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From the way Justin was talking I thought it seemed he visited Ava on his own.:unsure:  Oh I get it Leah only stayed one night.

Ryder did need to give Raffy a proper explanation and may not have expressed himself that well but Raffy seemed accepting. They were friends before they were boyfriend/girlfriend so may be easier but sometimes even adults find it harder to revert to being friends again.  I think Alf was referring to when Roo was Raffy's age. They do have different outlooks, she's more academically inclined where as for now he's looking to get out into the world.  Raffy did jump to a huge conclusion when Ryder popped up with Willow & Bella assuming he'd moved on to Bella, what was Willow then her chaperon?

If I understand it right Dean has accepted Mac & Colby being a possible couple but he is standing back from her for now which of course she can't accept or understand.  Glad Ziggy is there for him. Willow was just being Willow and I don't think she has any designs on Dean anymore just looking out for him as family do. Mac was much more selfish when Colby was trying to take Bella to the cop shop and she must have seen it was urgent but no she demanded he talk to her about the Dean situation.   She doesn't get the family thing at all.

Well of course Irene was hovering about, she had to do that until Bella & Colby turned up.:wink: Tommy is Tommy or to give him his full name Thomas O'Reilly.  Thankfully Bella escaped being raped due to Irene getting back in time which was a fortunate  knock on effect of the AFP raiding Jasmine and Robbo's reception. Actually I thought Colby showed remarkable restraint from when Bella first told him to when he visited Tommy in hospital. He didn't arrest him but cautioned him and read him his rights, we've seen plenty of suspects being handcuffed to their beds. The anger showed in his voice when he was talking to Tommy but he wasn't on his own there was another cop there, but I did believe him when he told Bella he would never do what he did again.  

Was strange he took Irene's statement when he was off duty, but did he interview Bella as well, wouldn't have thought that would have been allowed and she'd have needed an appropriate adult present.   At present Colby or DPPS wouldn't be interested in why Irene reacted the way she did just what happened from when she returned to the Beach house to when she and Bella off loaded Tommy at the hospital. Better Colby kicking in Tommy's door than his head.  Did one really cop say "It doesn't look like anyone is at home?" Well of course not, twit.  I'm surprised Tommy still had those photos of Bella on his laptop and from what was said later of other girls too.  Even though Bella deleted her side of 'talks' with Tommy with todays technology it can all be retrieved, though if I remember correctly there wasn't anything sexually explicit, just chat.  Colby as I thought he would blamed himself for not being there, which was not true, Bella was living with Irene, Willow and Jasmine and none of them knew, she'd got too good at hiding her and Tommy's messages. The only one with any idea of what was going on was Raffy and she wasn't told the full story.

I'm glad Irene called Leah she was there for her last time when she revealed her own past trauma.  I think that is what prompted Irena asking Colby to encourage Bella to talk about what happened - and what might have happened - she buried it for 50 odd years only for it to blow up in her face when Olivia's experience brought it all back. Bella doesn't feel she needs counselling and you can't force people to go, but she has Colby, Irene and Willow if she needs to talk about it.

I see Alf, Justin and others were ready to get their pitchforks out when they heard it was a local woman who had been arrested for the attack on the 'poor' John Doe.  Leah did remarkably well not to blurt it out, do get the feeling she's going to tell someone.  Mind you once they all find out who and why they'll change their minds and all be on Irene's side.

OK so it's fine for Colby to still be living at the flat and even have Bella stay overnight, I would have thought that was risky,  but Robbo and Jasmine can't leave.  It may seem paranoid on Robbo's part but he does have experience about this type of thing.  Jas, of course, can't even ring Irene, though she could have asked Bella to pass on her love to Irene. To use an old quote 'just because you think I'm being paranoid doesn't mean there isn't anyone out to get me'.  Lance said the chatter had gone quiet, but that doesn't prove anything. That's the whole point of it all you can't see them/him, be pretty useless assassination team/guy if they/he were/was.


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Well, Robbo relaxed a bit, and Jasmine was understanding of his position, so they got let off the leash a bit.He still wasn't keen to deviate from the plan, not talking to Leah or Justin (and ordering Jasmine about), while showing a bit of leeway in agreeing to Jasmine visiting Irene under certain conditions.Of course, we then see that someone's still spying on them.(Why though? If they know who they are, there doesn't seem to be much need to take photographs!Oh, unless its to give to a hitman..? Okay, nitpick revoked.)The feds continue to show a startling lack of self-awareness. "If they know we're onto them, we must have a leak." Yes...or maybe they noticed a dozen or so armed police officers swooping into Summer Bay and whisking Robbo away!

Justin showed a decent bit of deductive reasoning in working out Irene was the one who hit Tommy and it was Bella he attacked.It was a good job he was there, because Leah revealing details online would be likely to see her on a contempt charge.Alf seems to have worked out something's going on, others (notably John) are a bit slower on the uptake.And of course, this feeds into the other local facing charges.I can understand Maggie's point of view, but it feels a bit as though she's refusing to face reality and is expecting the police to turn round any say it was all a terrible mistake.Ben being defeatist might not help but he's also being more pragmatic.Apart from the getting smashed bit.

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Robbo was right to be 'paranoid'.  Does bring into question who alerted  said photographer, did Lance tell Scott about Robbo's plan to go to the gym which would mean he may be the leak or is Lance the leak, he has gone back into the field which gives him free rein to wander around.  What a better thing to say 'we may have a leak', especially if you are the leak! Both guys have it seems have known Ryan a long time and Lance even told Tori Scott was there when Ryan's family was killed which if it is one of them makes the betrayal doubly worse.  Maybe me being paranoid now but did Lance seem a bit irritated  when Robbo asked him to send him his old files.:unsure: He said to him "You've  never wanted them before",  "Well I do now". Also it was mentioned a doctor - an AFP approved one I guess  - has been to see Tori so they are taking as much care of her as they can under the circumstances.  Maybe whoever 'they' are needs prove Robbo is back in town.  Him hustling Jasmine along, cutting short Justin etc just meant he didn't want them out in the open for any longer than need be.  Mason seemed in two types of mood when he saw Robbo and Jasmine, still frustrated he couldn't talk to Tori, but relieved to see they were OK and Robbo had talked to her and she'd been checked by a doctor.  Just had a remembrance - Robbo and Jasmine were told they couldn't go back to the farmhouse, but Lance went back there in that so unobvious fed motor so different rule for him then.  Oh another thing not five minutes ago Robbo told Mason and Willow he wouldn't be leaving them in the lurch again, then what happens he's in protective custody!  OK fair enough that was out of his control.  he did get the chance to sign off the wages.  Must have got those people told to leave the gym wondering what was going on.

Second time lately Justin has been really perceptive about things.  He worked out why Robbo had been snatched away now he's sussed who the  local 'woman' was and who she was protecting.  I did get the feeling Leah was going to talk about it, naming no names, on her blog but Justin said she shouldn't.  Quite right too, it would jeopardise so much, Tommy hasn't even been charged yet, so the case would be thrown out of court, if it made it that far.  So until the story is made public she's going to have to button it.

John really didn't mean what he said, he, as he said, operated mouth between engaging brain. Interesting how Maggie and Ben are seeing it from different viewpoints.  She's trying to be positive, whereas Ben is ,from his point of view, already in jail.  I can understand he wouldn't want to take any money from Diana, but a barrister is going to cost so Maggie considering selling the pier complex does appear to be the only option, good luck convincing Ben about that idea. From what we saw Ryder did absolutely right in refusing to serve him anymore.

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Alf's episode count this week:Five, for the third week running.Tori was again only in one.

Ryder did indeed handle things well with Ben.Again, Ben and Maggie are at opposite ends of the spectrum.Selling the pier should certainly be an option, but I do think Maggie overstepped the mark by arranging the valuation without talking to Ben: It wasn't that urgent that she couldn't wait until he woke up.

Mason is doing a decent job of having a go at being the reasonable one this year, having to step in and calm Justin down again.I did like them winding up Ryder, especially since they didn't let it go too far.That message to Robbo was very strange: It does seem that "they" have plans other than killing him.

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Raffy can come across as a bit needy. And she can be a bit 'square'. But she's been through a lot and needs stability. I understand Ryder wanting to earn money and get a car.

 He's getting on with the more adult things in life and Raffy is not there yet. She does need him as a freind.

I hope Ben gets sorted out. Its just a load of crap thats been dumped on him. But believe me, boozing aint the answer.


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Ryder showed real maturity in refusing Ben that last drink, he handled it firmly but calmly and taking his keys of him showed proper responsibility and didn't back down, he would have done the same with a stranger but must have been more awkward as he knows Ben  He did the right thing by calling Alf, who luckily was in the Diner so was close by.  His job would have been on the line if he'd let him drive knowing the state he was in.  Definitely   not what Ben would have needed getting stopped by the cops driving while under the influence, would that have affected his bail conditions?  Alf was rightly proud of him and I hope when Ben properly sobers up he thanks him. I smiled at Ryder's remark "Are we having a moment?".

Shame Ben got the wrong end of the stick when he overheard Alf and John talking, John does have to answer to the committee, they know Ben is innocent so I hope John does convince them to cut Ben some slack.

Maggie was only putting out the feelers about a valuation nothings been confirmed. I guess the house is theirs so that would be another option.

I guess as the elder brother Justin feels he needs to look out for Tori, but Mason did do well in calming him down.

I may be reading too much into it but it seemed a coincidence that those photos were delivered after Robbo's talk with Lance when he wanted to a look at all the reports from the murder of his family.  Was Lance just trying to shield him from what was in them or was there something  in them that he didn't want Robbo to see.  From what I could gather Robbo hadn't seen them before, well not all of them.  Cryptic message on the back of one of the photos.  Was the door to the flat open or did Robbo unlock it and then lock it again?

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Robbo's strategy continues to make no sense but that is at least starting to feel deliberate.He had two options: Stay at the safe house with Jasmine and Tori, or leave on his own in order to flush out Them. Instead, he's ended up with this awkward halfway house of turning the flat into an impromptu second safe house for himself and Jasmine and getting scared when They do turn up.I was frustrated at his lack of consideration for Tori's family again: He gets to talk to her but he doesn't even mention that Justin and co would like to talk to her too.Things get more and more nebulous with regards what the mysterious Them want.If this isn't connected to Robbo suddenly being married with a child on the way, it does make Them suddenly becoming active again even more confusing.

I seriously hope that Lance doesn't turn out to be one of Them. I think that would be a betrayal and also not really follow on from what we've seen before.Would someone who's been established as Robbo's best friend from way back, who knew his children from before they were born, really be involved in all this? It just doesn't fit for me.It feels like people are only suspicious of Lance because he's on the show, and if there is a leak, and it's someone we've met, there aren't many candidates.But I just wouldn't find it believable.If he is one of the bad guys, he might as well have just let Robbo go down for the murder of Dennis Novak, it's not like anyone else was going to help him out.

I'm still finding Maggie rather self-righteous.She was spectacularly ungracious about Ben's apology so it's no wonder he lost his temper again.She did do more than make a few calls, she seemed to be making arrangements without consulting him.Even her sending Ziggy away felt like she was worried about letting the mask slip in front of her.I get that she wants the best for Ben but she's going the wrong way about it: She can't help him out of this mess with dogmatic statements.

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Being stuck out at the safe house Robbo couldn't do anything but just wait for something to maybe happen.  At least now They have made a move.  There seems to be two trains of thought , one it's the guys behind the killing of Ryan's family and the other it's the corruption squad.   What does 'Time for you to talk' mean?  Time for us to talk  makes more sense. The job 'Beckett Reid' was sent to do didn't get done did it? There's also still the mystery of what happened on the boat and did 'Beckett' kill Dylan?  Handy really having a cop living with you,  the AFP will have to eliminate Jasmine's, Robbo's and Colby's prints form the envelope and photos before concentrating on any others, though if They are professionals there won't be any, same as with leaving the photos in the first place. He may have seemed over cautious about Colby ensuring it is an AF cop that picks them up but if the cop is genuine he'll be happy to oblige.  Robbo was initially reluctant to let Jasmine in on the latest development, sorry no pun intended, but he had to so she understands why they can't go out, even to the beach.   She got it, though of course she's extra worried now. 

Lance, back at safe house again, reported to Robbo or Ryan as he calls him that chatter had gone up again.  Robbo uses Lance's phone to talk to Tori so time is limited, despite Robbo reassuring Tori everything was OK she wasn't fooled.  All Robbo can do is pass any message from Tori onto Justin and Mason.  Colby is trying to be an unofficial mediator. 

Did Ben thank Alf for getting him home safely, I know he apologised.  Lovely talk Alf had with him, getting Ben to try and see Maggie's side and reassuring him anyone knows him doesn't believe  he'd be involved with drugs. Trouble is it's the cops and DPP they have to convince. Ben is Ben though, a bloke, a proud bloke he feels a failure so probably why he's so defensive.  Ziggy was way out of the loop and it was Justin that filled her in about Ben laying one on at Salt.   She's a lot more direct with him than Maggie is, so maybe it'll need the three of them sitting down and thrashing things out without any of them losing their rag.

Two tiny things -  may be my hearing but did Colby say to Jasmine "listen to Lance" then later did Tori call Lance Robbo? :unsure:

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