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Dan F

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Not really much progress with Robbo, although it looks like he's going to have access to the files at least.No-one really seems to have a clue what's going on, including us.

In the end, once Ben and Maggie sat down and talked, things ended up back on an even keel pretty quickly, so they probably should have done that earlier! I think both of them have a point.Of course the family would rather have Ben around than the pier, but as Ben pointed out, hiring an expensive lawyer is no guarantee and they could end up with neither.Maggie is being rather naïve in assuming that because he's innocent he won't get convicted if they try hard enough, but she's also absolutely right that if the situation was reversed Ben wouldn't let her give up that easily.So, looking into the pier sale but nothing completely decided yet.

It seems Colby did break up with Mackenzie with half a conversation while Bella was yelling at him to come on! Classy... Dean seems to be taking Ben's lead in sticking to stubborn pride.Ziggy needs to stop being subtle and just tell him to pull his head in.

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Irene's really not handling things: Half the town thinks she's a hero, the other half thinks she's a monster, and she probably doesn't see herself as either.Plus she's back on the PTSD flashbacks.It's not Leah's place to tell anyone Irene's story but she handled things well by putting a bomb under the press to actually find out the whole story.It should have taken some of the heat off Irene, but she seems to be too far gone for it to make any difference. Oh, and was that meant to be Irene's bedroom at the end? Because it looked suspiciously similar to the one downstairs!

Mackenzie played a blinder here, not even needing Ziggy to play peacemaker.And she seems to have won Willow over, at least to the point where she's stopped making "We're Dean's family, not you" speeches.So Dean takes the job, but also quickly shows how difficult it's going to be to get him to take orders.

Miscommunications between Raffy and Ryder: He was kind of sending off signals but Raffy probably shouldn't have been so eager to respond.She definitely needs to calm down and have a think before she ruins the assignment for both of them.

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15 hours ago, j.laur5 said:

I think Finn has more kids!

Besides 22 is still pretty young this days. 

According to Wikipedia just the two, 22 is still young enough to have nana threaten them.:lol:

No-one knows it's Irene yet, do they, if they did as Leah said they would be on her side, heroine btw.  If Maz knew she'd be supporting her and isn't her avoiding the Diner going to arouse some sort of suspicion? But isn't that implying if it wasn't someone we knew 'she' would be in the wrong so has to be some kind of  maniac.  We're seeing more each time Irene has a flashback so really was an out of control attack.  Is it because it happened in front of Bella or the fact she didn't know she could be capable of such violence.  Maybe Leah shouldn't have told Justin, but he was on the 'went overboard' way of thinking until he heard the whole story, he'll keep quiet.  Clever way of her haranguing the press to investigate properly not just focus on the local woman batters man angle.   I thought Irene had gone for counselling when Olivia did but she didn't, she obsessed on the blanket instead and turned to drink.  Anyways her behaviour is unsettling Willow and wasn't having Colby & Bella for tea/dinner going to be kind of awkward, but academic seeing as she ducked out of it. Same bedroom - different furnishings!:lol:

Ah come on, got to have a bit of drama between the usually most settled couple in the bay, before it's resolved.  Ziggy's on Maggie's side, hopefully Coco's opinion been taken into account, it's her home too.  Good idea Zigg you all move into the van next to Dean's.

Wonder if I missed Colby breaking up with MacKenzie, was that it?   It was Dean wasn't who said he and Mac didn't have anything in common - um excuse me, both stubborn as hell, proud, argumentative, fiery temper, not willing to see the other persons side of things at first - definitely brother and sister, may not have been raised together but your blood OK.  It did come as shock via Ziggy to Mac if Dean didn't get a job he's end up back inside,  the board shop getting shut down by the AFP was  out of his control, he can't have much time  left to his probation.  That was a good chat they had, finally,  Mac didn't know Colby and Dean were mates so wasn't anything deliberate in them getting together as in coming between them. Yes, getting Dean in a uniform however casual is going to be a struggle.

Kind of sweet and sad between Ryder and Raffy, frosty start to their working together but they got their old groove back and were doing so well, then Raffy misread Ryder's signals and moved in for a kiss, replay of Ty, he didn't recoil in horror but it devastated Raffy who completely overreacts by saying she can't/won't work with him - down to embarrassment of course.  

Robbo's  outburst scared the hell out of Jasmine, not surprising as he hasn't  a clue what They want him to talk about.  She's tough though and as long as he keeps her in the loop she'll be there. Were they old notes of his own he was going through?

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I normally hate Leah cos she’s an interfering cow poking her nose into everyone’s business. But Irene is her best friend. It’s genuine and she cares so I am actually liking her in this story. 

I felt for Marilyn tonight. Her and Irene have been friends for nearly 30 years. I’m surprised Marilyn doesn’t know about Irene’s rape from when they first did the story.

I think this storyline is absolutely fantastic and is making the show must see.

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10 hours ago, H&Alover said:

According to Wikipedia just the two, 22 is still young enough to have nana threaten them.:lol:

No-one knows it's Irene yet, do they, if they did as Leah said they would be on her side, heroine btw.

Read it to the end: We've seen photos of Fin with other children. I think hero tends to be treated as gender neutral these days, I think the show's used it to refer to Irene. Mainly because "You're my heroine" makes it sound like she was tied to a train track for you to rescue.

4 hours ago, ter06 said:

I’m surprised Marilyn doesn’t know about Irene’s rape from when they first did the story.

I'm not sure if she does or she doesn't: It seemed to go from only one or two people knowing to all around the Bay and I'm not sure if we got a scene where Marilyn seemed to know or not.But the main thing is that she doesn't know that it was Bella that Tommy attacked and Irene that hit him, although she seems to suspect.

Anyway! Irene continues to be in a whole world of pain and denial.It is a shame that in some ways this feels like a retread of the original abuse reveal, to the point that I was expecting Irene to get drunk and backhand Bella, and it's a shame that they did that one, because this storyline is a lot better but the repetition is dulling the impact somewhat.Bella's trying to help, but Mangrove River morality of "He was a bad man so he deserved it" isn't any comfort to Irene.Marilyn probably should have given her space instead of steamrolling in acting like she could fix everything.Leah is fighting an uphill battle but doing a good job of being there. There seems to be a distinct logic flaw: Bella can't go to the flat while Robbo and Jasmine are there, but Colby's invited her to move back in. How does that work?

Raffy was in a very self-destructive mood for much of this episode, willing to sacrifice both hers and Ryder's HSC results just to teach him a lesson.It's fortunate that Roo had a chat with her and managed to get her to work with him even if their friendship doesn't seem salvageable at the moment. It was nice that they had Ryder point out that he's allowed to say no to her kissing him.John was actually quite amusing here, thinking him not getting interviewed was the biggest news of the day.

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According to Wikipedia Fin had a daughter who is younger than Paul & Mark, so she has three, Irene actually carried Paul as fin thought she couldn't get pregnant again.  Gender neutral - piffle, still hero and heroine in my book.

Marilyn was, I'm sure, aware of Irene's rape,  Bella and Willow certainly don't know, it's what's going on now she doesn't know about though I think she was slowly putting things together seeing the headline about Tommy, Leah's behaviour about it.   Timing could have been better as she got thrown out by Irene.  Tough for Leah carrying all that on her own, she very nearly let it slip it was her that alerted the paper.  Only three really in the know, as far as Irene is aware, Bella, Leah and Willow - I think -  but we know Justin knows, Good instinct by Leah on her part coming back when she did so stopping Irene opening the bottle.  Might just be me but I'm not sure Bella being there is a good thing as it's a constant reminder to Irene of what happened, though she doesn't want to leave as she feels responsible for what happened. Another slip, Irene was earlier reluctant to go out for a walk with Leah, but she had been out as she'd bought a bottle of voddie.

Raffy thought she was just hurting Ryder by refusing to work with him, but discovered she was hurting herself too.  Loved the brother/sister talk between her and Mason, of course he knows what it's like to have someone not feel the same way as you do, he went through it with Dempsey. I liked Ryder opened up to Roo and told her the real reason Raffy had broken off their partnership.  Lucky for Roo she got Raffy see sense, but I think it was mainly because Raffy came to the conclusion she couldn't finish it on her own and did need Ryder's input. Tough enough for adults sometimes when they used to be friends with someone then  become a boyfriend/girlfriend/lovers, then go back to being friends, more so when they are Raffy & Ryder's ages.  I think they'll get there, just needs more time. Ryder and Coco become friends again.

Oh John, always feeling left out/put upon.:lol:

From tonight's - Robbo has finally got the paperwork he needed.

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