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Till We Meet Again (Part One)


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Story Title:   Till We Meet Again (Part One)
Type of story: Long
Main Characters:  Selina, Steven, Irene, Shannon, Pippa, Jesse, Ailsa, Sally, Chloe
BTTB rating: A
Genre: Romance, Dreams
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings:   Sexual Scenes
Summary:  This is a story about Steven and Selina and starts at the beginning of 1997.  Steven has moved away from Summer Bay after Sally went missing. Selina is still in Summer Bay and has passed her HSC. Selina is dating Jesse. Some things may stick to the original storyline but quite a few are how life could have turned out. This is my first fanfic so I am not completely sure how it will exactly turn out.

(Sorry if the money situations are not completely realistic. This started out as a story in my head and I have been persuaded to put it down on paper. It's my first attempt at a Home and Away fanfic.)


Chapter One

“Kylie kissed me and I kissed her back.”

Selina had expected to feel shocked at Jesse's words. They had been together for quite a few months and she had supported Jesse through various dramas and looked after Rachel. Surely she should feel betrayed?

“Selina? Aren't you going to say something?”

“Look I need to sleep on this. We'll talk in the morning.”

Maybe things would become clearer if she slept on it. Shannon was away so Selina decided to sleep on it and make a decision in the morning.

To be continued...








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Here is Chapter Two:


Chapter Two


Selina couldn't stop thinking about this for the rest of the day. Did she actually want to be with Jesse? Deep down she knew that it was time for them to make a clean break. She knew that even though he wouldn't admit it to himself, Jesse wanted to make a family with Kylie and Rachel. He had never really stopped Kylie though he denied it.

After making the decision to end it, Selina had a great night's sleep.

- - - - - - - -

Alright Irene. Is Selina around?”

Hiya darl. Yeah she's in her room. I'll give her a call. Se- ”
“Hang on a minute. I just wanted to ask how is she today? Snapping everyone's heads off?”

No I can't say she is darl. She was rather quiet yesterday but today she is bright and chirpy as ever. Selina luv!”

Coming Irene.” Selina came out of her room. “Do you want to go somewhere and talk?”

Ok. Let's take a walk along the beach.”

- - - - - - - -

Selina I'm so sorry-”

Jesse look we need to talk. I think it's time we break up.”

Over one kiss?”

Jesse, this hasn't been working for a while. Deep down this relationship was over before the kiss. I know deep down you have feelings for Kylie, I've known that for a long time, I just haven't admitted it out loud.”

What are you trying to say Selina?”

I'm sorry Jesse but it's over.”


To be continued...

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I've managed to get Chapter Three done this afternoon.  It will just be the 'Story so far' tonight and hopefully another chapter tomorrow.  I'm afraid this is rather a filler chapter.


Chapter Three


“You're doing what?! Where did this hare-brained idea come from?”


“I'm serious Irene. I want to defer uni for a year. I've decided I want to become a nurse but I want to travel first.”


“And how do you think you are going to pay for this travel? Money doesn't appear out of thin air girlie!”


“I know that. I'm going to see if I can find a job for a while to save up. Plus I have some savings. It's my life Irene.”


“You don't have to do this to escape Jesse you know luv. He is going to live nearer Kylie.”


“I'm not trying to escape Jesse. I know we're not meant to be together. I just want to travel and see the world. I've spent many years behind a desk and I want to explore the world. My mind is made up Irene. You can't change my mind Irene.”

“I know once your mind is made up, it's made up. Ok, if you're sure this is what you want.”


“It is Irene. Thank you.”


Irene and Selina hug.


“Selina, luv, I'll miss you. The place won't be the same without you.”



To be continued...

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Warning: Will involve sexual scenes. These sexual scenes are in my head, not the original story as far as I know.


Story so far – Part One

Selina and Steven first met when Steven returned to Summer Bay to take up a post as the new Maths teacher at Summer Bay High about halfway through 1995.ven

An old foe of Steven's came back to Summer Bay, Dodge Kelly. He kept trying to make Steven look the bad guy. Irene was one of the few people who fell for Dodge's lies and she tried to badmouth Steven. Dodge tried to fake his death and blame it on Steven but Steven's name was eventually cleared. Irene was always wary of Steven.

In 1996, Steven and Selina developed feelings for each other. Steven spoke to Donald Fisher about dating a student but Don told him that a teacher wasn't allowed to date a student.

Steven and Selina kissed in the classroom when they were alone. Steven then told Selina that they couldn't have a relationship because he could end up in court. Selina was upset.

Irene went away to America with Marilyn so it would be possible using IVF for Irene to carry a baby for her daughter Finlay and her partner Barry.

Irene asked Don to move in with Chloe and Selina. He asked Steven to join him and Steven couldn't find an excuse to refuse even though it would be awkward for him and Selina.





Story so Far – Part Two

Steven and Selina tried to fight their feelings for each other but the temptation was too much. After Shane died, Steven decided life was too short and let Selina lead him into the bedroom.

Steven took off Selina's clothes and she did the same to him. He laid her down on the bed and they made out on the bed. They kissed passionately. He made her groan in anticipation as they discovered each other.

Afterwards Steven wrote his letter of resignation and printed it off. Selina ripped up the letter and told him that they could carry on seeing each other in secret and wait till she had left school. Steven told Selina he loved her. They promised to keep it a secret from everyone.

This went to plan until a fellow classmate Jeremy Rigg wanted to date Selina. She wasn't een on him. Unfortunately Jeremy found some letters that Selina had written to Steven and blackmailed her into going out with him. Eventually Selina couldn't take it anymore and told Jeremy it was over. After it all got too much he was found at the school. He was taken to hospital and then transferred to another school.

Irene was getting suspicious of Steven and Selina after she returned. Steven went on a date with a nurse called Lindsey from the hospital which Selina wasn't happy about.

Steven decided it was too much for them to see each other and ended things with Selina. Selina said they could be together eventually but Steven said it wouldn't be possible.


To be continued...

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Here is Part Three.  Just to note that Finlay's future husband Barry bears an uncanny resemblance to Joel Nash and Arthur Briggs looks just like a younger version of Ross Buckton!


Story so far – Part Three

Shortly after this Selina started dating Jesse. After being hypnotised, Jesse revealed that he had a young daughter named Rachel. He was no longer with her Mum, Rachel. Kylie's Dad had been not keen about Jesse so they had moved away.

Steven started dating Rebecca who was Donald's daughter and the music teacher at Summer Bay High. Things were going well between them and Steven wanted to be honest about his past. He told Rebecca what had happened between him and Selina.

Rebecca was horrified and ended things immediately. Irene had already had her suspicions and after a comment from Rebecca she went to Donald.

Donald called in Arthur Briggs who was Head of Education to help investigate the matter. Selina, Chloe were interviewed plus Jeremy was brought back to be interviewed.

Selina had to tell Jesse what had happened but he seemed to take it in her stride. Selina tried to deny everything but Arthur and Donald were determined to find out the truth.

Steven decided enough was enough and wrote a letter of resignation and handed it in before he was interviewed. Selina told him how sorry she was that he had lost his job. He told her that he didn't regret what had happened but wished things had turned out differently.

Steven spent more time in Summer Bay. A few of the girls including Selina asked him to tutor them in Maths when they were struggling. Steven agreed to this in a group environment.

After the HSC finished, Sally, Selina and Shannon ended up on a raft. Sally was missing. Steven was determined to find her. He had a big fight with Pippa who said he was determined to play the hero to try and right the wrongs of the past. He left Summer Bay shortly after. He just left a note and didn't say goodbye to anyohe


That's it for the Story so far.  The main story will be continued...


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Here is Chapter Four.

Chapter Four

Selina knew that Jesse wasn't the man for her. She knew that she would find the right guy for her but first she wanted to see the world. She had always wanted to see the world and fate would bring her and Mr Right together eventually, whoever he might be.

She found an office temping job for a few months and saved up to go travelling.

Selina decided to travel to Uganda first. She got a job helping in a school which helped her finances.

While she was there she started having very vivid dreams about Steven. Very vivid dreams about him kissing her passionately and more. She started dreaming about Steven each night. He was the first person she thought of when she woke and the last person she thought of when she went to sleep.

How was it possible to contact him? Nobody had heard from him since he had left Summer Bay.

Selina typed in 'Steven Matheson' to the internet search engine. It was rather slow but she finally got a result. There was a guy running a computer company back in Australia with the same name so she clicked on the link. Finally after what seemed an eternity, the company page loaded. There staring back at her was Steven's face that kept appearing in her dreams.

Selina decided the sensible thing to do would be to send him an e-mail.


To be continued...


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Thanks for all the comments.  I've had this latest chapter in my head since last night but this is the first chance I've had to type it out and post it:


Chapter Five


She hoped Steven would still be willing to talk to her and hadn't completely shut off Summer Bay. She wanted to get back with him but it would be even worse if he didn't want to talk to her. If he replied she would take it from there. Of course it's possible he could be seeing someone else but she would take that chance. Steven was too important to her.

The e-mail on the website was a general e-mail for the company so she put his name in the title of the e-mail.

She went to the internet cafe the next day and sat down to write the e-mail. She kept changing her mind about what to say but eventually she managed to write the e-mail.


Hi Steven!

How are you? Congrats on setting up your own computer company! Sounds like things are going well for you. I got good HSC results partly due to your great teaching and coaching of Maths. I decided to defer uni for a year. I was temping in an office for a few months to save up some money.

I then set off travelling for a few months. I have started my travels in South Africa. The people here are amazing! I've made some lovely friends and am assisting in a school to help make my trip possible.

Hope all is well for you. Drop me a line when you're free

Selina (Roberts)


Selina was finally satisfied with the e-mail and sent it. She looked at another page and ten minutes later she refreshed her e-mails. She had an e-mail back! She couldn't believe it was so fast.



This is an automated reply. Thank you for your computer enquiry. We will process it and get back to you as soon as possible.

Matheson and Team


Selina had got her hopes up and realised how much she was looking forward to Steven's reply. She hoped he would reply.

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Here is Chapter Six.  Just to clarify the e-mail address is made up.


Chapter Six

Oi Stevo! A personal message has come through for you on the e-mails. Does the name Selina Roberts ring any bells?”

Silly question! Did he remember Selina Roberts?! Of course he remembered Selina Roberts! As much as he had tried to put Selina and Summer Bay out of his thoughts she seemed to have an effect on him. She kept appearing in his dreams and he thought of her first thing in the morning and last thing at night. She had been his student though and the timing wasn't right. His feelings for her had never stopped. He didn't regret what had happened but he wished things had worked out for them.

Plus there was the slight obstacle in the way of Jesse. Hopefully she wasn't sending an invite to her wedding to Jesse!

Steven checked his e-mails. It was lovely to hear from Selina. He noticed that she hadn't mentioned 'We' only 'I'. It was best to check these things out. Also he realised straightaway he should give her his personal e-mail address so he could contact her from home and not just the office. He logged onto his personal e-mail and started writing his e-mail.


Hi Selina!

How are you? Great to hear from you! I haven't completely forgotten Summer Bay but it was time to take a break. I've started up my own computer business – as you can see! Hope all is well with everyone back in Summer Bay. I'm not gone for good. I'll come back and see everyone eventually. How was everyone before you left? Pippa, Sally, Irene, Jesse and everyone else? The judgemental gossipers still sticking their noses in where it isn't wanted?!

I would love to hear more about your travels! South Africa sounds amazing! Here's my e-mail address so you can e-mail me. Here it is:


Would be great to hear from you again!



Steven hoped to hear from Selina soon.



To be continued...

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Thank you for all the kind comments.  Here is another update.  I'm sorry I'm not good at writing long e-mails detailing Selina's travels so I've omitted them.


I don't have much confidence in my writing abilities but I have tried my best with the apology scene.  I have tried not to lift it straight out the original scene on Home and Away.


Chapter Seven


Steven mentioned that Jesse was now back with Kylie. They started e-mailing backwards and forwards as Selina travelled the world. She didn't mention she was seeing anyone and mentioned various guys in passing that she had met. To be fair she also mentioned some females that se had met on her travels. Meanwhile as time went on Steven realised he needed to pay a visit.


- - - - - -


Well this is a surprise! Why didn't you let us know you were coming?”

Steven gave Pppa a hug.

I wasn't sure of the welcome I would get. I made some mistakes before I left and I have come to try and make amends. Is it possible to rent a caravan please for a couple of nights?”

Of course you can stay here in the house. You can share Sam's room. You're always welcome Steven. Why would you think you wouldn't be welcome?”

I messed up. I will say this now. I don't regret what happened with Selina but I feel bad for the hurtful things I said to you Pippa. I have gone away and set up my own computer company. I am trying to turn my life around and starting by making amends with my family.”

I accept your apology Steven. I'm sorry for the hurtful things I also said. You will always be a part of this family Steven and you've always got a bed here Steven.”

Thank you Pippa.”

They shared a hug.


- - - - - -


G'day Ailsa. Hope you and Alf are keeping well. Is Irene around?”

Hello Steven. How are you? We're good thank you. Irene's in the city for a few weeks visiting her daughter Finlay. Young Tegan and Justine have been helping me out.”

Steven! I had no idea you were back!”

Hello Sal. It's good to see you.”

I can't believe you're back Steven. I never got the chance to say thank you for saving my life.”

You can say it now. I'm always here for you Sal.”

Thank you Steven.”


To be continued...

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Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.  Here is Chapter Eight:


Chapter Eight


Chloe and Marilyn come into the Diner together.

“Hi Steven how are you? It's lovely to see you.”

“I'm good thanks Marilyn.”

They share a hug.

“What brings you back to the Bay?”

“Oh Chloe! Steven doesn't need an excuse to come back. He used to live here.”

“It's ok Marilyn. I'm now running my own computer company in the City.”

“Ooh that is very impressive Steven. Have you got lots of people working for you?”

“A few Marilyn. The hospital has agreed for my company to link up the hospital computers to the network later this year. I'm here for a meeting tomorrow to arrange what exactly is going to happen.”

“That sounds good Steven for you and your company Steven. Does that mean we'll be seeing more of you later this year?”

“Yes I'll be back for a few weeks. I'll see if it's possible to stay with Pippa.”


- - - - - -


The meeting had gone well and Pippa was happy for Steven to come and stay with her. Steven was happy he had made peace with his family. He wanted to make peace with Irene at some point but she hadn't been available. That would have to wait.

Steven had been to a meeting and was on his way back to his office. He saw the young builder who was working across the street. They usually exchanged a friendly word with each other. Postman  by Ziggy Marley was blaring out of the radio.

“G'day mate. Have you been enjoying the sunshine? Haven't seen you for a few days”

“I've been away for a few days and then had a meeting. Nothing very exciting I'm afraid! How are you?”

“Life could be better! I've got the future mother-in-law giving me a hard time. All because I got her little darling Margarita pregnant. Anyway I love her daughter not the mother. Anyway you can choose your wife not the parents!”

“That is very true! Hope all works out anyway for you and your girlfriend.”

“Thanks mate. My future wife is also pregnant but I'd marry her anyway. I love her.”

“Hope all works out with the baby as well.”

“Thanks mate. See you later.”

"Bye Ben."


To be continued...


(This was a one off appearance from the character who wanted to appear in my fanfic)

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