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New Start Date, New Time and Possible New Channel Move.


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I don't like this - I've always hated MKR, well all cooking shows, well reality shows in general but GRRRRR


A seemingly small programming change for Home and Away has resulted in full-blown doubt over the Australian soap’s future.

It all started with the decision to air My Kitchen Rules and Married at First Sight early.

MKR and MAFS kick off on January 28, meaning that your mates from Summer Bay are being pushed back until February 18.

Yep, another month.

But the change doesn’t stop there.

What should happen is that MKR sticks to 7pm time slot until the Big Bash cricket wraps up, then Home and Away should return to our screens at 7pm as per usual.


Rumours are swirling that if this suck-and-see experiment with programming is successful, MKR could remain at 7pm… meaning that by the time Home and Away returns, it may not return to it's normal 7pm spot. 

Best case scenario is that it airs 30 minutes earlier.

But here's why this seemingly innocuous programming change is actually pretty significant.  

This time slot shuffling could really be a low-key litmus test for the beachside soap. 

Despite it being hugely profitable internationally and having consistently strong ratings for three decades, ratings declined significantly last year. New characters and storylines have reportedly been blamed.

Seven has options, though.

The idea of a later time slot for Home and Away has been thrown around, like 8.30pm, as well as moving it entirely to 7Two.

We’ll soon see how this one plays out.



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I really hope they don't put it on at 8:30, as that may mean they have plans for ramped up drama, with villains and all being a constant part of the show, plus, 8:30 isn't as family friendly. This would not be acceptable whatsoever. A timeslot change to 6:30 would fail, simply because many of us watch both Neighbours and Home and Away. I'm not completely opposed to changing it to being on 7TWO, but tend to not agree, as ratings will likely fall. They should just have it return at 7PM. I just hope this isn't going to happen every year.

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What would that mean for 2019 episodes? Would we have a shorter season or would 7 have to squeeze an extra 4 weeks or so of episodes into the remainder of the year? 

I could see it moving to 7Two - I feel like, in many ways, H&A has become an inconvenience to Channel 7 in the schedules. I know they need it to meet their local content quota, but it's been removed completely from Friday nights and there are inconsistently double and triple episodes each week. Moving it 7Two would probably mean they'd go back to five single episodes per week. 

Channel 7 could take a gamble at pit it against Neighbours at 6:30pm (it rates higher than Neighbours in Australia and seems to have more support from TV Week and the like to "win"), but that would also mean either cutting the News Bulliten to 30 minutes or moving/axing Today Tonight, depending on which state you are in. 

Moving it to a later timeslot would be the beginning of the end - 7:30pm-9:30pm is when the "premium programming" airs, so it would be airing post 9:30pm at least if they did. It would also mean the adult content would be ramped up, and I could see a few actors, particularly the long-termers, becoming disenchanted with the show heading in that direction. 

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Not surprised at all. The only surprise is it's taken Channel 7 this long to admit it's over Home & Away on the main Channel. For some reason Channel execs seem embarrassed to still have a soap airing in prime time on their main channel like it's some sort of embarrassment because it doesn't fit the image of what they imagine channel 7 to be (which is modern, edgy and appealing). It was telling that 7 didn't hype of the 30th anniversary or include big anniversary plots. I guess despite 7 & Addario significantly altering Home & Away's core to be more romance, violence, action and extreme melodrama that the decision has ultimately been a failure in their eyes.


To be honest this is Seven's way of slowly killing Home & Away because for whatever reason they've had enough of making the show. No doubt it's primarily about cost though. It's no secret that whenever Channel 7 overpays for sporting rights and looses big money, Australian drama is the first to die because of the cost involved ( Blue Heelers). It's also not a coincidence that new cast members only last around three years. Contract extensions/renewals usually mean more money for actors. I guess the budgeting has finally reached a point where 7 no longer deems the show a worthy money maker (despite significant overseas sales) and feels they can invest in cheaper programming for the same results (expect a ton more of reality tv).


Sadly this is short term thinking. Reality tv is certainly the flavour at the moment but things change and audiences are fickle. MKR is aging and 7 hasn't really had any breakout hits lately. Not to mention with the reality strip format if a show tanks then it can torpedo the network for months if a suitable replacement is not ready. Though I suspect initially 7 will just air more news if Home & Away were to leave the main channel. It still achieves viewers and is dirt cheap to make. Though Home & Away is still a recogniseable brand and it has been invaluable for Seven for decades in creating a solid and reliable component for its prime time schedule.


Also in an age of streaming and online content Seven would be really stupid to either axe or tamper with Home & Away. With nearly every western channel moving into online streaming you need original content. Home & Away is perfect for that goal. Online streaming is the future for the most part and if a channel doesn't have a solid footing in the streaming sector I doubt they can be financially viable for the future with continually lower rated programmes and shrinking advertising revenues. Both Ten with CBS and Nine with Stan are already above Seven is this regard so for Seven to lag behind and miss opportunities wouldn't be wise.

If Seven does move it to a digital channel it could go one of two ways. It could tank and lose a ton of viewers which would be the incentive for Seven to axe Home and Away or it would allow the show more creative freedom and craft stories and characters that can win viewers back and have less pressure for Home and Away to perform to a main channels ratings standard and ultimately less network interference. Though I can't see the latter happening.


As has been proven many times before, If a network wants to get rid of a show the best way to achieve that is moving it around the schedules and timeslots or dumping it on a lower rated channel to justify its axing and minimise the fuss made by viewers.

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I don't think H&A is at risk of being axed, as it's needed to make up Seven's drama quota and is popular overseas.

Moving it to a late night timeslot or onto 7Two are more likely in the long term, which might ultimately mean the show can change direction as it won't have to "conform" to be a ratings winner.


Neighbours is still plodding along after 8 years on 11/Peach, so I can't see its future in jeopardy, even if does move over to 7Two.

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