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The Bay of the Doctor


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Story Title: The Bay of the Doctor
Type of story: Medium/Long Fic, with a twist.
Main Characters: Alf Stewart, Leah-whatever-her-last-name-is-now, Irene Roberts, Olivia, Hunter, Justin somebody, Roo? Is she still in it? Maybe her.  The chick with the guitar. Phoebe, is that the one?. Yeah, we’ll stick her in somewhere. Some cybermen, probably. That chick named after the breakfast cereal. The Sonic screwdriver. Weeping Willow. A few random background actors who sit in the diner and drink coffee.  The face of Bo.
BTTB rating: A
Genre: Comedy, Sci Fi, Drama, Cross-over, and Romance.
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Warnings will be provided if necessary.
Summary: The glowing blue light heralds the arrival of a certain doctor who is in need of a holiday and chooses to land his Tardis in Summer Bay. It isn’t long before chaos and mayhem spread through the residents causing a long standing feud between Alf Stewart and the Doctor to escalate.  Is this something that can be fixed or will the fabric of the universe be torn apart by a decades old vendetta?



Alf Stewart, stalwart of Summer Bay was standing at the edge of the pier, his favourite fishing rod in his hands and a bucket next to him.   He’d lived in the Bay all his life and in that time he’d seen just about everything.  People rocked up, stayed a while and then shipped off for newer places.  It was the tide of life, everything happened for a reason.  Meanwhile, he, Alf Stewart, would rock up on the end of this pier and do his fishing. 

Those faraway places that people went too sometimes called to him.  He’d been a frequent visitor to America when Roo and Duncan had been living there and now and again he visited little Sally in Thailand but other than that he stayed behind in Summer Bay. 

There was a reason for that, one he never let on to anyone else.  Once upon a time he’d been a traveller, a companion of sorts if you will someone who went on interesting adventures and had seen more than the average bloke, than the average human even.  Alf Stewart had tales to tell that could rival any visitor to the Bay, stories of orange skies and three moons. Tales of Venusian Snake people whose reptilian hands could pick your pocket quicker than you could say flamin’ Gallah.   Yarns about antique looking space trains that could dart from one planet to another, steered by tin men and with a train conductor whose heart was made of a pocket watch and was forever warning passengers they would be late.

When they had landed on a planet that had the most beautiful turquoise skies and a fierce glowing purple sun he’d been forever haunted on hearing the names of the glorious dead whistling on a furious wind. Once in a decade the people that lived there had to stop and listen to a very long list.  And be thankful that their names weren’t amongst them.  Listening to unfamiliar sounding names had felt like eavesdropping on something personal but more than that, something familiar. 

Then just a little while ago he’d been looking at a memorial for those that had lost their lives in Vietnam and his hand had shook as he reached out to it.  All those names on thousands of worlds, dying in needless petty wars, for such stupid stupid reasons. 

Alf Stewart came down to the pier every day and just spent time looking at the water and watching the waves. Some days it managed to stop him thinking of the waste of lives.

Just as his thoughts turned completely maudlin he heard a faint sound, a humming and then, the wheezing groaning noise that was so familiar to him.  Some who heard it described it as a Vworrrp Vworrrrp sound whilst others put it as more woooooshooopwoooooshooooopwoooooshooooo. Either way it spelt trouble.

Turning his head he caught sight of the mysterious blue box materialising next to his bait shop.  Blinking a few times didn’t clear it from his vision and before he could exclaim one of his favourite sayings the door opened and a man in a brown pin stripe suit, long coat, and tennis shoes got out and began walking towards him.  His hair seemed to be sticking up in places and he had a goofy looking smile on his face.

“Alf, Alf Stewart, gosh you got old, is this Summer Bay then?”

“If it’s daleks you can get back into that thing and go back where you came from,” Alf glared at him, the scowl on his face reaching epic proportions.

“And still as friendly I see,” the Doctor murmured slowly as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his sonic screwdriver, a different one compared to the last time Alf Stewart had seen it, but then so was the Doctor. At least this one didn’t have a bit of celery stuck to his jacket.

“What do you want?”

“I had some time on my hands and thought I could do with a holiday.  Where better to visit than here?”

Alf knew the question was rhetoric but automatically his head thought of a few places that would be a better option. There were any number of people he’d rather see right now, even a flamin’ Braxton would be better than this gallah.

“What do you think you are doing with that thing right in front of me bait shop? How are my customers supposed to get in or out …” Alf gestured to the TARDIS with his fishing pole. 

The blue light stuck on top of the TARDIS seemed to glare at him for a nano-second in response before a sibilant hiss sound came from somewhere deep inside the blue box.

“I thought after all this time you’d be happier to see me,” the Doctor began.

“I’d be happier to see the back of you, why don’t you get back into that thing and take off!”

“Ah, Alf, don’t be like that.  We had fun didn’t we? Remember the time we …”

“Nope, just flaming nope…..”




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Chapter One


Leah Whatever-her-last-name-is-now was standing near one of her outside tables with a cloth in one hand and an ordering book in the other.  As part owner of the diner she didn’t normally take orders or clean tables she was more of look busy in the kitchen type of worker and left this kind of work to the extra who didn’t have a line or the teenage character who suddenly needed a job but had no formal waitressing experience.  Today, however, she wanted to check out the blue box that had suddenly appeared near Alf’s bait shop and took a leaf out of Colleen’s book by deciding to come and look like she was busy out here.

She kept sneaking covert glances at the blue box and could have sworn that the blue light on top winked at her.   Just where had it come from she wondered and how was Alf going to react at seeing it just meters away from his bait shop.  Surely there needed to be some sort of planning permission for it especially this close to other premises.

“Admiring the box?”

“I’m sorry?” Leah turned in puzzlement at the voice behind her.  The owner of the voice was wearing a brown pinstriped suit and had spiked up hair.

“It’s been around a bit but still, well, when I say it, I really mean she,” he paused and gave her a grin. “She really doesn’t like being referred to as it,” he continues.


“You were looking at my TARDIS,” he murmured.

“The box?”

Leah could feel a headache coming on from the strange conversation she was having. The box was a ‘she’ and called Tardis?

“And you are called?” He continued as though she hadn’t spoken.

“I’m Leah…” she stopped talking because she couldn’t remember what her last name was anymore.  Maybe she should have kept her maiden name to make things easier.

“I’m the Doctor, people call me Doctor and I’d love a cup of tea,” he murmured.

“You work at the hospital? With Tori?”

He gave her this adorable puzzled look, “Who’s Tori and can I get that tea?”

“Right, tea, yeah, I’ll just get that for you,” she muttered quickly.

Leah felt a strange flutter inside as this newcomer gave her an adorable rakish grin and his velvet brown eyes gleamed. She took in every detail of his appearance, although he was a nice suit he’d teamed it with plimsols and that reminded her a little of Miles,  the hair was like Vinnie’s and his smile reminded her of Dan.  She hadn’t felt like this in a long time and in a flash she started mentally designing her wedding dress even as she moved into the diner to prepare his order.




The Doctor took a seat facing the end of the pier, crossing one leg over the other, his foot starting to tap as he focused on the scene in the distance.  After their little chat earlier Alf had returned to the end of the pier and resumed his fishing.  He’d really thought the other man would have been more pleased to see him but the Alf he remembered hadn’t been as grumpy. Or old. Or old and grumpy. And he was definitely grumpy.  

Three cups of tea later and there was no sign that Alf was going to come to him so he stood slowly and made his way over to his old companion.

“Look…” he began.

“Ya probably want to stay away from that Leah,” Alf called out without looking at him.

For once the Doctor was puzzled at the change of topic, “Leah why? And…”

“She’s on the lookout for a new husband,” Alf continued as though he hadn’t spoken, “And I don’t know how many regenerations you have left but she’d probably be the reason you use them all.”

“Oh come on Alf, you know me…”

“I do, and that is why I’m not flamin’ setting foot in that box of yours,” Alf grumbled.

Although there wasn’t a mirror in front of him the Doctor knew he had a hurt look on his face, still he wasn’t one to give up easily, “Alf Stewart…” he began only to be interrupted.

“Don’t even start with the ‘Allons-y’ nonsense. I’ve already told you I’m not interested so what are you waiting around here for?”

“It’s a nice place and I think I could do with a little holiday.”

“Supposing I believe you, follow me and I’ll get you booked into the caravan park. Can’t have you  messing about in that box of yours…”

Alf grabbed his bucket and fishing rod and began walking up the pier. He deposited his fishing gear in the bait shop before he climbed in his ute and set off.

“I’m walking then?” The Doctor muttered.  

Reaching into his jacket pocket he pulled out a pair of sunglasses and put them on before heading the way that Alf had gone.  He still knew the way to the caravan park despite it being some years since he was here last.  In fact, despite it being some regenerations since he was here last.

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Putting Leah aside and talking more Doctor Who here I have always thought it quite odd the way the doctor's assistants always become slightly obessed about him It always feels like he kidnaps them really haha and then they always meet a sticky end Good to see Alf can tell the doctor is just one great galah

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