Leah tells Ryan that Dan politely said that he was going to the bathroom, Ryan thinks the phrase is silly. Ryan then deliberately spills his drink - and much of it goes onto Leah?s clothes. When Dan re-eneters the room, Leah says that Ryan accidentally spilt his drink - and Ryan has this look of total satifaction his face.

AT Leah?s place, ryan & dan are playing cards, when dan tells ryan that they can continue their game when he?s puts VJ to bed. Ryan is clearly not impressed - and when Leah offers to play cards with Ryan, he makes it VERY clear that Leah will NEVER marry dan.

AT the police station, Marc still can?t believe that the police are "buying" all of this - and marc also continues to claim that Josie is framing him. When peter enquires about what happened in 1989, marc says that there?s no point telling anyone, because Josie has probably destroyed the evidence by now - and "has me over a barrel".

Josie is in her flat - where she lights a match, and watches the 1989 evidence burn !!! (end of ep)


Will hayley tell Scott about the V muchly still together Lisa & Allan? - esp. since Scott announces his move to the city with Lisa !!!

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