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Moving On


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Story Title: *Moving on
Type of story:  Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Roman, Martha, Nicole, Hugo, Xavier, Alf, Tony
BTTB rating: PG
Genre:  General.
Does story include spoilers:  No, 
Any warnings: No
Summary: 6 Weeks after Jack death Martha is starting to move on with the help from Roman. Hugo is very jealous of Roman and Martha friendship as he thinks it should be Jack Family supporting her. Will something happen between Martha and Roman? Will Martha find out Hugo jealous of Roman and if she does what will she do about it?

6 weeks after Jack Death

[Martha walks out to the kitchen in a red lace dress and Hugo and Xavier are out there]

Hugo: Wow Martha you look amazing

Martha: Thanks

Hugo: I cooked us all dinner

Xavier: Hugo, Martha is clearly going out

Martha: Yes, Xavier I am

Hugo: I cooked us all dinner we haven’t had a housemate night in ages and I haven’t really had a chance to get to know you

Martha: Well I’m sorry but I promised someone I would have dinner with then

Hugo: So cancel

Martha: No

Xavier: Bro what have gotten in to you Martha allowed to hang out with her friends

Hugo: Is it Roman

Martha: Excuse me why ask that and you know what even if it is, we are just friends hanging out

Hugo: He is here like every second day

Martha: Yeah supporting me and helping me like he been doing every day since Jack died

Hugo: Look Martha it clear he loves you

[Xavier and Martha look at each other and smiles]

Martha: Yeah as friends I love him as a friend to

Hugo: You guys gave each other a look

Xavier: You don’t know all the facts bro

Martha: Look as much as I would love to stay here and chat, I have to go

[Hugo is annoyed as Martha walks out and Xavier smiles at her]


[Martha arrives at Roman house and knocks at the door. Roman answers it in a suit minus the jacket]

Roman: Martha you look beautiful

Martha: Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself

Roman: Thanks, I was starting to think you weren’t going to show up

Martha: As if I could bail on you after what you done for me since Jack died.

Roman: Martha I care about you of course I going to be there for you when you need me

Martha: That goes both ways

[Roman hugs Martha as Nicole walks down the stairs in tears and Martha spots her]

Martha: Nicole are you ok

Nicole: Don’t worry about me I will be fine once I had a tub of ice-cream

[Roman pulls away from Martha]

Roman: Nic what is it

Nicole: Honestly go I will be fine

Roman: Only if you’re sure

Nicole: I am

Martha: Call us if you need anything

[Nicole smiles as Martha walks out followed by Roman]


[Roman and Martha are walking along the beach]

Roman: So what fancy place do you want to go to for dinner

Martha: Honestly, I just feel like having Fish and Chips and sitting on the pier and hanging out with you

Roman: Well let’s do that. Martha are you alright?

Martha: Yeah, I’m ok just thinking

Roman: About Jack

Martha: No that the last thing on my mind right now

Roman: Want to talk about it

Martha: Not overly but after dinner is it ok if I come to yours and crush on the couch

Roman: Of course, you can you don’t even have to ask

[Roman puts his arm around Martha]

Martha: Thanks

Roman: You don’t need to thank me

Martha: But I do Roman you have been my rock the last six weeks and I don’t think I would have got through then without you

[Roman and Martha hug and they are both smiling]


[Roman walks in the diner and sees Leah]

Leah: What would you like?

Roman: A large fish and chips to go and a tub of Salt and Pepper Squid please

Leah: Sure, you and Nicole must be have quite the feast

Roman: No Martha and I are hanging out. She is waiting for me at the pier

Leah: Right well I get your order made for you and I will bring it out

Roman: Thanks Leah

Leah: No problem

[Roman walks out]


[Roman walks on to the pier and Martha is sitting there waiting]

Roman: Leah going to bring our food out]

Martha: Awesome. So was Nicole ok before tonight.

Roman: Yeah, she was.

[Leah walks out with their food]

Leah: Here you go. It is on the house

Martha: Thanks Leah

[Leah walks away as Roman opens up the paper the fish and chips are in and Martha and him start eating]

Martha: You know you can tell me if it getting to much

Roman: Martha supporting you and hanging out with you could never be too much

Martha: You sure

Roman: Yeah, I am

[Martha and Roman finish eating]


[Martha and Roman arrive back at his they walk in the door and Martha lays on the couch]

Roman: I will get you a blanket

[Roman walks to the cupboard and grabs a blanket and puts it around Martha]

Martha: Thanks for letting me stay

Roman: That ok. Now I am going to head to bed come up if you need anything

Martha: Will do. Goodnight Roman

Roman: Goodnight Martha

[Roman walks up the stairs]

[Martha is laying on the couch when Nicole walks down and past Martha]

Martha: Nicole

Nicole: Martha hi. I didn’t realize you would be here

Martha: Just stealing your couch for the night. What are you doing up?

Nicole: Couldn’t sleep. I could use some advice

Martha: Come sit

[Martha sits up and fixes up the blanket]

Nicole: Trey Palmer keeps asking me to date him and I always say no

Martha: But

Nicole: He keeps hassling me about it

Martha: That harassment   you need to tell your dad or a teacher

Nicole: That won’t stop him

Martha: Then do something that will

Nicole: Like what

Martha: Something that will make him hate you

Nicole: So, what going on with you why aren’t you at home

Martha: Hugo doing my head in.

Nicole: Why

Martha: He annoyed that your dad been supporting me since Jack died and that he doesn’t get to hang out with me cause I always with Roman

Nicole: Well for a start it isn’t Hugo business who supports you or hangs out with you

Martha: I know but he is doing my head in

Nicole: So, kick him out

Martha: You know what I might do that tomorrow

Nicole: I’m going to bed.

Martha: Night

Nicole: Night

[Nicole goes upstairs and Martha lays down and goes to sleep]


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Thanks for starting this.  I like all the characters so far.  I didn't see much of Martha and Hugo but I preferred Martha and Roman to Martha and Hugo.  I hope Hugo and Martha can talk things through.

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10 hours ago, chair said:

Thanks for starting this.  I like all the characters so far.  I didn't see much of Martha and Hugo but I preferred Martha and Roman to Martha and Hugo.  I hope Hugo and Martha can talk things through.

Thanks and neither did I with Martha and Hugo only saw up until Roman left and I know he was very jealous of Roman. I preferred Roman and Martha as well. I loved Martha with Roman over her with Jack or Hugo

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