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Dan F

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In another show, Irene would be frantic and all like "Hurry up with the Kero, Girlie!" and torch that duvet out back!🤣 

Probably thought of it and if she and Bella were BBQing said bedding, there's an odd chance Willow would come home and be sus! (I'd be asking questions too if I saw bed linen being burned)

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Is there a possibility the whole surf board drug thing was set up by Deans Father?

With all the imprisonment of people and dropping off of  comatose bodies at the hospital. Did anyone not feel a little sad at Raffy getting dumped.

Sitting on the bench and crying. 😢

That Ryder! A couple of older women with a few quid giving him tips and a few flirtations and he dumps Raffy. Oh Man, He's got a lot to learn.



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The surf board order  happened before even MacKenzie turned up so for once Rick is in the clear.  It would be very convoluted, even for Rick, getting Ben arrested and involving the AFP to get back at Dean. 

Good that Ben got bail but it's not over by  a long shot.  Should he and Maggie be poking around on their own?  The surf board shop being closed doesn't only affect him but Dean as well, not that the money bit bothers Dean but it gave him a purpose.  If I'm right as no names were mentioned Coco seems to be in the loop.

I had the same  thought the same thing when  Irene was scrubbing away at that bedspread at the bathroom sink:lol: - has the woman not heard of Vanish!   Of course Willow was suss about catching Irene and Bella whispering not once but twice. Irene's conscience is really getting to her while Bella doesn't want to risk her going to prison and she has had more experience of hiding things. 

I know what he did was awful but still sad that no-one has come forward to say claim him,  maybe he lives out of state. Is nobody missing him?  Have the media spread the news farther afield?

Naturally Justin was furious at Robbo for leaving Tori alone when she is so heavily pregnant and it not being a straight forward one, he's already stalled her consultant when he rang to say her next appointment was due. The Feds will, I think, take any risks concerning Tori. and her - and the babies health - seriously, if Jas had stayed it would have, maybe, placated Justin more.   I'm guessing Robbo was sworn back in as a Fed so any action he as to take against the bad guys will as an officer of the law and not as a private citizen.   When he shot Novak he was a Fed which is why they grabbed him from his trial. Jasmine hasn't grasped yet the full seriousness of the situation, Irene and Willow aren't in themselves a threat but they could talk between themselves about Robbo and Jasmine and be overheard or one of them could accidentally let something slip so Robbo wasn't being paranoid.  Of course we have seen that there is a shadowy figure spying on Robbo and Jasmine so not so paranoid. Justin worked it out for himself so now has to keep it quite from Mason and Raffy.  Are they going to have to let Colby in on it, they staying at his place.  Just a thought but wouldn't the fact Jasmine & Robbo were brought back into town by the AFP in a not inconspicuous big black car complete with armed guard be a small clue something was afoot?:unsure:   Alf was right on them, shouting "You can't park there!"  If I've got this right Robbo and Jasmine are under self imposed house arrest, Robbo is used to it but Jas isn't and what about food, supplies will be a tad low, are they going to order in, get Colby do it for them, are visitors allowed?

Poor Raffy, the one person she thought she could rely on has now dumped her, has his head really been turned that quickly.  He did dodge the question when he was asked if he had a girlfriend, would that have influenced his decision that if he  could deny Raffy so easily maybe he shouldn't be with her.  Btw he got his pants in a panic when Raffy appeared at Robbo and Jasmine's party at  Salt  saying  that she couldn't be at the bar but zip when she came in with the news about Robbo and Jasmine, just said he was busy.  She got her own back later though. I hope he hasn't made a huge mistake but  I'm glad he threw away Samantha's(?) phone number.


On ‎30‎/‎08‎/‎2019 at 00:23, Red Ranger 1 said:


Which is the winter in the southern hemisphere!


Doh, of course it is - completely forgot that.:blush:

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Alf’s episode count this week: Five, for the second week running. Tori was only in one as Penny McNamee’s maternity leave begins.

Well, it’s good that Ben’s out, even if it’s only a temporary arrangement for now. His rummaging through the surf club looking for a clue was a rather futile effort, although it did look as though no-one was really searching that hard! Still, despite the business being frozen, he’s wrong in thinking no-one trusts him. All the main characters do, although we’ll have to wait and see if the rent-a-mob turn up! I’m glad Coco has finally been filled in, even if she’s getting a rose-tinted view of things.

Irene is doing an awkward foot in both camps thing at the moment. She’s trying to keep quiet about what happened with Tommy but she’s not really good at it. It’s hard to see what she’s trying to achieve: All the important information is in the paper, so it’s hard to see what difference going to the hospital to stare at him lying unconscious in the flesh will make. And she and Bella need to come up with a better excuse for whispering in corners!

Despite Roo’s insistence on referring to a woman apparently well into her 20s as a “girl”, it still feels like Ryder’s closer in age to Raffy than to his workmates and customers. But those two and a half years can be significant, and now Ryder’s got at least one foot in the adult world I guess he wants to stay there. Which doesn’t make his treatment of Raffy any less cold and he was hard to like here.

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Double post. Because no-one posted on Friday when the show was on, three people posted over the weekend while I was away even though there weren't any episodes then, and now it's Monday and there is an episode and no-one's posting about it. Does this make sense to anyone else?

Okay, grump over.Well, good the ban on Dean seeing Mackenzie has been lifted, not that I think he should have agreed to it in the first place.Of course, it might have saved a lot of bother if it had been lifted a bit earlier or a bit later.I guess I give Ziggy credit for trying to fix things between them after helping mess them up, although again the timing was a bit bad.A lot could have been avoided if Colby had actually had a proper chat to Dean, although that might have been difficult with Mackenzie nuzzling at him.If he was trying to keep things on the downlow, parking his police car on Mackenzie's drive and letting her answer the door in his uniform was an odd way to go about it.Also, when did they become an ongoing thing? They had that hook-up after the stag and hen night, but he seemed to quickly revert to giving her the cold shoulder for getting Dean into trouble.

So after all that, Irene didn't even make it to the hospital, instead heading into the Diner for some awkward chit-chat.We learn from his driving license that Tommy lives in Reefton Lakes.Not sure if the Coastal News covers there or not, but I guess there was no-one to report him missing.

Raffy is understandably down while Ryder is conspicuously absent.I said last year that I was worried them getting together would mess up their friendship.It didn't really, but breaking up apparently has done...

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Oops, please accept my apologies on bended knee Red,:cryingsmiley::blush::wink:  I normally do post Friday on Thursdays episode but was working so hence the delay till Sunday incorporating Thursday and Friday's happenings!  Usually post day after anyway, 'cept on Wednesday when working again.

Anyways last nights.  Typical bloody Rick really just disappearing from the scene leaving Dean hanging as to what is going on.  Considering his last ultimatum to Dean no surprise he wasn't willing to talk to her he didn't know it had been all been sorted.  Mac isn't Ziggy's favourite person but she swallowed her pride to go and try and get it sorted and learnt what Rick should have told Dean. From then on you could see what was going to happen a mile off.  I do believe Mac this time she wants  to get to know Dean with no hidden agenda. She, however, hasn't got the whole a bloke doesn't date his mate's sister behind his back thing.  Yes I know Mac is a 'new' sister to Dean and can well look after herself but the principle is the same.  The protocol is friend susses out mate's reaction to you asking her out first, though rather late for that  in Colby and Mac's case.  I did fret a bit when Colby first ignored Dean's call but what could he say apart from he did.:unsure: Very dumb of Colby parking his police car there, but Dean knows what Colby's car looks like so maybe not.  So just made Dean jump to the conclusion Colby was hassling Mac over Rick again which was certainly dispelled in one fell swoop when Mac opened the door. Then we got the farce of Colby pulling his trousers on and rushing out after Dean.  We do see Dean having a rant at Willow over it, but I reckon once he's had a vent he will 'forgive' Colby, it's nothing too serious between Mac and Colby - yet.  Rather sweet really that he's feeling so brotherly. :wub:  That was a nice pad Mac has got herself, is Rick playing for that too or is she renting for now, Salt must be doing well even allowing for the fact she's paying Rick back.

Raffy did well when we first saw her after being dumped by Ryder, didn't let on at all, she did try texting him she does deserve a fuller explanation.  Alf did  look a bit awkward when Raffy broke the news to him, it was, kind of, what he said to Ryder that has prompted it. Glad she did open up to Maz and Roo,  but she does need eat, won't be good for her epilepsy.

Did I dream it or did Irene leave the Diner after her first coffee and come back again? We saw her trying to ring Bella while 'hiding' in the kitchen. I may have missed it but did we find out if Tommy is his real name, we got his address. I kept looking when his licence was flashed up but couldn't see it.  No wonder Irene is losing it now   the investigation is getting more intense and the fact his car was found in her road.  Talking of which - now no idea how big/long/quiet the road where the Beach House is and it hasn't been that long since 'Tommy' fetched up at Irene's has it - a couple of days(?) - but I'm supposing a neighbour has suddenly decided to report a car has been seemingly dumped as no-one has been back to it. 

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No problem, H&Alover, just me being a grump!

Thing I forgot to mention yesterday: What happened to Leah and Justin going to see Ava? It seemed like they were about to leave on Thursday, but then she's back at the Diner next day!

Well, Raffy and Ryder talked, after a fair bit of pushing from Alf and Roo.It probably went as well as it could have done.Raffy didn't fancy sticking around after the first attempt, but she showed maturity in talking to him the next day (she's obviously got experience from Ty!), although time will tell if they can manage the friends thing.Alf's claim Roo never stayed friends with old flames isn't entirely accurate: She stayed friends with Sid at least! (Or did he mean at that age?)

I'll admit Mackenzie came across as a bit self-centred at times, notably when she didn't understand why Colby wanted to find Dean and then when she tried to talk to him the next morning, although Colby really gave a pretty poor show: Instead of saying something useful like "I saw Dean and he told me he's going to take a step back from us but I still want to see you", he made a few semi-nonsensical remarks that made it sound like he was breaking up with her. (He may actually have been breaking up with her, I can't tell.) I don't think Mackenzie really deserved Willow having a go although she was fairly restrained: It did seem like she was calling dibs on Dean though!

I had to rewatch to see if we saw Tommy's name on the license but it was eventually visible on the printout Colby looked at: Thomas O'Reilly, so "Tommy" would be an acceptable derivative of that.It seems to have tipped Irene over the edge, although I guess time will tell if she actually goes through with confessing:She just seems to be loitering in the police station while the police extras walk around her or ignore her instead of saying something sensible like "Can I help you with anything?"

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When I moved back to Ireland I thought oh good, I can start watching Home and Away with no edits on RTE2 at 6.30pm after years of sneaky snips on FIVE.  Boy was I wrong, sat down to watch recorded episodes


I am in the north and sky tv/and or RTE block the episodes. Oh well, at least it is not ITV disaster edits. 

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The biggest stumbling block continues to be the attempts to portray Colby, a man far more deserving of “spending the rest of his life rotting in jail” than Tommy who’s unlikely to get anything even approaching life, as the force for good. He’s lucky it was Irene looking after Bella and not him, otherwise Tommy would be buried next to Ross now, for all his claims to the contrary: He didn’t care about not being there for Bella then (Dean tried that argument and he ignored it), he made exactly the same claims to Chelsea about Ross that he made to Bella here, and I can’t see that he’s changed. Morality aside, his behaviour here would have Tommy’s lawyers turning cartwheels: The alleged victim’s brother insists on taking all the statements himself, takes a unilateral decision to damage his property and has him handcuffed when he was at death’s door not long ago? No conflict of interests there… I can’t shake the feeling that Irene and Colby don’t want to face the fact that Bella might actually be all right and this is normal to her.

Meanwhile, my sympathies lie with Jasmine, mainly because Robbo’s strategy is making less and less sense. If he’s going to keep her prisoner in the flat, they might as well have stayed at the safe house: The idea was supposedly to draw people out. Instead he’s being just as paranoid as when he was standing guard at Tori’s house and breaking in when she didn’t answer the answer, going on about a “they” that no-one is entirely sure is even after them.

Okay, we got an explanation for Leah’s swift reappearance. I think the timescale just about allows her to stay one night in the city although I guess we must be at the lower end of travel times this week…

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