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Fisher's brother?


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In a very early episode, Fisher mentions having a brother who employed Lance and Martin. 

Did we ever see him or did Fisher ever mention him again? I'm guessing when he was first mentioned in that episode, Fisher wasn't intended to be a major character, but still... it would have given Fisher some more family and maybe fleshed him out a bit. 

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I think Donald's brother was mentioned a few times in early episodes (it was later mentioned that he'd fired Lance and Martin and they blame Donald for it), but he never actually turned up and wasn't mentioned after the first few months or so.

11 minutes ago, Luigi Severus Fletcher said:

Didn't Donald have a niece?

The one who was a regular on the show for a year or so? Yes.

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Like Debra Stewart 😉

I'm still half expecting her to be brought up again at some point - since it's essentially a blank canvas for Stewart relatives. 

For that reason, I'm surprised Fisher's brother was never mentioned again, but I think it was more Clive was "invented" when Fisher was only ever intended to be a guest. 

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