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Friday 1 April 2005 - "Somersault 2 - Double Pike"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Somersault 2 - Double Pike

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Hunter house - Robbie enters and he?s acting like the male equivalent of a diva (shill). Tash enters and she offers Robbie a muffin. He tells tasha that he can?t be seen eating "the enemy" (of the dough nut). When Robbie leaves the room, Tash & Beth both look V bemused at the way Robbie is behaving.

Beach - Robbie arrives on set, and the director says, "The talent is her". The director tells Robbie what his character is to do in the ad, and Tash wonders what director means by "eye candy". Director says that he means beach babes. He then tells Robbie to go to the make up tent (and suggests that make up etc ppl has a lot of work to do on Robbie).

Hospital - Alf enters, and announces his presence to sally (because of her blurred vision). Alf gives her some flowers. Sally smells them and thinks they are great. Talk then turns to recent events. Despite what others say, sally tells Alf that she is armament that the stalker has in her house, and then in her hospital room.

Beach - Robbie exits the make up tent, and his character in the ad looks even dorkier that Robbie does. The director instructs the females in the ad that they?ll act as though Robbie?s character in the ad is totally hot. When director asks if Robbie can handle all of this, Robbie (in his best "Hollywood" voice) says that he can. Tasha, meanwhile, looks V unimpressed.

Hospital - Flynn enters sally?s room - and sally is once more adamant that what she isn?t the result of her head injury. The stalker was definitely is her room etc.

Elsewhere - the stalker packs all the components of the bomb into a bag, and he/she looks at their murder mystery party invite.

Beach - whilst Robbie is talking to some of the females who are also in the commercial, he says that he?s been in some films. When they ask, Robbie says that he was in the Oz film "somersault". When other of the girls challenges this, Robbie says that he?s in the sequel "somersault 2 - double pike" (nice ad lib). The director then call action, and Robbie strolls up to the bikini clad girls but they soo don?t want to know him. Robbie that eats part of on the doughnuts - and the girls are all over him. Tash is then shocked when one of the girls PASHES Robbie - so she charges to where Robbie is. The director is furious because she?s ruined his shot. Director insists that tasha will have to be removed from set if she acts this way again.

Diner - Tash tells Robbie that she was partic concerned because that kiss never took place in the rehearsals. Robbie assures Tash that this is just a character he is playing (memories of nick? reaction to jade & seb in Romeo & Juliet). As Robbie & Tash exit, colleen tries to hurry up Dan & Leah - so they all arrive on time for the murder mystery party.

Outside Murder Mystery mansion - most of the ppl involved in the murder mystery are assembled - and all are in costume. Josie (madam) enquires to Morag (old maid) about what happened when she spoke to pater. Morag insists that it went like she thought it would, i.e. Josie needs evidence. Colleen then tells everyone to go into the mansion; and joy tells colleen that she has happy with her role in the fundraiser.

Beach - 2 of the female stars of the ad talk about how unprofessional tasha is. Robbie then exits the make up etc tent - he?s dressed in a V western-based (kind of hot) doughnut costume). Director gives Tash some headphones so she can hear whet Robbie & co are saying (as Robbie etc are relatively far away). Tash REALLY takes offence when Robbie tells one of the actresses that Tash is just a groupie. Tash storms over to Robbie, grabs a coffee of someone and tips it over him. Tash then storms off.

Murder mystery mansion - Jesse & Martha (in cahrecter as butler & French maid) are serving drinks. Colleen then instructs everyone that the action is to begin, and seconds later, joy?s character dies. Leah (playing the daughter of joy?s character) is all V woeful at what has happened to her momma. Hayley (glamour girl) & Martha "faint" into the arms of Scott (gangster) and Jesse, whilst colleen remind kimmy (cowboy) that he?s playing doctor as well. Kimmy pronounces joy?s character DEAD - and both Leah?s & kimmy?s character speak in the most ridiculous of American accents. Colleen instructs everyone to split up and look for murder weapon.

In grounds of mansion - the stalker places his/her bag on a beach. Stalker open bag - the mostly constructed bomb in inside bag.

Near surf club - Robbie catches up with tasha. Robbie says that he was just trying to talk himself up to the actresses, but tasha REALLY doesn?t want to know. She continues walking - leaving Robbie wondering what he can do to repair the damage.

Mansion - Dan & Leah think they?ve found murder weapon - a piece of material (used to strange Joy), but colleen admits that that is part of her (actress) costume that ripped off. Jesse enters and suggests that he has the murder weapon, and peter (policeman) announces that Jesse has indeed found the murder weapon - a candleholder. When colleen enquires, Jesse says he knows its murder weapon, as candleholder had no candles in it. Josie then bails from the room - after she sees how "close" Jesse &Martha are (whilst joy decides to stop playing dead - as its too annoying). When Josie goes outside, she is shocked when she sees MARC approaching her. Marc grabs hear and he forcibly tries to get Josie to confess to setting him up. She says that she didn?t. Marc then drags Josie back inside - and he demands to know (of the assemble crowd) who sets him up. All are concerned that marc is out of jail - but he says that he?s been released on bail. Peter confirms this - but when marc doesn?t get answer we wanted he decides to bail (note - marc accusing townsfolk rems me of Sarah doing same thing last year)

In grounds of mansion - the stalker plants the bomb

Inside mansion - colleen tries to get murder mystery party had on tack. She says that there are still TWO more murders to solve. Colleen & others then wonders where Josie, pater & Jesse have gotten too.

In grounds of mansion - the stalker activities the bomb timer, and seconds later, marc encounters the stalker. Marc recognises stalker - and can?t believe who it is. Stalker then hits marc with a crow bar SEVERAL times (end of ep)


Hayley &scoot find the bomb - think it?s just part of the "show" - but it?s V real - and the race is on to defuse the bomb !!!

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