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Dan F

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Rick has had that punch coming for ages - Dean's been very restrained until Rick made that crack about his mum.  Notice it didn't ruffle his hair in the slightest how much gel, spray does he have on it? Be interesting to see if Rick does follow up on his threat to have a paternity test. 

Bravo to John shutting the journos out and telling them to sling their hooks, he's not been Dean's biggest fan but he stood up for him there.  Also he was able to give him the heads up when the lurking photographer took the photo of Dean hitting Rick who as he was reminded is still on licence. Dean was clearly expecting Murray to nick him when he showed up but no it was Ben - not Bill - sorry couldn't resist.:wink: I  was half expecting Ziggy to take a swing at one of them.  Mac does always seem to disappear when trouble occurs but she did have a valid reason this time  but you're right Red she and Dean to need to show a united front and put their side to a reputable journo who won't twist their words. Mac will need not  to come across as all bitter and twisted though because that would defeat the purpose. 

Trust Alf to have wise words for Ryder, natural he's wanting to spend more time with his new mates but not at the expense of Raffy who must be feeling very unsure of how things are going to pan out and she did apologise to Ryder for coming across as needy. Two and half years may not seem much when you are older but he's 18 and she's 16 so not able to join him for drinks after work and unless accompanied by an over 18 year old not allowed to go to Salt.  Her only other friend who is her age is Bella who has her own worries.

Ben and drugs - as likely as Maz and John becoming surfing champions!

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I've never really been keen on Jasmine and I'm still not but now I actually don't mind her and Robbo together and didn't mind the wedding at all.  I did quite enjoy the scenes when the feds swooped in and pulled them and Tori off into protective custody.  Tori should be used to it by now though.  If she isn't happy then perhaps if she hadn't used Robbo's sperm without his consent she wouldn't be in this position.

Just watching the scenes with Bella and Tommy, if he stuck to what was originally agreed and just met up with Bella and had been more patient he might have been able to kiss her consensually.

On 20/08/2019 at 18:23, Dan F said:

Channel 5's been snipping again (I thought they might given the subject matter) - they cut out a portion of Tommy's assault of Bella where he started kissing her, and also Irene bludgeoning Tommy after the initial blow with the champagne bottle.

I tried to find the scene but couldn't.  How many more times did she hit him?

Have to admit, I was quite impressed with how Bella handled the whole aftermath in terms of her and Irene taking Tommy to the hospital.  I guess that's probably the only good thing coming out if Colby killing her father.  Although I would have liked to have seen how Bella would have reacted if Tommy wasn't breathing.

Whilst I am sympathetic towards Dean and his situation he has actually brought this on himself.  He agreed for the article to be published because he was out of shape about Rick.  Now it's backfired.  I am actually glad Mackenzie is getting stick for this as well though as she deserves it.  I don't like Rick at all but I don't think Mackenzie is a nice person either.  She's conniving and manipulative (Much like her father), basically Rick lite.

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On ‎25‎/‎08‎/‎2019 at 16:32, Slade said:

I tried to find the scene but couldn't.  How many more times did she hit him?

Twice more. (I did find it but not in any of the places it might normally be.)

That's a pretty big pickle that Ben's found himself in: A lot of unanswered questions and there's a worrying feeling that quite a few of them may remain unanswered.How exactly did Maggie find this shady factory? Two scenarios present themselves here: One is that the shady factory people put out adverts to make boards, and were going to secrete drugs in any orders they were given.(Ben seemed to think there were other orders being worked on.)In that case, they probably packed up shop when they heard the drugs had been discovered.This does beg the question, where were the drugs meant to end up?(And what this "international" thing when Ben's customer seemed to be in the same country?)Scenario two is that Dean's friend of a friend was in on it and gave Ben a ridiculously large order with ridiculously draconian rules on the assumption that he'd end up having to farm it out to the one surfboard factory that's mysteriously appeared nearby.Although Dean tells Colby to look into him, we don't get any follow-up on it bar a vague reference to none of the leads they've been given leading to anything.

Arguably none of that's important now and it's the effect on the characters that creates the drama.As with Dean last week, the town are all on Ben's side here: Whatever teething troubles they had with him, he's very much one of them by now.This isn't always a good thing, with John's bizarre insistence on filming Constable Murray politely and calmly escorting Ben to his car showing that they're now giving him the same sort of material they used to give to Colleen, yet with me somehow not finding him quite as irritating.Maggie snapping at Dean seemed to come out of frustration rather than genuinely thinking he's involved.(She does kind of have a point about the police focusing on Ben and ignoring Dean, although you get the impression none of the local boys really think Ben is guilty, they're just having their strings pulled by a bunch of federal types desperate for any sort of result to justify their operation.)Dean of course has his own problems, but that's basically a background issue until the last scene so more on that tomorrow.

Elsewhere, Irene is still not handling her guilt and fear very well and needing a 16-year-old to keep things together.After seeing Colby get on with his life with barely a flicker of conscience, Bella probably doesn't have a lot of experience of dealing with someone to whom this isn't second nature and perhaps feels bad that she's dragged Irene into this world.Her deleting her account wouldn't stop a thorough search, but that would require someone to know exactly what they're looking for: I'm guessing it would result in all references to her disappearing from Tommy's computer as well, although you might be able to tell something's missing from the hole it's left.

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From the newspaper report Tommy was beaten to within an inch of his life, though that may the presses inclination of putting the worse spin on it, but he is in a coma so more than the one wallop on the head with the champagne bottle that we saw.

You've been reading my mind Red.  Not only the Bella deleting the all the messages between her and 'Tommy' and her account thing, nowadays everything can be retrieved and once they find 'Tommy's' laptop there is the chance any messages he sent and received will still be on it,  even if he deleted them as he went along.   He may be a John Doe at the moment but he must have someone in his life who'll miss him. Irene has led a blameless life, whereas Bella grew up with Ross and his nefarious life style so more used, if that is the right word, to acting normal when something like this happens.  Any interaction between Irene and Bella just handily seems to be happening while Willow is out or at work. 

I can see, maybe, why Dean jumped to the conclusion initially that Rick may have been behind Ben's arrest, but I don't, the whole thing with the boards being commissioned happened even before MacKenzie arrived let alone Rick.  Kneejerk  reaction Maggie blaming Dean for getting the order in the first place, putting Ben under all that strain so he had to outsource, he fully accepted she'd feel like that with his history.  The town knows Ben and that in no way would he be involved in drugs, Dean maybe, but not Ben.  As Dean admitted to Ziggy, who said the l word, he's done stupid things  in his past but not drugs apart from the ones he used himself.

Maybe John wanted to ensure no rough stuff was happening and they were treating Ben respectively. Ye Gods could you imagine Colleen with a camera phone!:lol:

I'd forgotten it was Maggie who'd found the board making place and they must be a bona fide manufacturer otherwise Ben wouldn't have given them the job, too much depended on it.  She must have found  them online - was going to say the phone book but silly me hardly anyone has one of those anymore.  I did wonder myself about Dean's friend of a friend, but they wouldn't be able to guarantee, knowing Ben would have to outsource, he'd would chose that particular place.  Pretty elaborate plot if it was to get revenge on Dean for some past slight.    Was it made clear how the cops found out, tip off, or they'd had their eyes on the place for a while.  Ben has done everything right and I agree I don't think McCarthy and the others believe Ben is guilty, they are just doing their job so there Is no come back from the AFP at all for anyone.  AFP are being kept busy at present, is it too far fetched to think both could be connected?

Good to see they still have a cop shop and not always the case but they followed protocol and didn't allow Colby to interview Ben.   This is where Morag will be missed, she would have been in there like Flint.

From what I saw the drugs were hidden in the boards and Ben would be inspecting the outside so how the heck was he supposed to know about them or am I missing something?  Maybe the guy who commissioned them was going to export them.:unsure: 


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That was one of those episodes that reminded me that at her core Ziggy can still be a self-absorbed brat sometimes.I wasn't really happy with the way she tried to force Maggie to say she was wrong, which was hardly the most important thing at the time.But her selfishness where Dean was concerned was appalling.He's now completely hen-pecked, doing whatever she wants regardless of what's right or wrong.She wants him to give Rick a chance so he does.She decides he shouldn't have anything more to do with Rick so he doesn't.She decides he should give in to Rick (not because she's worried about him but because she wants him around) so he does.She even uses the L-word as a weapon to make him do what she wants, and Dean rolls over like a dog and lets Rick beat him just to make her happy.Dean was doing the right thing sticking to his guns: It would hurt Rick as much as him to have to suddenly admit that his story about supporting him and building a relationship with him was a lie, and getting both his estranged children locked up for crimes committed against him would kill his family man image stone dead.But no, Ziggy's the most important person in all this, and Dean's "I love you too", which was presumably meant to make us go "Awww", just made me roll my eyes at how neutered he's become.

Colby wasn't much better, being a self-righteous holier-than-thou bore again.I don't blame him for anything with Ben, that's just him doing his job.But once again he's rude to Justin and makes it clear he doesn't consider him a priority, because he's too busy putting the hard word on Mackenzie for getting his old mate into trouble, at the same time that Dean is throwing Mackenzie to the wolves on Ziggy's say-so.Mackenzie is single-minded, but it feels like she's shown more consideration for Dean than vice versa, and she doesn't deserve to be left isolated because everyone else is only looking after number oneThe overall feeling from the episode is that good people suffer, selfishness is rewarded and the genuine 24-carat b*****d Rick is the one that comes out on top.

One question answered with the reveal that Dean's friend of a friend apparently wasn't involved.So, it's all on the board manufacturers and they...set up shop and waited for an order to come in so they could hide drugs in it? That doesn't seem like much of a plan, especially when it was dependent on a novice like Ben not doing the proper checks before hiring them.And presumably not checking the delivery details correctly, since presumably the boards were being sent somewhere other than to his customer.Still feels like there's quite a few holes here...

Oh, and Marilyn picks up the Colleen bat from John, with her (and to a lesser extent Alf) wittering inanely about how awful the police are.

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Ziggy was coming across as selfish, but Ben could be going to prison though she is getting ahead of herself there. She didn't exactly force Dean to meet up with Rick but he found out pretty quick that he lived down to his expectations so that worked out well in a way.  Rick is just as demanding telling Dean in return for him dropping the charges against him  he is not to have any dealings with MacKenzie, do we take it to mean he can't be a customer in Salt anytime she is there?  Of course Mac wouldn't have had any idea about Dean being on probation and his hitting Rick would result in him going back to jail, her usual habit of getting people to do things without thinking about the consequences, but Rick did, of course he did.

Then Rotten Rick turned his attention to MacKenzie getting her arrested for stealing $80,000, bit careless on his part if she was able to transfer that much into her account with no problem, she knew his password, and his bank code, think that is how it works, don't bank on-line,  and his bank didn't alert him at once as to why he was suddenly doing that, that's a lot of money to transfer even for him.  She did come across as pretty arrogant when Colby went to nick her, refusing at first to go with him, reminded me of someone for a moment.  Colby did manage to persuade both of them to have a civilised conversation without revealing his involvement with her. A kind of uneasy truce seems to have been reached between them and he was impressed with what she had done with the money and she's going  to pay it back. If he did leave her and her mum when she was two/three a child that young isn't going to understand why and depending on the spin her mum put on the whole thing it would colour her feelings towards him, not that it excuses anything either of them have done. Perhaps now they'll both leave Dean alone

Forgot to mention Salt staff have a new uniform with the stripy sailor type tops.

Colby did have other things on his mind as in investigating Ben's case, what on earth did Justin think Colby could tell him about an AFP operation, they are hardly likely to keep a mere senior police constable in a rural community in the loop are they? It's not in their rule book, they keep most people in the dark to protect their charges, loose lips to quote a WWII saying.

Ben made a big boob by not insisting on paying a deposit, showing how green he is business wise.  Not surprising the web site had been shut down, but although not being an expert on those things there most be someway the cops could trace who set it up.  Easy to produce false receipts and paper work even before the days of computers that used to happen. Could it be a personal thing, which is way out there I know, Ben made the enquiry in his name I'm supposing? Does seem a random thing to put out there hoping some fool would put a large order for boards to be made and apart from checking on them now and then would leave them to get on with it.  I don't think it's been said but I guess Ben gave descriptions to the cops, where was this work shop -  in the middle of nowhere, on an industrial estate in which case there would be other businesses about whose workers would have seen men at work - no?:unsure:  I can see why Alf, Marilyn and others are up in arms about Ben being nicked on something so preposterous but McCarthy, Colby, Murray and co are just doing their job,  Maggie isn't happy about it but even she accepts that. Besides it was the AFP that charged him not the Yabbie Creek cops.

I can understand Robbo's decision, as did Lance, to return to the bay to flush out the bad guys, Robbo being Robbo isn't the kind of bloke to just sit around waiting for something to happen, especially as this time he knows the danger lurking whereas last time he didn't.  I more surprised, not to say shocked, Jasmine decided she was going with him, yes he's her hubby and didn't want to be parted from him, but I thought she'd be more considerate towards Tori, who's heavily pregnant and is going to be left alone with the all male AFP bodyguards, no offence to them but not the same as having another woman around.  Plus, of course, he's going to have worry about her instead of concentrating on the job in hand. That must have been really weird for Robbo/Ryan making that pledge again.  Robbo seemed to planning well ahead chopping wood for the winter it is still only July and Mason talking about postponing his internship, Justin was right Tori would kill him of he did that,  neat mention of Brody too and of course Justin has to visit Ava, he's got  to try and keep things as normal as possible.

Wicked, off the wall thought but you don't think it was an elaborate ploy on Robbo's  to get out of being stuck playing those board games do you? :lol:




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1 hour ago, tarth said:

I like how Robbo just walked in to his house with Jasmine alone, maybe they should lock the door 😂

Exactly.  Where was all the police protection?  Going back a bit, how was Robbo just instantly able to rejoin the AFP like that, or did he never leave?

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I was dreading a cop-out ending where Rick suddenly turned nice out of nowhere but thankfully we didn’t get that, with his only allowance being agreeing to Mackenzie repaying the money instead of going to jail. Instead it’s Mackenzie who makes the change, as she accepts that hurting herself and others just to punish Rick isn’t worth it, and isn’t going to give her what she really wants. After I criticised him on Tuesday, Colby was pretty professional here, even making it clear to Rick that he wasn’t talking to him as a police officer. I did roll my eyes at him saying revenge doesn’t make you happy, but I guess his revenge cost him Chelsea, so that counts.

Justin and Mason made the right choice to get on with their lives instead of waiting around for news of Tori. Of course, now they’ve got Robbo and Jasmine back and I can’t say I blame Justin for being annoyed when he’s had everyone telling him that Tori will be okay because Robbo’s with her, plus he did warn everyone about this when the surrogacy started and typically got ignored. Things remain a bit vague in places, with no concrete evidence of either an informer or that the gang actually are after Robbo. And Tori is in a precarious place with no medical supervision: You’d hope Lance and co would arrange something rather than expecting her to monitor herself (Robbo claims she has access to the best medical care but it’s hard to see how). I’m not sure if Robbo swearing himself back into the feds is something he was going to do anyway or a necessity if he’s going to be keeping an eye on Jasmine. His being suspicious of everyone, including Irene (which admittedly makes a bit more sense at the moment than normal), just comes across as paranoia.

Willow gets the big room and Irene gets to go all Macbeth (“Out, damned spot!”). Really, she’d be better off just chucking the bed spread out and getting another one. Meanwhile, things remain tense between Raffy and Ryder, with Raffy increasingly running out of people to talk to. (Neither Justin nor Mason really stuck around and I guess she didn’t fancy chatting to Marilyn.) At least things seem on a better level between Roo and Ryder now.

9 hours ago, H&Alover said:

Robbo seemed to planning well ahead chopping wood for the winter it is still only July

Which is the winter in the southern hemisphere!

3 hours ago, baywatcher said:

Going back a bit, how was Robbo just instantly able to rejoin the AFP like that, or did he never leave?

I guess he left but he hadn't been gone that long so most things were still valid? (It did seem to be specified it was just for the duration of the investigation.)

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