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Ghost Sight (by TelephotoMarigold) - comments


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GREAT START!!!!!!!!!! :) I was thinking that the Ghost was Alexi but I'm pretty sure after reading that,that I'm wrong. I have another guess but I will keep that to myself for now in case of spoiling it for anyone else.

From just this very first part, it seems that Roman is on his way to losing his mind I want to know what triggered this off now when things were going so well for him and Ella.

You have created a very eerie mysterious spooky story which I'm liking alot.

Look forward to more.

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Oh Tele, I couldn't wait for a follow up from Postcards but i so don't like the beginning of this, Poor Roman and Poor Ella, they were so happy and I am trying to figure out who the ghost is, Once again while i don't like seeing Roman and Ella not happy together, I just know that I am going to love this story, more again soon Please, don't know where you get your inspiration from but we love it. xxxxxxx

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Yay my Rola is back :wub: but I don't like Roman's attitude at all. Poor Ella.. I do hope she has some way of making Roman see that they are meant to be together because they really are. Giving Ella the ring back is such a douchebag moment. I hope he feels guilty and wants to sort it out. Whilst I don't like Roman at the moment, thank you for a new Rola story, I know I will love reading it even if I end up wanting to hit you or cry or smile insanely :lol:

Looking forward to more..

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I don't know exactly why it is Roman is acting like this at the moment. Other than it has something to do with the vision of the ghost that he saw. And for some reason he feels like he should be protecting Ella and the kids from it. Roman must feel like its some sort of danger to them, By leaving them Roman must feel like the ghost has a less chance of harming them.

Can't wait to read more

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Roman! I do not like the personality change at all. I am glad Ella knows something is up and is making Miles be there for him, not that IMO Roman deserves it after being a douche..

I hope Roman does talk to someone and sorts himself out soon..

Looking forward to reading more soon :)

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