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Lynn Davenport - Helena Bozich

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On 02/02/2019 at 05:34, Nicholas said:

Hey everyone,

Now that we know what happened to Helena Bozich - https://ebb-flow-therapies.com.au/about-us/

Can someone tell me the source of this promo photo of Lynn from 1988? Is this from the fan card?



Cheers Nik

Thanks for posting, Helena/Lynn looks great!

Glad she is doing well



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Woah, so after all these years the mystery of Helena's whereabouts has finally been resolved? How did I not hear about this in any of the other threads in the forum? Perhaps I didn't look hard enough? But there didn't seem to be any mention of this revelation in any of the 'Where's Helena?' posts I have scrolled through, only that someone claimed she was now living in New Zealand.

And providing this is definitely her (it sure looks like her), how were TPTB unable to locate her for so long, especially since she has been practising for at least 18 years in the professions listed in her bio, presumably under the same name she was credited on H&A as? She even works in the Sydney CBD, so was hardly in witness protection or living overseas. I'm genuinely confused as to why the likes of Bevan Lee were unable to locate her.

Either way, she looks great and I'm so happy to hear she is doing great things for people these days.

I thought her character of Lynn was an important one, but sad to hear her tenure ended when it did. I'd love for her to return to the show more than anyone else, even just for a cameo, but we don't know the circumstances surrounding the situation and am content to know that she's happy and seems to be doing what she loves.



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