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Monday 4 April 2005 - "Start Of The Triangle???"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Start Of The Triangle ???

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Inside mansion - Flynn had arrived now (dressed as doctor character) and colleen thinks that the secret that marc referred to is that Josie is the stalker. Many want to abandon the murder mystery party, but colleen insists that marc will "win" if that happens.

Outside mansion - the stalker sets the bomb timer for 20 minutes - and activates the device.

Inside mansion - flynn is pleased when dan & Leah offer to take care of baby pippa tomorrow - as sally is being released from hospital. Flynn, Leah & dan also talk about the stalker, ie Flynn thinks that since marc has been in custody when the incidents with sally occurred that must mean that sally was incorrect with her thoughts that stalker attacked her. Colleen then calls to all the assembled ppl - she wants game to recommence. Before this occurs, peter & Jesse re-enter the house - both have been making sure marc isn?t hanging around the house. Everyone breaks into teams to try and finds more clues. Hyde & Beth decide to look upstairs whilst a conversation between Jesse & Martha (about Josie) gives Morag some serious thought (see below).

Outside mansion - the bomb is ticking down (it?s at 17.10 at this point)

Inside mansion - Josie re-enters the house. She sees Jesse & Martha playfully looking for clues. Peter & c are glad to see Josie - but she insists that she has to go home (massive headache etc). Jesse approaches Josie - and Josie tells him that he is V bright if he can?t see that Martha likes him etc (and vice versa). Jesse can?t believe Josie?s frankness. As Josie is about to exit, Morag catches up with her. Morag wonders if Marc?s secret will land Josie in prison for 5 years or LIFE (does this mean that that 1989 secret is a murder?) A flustered Josie tells Morag that there?s nothing to worry about now (evidence destroyed etc).

Outside mansion - the bomb timer is down to 14.51

Inside mansion - Hyde & Beth aren?t too keen on their choice (of looking upstairs). Beth tells Hyde that, even with the marc drama, she?s having a fun day. Hyde tells Beth that he?s pleased Beth is keeping him company, and this leads Hyde to admit that he?s seriously counting the days until Irene returns to the bay.

Intercut (often-frantic) sequences - Scott & hayley ditch the "script" and go about the house to "look for clues" (read KISS). Scott however the see the fuse box with the "bomb" sticker on it. He opens the fuse box and both Hayley & Scott see the bomb - but they think it?s a fake (for the game). Scott & hayley race inside - saying that they?ve found the bomb outside. Colleen chastises them for looking out of bounds - and peter is alarmed when colleen insists that a bomb is NOT part of the murder mystery party. Several ppl want the game to finish, but peter, Scott & Flynn go outside to where Scott found the bomb. Peter opens the fuse box - and notices something with the bomb - a note saying "tick tock tick tock". Both Flynn & peter are alarmed and peter insists that the bomb is REAL. After Scott & Flynn run back to the mansion, to tell all that the bomb is real, peter makes a cal. He insists that he wants to be told how to defuse bomb. (which is down to 7.20 now). Inside the mansion, a woman (who seems to be in charge of the mansion) is chastising colleen, when Scott & Flynn enter - frantically telling all about the bomb. Everyone is shocked, there?s lots of screaming etc as Flynn, Scott & the others frantically exit the mansion. As they do so, Peter insists that hes not moving - he wants instructions to remove the bomb. Back at the main group, Jesse thinks that this is what marc meant by getting revenge, whilst Scott & others realise that Hyde & Beth are not with them. Scott & Kimmy race back inside - and Jesse has to hold back that frantic hayley. When peter?s name is mentioned, Flynn runs off towards him - and dan appears to run after Flynn. Inside the mansion, Scott & Kimmy call out to Hyde & Beth - and the letter duo are finally alerted to the situation. Hyde & Beth descend the stairs, and Hyde hurts his ankle at the bottom of the stairs. Back at the bomb, peter is about to bail - before Flynn tells him that Hyde & Beth are inside. Peter insists (to person on phone) that he must be instructed on how to disable bomb. Peter alos tells Flynn to go - and Flynn complies. Peter, as instructs cuts the rail wire - with NO effect (40 seconds to go). As Flynn is rushing back to the main group, he helps Beth who had just exited the mansion. The main group is worried about Hyde - but Kimmy & Scott help Hyde from the mansion seconds later. The bomb is down to 15 seconds when peter cuts the green wire - NO affect. Peter then cuts the RED wire - and is V relieved when the bomb STOPS with (the obligatory) 1 seconds to go.

Police Station - Peter enters, and whilst Laura (female uniform cop) suggests that peter is exhausted - and should go home, Peter is adamant that he?s NOT leaving the station until Marc is caught.

Beach house - on the back patio, hyde thanks Kimmy for re-entering the mansion etc, and when hyde goes back inside, both he & scott are V concerned about Beth.

Noah?s - Zoe is deeply concerned about what?s happened (as it looks like Jesse, Martha etc have - off screen - said what occurred. Alf is really concerned for Martha - as this isn?t exactly the best introduction to the bay. Flynn then further alarms the assembled crowd by informing them about the "tick tock" note - and flynn also says that the note was also at van park house & hunter place when they were broken into. The likes of likes, dan, alf etc react (understandably) badly to this shocking news.

Beach house - hayley is lying on her bed, when Scott eneters her room. Both can?t believe that they almost lost each today - esp. in light of how long it took them to get together.

Police station - Peter is frustrated when more police can?t be assigned to this search. Laura once again insists that peter should go home, but he won?t budge. Peter?s pone rings - and it sounds like good news

Bushland - peter arrives at the scene of a car crash. The car in question in burnt out, but peter notes that the charred body matches Marc?s description.

Noah?s - Martha is keen to get to know Jesse better, but jesses suggests that they take things slower (is this because of the stalker or Josie?)

Police station - peter & Laura talk about the car crash. Laura notes that bits of bomb material where found in amongst the crashed car. Peter thinks that marc set the bomb, and crashes his car whilst speeding away. Because of the bomb material, the car exploded on impact/ Peter is pleased that the stalker is (supposedly) dead.

Somewhere - the MUCHLY ALIVE stalker unpacks his/her bag (end of ep)


Will Jesse succumb to Martha?s charms, and Ric & Cassie appear to be on the verge of their 1-st kiss.

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