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All of Me

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Story Title:  All of Me
Type of story:  Short/Medium Fic .
Main Characters: Martha/Roman Jack, Alf, Tony, Nicole, Morag
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers:  No                                                                                                                                                                                                    Any warnings: Sexual content, violence

Summary: Martha is back with Jack but something doesn't feel right something changed between then. when she confides in Roman she reliazes that she still loves him but wont act on it. Will Roman and Martha get together and keep it a secret? How will Jack react? Will Martha be honest with Jack and herself? Will Roman and Martha end up back together? What will happen along the way?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Chapter 1

[Jack and Martha in the living room]

Jack: I love you, you know that right

Martha: Yeah I do

Jack: I got to go to work but I will be back in a few hours

Martha: Alright I see you when you later

[Jack kisses Martha]

Jack: Love you

[Martha smiles as Jack walks out the door]


[when she knows Jack gone she gets her phone out and dials Roman number it rings and it soon answers]

Roman: Hey Martha

Martha: Hey look I know I shouldn't ask you this but can we meet up somewhere

Roman: Of course well no one is home so how about you come to mine

Martha: Sounds good

Roman: How soon can you get here

Martha: I will grab my keys and be here in half a hour

Roman: Ok see you then


[Martha knocks on Roman door and he jumps up and lets her in and they sit even end of the couch]

Roman: Are you ok?
Martha: Believe me you don't wanna know

Roman: Im Guessing it about Jack

Martha: Yep

Roman: Then talk to me tell him what going on

Martha: Ok you asked for it. I cant help it Jack and I been back together it doesn't feel right to me

Roman: Your feeling have changed for him

Martha: Yes they have and I don't know why and I don't want to hurt anyone but

Roman: You cant help how you feel

Martha: No I cant

[Martha smiles at Roman and he smiles back]

Roman: You need to do what best for you

Martha: Yeah I do. sorry this must be weird for you

Roman: It fine anything to help you

Martha: Thanks Roman this have really helped

[Roman hugs Martha and she hugs him back]

Roman: Anytime


[Jack arrives home]

Jack: Martha are you here

[no response]

Jack: Martha

[Tony walks in]

Jack: Have you seem Martha

Tony: No not since a few hours ago. Why isn't she here?
Jack: No she isn't 

Tony: Well I'm sure she be back soon

Jack: I hope so

Tony: She will be


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Chapter 2

[Martha arrives home and Jack sits on the couch waiting for her]

Jack: Hey

Martha: Hey when did you get home?
Jack: About a hour ago. Where have you been?
Martha: I went for a run

Jack: Well I was worried about you

Martha: I can take care of myself

Jack: Well I can take care of you to

[Martha fakes a smile]

Martha: I cook some dinner

Jack: No need I already have

[Jack brings there dinner over]

Martha: This looks amazing Thanks

Jack: Anytime 

[Jack kisses Martha]



Martha: I will be back i'm just going for a walk I need to clear my head

Jack: Ok I will have breakfast on the table when you get back

Martha: Awesome

[Martha walks out the door]


[Martha walks in the empty diner and Roman walks out of the kitchen]

Roman: Hey 

Martha: Can we talk?

Roman: Yeah would you like anything to drink

Martha: A coffee would be nice

Roman: Sure

[Roman makes the coffee as Martha sits down at the table before Roman walks over with the coffee]

Martha: Thanks Roman

Roman: It fine what did you want to talk about

Martha: I did a lot of thinking last night in bed and I think I made a huge mistake

Roman: How huge

Martha: I think I made a mistake choosing Jack over you

[Roman looks shocked but also happy]

Martha: I know I shouldn't be telling you this when i'm with Jack

Roman: But

Martha: I think I made a mistake in choosing him as I'm still in love with you

[Roman cant help but smile and Martha smiles back]

Roman: Well I still love you too nothing will ever change that

Martha: I think we should be a couple

Roman: Me too but perhaps lets keep it between us

Martha: Good Idea I don't want people getting hurt

Roman: Neither do i

[Martha moves closer to Roman and kisses him]

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Chapter 3

[Roman and Martha are in diner kissing when Martha pulls away]

Martha: Thanks

Roman: No thank you. You made me so happy

Martha: And you make happy

Roman: I love you

Martha: I love you too

Roman: This you and me is all I want

Martha: Same

[Martha and Roman kiss again]

Martha: I better go but I will text you later

Roman: Yep

[Roman smiles at Martha as she walks out]


[Tony and Jack are in the kitchen when Martha comes]

Jack: You took a while

Martha: I needed to clear my head I told you that

Tony: Is everything ok

Martha: Yeah I just went for a walk

Jack: Here your breakfast and I would love to stay and chat but I have to go to work

Martha: That fine

[Jack kisses Martha]

Jack: Dinner tonight 

Martha: Sounds good

Tony: I better go as well

[Jack and Tony walks out Martha eats her breakfast]


[Roman at home alone he texts Martha and then the next minute his phone rings]

Martha: I got your message

Roman: I'm glad

Martha: I'm on my way I will be there in ten

Roman: I cant wait to see you

Martha: I cant wait to see you too

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Chapter 4

[Martha arrives at Romans and she goes straight in]

Martha: Hey Babe

Roman: How do you feel about getting out of the bay for a few hours and acting like a couple

Martha: That would be amazing but where would we go

Roman: I know the perfect place lets go

Martha: Yep

[Martha kisses Roman then they go and get in the car and drives away]


[Martha and Roman arrive down the coast they get out of the car]

Martha: This place is amazing

Roman: Yes it is

[Martha walks closer to Roman and kisses him]

Martha: I love you don't you ever forget that

Roman: I love you too

[They hold hands and walk along the beach]

Roman: Been with you makes me so happy

Martha: Same here and I am so sorry for hurting you I made a huge mistakes

Roman: We both did I should never have let you go back to him

Martha: No you shouldn't of but we together now and that all what matters

Roman: Yeah it is

[Martha kisses Roman]



[Jack walks in the diner and sees Alf and Tony]

Jack: Have you seem Martha

Alf: She texted me before she was going down the coast for a few hours to clear her head

Jack: Why didn't she tell me that

Tony: She could of forgotten

Jack: Yeah I am going to call her

Tony: Good idea


[Roman and Martha are driving back to the bay when her phones rings]

Roman: Who is it

Martha: Jack

Roman: I will be quiet just answer him

[Martha answers the phone]

Martha: Hey babe

Jack: Hey how the coast

Martha: It good I heading back now im sorry I didn't text you

Jack: It fine remember that I love you

Martha: Love you too

Jack: I have dinner ready when you get back see you soon

Martha: Bye 

Jack: Bye

[Martha hangs out]

Roman: Hearing you say I love you to him hurt

Martha: I hate saying that I love him as I only have eyes for you

Roman: Same

Martha: I promise I never going to leave you again

Roman: I wont ever leave you again either

Martha: I love you

Roman: I love you too

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chapter 5

[Martha walks in the house smiling and happy she sees Jack and Alf]

Alf: Can I have a word with Martha alone

Jack: yeah I be next door

[Jack kisses Martha and walks out]

Martha: You ok

Alf: Look there something you need to know it Jonah he been released from jail

Martha: What

Alf: I so sorry

Martha: Have Tash and Robbie been called

Alf: Yeah they have

Martha: Can you told Jack I gone for a walk

Alf: Of course

[Martha leaves the house]


[Roman is home alone when there a knock on  the door and he opens it to see Martha crying he runs over and holds her]

Roman: Hey what wrong

Martha: It Jonah he been released

Roman: So how do you feel

[Martha and Roman sit on the couch]

Martha: Im scared Roman what if he comes and hurts me

Roman: Im not going to let anyone hurt you I promise

[Unaware to Roman and Martha Nicole walked in]

Martha: I love you so much thanks for letting me be open around you

Roman: I love you too

[Martha and Roman kiss, Nicole coughs and they pull away from each other]

Roman: Close the door

[Nicole closes it]

Nicole: I had no idea you were back together

Roman: That because Martha and I are keeping it to ourselves

Martha: I love Roman and I haven't told Jack I with Roman

Nicole: Right

Roman: Will you please keep this to yourself Nicole

[Martha and Roman look at her]

Nicole: Of course I will im glad your happy dad

Roman: Yeah I am really happy

Nicole: Thanks for making him happy Martha

Martha: Anytime and thanks for keeping this to yourself

Nicole: My pleasure, im so happy for you both

[Roman, Martha and Nicole smile at each other]

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Chapter 6

[Martha walks in home and sees Jack and Alf]

Jack: So how are about you know

Martha: Does Rob and Tash know

[Jack nods]

Jack: Martha you can talk to us

Alf: Jack right you know

Martha: I Know ok and Im fine

Alf: You sure

Martha: Yeah I going to the bed

Alf: Night 

Martha: Night grandad 

[Martha goes to bed]


[Roman and Nicole are in the lounge room]

Roman: Thanks again for keeping this to yourself

Nicole: Im glad to see you happy

Roman: I the happiest I been in a long time

Nicole: Do you think she the one

Roman: Yes I do I cant imagine my life without her

Nicole: You too make a great couple even if no one knows yet

[Roman smiles at Nicole]



[Martha wakes up and gets out of bed quietly she walks to Roman's house and knocks at the door and Nicole answers]

Nicole: Are you alright

Martha: I just cant be at home right now

Nicole: Understandable

Martha: You know about Jonah

Nicole: Dad filled me in

[Martha smiles]

Nicole: You make my dad so happy Martha. I hope you know how much he loves you

Martha: Yeah I do I love him too always will

[Nicole and Martha smiles at each other]

Nicole: Wanna watch a movie?

Martha: Sure but you don't have to stay up with me

Nicole: I cant sleep anyway I have lots of drama to deal with

Martha: Wanna talk about it over ice-cream 

Nicole: Sure I will go and get it

[Nicole goes and gets the icecream and walks back in and hands Martha and spoon and they eat it]

Martha: So what going on with you

Nicole: Both Geoff and Aden like me and I cant decide who to choose

Martha: That a hard choice I mean they are both hot

Nicole: Very True

[Martha and Nicole laugh as Roman walks down the stairs]

Roman: Hey sweetheart. No wonder I could hear voices what going on

Nicole: A Girlfriend and daughter bonding session

Martha: I didn't want to wake you and Nicole was up

Roman: Nicole can you give us a minute

Nicole: Yep


[Martha and Roman walk in the kitchen]

Martha: Im scared I cant even be at home right now im that scared

Roman: I will protect you from him. I will do whatever it takes I promise

Martha: I still cant help feeling scared that he going hurt me or kidnap me

Roman: Understandable. Look your safe with me

[Roman hugs Martha]

Martha: Can I stay here tonight

Roman: Of course.

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Chapter 7

[Jack wakes up the next morning to see Martha not there when there a knock on the door so Jack walks out and opens it]

Jack: Tash

Tasha: Hey how are you doing

Jack: ok and you

[Jack and Tash hug]

Tasha: Scared

Jack: isn't Robbie with you

Tasha: He is with Mattie next door

Jack: Did you see Martha on your way here

Tasha: Nah I didn't sorry

Jack: All good she probably just went for a run

[Tasha nods]


[Roman and Martha are in the kitchen]

Martha: Thanks for letting me stay last night

Roman: You don't need to thank me. Are you feeling better

Martha: Yeah a bit

Roman: You know im here for you

Martha: Yeah I do. I love you Roman Harris

Roman: I love you Martha Mackenzie 

[They kiss]

Roman: Come on I shout you breakfast

Martha: Sure. We will have to say we catching up as friends

Roman: Yep


[Roman and Martha walk in the diner when Leah walks over to then]

Leah: Hey guys I haven't seem you guys catch up since

Martha: We thought it was time we should

Leah: What can I get you

Roman: A Big Breakfast and Hot Chocolate for me please Leah

[Robbie walks in and Martha spots him]

Martha: Omg 

[Leah and Roman turns around and Robbie reaches the group and hugs Martha then Leah]

Leah: We had no idea you were back

Robbie: I'm one for surprises Tash went to Jack to surprise you

Martha: Yeah I decided to get an early start

[Roman looks confused]

Martha: Roman Harris this is Robbie Hunter

Roman: Mattie Brother

Robbie: That right. it nice to meet you Roman

Roman: Likewise

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Chapter 8

[Roman, Martha and Robbie are walking along the beach]

Robbie: Im glad to see this place haven't changed

Martha: It never will

Robbie: So Roman how long have you been in the bay

Roman: About 6 months

Robbie: Well it is a good place

Roman: Yeah it is I love it

[Roman, Martha and Robbie smile at each other]

Robbie: Leah cooking haven't changed

[Martha and Roman laugh as they see Tash walking down the beach and Martha and Tasha run up and hug each other Roman and Robbie smile]

Tasha: I missed you

Martha: Same

Roman: I leave to you to it

Martha: No Roman stay please

[Roman smiles then hugs Martha]

Roman: Ok but this is because you asked

Robbie: Roman this is Tash my wife, Tash this is Roman

Roman: Hi

Tash: Hey

[They all smile at each other and Tash watches Martha and Roman and the way they are acting around each other]

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Chapter 9

[Roman, Martha, Tasha and Robbie walk in the surfclub and Tash sees Noah's and tears up]

Tasha: I miss him. I miss Noah

Martha: We all do

[Martha wraps her arm around Tash]

Roman: What would you guys like?

Tasha: Sunshine Bliss

Robbie: Banana panna

Martha: I will give you a hand

[Roman and Martha walk to the bar and Tash and Robbie are at a table]

Martha: Im sorry our breakfast got interrupted

Roman: It fine it the first time I seem you smile since Jonah

Martha: For the first time in a while I happy your here and so is Tash and Robbie

[Roman and Martha make the drinks]


[Tash and Robbie are at the table]

Tasha: Do you reckon they are dating

Robbie: No I don't 

Tasha: But they seem close

Robbie: Friends can be close look at you and Kim

Tasha: I just saying if they are dating they are lying to Jack and he will get hurt

Robbie: Yeah I know but I doubt they are dating

Tasha: Have you not seem the way he looks at her

Robbie: I'm sure it nothing

[Roman and Martha walk over with the drinks and the group drink then]

Robbie: We should go and see Jack

Tasha: Yes we should

Roman: It was nice meeting you guys

Tasha: You too ready to go Martha

[Martha nods]

Martha: See you later Roman

Roman: Bye


[Martha, Tash and Robbie walks in and Jack and Martha kiss]

Jack: Where did you get to

Martha: I went for a run then caught up with Robbie and Tash

Robbie: And Roman he seems nice

Martha: He a great friend

Jack: Your catching up with your Ex

Martha: It a small town we just want to sort things out

Jack: Fair enough

Tasha: Anyhow what should we do

Robbie: Have a BQQ

Jack: For old times sake

Martha: Awesome but Jack and Robbie your cooking

Jack: Yep we leave you girls to it

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Chapter 10

[Tash and Martha are in the lounge room]

Tasha: What going on between you and Roman

Martha: Nothing we friends

Tasha: And Exes are your sure you don't still love him

Martha: Yeah I am

[Nicole knocks at the door in tears and Martha stands up]

Nicole: Im sorry I didn't have anywhere else to go

[Martha runs and hugs Nicole]

Martha: It ok come and sit down

Nicole: I don't want dad seeing me like this and I don't want to tell him what happened

Martha: Nicole just breathe and tell me what happened

Tasha: I get some water

Nicole: Thanks

Martha: So what up

Nicole: I just I saw Ruby and some guy was with her and he hit me so hard and he wouldn't stop

[Tasha walks in]

Tasha: Do you know who he was

[Nicole shakes her head and Martha hugs a crying Nicole]

Martha: It ok your safe we will look after you

Tasha: We make sure you wont get hurt

Nicole: Thanks um

Tasha: Tasha

Nicole: Thanks Tasha 

[Robbie walks in]

Robbie: Lunch is

[Robbie sees Nicole]

Robbie: I leave you to it

[Robbie walks out]

Martha: It is ok Nicole your going to be fine I promise

Nicole: Don't tell my dad please

Martha: I wont 


[Tasha walks outside to see Jack and Robbie]

Jack: Is Martha coming

Tasha: She talking to Nicole she um been bashed

Jack: As in Roman daughter

Tasha: I don't know but seeing as this place is small I say so

Jack: Why is she talking to her ex daughter

Tasha: She come to her in tears and bashed that is probably why

Jack: I guess

Robbie: She loves her she just been a friend to Nicole

Robbie: Yeah I know


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