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Wednesday 30 March 2005 - "Surprising New Friendship!!&#3

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Surprising New Friendship !!!

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Van park house - Sally is alone, and she has all the doors shut. Sally looks V uneasy and she is V concerned when she hears someone at the main door. Sally goes towards the door, and then she hears Flynn. She unlocks the door, and tells Flynn that she shut them because there was a partic cool breeze that morning. When Flynn enquires, sally makes up an excuse as to why door are locked. Ric enters the room - and sally tells him that alf is back in the bay, Ric, however takes offence that alf returned to the bay yesterday morning - and hasn?t found time to see him as yet. Ric then exits, and Flynn notices that sally has the phone book open. When sally says that she wants to get fuse box etc checked out, Flynn says that he?ll take care of it, but sally is armament that she wants this done professionally.

Diner - Morag is talking to alf about the legalities of his new partnership, but she can see that he?s distracted. Morag suggests that alf should go & see Ric, but alf isn?t sure of the reception he?ll get (rem that alf left the bay after he arranged to go camping with Ric. Morag is able to convince alf to go & speak to Ric - and alf hopes things go well.

Noah?s - Ric is playing pinball when alf eneters. Alf wonders what Ric is doing this arvo - as alf has a surprise. Ric says that he?s busy - and Ric responds to a query from alf by saying that he has a bigger issue with the way alf has acted since he returned to the bay, rather than the way alf left. Cassie enters the room, and alf decides to bail - as he can see that Ric is busy. When alf is gone, Ric tells Cassie that this is a case of ppl not being able to choose their relatives (because alf is his grandfather). Cassie then sits atop the pinball machine - and wonders what she & Ric can do today.

Diner - Robbie enters, and he laughs off the "big head" jokes from plank. He then tells Tash, Zoe & plank that he?s just been told that he?s been told that an outfit has to be tailored for him for the ad. Colleen approaches, and wonders if Zoe wants to enter the MGP. Zoe says that she?ll be to busy with work. When colleen says that she?ll speak to Flynn about this, Zoe says that Flynn isn?t in charge of the nurses. Robbie & Plank then bail - leaving Zoe & Tash to deal with colleen, who "suggests" that they help her with fund raising ideas.

Van park house - Flynn exits the house, and sally locks the door. She then hears a noise coming from the back patio. Sally is V worried, but she decides to see what the noise is. Sally discovers that it?s just the fuse box door - which is been affected by the winding day. Despite this, sally still looks V worried.

Noah?s - Ric is still stressing about how long it took for alf to come and see him, but Cassie insists that Ric shouldn?t worry about it (as it?s an old ppl thing). Cassie then suggests that she & Ric should have some fun, and Ric is weary of this. As they begin to exit, Ric & Cassie encounter Tilly & henry, and Tilly naturally makes a sarcastic comment to Ric & Cassie. Tilly & henry exit, Ric tells Cassie it?s a "chick" thing - ie Tilly doesn?t need a reason to be angry with them.

Beach - Henry forces Tilly to admit that she DOES really (still) like Ric. Henry then surprises tilly by saying that although he doesn?t like Ric, henry does feel bad because tilly is hurting because of her feelings for Ric.

Van park house - Sally is frightened by a knock at the door. Sally is relieved when Alf calls out (noting that it?s him at door). Sally opens door - and they talk about recent events, esp. the stalker. Both alf & sally wonder if, perhaps, sally (in light of her fall) only thought she saw the stalker when she was lying on the floor. Also, sally asks alf if he KNEW the he was going to fall that time when he broke his leg (rem this from around same time as ferry disaster). Alf said that he DID know (that he was going to fall) but sally is worried that she had no idea her fall was going to occur.

Hunter house - Tash & Zoe enter, and Robbie & plank are surprised that colleen let them "escape". Seconds later, Robbie & Co. hear colleen enter the house. Tash & Co think about keeping quiet (& trying to fool colleen that they aren?t there) but they agree it?s a bad idea. Colleen asks Robbie to create some flyers for a new fund raising idea, as Tash said that Robbie is (colleen?s words) "a computer gook". Robbie agrees to help.

Near surf club - Ric is riding his bike, and Cassie is sitting on handlebars. Cassie tells Ric the rules of a game called "dodge the pedestrian". Ric agrees to play the game, and (surprise, surprise) the 1-st person they see is MARTHA. As Ric gets extremely close to Martha, he chickens out and gets off the bike. Martha comments that Ric is terrible at "dodge the pedestrian" - and that a female (Cassie) should have been riding the bike instead. When Martha has walked away, Ric comments to Cassie that he can?t believe that someone he doesn?t even know dissed him.

Diner - colleen shows the flyers for the murder mystery party to Zoe (who came up with the idea). When colleen asks, Robbie, Tash & Zoe all say they will be occupied in the day of the murder mystery thing, but plank agrees to attend. Cassie enters the diner, and she approaches Tilly & henry. Tilly immediately starts to exit and she is REALLY annoyed when henry tells Cassie that Tilly has issues because she likes ric. Tilly runs out of the diner.

Unfamiliar Wharf - Cassie runs and finally catches up with up with tiily. Cassie tries to break the ice by suggesting that Tilly should think about training for the Olympics (because she ran so far, so fast). Tilly & Cassie talk about Tilly?s feelings for Ric - and Cassie insists that there are much better guys than Ric out there. Tilly & Cassie then agree to be friends, and because Cassie had said "there?s plenty of fish in the sea" earlier, the 2 girls agree to go fishing later today.

Van park house - Alf eneters, and Ric still isn?t overly pleased to see him. Alf says that he wants to introduce someone that he met in the USA to Ric. Martha enters, accompanied by Morag. Ric is rather surprised to see Martha - after their encounter earlier).

After ad break - Martha, alf & Morag explain to sally & Ric that Martha is the child who Alf?s daughter Roo had adopted out when she was V young. When Martha?s adopted parents died, she began searching for her biological parents. Martha met her biological father, Brett macklin, but he didn?t want to know her (Ric was surprised that the rich Macklins are involved) and the Martha was able to track down her real mum. Martha?s been hanging out with Roo for about 6 months before Roo's accident happened. When Martha met alf, she was keen on discovering where her family is from, so she travelled to Australia with alf. When this "Martha?s story" thing ends, an unimpressed Ric bails. When he?s gone, sally makes a comment about her recent power issues, Alf comments that Martha (who is also a farm girl) is am electrician . Martha happily agrees to look at sally?s fuse box etc, after she does some other things with alf.

Diner - Alf, Martha & Morag enter, as Robbie, Tasha, plank & Zoe are exiting. When alf introduces them to Martha, Robbie & Co. make Martha feel V welcome. When Alf, Morag & Martha sit at one of the tables, alf & Morag tell Martha that she can stay with them as long as she wants.

Near surf club - Ric is with Cassie and he tells her that he has issues with the fact that alf & Martha are getting along so well with each other. A frustrated Ric is keen to have some fun with Cassie, but she says she has other plans. Tilly then approaches, and Ric is shocked when Cassie says that she & Tilly are going fishing together.

Van park house - Sally & Martha talk about Martha's history & about what happened on the night when sally had power problems. Btw, throughout the scene, sally looks, and sounds V vague. Martha takes a look at the fuse box and insists that everything appears to be OK, but as she says this, we hear a THUD. Martha goes inside - and is shocked when she see that Sally has collapsed (end of ep)


Sally?s life is on the line !!!!

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