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2019 Season - UK Episode Discussion

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On 12/03/2019 at 00:56, Red Ranger 1 said:

D.B., it was decided this time last year to move over to dedicated threads for each season rather than have an indefinite UK Discussion thread.

Thanks Red! I have noticed it and I was curious with the change. 

Well, let's start with Colby, our new town-murderer. Honestly, I knew that deep down Colby will always be more of a River boy rather than an actual cop, but I didn't actually think that he'd actually murder someone in cold blood, no matter how much Ross deserves it. I know that Ross was evil, but it's one thing to hate someone, very another thing to shoot that person dead while they are injured and unarmed. Colby and Dean could have, and should have, easily restrained him, and it wasn't as if Ross wasn't to go to jail for a very long time with two counts of murder, one count of injury, possibly two with the limo driver that McCarthy said was found in his house tied up, three counts of kidnapping and a bunch of other stuff. One thing I did notice was the contrast between now and last year, with Dean being the one to pressure Ash to hunt down and murder an innocent man and Colby trying to stop them, and now it's completely the other way now. Dean, while I am disappointed with him covering up for Colby, would still have to admire his loyalty even now. And the worst thing about this, is the way Colby was after with Chelsea, in his calm and cold matter, which was just disturbing as hell, and yet I get the feeling that he'll get away with it, and yet we're supposed to cheer for him, which is definitely what I'm not going to do. While I did enjoy the car chase, because I am an action lover, I can't find it in myself to support Colby and Dean. 

Still, I felt sorry for Dean with his scenes with Willow, and Chelsea and Bella did well to get her to safety while the boys were on a rampage, and at least him and Justin didn't butt heads/ I felt sorry for Justin too, because despite everything he cares very much for her. Mason did well as the supporting brother, but while his suggestion to get a few beers is better than Justin wanting to punch a wall, knowing Justin, that will also likely result in him punching a wall, only drunk. 

The only saving light was the Ben, Coco and Maggie scenes, which were sweet with Coco learning to drive, but I am a bit surprised and disappointed with Maggie's almost indifferent attitude to Coco's opportunity. 



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Being anti-feminist is going and then coming back because she needs a man. Alf's episode count this week:None. However, it's finale week so things go typically crazy: Jasmine was in every episode

Outer Maggie: This Kind of thing will not be tolerated! Inner Maggie: That's what you get, bitch! 🤣🤣🤣  

Mason to Robbo "He just wants this to be over".  A statement echoed by several thousand viewers...

Red - Bella has been with Ross on her own for six years since she was 10.

 Guess we were wrong in thinking Ross had only two bullets in his gun, it must have jammed which is why he took off. That car chase must have bought some tough memories  back for Colby & Dean, thank goodness Dean had better control of the car this time. The guy who's car Colby hijacked was very trusting he readily believed Colby was a cop,  I don't remember seeing a warrant card.  SG told Colby and Dean to go after Ross, btw Bella & SG are heroines! OK I can totally understand Colby's rage at what Ross had put him through, kidnapping his wife, sister, being asked to chose who got killed, his best friend getting shot, then fleeing the scene like the coward he really is. The calm, unhurried walk from Ross' car with the gun in his hand spoke volumes about the mood he was in.  Dean very, very nearly had him, he was speaking so much sense and Colby was just about to hand over/drop the gun when Ross had to open his big gob and sealed his own fate - did he have a death wish? On second thought yes he did, what better revenge could he get. No use Colby telling Dean he'd own what had happened, Dean being Dean wouldn't let that happen.  I initially thought they had burnt Ross in the boot of his own car,  but as we saw they put in the car they hijacked then buried it in a shallow grave, dumped a piece of corrugated iron on top weighed down with a tyre.  Now I'm no forensics expert but while Dean & Colby were careful to wipe their prints off anything they touched at the scene of the car fire they weren't so careful at the scene where they buried Ross, if or more likely when it is found there will be prints and DNA won't there? Small point but I'm guessing when Colby & Dean drove off with that guy's car his mobile was still in it, hence him still being there when the cops rolled up.   Was lucky, in true soap fashion, the road was completely empty except when another car was needed of course.

Bella is guilt ridden, she's going to be thinking if I'd spoken up when Ross first turned up maybe the cops could have laid a trap and he'd be in jail, we wouldn't have been kidnapped and Willow wouldn't have been shot. but he was still her dad so was torn which Ross was depending on. Dean is feeling very uncomfortable about the whole thing, he and Colby will need to get together to make sure their stories match. I agree Slade SG is suspicious of Colby's version of events.

Relief to know the original limo driver wasn't  badly hurt.

SG obviously finally got  a signal as Willow was rushed double quick into ND then off to be examined, did we briefly see Tori there? Dean for all intents and purposes is the nearest thing Willow has to family what with her dad being in the home and he has dementia so until, hopefully, there is better news, wouldn't be kind to upset him. Sad for Justin feeling left out because even if they have broken up he still cares for her.

To Brody what on earth was he thinking of snogging the face off of Simone in broad daylight where they could have been seen by anybody!:rolleyes:  He should have let her walk away with some dignity, now she's going to be his bit on the side until he decides to finish it with Ziggy or more likely they will be found out. The anniversary was the year since Ben gave them his blessing to be a couple.  She can be a pain but she doesn't deserve this.

I know Cairns is a long way from the bay but Maggie is acting so unreasonably by saying Coco can't go.

Finally Alf deciding to call Martha after what happened to Willow making him realise life is too short, he didn't expect her to turn up though when we saw him revert to type.

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16 hours ago, CaptainHulk said:

Let's see: Charlotte exacerbated her situation and Denny was innocent. Ross had it coming and would most likely have iced Colby and/or Dean ("It was either Him or Us") or it would have been a rehash of Phelan/Andy/Vinnie on Corrie.

Dean might have said "It was him or us" but it clearly wasn't, since they captured him alive and then killed him just for kicks.I'm sure Charlotte convinced herself it was a "her or us" situation and she and Hunter would have gone to jail if she hadn't covered things up.Not sure how it would have been a Phelan rehash: Do you think if Colby hadn't killed Ross then Colby would have killed Dean and given the gun to Ross to kill him with?

15 hours ago, D.B said:

Mason did well as the supporting brother, but while his suggestion to get a few beers is better than Justin wanting to punch a wall, knowing Justin, that will also likely result in him punching a wall, only drunk. 

Mason's had experience babysitting a drunk Justin.I'm sure he wouldn't let him punch any walls.

9 hours ago, H&Alover said:

Red - Bella has been with Ross on her own for six years since she was 10.

 Guess we were wrong in thinking Ross had only two bullets in his gun, it must have jammed which is why he took off.

No, she hasn't, and she's been living with Ross for sixteen years since she was born. Didn't Ross reload in the car?Oh, and I was a bit confused about Willow suddenly being in hospital too, and no we didn't see Tori, it was another doctor.(The little-seen Doctor Genner judging by the actress.)And I think heroes is gender neutral these days.


Well, Maggie was being selfish, although there probably was a good point buried in there about Coco needing a support system.Still, Coco does seem to flourish in this type of environment so it'll probably be good for her. It was good to see Raffy and Ryder putting their own feeling aside to help out, although their (mostly, I suspect, Ryder's) presentation wouldn't have worked if Ben hadn't already had a word with Maggie and put her in a more receptive mood.(In fact, I suspect she'd already decided and was just letting them have their fun.)I'll miss Coco if she does go but, even though there have been times when I really haven't liked her, I think on the whole she deserves to be happy.I guess Justin knows Raffy and Ryder are a couple, even if his only response was to cough at them.

I'm feeling a bit disappointed by Martha's return.Her initial stint was notably light on any sort of explanation as to how and why she's been pretending to be dead all these years, so it would have been nice to add some meat to the story, but instead the story still doesn't seem to have any more depth to it than "Alf's first wife is still alive, here she is", with everyone acting as if she simply walked out on him rather than faking her own death.Her attitude of "Haven't you got over that yet?" is a bit hard to take in the circumstances.Hopefully it'll get better.

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10 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Mason's had experience babysitting a drunk Justin.I'm sure he wouldn't let him punch any walls.

I don't doubt that, I just meant that if Justin was on his own being drunk, then that he would still punch a wall, only drunk. 

On 13/03/2019 at 20:12, Slade said:
And I think she will keep delaying telling Robbo about the pregnancy for as long as possible.  At least until she's past the point where she can't abort the baby.

I think that too, and yet at the end of it, we're probably suppose to forgive her for it even though she'll probably feel no remorse for it. 

On 14/03/2019 at 00:33, Red Ranger 1 said:

You know the worst thing? I'm not even shocked. The show's been promoting the idea of vigilante-style "executions" as okay for quite a while now: When Andy did it, that was a shocking line, and the way things ended for him gave me hope that the show had realised they'd gone too far.But given that we've now had Robbo killing Novak instead of handing him over to the police and it being whitewashed as "self-defence" with no consequences, I wouldn't be at all surprised if there's no fallout for Colby and Dean at all and we seem them both heading off into the sunset in three years' time.Remember when Charlotte King accidentally killed someone and buried them in a shallow grave and was treated like a monster? Now it's apparently okay if you're a main character and you haven't killed anyone that actually "matters".

Bella, as she goes from living with the man that murdered her mother to living with the man that murdered her father.


I agree with nearly everything you said here Red, you're right that it really does get annoying and disgusting that the show still promotes these criminals and yet still wants us to root for them, even now for Colby as a cold blooded killer, when he should be in prison. However, the thing is with Charlotte, is that it's not a simple as her killing Denny by accident, Charlotte was covering up a crime and most likely would have used force or threats against Denny. And she did turn into a cold-blooded killer herself with killing Trystan Powers and sending men to kill Kat. So while I get your frustration over how main characters do the same horrible things as secondary characters and yet they get glorified for it, Charlotte was just as bad as Colby is being right here. The other thing I will continue to disagree with you with (as being a fan) is the Robbo killing Novak situation. Yes, we had this conversation before last year, and you have your own opinions on it, and I respect that, but however, I will still believe after all this time that Robbo did act in self-defence, because I believe that Robbo was either a) trying to interrogate Novak on more information about Robbo's past (Which at this point I remind you he has no idea of) before planning to turn him over to the police (which would put Robbo in trouble for withholding information of the police and kidnapping but I digress), or b) was trying to intimidate Novak against going after Kat yet again, which after seeing Robbo taking him down, Robbo would be hoping that Novak would take him more serious. You see what I mean? With all that happened afterwards, we don't really know much of Robbo's intentions at that moment, so it could have been anything. But yeah, I'll continue to have Robbo's corner on this one. 

Also, in reference to you last comment on Bella, is Ross actually her father? I thought he was her step-dad, same with Colby. So does that mean Colby and Bella are half-siblings? 

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Also commenting on yesterday. While Maggie was being very annoyingly single-minded yesterday, at least she had an understandable reason for it. Do I get why she doesn't want Coco to go? Yes, it's the usual reaction of a parent, from what I've seen. Does it excuse the tracksuit she was wearing while she was running? Oh, no. 😄 The little side-show that the three set up was fun to see and thankfully Maggie changed her mind, this will be good for Coco. 

Ryder's awkwardness in front of Justin and Mason, while I get Mason wanting to ensure that Ryder treated Raffy right, I'd do the same if someone was dating my sister, he could have approached it differently without making it look like he'd murder Ryder. Don't get me wrong, I think Mason is a good guy now, but he kind of brought the wrong impression. 

The Martha story... on one hand, I'm glad that it isn't just being ignored and her scenes with Alf were nice to see, but on the other hand though, I would appreciate more information into her pretended death instead of just pretending that everything was as it was, so hopefully I look forward to see where this goes. 

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14 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:


No, she hasn't, and she's been living with Ross for sixteen years since she was born.

She may have been with Ross since she was born but when she was younger she had her mum and Colby to protect her from Ross, but since she was 11 it was just her and him for five years.  D.B. Ross is Bella's dad and Colby's step dad so yes Bella is Colby's half sister.

Dean was trying to stop Colby killing Ross, he said to Colby they should put 'the dog' in the back of the car and take him to the cops and Colby was ready to do that until Ross made that sneering remark to Colby  knowing it would press the right button. Dean whether he wanted to be is now an accessory after the fact. Charlotte was in a class of her own, Denny's death was an accident, but her cold blooded killing of Trystan wasn't, she was manipulative, had lied to Hunter for years, ready to blackmail anyone who stood in her way so a lot worse in that aspect than Colby.  Ditto with Robbo killing Novak, he had the chance to kill him earlier but didn't, if I remember Novak taunted him about not being able to shoot someone in cold blood, we didn't see the actual killing but we did see Novak and Robbo tussling with the gun, they went off screen and we heard it go off.

Naturally Maggie would be concerned about Coco's bulimia returning but then the real truth emerged about why Maggie didn't want Coco to go, it's because she'd miss her.  But Coco agreed that if she finds it too hard she'll get help and she can always come back.  Oh finally confirmation she is 17.  Lovely that after being sad that the gang of three will be split up they supported her and good idea by Raffy to do the film. It will, of course, make it easier for Ryder and Raffy as they won't feel the need to soft pedal their romance once Coco leaves as they won't feel they are rubbing her nose in it. 

Raffy proved there isn't that much wrong with her brain as she pretty quickly worked out Ryder was acting odd whenever Justin was in their vicinity. She is - as we saw - not happy with Mason for 'ordering' Ryder to keep his hands off Raffy. Thought he would have learnt from Brody's mistake when he interfered with Raffy's life.  We also saw Justin twig that Tori is pregnant and Jasmine is suspicious why Tori seems to be avoiding her and Robbo, and as a midwife she out of anyone will work it out sooner rather than later.

The Alf/Martha thing does seem out of place somehow, but Alf did reach out to her then backed off when she confronted him face to face, but after having a rethink was willing to talk and admitted he missed her, they do have a lot of unfinished business.


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