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Chelsea Campbell - Ashleigh Brewer


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What everyone think of her? I just can't get into the character but Kate Ramsay from Neighbours drove me crazy so might of gone into it pre-hating her because of that.  Also far as I know she's only a guest star so hard to care about her relationship with Colby when I know she won't be here 6 months from now and feels so fast and forced. I know they have history from before the show but we never saw it and I'm not buying their history .

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I quite fancy Ashleigh Brewer ? But she's playing a cop and cops on this show drive me bonkers but at the moment of what I have watched Chelsea seems ok I just don't care about Colby that much and I'm guessing that Chelsea is the start of things to come leading up to the finale I don't know if I can say without spoiling it so I will speak in code

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She kinda gets on my nerves. Her constant changing of her mind, going round in circles whenever something from Colby's past pops up is getting to a point in which she needs to accept Colby's past completely and accept it's complicated, or let go of him. Because at this point she's getting whiny. She wants him to tell the truth, and then she has a problem with that. Then when he doesn't tell her things, she has a problem with that too.

If he was doing the wrong thing now, then I get why she might not be happy, but what happened with Dean etc. was a long time ago. She's just a bit too black and white for me, and that's not what life is.  Wonder what she will be like when Bella shows up. She appears to eventually get over these things, but then the next time something pops up, she gets in one of those moods again until she gets over it. 

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Now, Chelsea's not a favourite of mine, she appears too black and white, but between her and Colby, I honestly feel more sympathy for Chelsea than Colby, mainly because Colby has put her career at risk multiple times, she's tried to be supportive, but he still refuses to be completely honest with her. I can't blame her for feeling fed up sometimes. 

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I found it quite difficult to buy their relationship with the constant arguing over whats right and wrong, and them breaking things off then being back on again. I'm not surprised she left. I didn't dislike her though.

I wonder if they're going to make reference to her at all in the future? I know they have a bit but I mean if she'll send a letter or voicemail or something, as I can't see them bringing her back.

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