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29 minutes ago, H&Alover said:

Have you read the definition of a sociopath - yes Colby's acted like a cold blooded killer and didn't feel any remorse about it, but we are talking about Ross but the rest of the profile doesn't fit the Colby we know, shallow emotions - no, incapacity for love - no, superficial charm - no and he was hardly a serial killer who killed everyone who upset him. 

Okay, maybe calling him a sociopath may be an exaggeration, but still, his overall behaviour after the murder,  such as lying to his family (though to be fair, he did eventually tell Chelsea the truth) or acting like the police investigating him was more important than Bella getting reassurance, does appear alarming towards some of us, especially since it feels like the show is prompting him. And again, even if Ross was actually a psychopath himself (which I think he was), murder is still murder.

And another thing, I actually had researched the definition of a sociopath, before I typed what I said.

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Being anti-feminist is going and then coming back because she needs a man. Alf's episode count this week:None. However, it's finale week so things go typically crazy: Jasmine was in every episode

Outer Maggie: This Kind of thing will not be tolerated! Inner Maggie: That's what you get, bitch! 🤣🤣🤣  

Mason to Robbo "He just wants this to be over".  A statement echoed by several thousand viewers...

I was confused as hell with Ben’s big news that there’s a storage area in the Pier flat that was blocked up when the fireplace was put in as the floorplans he showed suggested there’s a room to the left of Colby’s room with an access door before the front door, but there was no sign of a blocked off room behind the fireplace.

Not to mention that the flat clearly overhangs the Diner at the front.

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It continues to be frustrating to see Bella seeing Chelsea as the bad guy in all this while cuddling up to her father's murderer.Saying she's better off with Colby than Ross increasingly feels like damning with faint praise, given what a low bar to clear that is.And Colby does feel like a sociopath, utterly lacking in emotional connection to what he's done or to the people around him, only concerned with what he wants.He actually needs Dean to point out why he's not as ready to just carry on with his life as if nothing's happened as Colby is.Well, the show's come up with a way to keep Colby and Bella in the Diner flat...and as c120701 says above, it's a downright weird one.There are windows right next to where the blocked off room supposedly is, suggesting a)it's going to be very narrow and b)it must be a block stuck on the side of the building.Either that or they're suddenly going to completely change the geography of the whole flat once it's cleared out.

Well, Jasmine giving Tori that slap was long overdue, although it would have had more impact if it hadn't been in the last two promos.There is an element of Tori stabbing her in the back here, by begging her to keep quiet and then telling him herself.Jasmine could have stayed quiet, and part of me wanted her to, but it's probably smart she admitted the truth about knowing to Robbo straightaway since it was bound to come out eventually.Tori still doesn't quite seem to grasp what she's done, being very cavalier with Robbo.Incidentally, I've been noticing this week that he's suddenly decided not to bother with the designer stubble and just let it grow!

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O.K D.B.  Apologies for that.  Colby still doesn't fit the profile of a sociopath, he does care about others, Dean, Willow, has done for years and Bella, he did spend six years trying to find her. Ross despite him saying he loved Bella didn't, he liked having control over her and was good to her as long as she did what he wanted, lied about what happened to her mother and when challenged told Bella it was an accident.  Colby again reassured Dean he'll, if/when it comes to it, keep his name out of it.  I feel so sorry for Dean, he's really struggling which goes against his supposed tough guy image, not only did he see his love get shot but then despite his best efforts he saw his best friend kill a man in cold blood.  Maybe Willow wasn't the best person to confess to, but as she said she would have got it out of him sooner or later, and now he has may have eased his mind a little. I agree with Dean about a counsellor who though bound by patient doctor confidentially it would be hard to know where to start the conversation. Talking about Dean Bella said he ought to go home and have a bath/shower as he stunk, no mention of the fact he needed to have a shave as well because his stubble looks the same as it did when he first got to the hospital. :unsure:

Wow that was some slap, looked like it really connected!:o Though the shock of it was dumbed down because as said we had seen it before.  Tori did, too late and only after being reminded by Leah try  to contact Jasmine which would have given her some sort of advance notice.  She could have tried to bluff her way out of it but to her credit didn't try and carry on the lie knowing that would have made it even worse and she's not that good at lying about something so important. Robbo was so devastated not only by Tori's duplicity but Jasmine knowing and I suppose to him colluding with her, wonder how he'll react when he finds Justin and Leah knew before Jasmine, he went wild in the gym, wisely getting everyone out before his meltdown and that was before he knew Jasmine knew!  Tori  just couldn't take the hint, had to keep picking at Robbo even suggesting if he doesn't want to think about them, to think about the baby - God woman!  I don't think it was an easy decision for Robbo to make by breaking it off with Jasmine, trust is a big thing for him and it wasn't a little lie she told him and she was willing, though how long she would have held out for is debatable, to keep him in the dark until the 12 week mark/third trimester. That's another thing, Tori may well feel a lot more confident about this pregnancy but things can and do still go wrong after the 12 week mark and right up to the time she gives birth as any mum who has been there would tell you so unfair to give Robbo the belief nothing will.

Not just one, well it won't be for long, but two secrets Justin is keeping quite about as in Brody & Simone.  He must really have had his suspicions to go back to SALT and very nearly caught them at it - they really must find a new bonking venue - it is not healthy for them to keep having sex where food is kept - Elf & Safety where are you when we need you? Shouldn't be giving him any credit but Brody did admit  he was having an affair and didn't come out with another well used stock phrase "It's not what it looks like". Brody didn't actually say he loved Simone, in fact said he still loved Ziggy, just he had a special connection with Simone he doesn't have with Ziggy, I suppose that's the food thing. Justin  I realise you are furious on Ziggy's behalf but bawling out Simone and Brody on SALT's balcony where there were obviously people in the background hearing everything was not a good idea, be very lucky if any of that doesn't get back to her. All this too as Ziggy has decided she is not going to be paranoid over Simone and trust Brody, then of course he lets her down again by forgetting about their picnic.  When/if it comes out and Ziggy finds Justin and it looks like Mason, though don't quote me on that, knew she will not be  a happy bunny.  I did like that moment between Justin and Buddy- I think he got it right Buddy is the only one not giving any trouble.

D.B and Red - You aren't the only ones confused by this new, hidden room, no space to the right of the front door as you look at it from inside, left from outside, we know what the front looks like with that balcony I don't think we've see seen the back end of the flat if you know what I mean, I didn't get a clear look at the plans and  Ben did say it would be a small room, it would have to be.:wink: Won't be the first time soaps have changed the structure of homes when they feel the need - look at the first it wasn't there, then it was then, it wasn't downstairs spare bedroom at the beach house!

Btw did Maggie stay over when she took Coco to her new school as she said she had settled in OK and was making new friends?

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You could pretty much just rinse and repeat my comments on Brody and Simone from the last two weeks. Really, how do either of them see this ending? They’re both being so delusional and self-centred that it’s impossible to feel any sympathy for either of them, especially when they start pulling worried or sad faces when Ziggy, Maggie or Ben disrupts their bubbles. Or indeed Justin, who is now finally clued in and understandably really not happy, especially when he considers Ziggy family as well. Brody can’t drag Simone away from reality checks forever. He did, at least, finally show some guilt when Justin spelt out the effect his actions were having on Ziggy, and frustratingly his subsequent dinner did feel like old times. (It might have been an idea to make Ziggy’s “amazing” dress a bit less baggy though!) Brody’s behaviour attacking Justin did seem very like his attitude when on drugs, not caring about anything except feeding his addiction. Incidentally, I’ve been loving Buddy the last few episodes, the way he just wanders off and sits on the couch and leaves these silly humans to get on with it. Also loved Alf’s comment about John being cloned!

I also notice Dr Griffin (the doctor who treated Willow last week judging by the actress) is now listed as Willow’s doctor on the board. So now Dean’s filled Willow in and made her an accessory. Well, of course, this is what happens: Colby and Dean break the law, then they drag Willow into it…

Also…is Tori’s pregnancy still a secret, with only Leah, Justin, Jasmine and Robbo knowing? It felt a bit odd when Justin commented on Mason being the only one of the family not self-destructing when Mason doesn’t seem to really know about Tori or Brody’s problems. (And he was getting pretty stressed out about his internship not too long ago, although he does seem to be picking himself up.)

Ah, there’s Raffy being happy and relaxed living with John and Marilyn again. Ironically, it’s like things have switched: John and Marilyn have gone from being the cool adults she can escape to for ice cream, movies and makeovers to the overbearing parental figures fussing over her and stressing her, and she’s going to the Morgans for respite! Not that she got much of that: Mason tried his best but couldn’t keep her calm, although she’s probably lucky to have someone medical there when it happened. (Which was the reason for her living there before!) Again I’m left thinking that the show has just dusted off Ryder and Coco’s old scripts from last year and given them to him and Raffy, as she ignores his texts to study and generally finds him irritating, and again I’m left thinking that, actually, I preferred them as friends. Raffy and Coco always seemed to like each other more than Ryder anyway.

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Maybe Simone is Brody's new addiction!:wink:  Justin is a really difficult position and did well not to blurt out to Mason what the problem really was. He looked so uncomfortable talking to Ziggy trying to reassure her nothing was going on with Brody and she hadn't done anything wrong, he was just being Brody and brothers have scraps. Fair enough Ziggy can be hard work, but she doesn't deserve this and shouldn't blame herself, Brody knew what she was like, part of what attracted him and she has calmed down a lot.  Not excusing her, but Brody is mucking her about too, making her 'promises' about how he'll sort it, she's to be patient, she needs to walk away now and keep some dignity. Her not being around would make a decision for Brody one way or the other, while she's there, far too easy just to duck into the storeroom for a quickie. Was that fight, well scuffle,  Brody started due to a guilty conscience or am I just hoping that? 

I had that thought Red when Justin said to Mason about him being the only one not self destructing, he didn't ask what he meant by that as in 'who else is then?' or maybe he didn't pick up on it, was engrossed in finding a placement somewhere, anywhere, even research,  he seemed to have accept Justin's explanation of why Brody is acting like he is.  As I said in my previous post Buddy is the only one not giving anyone any trouble. Seems it's Justin's turn to be the go to person for advice and the one to confide in.

I'm being picky I know but Colby doesn't know yet Willow has been let in on their secret and I don't think he'll be best pleased when he finds out, more people that know the more danger it will be let slip and goodbye to Colby keeping Dean out of it. She did push Dean to tell her what was going on and wouldn't have let up until he did, then again she could have asked Colby and worked it out for herself by his answers or non answers.

Ryder did try his best to get Raffy to lighten up, he's offered to be there for her and be her study buddy, get her to relax and not stress, but sadly not having any luck.  John did seemed concerned about how much studying she was doing up most of the night and up early that morning. She's obviously still missing Coco putting Ryder's nose out of joint somewhat though he let that pass.  It does appear that getting really stressed does bring on a seizure and was good Mason was there for her.  Only bit of light relief was Martha and Alf, her telling him no he couldn't have any biscuits with his morning cuppa and them cooking breakfast together on the barbecue, her teasing him about she did a good job teaching him how to cook eggs. He had a very thoughtful look on his face when she was explaining to Ryder how the card game - memory game? - helped her through her bad years and how it might help Raffy.  I think that is the first time she's been that open about it in front of Alf even if it was casually.

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Alf's episode count this week:Four.(Curiously, he was credited on Monday, when he didn't appear, and not on Tuesday, when he did.I'd guess his scene was moved between episodes.)

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Mason and Raffy's sibling relationship?I actually teared up during that opening scene of him looking after her while she recovered.I've always felt it's interesting that they've taken a character who grew up as the youngest and then suddenly given him a little sister to be protective towards.He did a very good job here while still stepping aside for John and Marilyn when necessary.And while I still find them calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend a bit awkward and unnecessary, I have to praise Ryder for his loyalty to Raffy.He'd like to do more, but as Maggie said, he's very good at what he does.I'd forgotten for a bit that cannabis is available medically in Australia.Well, if it's licensed by a doctor and properly regulated, I guess it's worth a try.

(As an aside, going back a bit: Twice, in a promo and in a recap, we saw Mason and Coco at the hospital when Brody arrived to see Ziggy, yet neither of them is actually visible in that scene in the actual episode and they seem to have given Mason's line to Ben.Weird.)

While it's pretty insubstantial in plot terms, the Alf and Martha scenes are giving us a decent glimpse of what they would have been like as a couple.Alf has difficulty showing his feelings, which is very him, but they obviously enjoy each other's company for all the bickering like, well, an old married couple.It's interesting too to see Martha taking on a grandmotherly role for Ryder which is something she never got to do: She had even less contact with Roo's daughter than Roo did.

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Mason was very good with Raffy and I liked how later he, with just a look, got her to open up to Ryder and told him what had happened.  Ryder isn't stupid he would have put it together, her sitting there all wrapped up, looking wan.  Glad Ryder reassured her she doesn't have to hide any attacks/seizures from him and she reassured him, again, the accident wasn't his fault. Agree Red about Maggie's advice to Ryder, Raffy doesn't need him to be another carer, plenty of those about, she needs him as a boyfriend.  I was wondering about the cannabis oil and if it is available medically in Australia, very topical and dare I say controversial subject. Not wanting to put a dampener on it but Raffy may not be a suitable candidate, depends on the criteria I guess, so I hope he doesn't get her hopes up, but full marks to him for considering other options.  It does seem stress is the thing that sets off Raffy's seizures so that is the thing that needs addressing, so more tests and adjusting of meds for Raffy - poor lass  no wonder she said she would prefer to have the seizures than feel the way she does on meds. Of course she would like to go back to normal, but she needs to find a new normal, same as when Maggie was battling cancer, she and the family had to. I hope she gives those relaxation techniques Ryder showed her a go, not going to hurt is it? Nearly forgot, Raffy said she was at the top of her class, not only that of course she was also bumped up a year when it was discovered how bright she was.

More on Ryder I liked how he was with Martha and showing by his questions he can be sensitive,  it seemed Alf was more uncomfortable than Martha was who was quite happy to answer them and talked how more people should talk about mental illness and not be ashamed.  But of course back then she didn't realise she had a mental problem and to use that old cliché 'times were different' and people didn't talk about it.  To me Alf was looking at Martha with new eyes, hearing her talk about how hard it had been for her, but she understands the problem.  Had a chuckle :lol:when he was ordering that hamper from Leah, casually saying he wanted it for two, then telling Leah not to make a big thing of it as it could have been for him and a mate - yeh right, especially as he added it was to be a good hamper.:rolleyes::wink:  Did you notice that twice Alf mumbled something and Martha said "I heard that" and Alf replied "You were meant to".  Not exactly the romantic type is he, going to Martha's van, asking if she was doing anything that day and to be ready in ten minutes, I think, if there is going to be something between them, it's building up nicely. They do act like an old married couple. Btw has he mentioned his PTSD to her yet?

Obviously because of all the we're' going, we're, staying, were' going Bella's pre school tutoring went by the board and from what she was saying Maggie was having trouble getting funding for just one pupil but now she can add Raffy which is good and they know each other so can support each other.  That is going to be an interesting first day at SBH!  I have read of a very interesting twist.:wink:

Ben was very understanding about Dean ducking shifts to be with Willow, but what about his CS stints, how's he getting round those, they were for six months.:unsure:

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So, it seems Tori's pregnancy isn't common knowledge: Mason didn't have a clue until Willow told him (she was apparently clued in off screen), Marilyn doesn't seem to have any idea and I doubt Colby knows if he's casually letting Tori into the flat.I did appreciate Willow giving Tori a serve, things have gone too far for her to fix things with a few platitudes.Credit to Robbo for being civil to Jasmine but I winced at her bringing up him lying to her: That was never going to win him over.I winced even more (to put it mildly) at Tori going from defending Jasmine to "Oh, and you're going to be a dad, isn't that great?" Just when I think she's understood what she's done, she goes and demonstrates that she doesn't have a clue.

Mason didn't get a very sympathetic audience for his medical cannabis idea from Tori. Marilyn seems more receptive, Leah seemed to be on the fence.It does seem to be worth at least bringing it up with Raffy's doctor and letting him decide.

And Alf and Martha continue to be oddly sweet with their sailing down memory lane.

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Was it just me or did there seem to be two time lines in the bay?:unsure:  Willow, it seems, has been out of hospital for a week being looked after by Jasmine who is using it as an excuse to avoid seeing Tori at work and bumping  into Robbo and in that time Jasmine has told Willow why she and Robbo have split up, yet Alf and Martha went on their boat trip the same/next day from when we last saw them - confused.com.

I guess after last time when she told everyone when she was only a couple  of weeks and then lost it she didn't want to tempt fate again. Tori sure is Public Enemy No. 1, she was getting it from all sides and no I don't have any sympathy for her,  still bleating the same excuses, getting tired now love.  Mason only repeated what everyone had said, but water off a ducks back. I'm supposing Robbo didn't think Mason knew otherwise he would have been a lot shorter with him than he was.  Willow was great in her treatment of Tori when she came to the Beach house just casually expecting a few words would help matters.  Leah was very discreet when Tori asked if she or Marilyn had seen Robbo.  All in all I think Robbo held it together pretty well when Tori was spouting her usual rubbish, as a doctor she should know just because things have gone well so far it doesn't mean it will be that way through the pregnancy, she could miscarry at any time, which is what Robbo is afraid of.  She's trying to justify - and failing -  her behaviour to herself more than anyone else.  Glad in a way Robbo and Jasmine did have a talk, but his 'lie' was a lot less important than her lie.  Felt for both of them.  Willow managed to hobble to the gym then where she tried to get Robbo to see and speak to Jasmine.

 I do hope Mason isn't  getting ahead of himself with this cannabis spray idea of his and is building up Marilyn's hopes up without finding out why the neurologist has decided against it.  Tori shut him down pretty quick, but maybe Raffy's neurologist has considered it, it is at trial stage only, and has decided she wouldn't be a suitable candidate, it's not a one size fits all solution.  Mason does have a track record of jumping in where he shouldn't - remember Beth?  There wouldn't be any reason though why Justin, Marilyn and John - though John and Justin need convincing - normal reaction from them when the word cannabis is uttered -  couldn't approach the neurologist themselves and say they had read/heard about the cannabis spray and wondered if it would be suitable for Raffy, remembering to include her this time round. Nothing to do wit it but Botox was originally used to help cerebral palsy sufferers to help relax their muscles. Talking of Raffy, normally I'd be concerned she doesn't know about Tori, but in this case she really doesn't need the extra worry it'd cause her.

I have to say that was rather lovely with Alf & Martha aboard the Blaxland, they seemed so comfortable together, the pc brigade wouldn't be happy but his "well don't just stand there woman" made me smile.:lol: His grudgingly admitting to Leah Martha had caught the fish was another moment, the banter between them sounds so natural.  But of course being the 'man' he had to gut and cook the fish a house rule/tradition apparently.  From the brief glimpse we got seems it's a portrait of Alf.

Nice little clip of Raffy & Bella going off to school together.

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