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Ages of the teenagers


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I don't know about anyone else but I am getting really confused by how old they are meant to be!


- I thought Ryder was 16 but he just had his 18th birthday so why is he taking the same classes and exams as Coco and Raffy?  


Ty had turned 16 when he left and was also in the same year at school.


If anyone can help me out and explain that would be great - thanks!



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Ryder was 17 when he came in, so 18 now.Roo mentioned when she arranged for him to go back to school that he'd been in Year 11 already but would have to repeat (presumably because he'd missed too much).Ty would presumably have been one of the younger Year 11s who turn 16 during the year, Coco should be 17 although it's never been confirmed, Raffy's 15 and was put up a year last year.

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