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Tuesday 5 April 2005 - "Memories Of Angie!!!"

Guest Di

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Home and Away : Memories Of Angie !!!

written by Josie Tash ~ only pasted back on by Di

Diner - Josie & Morag are talking, and Josie is stunned that marc would go as far as planting a bomb. When Morag enquires, Josie assures her that there is NO WAY that marc can reveal her secret now. AT the diner counter, Robbie is desperately trying to make things right between himself & Tash, but Tash isn?t ready to listen to him. Robbie then exits, as he is doing so, Martha eneters the diner. She is surprised when Robbie gives her the "cold shoulder". Alf approaches Josie & Morag. He tells them that he?s just got word that Marc is DEAD.

Hospital - sally is stunned when Leah & dan tell her the info about Marc?s death. . Sally is also astonished when Leah & dan tell her about the bomb that was planted at the mansion. Sally, however, is pleased that she?ll be heading home soon.

Diner - Alf can?t answer Morag?s questions about how marc died (car crash or subsequent explosion). When alf walks away, Morag is V sceptical about Josie?s earlier words about marc not being to tell her secret. Josie insist that she knew nothing of Marc?s death before alf told her. Josie then exits the diner, and as she does so, she ignores Martha. Martha approaches Morag - and wonders why everyone is ignoring her. Morag insists that not Martha that they are ignoring, it?s just that a lot has been happening of late. Morag is surprised when Martha says that she?s scored a job at Noah?s - but Martha insists that it?s a good way to meet the locals. Martha also says that she?s interested in one of the townsfolk - but she won?t tell Morag who it is.

Hunter house - Scott & hayley are enjoying some quiet time together, when Robbie enters - telling his tale of woe with Tasha. Hayley decides to bail - to let Scott deal with Robbie?s relationship issues. When Robbie explains what happened, Scott can?t believe that Robbie called Tash a groupie and Scott can totally understand why Tash is angry with Robbie. Scott suggests that Robbie is going to have to do some major "sucking up" to Tasha.

Beach house - Tash & hayley are aslo talking about the Robbie/Tash situation. Hayley tries to explain to Tash that when males encounter a bikini-clad woman, their brain totally goes to mush. When hayley suggests that Robbie is deeply sorry, Tasha insists that she?s too hurt to be in a realtionship with Robbie.

Van park house - dan, Leah & baby pippa enter and they speak to Ric about sally. Ric then suggests that they should have a welcome home party for sally - and Leah thinks it?s a great idea. Ric tells dan & Leah that he?ll contact Cassie, Tilly etc to help him set things up for party.

Beach house - Robbie enters, and he wants to seriously talk to Tash about their relationship - but she isn?t that interested. Robbie & Tash then argue for a bit, before they decide to break up.

Noah?s - Alf wonders why Morag is looking in the local paper, and she tells him that she is looking for new premises for her business as the owner of the building her current business is in want to use the building for their own purposes. Alf is surprised when Morag suggests she may have to "set up shop" in the bay itself. Meanwhile, at the bar, Martha asks Jesse to help her with something rather simple - just so she can be close to him.

Beach house - hayley & Tash are doing the dishes when Scott enters. Hayley makes a comment about Tash all but breaking the dishes whilst doing so. When hayley & scott talk about Robbie/Tash, Tash insist that if Robbie is acting this way, he obviously cares more about his image than he does about her. When Tash has exited, hayley insists that Tasha?s "won?t let him have the satisfaction of seeing me cry" is just an act, ie Tash is deeply crushed by what?s happened.

Noah?s - when Jesse enters the games room, he comments on how hard Robbie is pressing the controls as he plays one of the video games. Jesse then the bar room - and Martha wonders why Jesse is so stand offi-ish now. After Jesse insists that he?s not ready for a relationship, he is swayed when an enthusiastic Martha says that she?s the "rebound relationship he has to have". Martha continues by saying that her last b/f was way older than Jesse - and that alf doesn?t need to know about their relationship. Martha then takes her break - so Jesse can think about this. (Note - Jesse looks rather pleased at this time).

Van park house - Ric, Tilly, henry & Cassie are putting up some decorations etc for the welcome home party. Tilly calls out to Ric, but he?s distracted (of course) by Cassie. Henry & Cassie then go outside (to hang a banner on the front gate), whilst inside Tilly & Ric talk about Ric/Cassie. Ric is surprised when Tilly says that she?s glad that he?s "found" Cassie. Tilly alos insists that Ric should make a move on Cassie - as "even you couldn?t muck this up".

Outside surf club - Jesse approaches Josie who tells Jesse that she thinks his realtionship with Martha is WAY a rebound thing. During their argument, Josie suggests that Jesse better make sure that Martha is "legal", or he could spend more time in prison. Jesse responds to this by suggesting that Josie is getting more & more like ANGIE every day !!!!!

Van park house - all the decorations & banners are now up, and when alf arrives he comments on how good the place looks. Ric wonders if alf is hanging out, but alf says that he?s just there to deliver the drinks. Alf insists that he?ll be back later. When alf exits, Ric goes into the kitchen, where Cassie puts a pink apron on him. As Cassie & Tilly exit the kitchen, Cassie says that the boys (Ric & henry) can prepare the food for a change. As Ric & henry do the food thing, Tilly & Cassie are pleased to see that they are getting on well (Ric & henry talk/joke about various things - incl. why henry hasn?t got a g/f)

Noah?s - Jesse is clearly distracted when Scott & hayley enter. Jesse tells them that life is about the future (Martha) not the past (Josie). Martha & Tash enter the games room - and Martha thanks Tash for the tour o the bay. Martha enters the bar room - and she is V pleased when Jesse says that he?s now ready to be with her. In the games room, Robbie & Tasha encounter each other - and things are still WAY tense.

Intercut scenes - Scott & Robbie at Hunter house, whilst hayley & Tash talk at Noah?s. Both Tash & Robbie insist that the other should make the 1-st move in the relationship.

Beach house - Scott & hayley enter, and, after their conversations with Robbie & Tasha, both are pleased that they are well clear of their teen angst years.

Van park house - Dan, Leah & baby pippa arrive, just as Tilly & henry are leaving (as Beth said they had to be home V soon). Leah & dan tell Ric that they are impressed by the decorations. When dan & Leah take baby pippa upstairs, Ric & Cassie began to muck about - before Ric tries to kiss Cassie, who WAY takes offence to this, ie Cassie tells Ric to get off her, and she pushes him away - before running out of the house. Ric is left dumbfounded by what?s happened. (end of ep)


Robbie tries to make Tash jealous - by dating another girl at school, and what?s the deal with Cassie?s reaction to Ric trying to kiss her?

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