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Robbo's actions after killing Novak were instinctive from him being an AFP and time as Beckett Reid, in both persona's - but not forgetting Beckett Reid didn't exist - he would have been trained to cover his tracks, though he didn't  consciously remember that then.

Colby could hardly say to Bella "Well I know he won't ever hurt you again because I killed him". It's clear even after all he had done Bella still cares for Ross so all he can do is to reassure her.  The cops haven't done that good a job themselves by letting Ross roam free on the beaches of the bay when his face was on the front of the local newspapers.  Actually Colby telling the cops Ross had been in town before wouldn't help the cops 'find' him, it was before the whole kidnap thing went down, Bella didn't know where he was staying and if Ross was cunning as he seemed to be he would have made sure nothing was left behind as he had no plans to go back there. SG is getting more and more suspicious, even without her being a cop, she knows Colby too well and is pushing him to tell the truth, the whole truth.  Thing is when (if) he does how does he leave Dean's name out of it and what does it do to their marriage?

Yes Tori Jasmine did know what you have done, even without you checking on who accessed your records, not going into the protocols there and how one medical person can access another's medical records.  I did enjoy seeing Jasmine make Tori squirm without actually saying anything. You are going to have to do some pretty fancy and convincing talking Tori - you are putting Jasmine in a most awful position.

To be fair to Marilyn she was given the lead by Leah who filled her in on the fact Martha had stayed the night and Marilyn does like people being happy. Loved that look on Leah's face when Martha came out on the verandah she was all cool about it but Alf got himself into a bit of fluster making a point of telling Leah Martha stayed in Roo's room. Martha doesn't seem in that much of a hurry to go back home and Alf changed his stance too.  Good point that Red about the Blaxland, Martha 'died' in 1985 which was only 34 years ago so would have been before that the way she was speaking when times were good for them.

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Being anti-feminist is going and then coming back because she needs a man. Alf's episode count this week:None. However, it's finale week so things go typically crazy: Jasmine was in every episode

Outer Maggie: This Kind of thing will not be tolerated! Inner Maggie: That's what you get, bitch! 🤣🤣🤣  

Mason to Robbo "He just wants this to be over".  A statement echoed by several thousand viewers...

I agree with Red, but in my head canon, I took that to mean that Alf owned the Blaxland once before and sold it, before buying it back. Of course Alf doesn’t actually own the Blaxland now, but that’s been forgotten about.

Tori isn’t listed as Victoria Morgan in her hospital records because she actually is named Tori, as it’s her witness protection name (replacing Tessa so she kept the T).

I’m enjoying Martha though and wouldn’t mind her being around full time at Summer Bay House.

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I'm pretty sure it's been established or at least suggested that Tori is short for Victoria.Giving her a name that can be shortened to a T name rather than having them all have the same initials would have made them harder to find.(As an aside, Martha mentioned spending her 30th birthday on the Blaxland, which assuming she's around the same age as Alf, ie early 70s, would be considerably before 1985.)

To be a bit broken record, I'm again wondering why exactly Colby is in the police.If he doesn't believe that arresting people and putting them in jail works, and thinks he somehow has the right to murder anyone that he considers "dangerous", then why is he even pretending? It increasingly feels like the show's makers liked the idea of a River Boy turned police officer, but couldn't keep it up because it was getting in the way of the fun, so they've just turned him into a poor man's Brax.And now Chelsea's an accessory, but having already hidden Colby lying to the police, theft, kidnapping and manslaughter, she might as well add murder to the list as well.Colby's so far over the moral event horizon that keeping Dean out of it doesn't even make him any more sympathetic, although I did like the scene where Dean quite obviously couldn't care less about Colby's angsting and just tells him to call him when it's over.

I did enjoy seeing Jasmine taking Tori to task, yet I can't bring myself to feel too much sympathy for her because she's brought it on herself.Jasmine didn't need to look up Tori's records, and she should have thought about what she was going to do with the information beforehand. Instead, she's now keeping it from Robbo.

John needling Alf about Martha was somehow less irritating than Marilyn's interference and at least gave him something to think about.

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34 minutes ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

I'm pretty sure it's been established or at least suggested that Tori is short for Victoria.

Yes it was all but confirmed in Episode 6425 - a mother was thinking of naming her baby "Natalie Victoria" after the doctors who delivered her (Nate & Tori), to which Tori joked "Although Victoria Natalie is also pretty too...."

The Blaxland thing was also pretty sloppy given we've got the history of her known owners on the main site.

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It's not unknown for writers to change details of the past or to retcon things to suit a current episode, especially things they think very few people will notice or care about. Perhaps they felt that the scene they wanted to create was more important than what it says on an internet fansite only seen by a few.

While it's annoying, and definitely disrespectful to the long-term viewers, it probably wasn't so much "sloppy" as a deliberate decision to ignore the past.

I mean look at the Martha storyline in general - that's exactly what the entire story is.

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I absolutely loved Justin in that episode.I'm glad he got out of his funk and went back to see Willow and he handled everything absolutely perfectly, being there not only for Willow but also for Dean and Russell, while at the same time knowing he's not the most important person here.It's a shame that after all that good work, as soon as he left we were into Soap Cliche 101 with Willow magically coming round when Dean says the L word.Mind you, from the extremely uncomfortable look she was giving him afterwards, I think she's a bit unnerved by his sudden devotion, which is in keeping: For all that Jasmine and Bella might be shipping them, I don't think she's ever actually loved him in that way.

Ryder's reaction to the lunch was more enjoyable than the lunch himself.It's interesting that they've avoided the obvious route of having him get queasy about his grandfather having a love life and instead wants him to be happy.John does seem to be reining in Marilyn's matchmaking desires.The show seems to be focusing on Coco's positive qualities recently, her wobble in finale week notwithstanding, so I like her deciding to accompany Maggie on the marathon and kind of hope she sticks with it to the end, even if her record of exercising isn't that great!

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On 18/03/2019 at 18:01, Red Ranger 1 said:

Sorry, if I wasn't clear: I meant earlier when they were out in the bush, Ross was still holding Chelsea and Bella, Colby charged at him and Ross tried to shoot him. I wouldn't say that qualifies as "self-defence", so I don't think Novak charging at Robbo when he had a gun and was threatening to kill him makes it "self-defence". And many of Robbo's actions seem far too calculated for simple panic, notably going to the trouble of retrieving Novak's phone and planting it on a lorry bound for Melbourne so the police would follow it.

Oh sorry, I was mistaken with what you meant there. But, I must say the same, because what I meant about Robbo's actions looked like simple panic was what he did and how he felt immediately afterwards, which to my memory wasn't cold or caculated, in fact in the couple of episodes later we do see him being very disturbed over it. The retrieving of Novak's phone happened some time after. Anyhow, I've said all I wanted to on it, so I only say that again, I have a different interpretation on it, and now I'm finished with it. 

Now this week!

Colby comes off as even more unlikable this week, because apparently that was possible! He seems to think that Bella living in fear over Ross is better than having the police over, which, while usually selfish of him not wanting his crimes to be revealed, I didn't really see this side of him to show with Bella. And I'm suppose that we're expected to show sympathy for him when Chelsea leaves but... no, nothing for me, mainly because a) he shows no remorse for it and b) given the show's history, Chelsea will probably forgive him after a week and they'll just run off into the sunset together. Very hard to feel sympathy for any of them except Bella, who continues to be the only engaging one. As well as Dean. Patrick O'Connor did a fantastic job this week with Russel and Willow. The scenes with Justin and Dean were good, because it's good to see them put aside their many differences. And while, yes we could have done without the cliche of Dean saying 'I love you' just a moment before Willow woke up, I honestly found it rather sweet. I'm still unsure of whether I want them to be together or not, but I didn't think that Willow was really uncomfortable with Dean here, I just assumed it was the reaction that anyone would have when they wake up in a hospital after they got shot. 

And now we have the Tori drama. Now while I know that Jasmine shouldn't have really looked into Tori's files, I still feel much more sympathy for her than for Tori. Mainly because I know that this is going to come back and bit her and her relationship with Robbo and really, she was stuck in a dilemma between her friend and her fiance, both of whom were going through a rough time and the revelation of these news would be very hard, even if she should have told Robbo. Tori's desperation is just tiring to watch, and she has some nerve telling Jasmine about ethics, (and also Tori threatening to report Jasmine wouldn't have worked anyway, because if she wants to keep this quiet, she would have to give a reason as to why, wouldn't she?). 

Really, the only saving graces were Alf and Martha's relationship (which would have been better if the show didn't disregard or change past events just of fill a plot), and the Astoni stuff. Coco's good side came out here big time with her promising to run with Maggie, who doesn't look all that certain about the marathon. Will something happen to her? Is there something going on with her health?

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Not defending his recent behaviour but Colby has arrested people before, Dean in fact being one of them.  Ross was dangerous, everyone who was there would acknowledge that, he was never going to go down  without a fight.  His telling the truth which Chelsea was insistent he tell her has put her in an impossible position, if she follows her by the book rule, she'll turn him in - or get him to turn himself in, but she does love him and then there is Bella, she's just got her brother back, learnt her dad killed her mum and could be losing her brother again as he killed her dad.  That would bring up real mixed feelings. I'm glad he has kept Dean out of it although he is an accessory during the act - does that crime exist(?) and after the fact and helping dispose of a body. If she decides to do the right thing, won't she have to lie about when he told her?

That scene with Willow & Russell was so moving:cryingsmiley:  Was that lullaby song in an Aboriginal tongue or something else, maybe Hawaiian? Justin did as you say Red put his feelings aside and was there for Dean, calmed him down when Willow was rushed back into surgery - another appearance by Dr. Jenner - called Tori who had better connections than they would - to find out what was going on.  Also went to get Russell, hoping he'd be having a 'good' day so he would be able to visit Willow.  I hope we see him again today now Willow has come round.  Another miracle soap hospital, deaths door one moment, coming round the next, she'll be out this time next week. Dean's devotion isn't sudden, he's always loved her and she's known that, it's going to be how she handled it from now and doesn't make the mistake of feeling she ought to be with him  out of gratitude.  She was touched by the fact the nurses told her he hadn't left her side since she was brought in.  On that point and it is a picky point - if that is true how come he looks exactly like he did when she was first admitted, has he  been keeping his face fungus under control by popping to the hospital washrooms?

Although Jasmine looking up Tori's records was wrong, she is a midwife so would have come to the conclusion she was pregnant earlier than most folk would have.  Tori deserved the swerve Leah gave her when she was whinging about the situation.  Robbo may not  click re Tori's condition, but he is an ex cop and not just any cop - an ex AFP cop - and trained to spot when people are acting suspiciously so I reckon  he will soon wonder why Leah, Justin, Jasmine and Tori will be acting uneasy when they are around each other.

I liked those scenes of Martha & Alf together with Alf acting like he wasn't that bothered but you could see he was enjoying it. The clumsy compliment he gave Martha was so Alf and I bet he was just like that in their dating days. He was, I think, very pleasantly  surprised to find she was staying.  Ryder, did sort of, have an ulterior motive for wanting Martha to stay, she makes Grumps happy so it makes life easier for him. The lunch went well, although Marilyn did make a few knowing glances when Martha and Alf were reminiscing about taking little Martha skiing, but said nothing.  Is young Martha aware her mum and dad are 'together' and getting on better than they have for years? Nice little scene with Ryder, Coco and Raffy.

Not only Coco joining Maggie on the marathon it seems but Ziggy as well who is even more unfit than Coco!:rolleyes:  Maggie doesn't have to go out and break a record, you can take as long as you like, clue is in the name.


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The marathon was actually fun to watch, making a very nice sense of community, surprisingly enough, my favourite moment of it was the scenes with Mason in it. I know I've 'bashed' him before, but I do believe often enough that he has good intentions and I really enjoyed seeing his doctor-like caring side come for Maggie and also for random runners as well. And great to see that Maggie finished the race without any problems, I appear to be mistaken about what was concerning her yesterday, she just wants to succeed for others with cancer, which is a really nice motivation, so I'm glad, with the support of Ben and Coco, she made it. And Justin and Leah were actually fun to watch today as well, their dynamic is rather interesting, especially since we rarely see any scenes with those two. 

I'm glad that Alf told Marilyn to back off, she was getting too nosy for all of their sakes, and it really needs to stop. If Alf wants to do anything about his relationship with Martha, it'll be his own decision. 

And the writers have unfortunately done what they apparently set out to do: not only making Brody dirt, but not even quality dirt. This cheating storyline is horrible, if they wanted to break up Brody and Ziggy, there were many other ways to do it rather than a cheating storyline and ruining Brody's character. And really, until Simone entered the picture, there was little evidence to show that either Brody or Ziggy were unhappy with the other, making it all more unrealistic. And him sleeping with her while his actual WIFE in danger after collasping from a race he didn't went to to sleep with his co-worker?... Disgraceful. I hope that they get caught and that Ben punches Brody hard. 

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I enjoyed the marathon too and have to echo the comments above about Mason.I've usually had a higher opinion of him than most people and I did like seeing his caring side come to the fore here.We didn't get as much of Coco as I'd hoped for given that she's seemingly not around for much longer: For all her lack of practise, she seemed to handle things well, and while I get the symbolism of Coco accompanying Maggie on the first lap and Ziggy on the second, it might have been smarter for her to run the whole thing.I cringed at Ziggy messing up topping up her fluids: I understand the appeal of pouring water over you, but she needed to get some inside her as well.Still, at least her collapse gave us another chance to see Mason in doctor mode.I keep forgetting to mention: I loved the meta moment a couple of episodes ago of John complaining about the extras not answering him.

I said in another thread a while back that if Brody and Ziggy were just dating I wouldn't be bothered if they split up, but since the show had them get married, they should stick with them.Apparently the people making the show don't agree.Maybe the idea is to show that they got married too quickly and without enough thought, but if so it's not coming across that well and nothing rings true, not least Brody suddenly being turned into a love rat out of nowhere.I'm not really seeing any sign of a strong enough connection between Brody and Simone for him to throw away his marriage for her.And if there was, I don't see why he wouldn't put Ziggy out of her misery instead of sneaking around behind her back.(The stated reason of "We need to be sure" doesn't convince.)And I don't see why the Brody who supported Ziggy and her family through all their troubles last year is suddenly seeing them taking part in a charity race not as a reason for him to be by the sidelines cheering them on but as a green light to go and have sex with his mistress while they're out of the way.

I found the Alf/Marilyn Diner scene really awkward and was left with the feeling that Ray Meagher didn't want to shout at Emily Symons so he took lines that were written as an angry outburst and played them in a cheery and placid manner with a smile on his face.I know I've spoken a lot recently about playing against lines like that, but there's a time and a place and here the scene just felt flat, not least when we then get him apologising for "overreacting": "I'm sorry that I calmly and politely asked you not to interfere."

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