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Tuesday 29 March 2005 - "Jesse & Hayley's Flamin' New

Guest Di

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Jesse & Hayley?s Flamin? New Partner !!!

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Leah?s - Dan apologises for Ryan?s behaviour to Leah, but she knows that ryan is responsible for his own actions etc. dan insists that ryan is probably not awake yet because of the stern talking to that dan gave him last night.

Elsewhere in SB - Ryan is running about, and he appears to be near some small boats that are on land.

Noah?s - hayley is surprised but pleased when she sees that Jesse is back in town. Jesse tells hayley that he?s got a new partner for the bar, but Jesse is all secretive about whom it is (despite many questions from hayley). Jesse does reveal that he knows hayley will really like their new partner, who she?ll be meeting later today.

Leah?s - Dan tells Leah that he is going to wake ryan up - to see how he is feeling after last night. Moments after dan enters Ryan?s room, he frantically exits. Dan exclaims to Leah that Ryan is not there - and Ryan?s back pack isn?t there either. Dan & Leah then agree that whilst dan goes and looks fro Ryan, Leah will remain at the house (in case Ryan comes back, someone rings with info etc).

Noah?s - Scot arrives and he & hayley kiss. Hayley is then V inquisitive about what Scott has planned for them today. Hayley is also intrigued that Jesse seems to know something about all this. The bay?s latest couple exits the room, just as Josie enters. She is V pleased to see that Jesse is back in town, but Josie is also V keen to know if Jesse has made a decision about if he thinks they can ever get back together. Jesse doesn?t like how fwd Josie is being about this, and because Jesse won?t answer her question, the frustrated Josie leaves the room. As she does, Scot & hayley re-enter. Hayley then answer her phone, and from the way that hayley is speaking, it sounds like it?s Leah on the phone.

Leah?s - Leah (on phone) tells hayley to keep an eye out for Ryan. When Leah gets off the phone, she hears a knock on the door - it?s peter. Leah tells him about what?s happed. Dan returns to the house - he tells peter & Leah that he couldn?t find Ryan. Dan is also WAY hard on himself for the way he spoke to Ryan. Dan & peter agree to search for Ryan together - and V soon after they exit the phone ring. Leah answers - it?s Amanda, and she wants to speak to her son (Leah naturally is panicking).

Beach - Dan is still having issues with the way he spoke to Ryan, but peter assures dan that Ryan probably really NEEDED to be spoken to that way. Dan answers his phone - it?s Amanda, and she?s on the warpath about Ryan. Peter takes the phone from dan - and peter tries to explain the situation - by it doesn?t sound like Amanda wants to listen. When the call ends, peter comments to dan that Amanda seems to be "the same as always". Dan & peter then split up as the search continues. When dan walks off the beach, he goes straight past the small boat that Ryan is hiding in.

Noah?s - Josie is still on Jesse?s case about his decision about the way he feels, ie if they will get back together. After a frustrated Josie leaves the room, Jesse appears to be deep in thought.

After ad break - Hayley is trying to guess what Scott?s romantic surprise is, but Scott isn?t giving he any clues about what?s going to happen. When Scott exits, hayley talks to Jesse about Josie. Jesse SOOOO doesn?t talk to discuss the subject. Hayley then wonders who the new partner in the bar is - and seconds later, ALF arrives. Hayley is V pleased that he is the new partner.

Near beach - Peter spots Ryan amongst those small boats. Ryan tries to hide - but peter easily finds him. Peter has a lengthy conversation with Ryan about what?s happened. Peter insists that dan & Ryan?s mum AREN?T getting back together. Peter ads that just because dan loves Leah, it doesn?t mean that he loves Ryan any less. Peter?s "take" on the situation seems to "work" on Ryan - and Ryan agrees to go back to Leah?s place with Peter.

Leah?s - Both dan & Leah are REALLY pleased to see Ryan, who apologises for his recent actions. Leah & Ryan agree to be friends (and Ryan - unfortunately - means it this time).

Noah?s - Hayley is keen to find out how Alf became the new partner in the bar. Jesse & alf tell her that they ran into each other by chance in the city. Alf says that he enjoyed it when he was rather busy in America, and he thinks the bar will be the perfect "vehicle" to put these busy energies into. When hayley wonders why alf was in city, he says that he had things to sort out there (I?m thinking its Martha related). Hayley then realises what time it is - and says that she has to go (prepare for her date)

We then see intercut scenes of Hayley (at beach house) & Scott (hunter house) preparing for their romantic get together.

Beach house - Scott (dressed in a tux) arrives, and is stunned when he sees hayley - she has on this awesome DDG cream dress.

Near beach - Scott has his hand over Hayley?s eyes as they approach his surprise. When Scott removes his hand, hayley is amazed when she sees the tropical-esque dinner for 2 that Scott has arranged, complete with a waiter. Scott & hayley kiss as they approach the table.

After ad break - scott & hayley have finished their meal, and are talking about various embarrassing situations that they?ve been in, incl. a story about Hayley?s less than brilliant culinary skills. Hayley wonders if it?s strange that they should be talking of things like this, esp. when 1-st dates are about "getting to know you" usually. Scott LOVES that they can interact this way - and hayley agrees.

Leah?s - dan is still worried that Ryan ran away because of his parenting skills, but Leah insist that Ryan ran away because he thought he?d disappointed dan. Ryan & peter enter the room, and Ryan suggests that his last meal in the bay should be burgers. Ryan then presents Leah & dan with some wedding invitations that he made himself. Leah & dan REALLY love them.

Beach - Scott & Hayley are walking when hayley decides that she?s in the mood for dancing. Hayley thinks it?s a pity that this isn?t possible, but Scott disagrees - and we then see a string quartet (that Scott has hired) nearby. When the quartet begin playing, hayley & Scott lovingly dance on the sand.

Beach house - when hayley & scott return to her place (after that most romantic of dates), scott "insists" (several times) that he should be heading for home, but several kisses later, hayley leads the eager scott to her room.

After ad break - it?s morning now, and Scot & hayley kiss - and both say "I love you" (they?ve spend the night together).

Beach - Jesse is running when he sees Josie sitting on the sand. Jesse approaches Josie - and tells her that he DOES have to tell her what?s going on in his head etc. Jesse said that he?s never been happier when he & Josie were about to get married, but this Josie/marc thing has ended all of that. Jesse insists that he doesn?t trust Josie any more (and can never go back to what they had). Jesse then continues his run, leaving a forlorn Josie sitting there on the sand. (end of ep)


Martha arrives in town - and Ric has issues with her, whilst sally is worried about the stalker (and someone finds her on the floor)

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