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Maybe Too Close?


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So here's my first fan fiction, hope you all enjoy it!ūüôā

Title: Maybe Too Close?

Type of Fic: Long Fiction

Rating: G/T

Main Characters: Denny, Ricky, Alf, Kyle, Evie, Josh, Tamara,other characters involved.

Genre: Romance and Drama 

Does it contain spoilers: No 

Warnings:  Maybe Violence, Language, maybe Sexual Content 

Summary: Ricky is struggling after Brax left her for a quest of revenge. Denny is heartbroken after the loss of Casey who always made her shine. As these two friends come closer for comfort, will secret feelings that the two have about each other be revealed? And if they are, what will occur?

Just so anyone is confused, I'll just give you the background story: In 2014, Casey is killed in an accident and all his family and friends mourn for him. Then, in 2015, just when Brax and Ricky are expecting their child, Brax receives word that the accident was caused by Jake Pirovic. Ignoring pleas for Ricky and Kyle, Brax goes off and kills Jake, forcing him to go on the run. Ricky has the child but is forced to raise Casey JR on her own, like in the show, except that the whole-Gunno-Brax-Ash story didn't happen, and Brax didn't fake his death, just on the run. Meanwhile Denny is still mourning for Casey.

Chapter 1: 

Ricky stumbled into her apartment that she shared with her son at eight pm at night, accompanied by an exhausted mind and a still broken heart. 

Why, why did this had to happen to her? 

Brax and her were in a good place, getting ready to start a family and generally moving on with their lives, and it al went out the window when Brax heard about Pirovic. He was almost like a whole different person, always getting angry and snapping at people for the slightest thing. Ricky tried to reason with him, that Casey wouldn't want him to ruin his life but he, for probably the first time since they got together, ignored her. Kyle and Ash both tried to calm him down, telling him of the long- term consequences of him looking for revenge, but he refused them as well. He began drinking heavily, ignoring the restaurant and the gym, instead leaving Kyle, Tamara, Dex and Justin to deal with it. Then one day, she woke up, to find Brax gone, and a note that said he was sorry, but he had to finish what he started. Ricky has never, ever felt so alone. He abandoned her, abandoned their son, all for the sins of the past. She had to bear their son alone, finally giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. She was so afraid that she lose him as well. But when Nate handed her Casey JR, with Hannah rubbing her shoulder, She never felt so relived and filled with hope. 

But the , a couple of days afterwards, when the cops, Kat and Emerson came and told Ricky that they fiound Pirovic's body and now Brax was a fugitive, it all came back: the sense of loss and worthlessness. She loved Brax more than anyone in the world, and he left her. How was she supposed to deal with this? As she stumbled across the table, she gave a glance at the crib only to take another look, and found that Casey was gone! She suddenly became short of breath, gasping and looking around in panic. She began looking all over the place, searching the floor, the bathroom, the couch, even the cupboards! She began crying out loud as she threw things all over the place as the sense of despair threaten to swallow her whole. 

"Ricky! Ricky!" She ignored the calls of her name as she ran all over the place, looking for the last remaining trace of the man she loved. Her hands were then taken hold of and amid her tears, she was able to see Kyle's tired sad face. 

"Kyle?", Ricky whimpered looking up at him. " I...I can't find Casey..." 

" He's fine," says Kyle, fully understandable of her breakdown. It was so hard to lose Brax, the brother he looked up to, without even saying goodbye. "Marilyn's looking after him tonight." 

Then Ricky remembered with great relief the babysitting agreement she made with her neighbour. Her son was safe. But it didn't take away her feelings of loss and despair. It finally overwhelmed her. She broke down, tears washing down from her eyes to her cheeks. 

"Ricky," said Kyle soothingly, bringing her in for a hug as she sobbed loudly against his chest. "Everything will be alright.. We'll be alright." Ricky barley heard him amid her sobbing, even if she did, she wasn't sure if she believed it. 

There we are. I hope you all enjoyed it. Nest chapter soon.:lol:


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Thanks Red Ranger 1, JarlieFanEver, Suzza101, Kristen and Mcgarry.helena@yahoo.com for commenting on the story, I hope you"lol continue to enjoy it. 

Chapter 2: 

RIcky gazed out over the beach into the blue, shining sea where people laughed, swam and surfed beneath the waves. She gave a sigh,  the wind blowing into her hair, as she remembered when Brax and her used to go out for a surf every morning with Heath and Casey, or sunbathing out in the warm sand. She groaned, everything seems to remind her of what she lost. She could barley walk into Angeloes anymore, because she always imagined seeing Brax there again, drinking a beer and chatting with Kyle, John, Josh, Ash, or Tamara. She always avoided the gym for the same reason. Even the couch where she used to snuggle up against him in the coldest night is now just a tragic memory. 

She looked down, for fear that the tears would begin spilling over. She knew she wasn't literally alone. Kyle and Tamara, she knows, will be with her 100%,  John and Marilyn are next door if she ever needed a babysitter, Kat, Pheobe, Hannah, April and Leah would always invite her to night-outs to cheer her up. She knew she had the whole Bay behind her. But none of them understood. She was never going to see her soulmate again,  she was entirely alone with that. The emotions bubbling inside threatened  to overcome her when a single, soft voice came to her. 

"Hey Ricky, are you ok?" 

Ricky looked up from the bench to see one of her best friends Denny coming over, obviously coming back from a surf, with a towel hanging form her shoulder and water dripping out of her strawberry blonde hair, the look on her face full of concern, but sweetness as well. For some strange reason she couldn't quite get, Ricky's whole world seem to be brightened by her presence. 

"Hey Denny," she replied a little half-heartedly, wiping her cheeks to make sure know tears were shown. "Yeah I'm fine, I'm just a bit tired, that's all..." 

" Oh come on Ricky, I think we know each other better than that," Denny interrupted, sitting down beside her best friend. "I just came by to see how you're doing. Anyone can see that you're having a hard time at this. I should know, I've been there before."

Ricky looked back at her friend, only now realising why Denny seemed to brighten her up. She knows exactly what Ricky was going through. She was still heart-broken over Casey, she loved him more than anyone in this world. They had so much time together, they were planning a furture together, just like Brax and Ricky, and it was all taken away from them in a instance. She gave her a sad smile. "Yeah I know." 

Denny returned the smile. "Well you know, if there's anything you need , anything at all, I'll be there." 

"Thanks Denny," Ricky replied. Denny nodded and stood up to walk away again. Then Ricky, struck by a sense of happiness, stood up as well and called, "Hey Denny!" She turned around. Ricky walked up and said "Would you like to go down to the Diner with me for some coffee." 

Denny's face split into a wide smile. "Yeah I liked that."


"There we are, Darls," said Irene, placing the two cups of coffee down on the table, smiling down on Ricky and Denny."It's so good to see the two of your out and about happy again." 

"Thanks Irene", Ricky and Denny said together, smiling at each other. When Irene left to scold Chris for some mistake he made in the kitchen, the two girls resumed their conversation. "So how's little Casey?" 

"Oh he is a sweet little angel. The smile he gives people, Denny, it''s the cutest thing everyone's ever seen!" Ricky smiled as she though of her little son. Casey was one of the few things in life that kept her going. She's going to give him a good life, one that both of them will love every step of. 

"That's great to hear," Denny enthusiastically replied. She hasn't spent much time with Casey since he was born, but she agreed that he was so adorable. Just looking at him remained her so much of her Casey. Sobered up by that thought, she tried quickly to push it away before resuming the conversation. "And what about Kyle? How's he getting by?"

"He's doing so much better now. He's doing great things at the restaurant, especially with Brody, Josh, Matt, Evie and the rest all helping him out. But really Tamara is the one who's really getting to him. The two of them work perfectly together," Ricky said. 

It made her happy to see Kyle and Tamara as a couple. For a lot of times before, it looked like it was never going to work out, but the two of them beat off all the doubts and troubles and are so clearly on love with each other.  But part of her still felt sad as she was forced to remember what She felt with Brax. She felt as if nothing could replace him. She began trembling as tears escaped from her eyes. 

"Oh Ricky, don't cry," murmured Denny, reaching out to wipe the tears away. She then took hold of the older woman's hands. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset.."

"No, no, it's alright," Ricky said, squeezing Denny's hands. "I shouldn't have to cry over everything that reminds me of him." 

"Hey, it's only natural," Denny reassured her. "He meant so much to you, of course you would be feeling like this. If anything, I'd be very worried if you weren't." Ricky gave a small laugh at that and Denny felt a little happy herself, as if over the moon that she was able to make her laugh. "But seriously though Ricky, you're stronger than you give yourself credit for. And remember, I'm always here if you need me". 

Ricky gave a big smile as she leaned over the table to give Denny a hug. "Thanks Den." She then got up with the money for the coffee. "Well I better head off, Ash promised me he look after Casey for the morning. I want to see how much he's struggling."

Denny laughed. "That would be quite a sight to see. Well, see you later." 

"See you!" Ricky then gave the money to Sasha before walking out of the Diner. She smiled to herself, the morning went better her off than she expected. She started off feeling like she may have no-one to truly understand her, but now, thanks to Denny, she didn't feel that much alone now. 

Sorry if that seemed a bit short, but I want to start this off slowly but then slowly build it up overtime. I hope you all enjoyed this one. I hope to continue as soon as I can. :D




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Thanks Red Ranger 1, JarlieFanEver, Kristen, Mcgarry.helena@yahoo.com and Suzza101. I'm thrilled that you're all still enjoying the story.:lol: Here we go! 

Chapter 3 

Ricky took a deep breath befor continuing to climb up the steps to Angeloes. She knew she wouldn't never have been able to enter it a week ago without being overcome with that sense of loss that's been haunting her for nearly a year now. But her recent talk with Denny gave her a sense of courage that she wouldn't thought she had. Too long had she let the past block her from getting on with life, but no longer! 

She walked in to see the restaurant nearly full. She missed this, she realised as she strolled past the customers enjoying their lunch and the waiters running around the place as if on fire. She looked over to see Josh at the bar chatting with Maddy. She started walking over when the memory of Brax welcoming her with a smile when she always came too visit suddenly hit her. She stopped, short of breath but then Denny's words, soft and sweet and full of encouragement, came flooding back and she hurled the memory aside and walked straight ahead. "Hey Josh!" 

Josh looked back from saying goodbye to Maddy, who was going back to her job at the gym,to see Ricky coming over with a big smile on her face. He was suprised to see her back, from what he heard she was having an extremely hard time of it and coming back to the restaurant was the last thing anyone expected her to do. But it was a very pleasent suprise. He recovered from his suprise quick enough to return her smile. "Hey Ricky, how are you doing?"

She keeped up her smile. "I'm doing great thanks. I just thought I might poke around to see how the old place is doing. So how are you guys managing without my wonderful presence?", she joked. Josh laughed at that. It was so good to see her humour again. Angeloes wasn't quite the same without her and Brax around. "We're doing alright. Business is a bit slow at the moment so it's a bit more quite, but Kyle hired some new people so we getting there, you know? And beside Brody brought up some new ideas of his for the menu, and he gave each of us a sample to see if it would be good enough. I'ts fantastic. 

Ricky smiled. It's wonderful to see Kyle and his friends able to keep the restaurant going, though she had to smirk at Josh's last comment. "I'm sure that would mean a lot to Brody, especially if it comes from you!" Josh laughed while shrugging embarrassed. "I guess word travels fast in this town doesn't it?" Ricky nodded. "So are the two of you in a good place?" It's been for a while now since Josh knew that he was gay. He had nearly every girl in school fighting over him and she knew it was quite nerve-racking for him. He was quite afraid of people's reactions but the entire Bay, especially the Braxtons, his half-family, were behind him to his relief. It was only a few months since Brody came to town with his siblings and he, Josh and Kyle hit it right off. Josh was so nervous when he found out that Brody, with his cheeky grin and his cute dark hair, was also gay! He wasn't sure if he wanted anything from Brody, or Brody him. But, with thanks to Maddy and Evie setting the two of them up for a date, engaged a relationship. "Yeah, we're good,,thanks for asking. Beer?" 

Ricky nodded to the offer, then gazed around the place. To say that she was anxious this morning was an understatement. She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to face Angeloes again but now she knew she will be alright. And it's all thanks to Denny. 



"Come on, little man, Come on!" Ricky encouraged Casey as he crawled along the sand to where she and Denny were sitting on a blanket on the sunny beach staring out to the deep, glistening sea. He gurgled with happiness as he reached the blanket. Ricky lifted him up to the sky while Denny clapped.  

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, that hat is too big for him!" Denny insisted looking at the big red sun hat that kept threatening to fall off. 

"What, so I should just let him get sunburnt then eh?" Ricky teased her best friend. 

"He's 1 year old! I really think it's all a bit much." 

"Actually," Ricky bent down to get some sunblock from her handbag."A little more can't hurt right." She laughed as Denny shook her head and layed down on the blanket. Ricky has had a great afternoon, spending time with her son and Denny. She hasn't felt this happy in a very long time. "So I heard you went to Angeloes earlier, how did it go?" 

Ricky turned around and smiled down on Denny. "It went fine, I saw Josh, and the rest of the gang and they're really holding the place together. Thanks again, if it weren't' for you, I don't think I would be able to do it." Denny shook her head and smiled up. "It was all you, Ricky. Like I said, you're tougher than you look." Ricky smirked and nudged her elbow." Thanks." Denny sat up. "So are you going back to work there?" 

Ricky then looked unsure and layer her head against Denny's shoulder. "I'm not sure, I mean visiting the place form time to time is fine, but I'm not very sure  if going back there full time is what I want, but I really need a job." Denny nodded looking at her. She knew what was holding Ricky back and it made her feel so sad. The past is forcing her decisions and it was breaking her apart. Then Denny had an inspiration, from where she wasn't sure. "Actually Ricky if you wanted a job , you could always come to the baitshop."

Ricky looked at her. "Really?" "Yeah, Mr Stewart has been looking for an extra pair of hands for a while now, so if you went to him I'm sure he would give you a start there." 

Ricky smiled and pulled Denny into a hug, all the uncertainty in her face washed away. "Thanks Denny, it's official, you're the best friend ever!" Denny smirked at her enthusiasm. " Well we better get back home. See you later," said Ricky as she picked up Casey and walked off. Denny waved at them then turned out to the sea. She had an awesome couple of days. She absolutely enjoyed her time with Ricky, she hasn't felt this good since... 

She then paused, shocked that she realised she hasn't felt this since Casey, even when she tried it with Chris or Ash, it didn't compare to her love for the River boy. Her smile was replaced with a quizzical look on her face: where did that come from? Ricky was her best friend, she was there for her as a friend, she was sure. But she still couldn't get rid of that nagging feeling in the back of her head that asked if there was more to it. 

Hoped you all enjoyed!



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Thanks again to Red Ranger 1, j.laur5, Mcgarry.helena@yahoo.com, Kristen and JarlieFanEver for responding, I love that you're still reading it. I was so afraid that I would do a bad job of it since it's my first time but I am so grateful for everyone's positive feedback. So thanks again guys!:lol:

Chapter 4 

"There you are, love," Alf said, taking back the employment forms from Ricky. "You are now an official employee of the best flaming baitshop in the state!" 

Ricky smiled as she stood up from the table in the caravan park house. "Thank you so much Mr Stewart." 

"You're welcome," said Alf, standing up as well. "I'll give you a three-month trial to start off and then we'll see if you're up for it. But what about little Casey, will he be alright at home.?" 

"That will be fine, and don't worry about Casey, I can always rely on Marilyn or Tamara to look after him. Thanks again Mr Stewart, I promise you, I won't let you down. Bye!" 

"Right, see you tomorrow then love!" Alf called as she left before sitting back down with the newspaper. He won't deny that he was very surprised to hear that she was looking for work. With all the talk in the town that he heard, he thought she'd prefer to be left on her own, but if she says she was willing, it will never be said that Alf never turned down anyone that was willing. 


"Hello!" Denny, searching for the keys in her handbag, gave a start and looked up. Ricky was walking down the pathway to the baitshop wearing blue jeans, her typical yellow t-shirt and a big smile on her face. 

"Ricky, oh my god, hey! You got the job?" Denny asked her. When Ricky nodded, Denny squealed and ran over to her, hugging Ricky  who returned the hug with a great big laugh. "Yes I got the job! Mr Stewart said that he'd give me a three-month trial to see how I do. So I am right to think it had to do with some persuasion on your part?" Ricky teased her. 

Denny smirked and shrugged. "Well, someone else may have been involved in the decision-making, you know how Mr Stewart is. Aww, this is so great, we'll be working together!" Ricky had to laugh at her friend's enthusiasm. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves yet, honey. We'll just see how I do for the next three months. Now I assume you have to open up the door for us to get started, don't we?" 

Denny then flushed with embarrassment when she remembered the keys. "Oh right sorry." She retrieved the keys and turned the lock. They were settling in when Alf showed up. "Alright young ladies, are you ready for some good old selling?" (Authour's note: I know that last line sounded a bit weak, but really the baitshop is for selling things to catch fish with so I don't really know any other way of saying that line than the way I did, sorry.) 

"Yes Mr Stewart, especially now since you have the best extra pair of hands here with you!" Ricky exclaimed excitedly. Denny gave a giggle and Alf smiled. The poor woman had been through so much this past year that it was nice to see her joking again. "Well we have a new shipment coming in, so while me and Denny handle it, will you be able to deal with the customers, Ricky? I mean, I know, it's not an exciting start for your first day, but..." 

"No, no, it's fine, you go on ahead and this place will be in ship-shape when you get back," Ricky promised him, though feeling a little crest-fallen inside her. She was really looking forward to working on her first day with Denny. She knows that it won't take long but still, for some strange reason she can't explain, she suddenly felt sad. She was so stuck in her own thoughts that she almost missed Alf continuing to talk. "Alright, well we'll leave you to it. Good luck!" Denny gave her a small encouraging smile as she followed him out. Ricky still felt troubled but that smile from Denny that said "You can do it" send a wave of happiness through her. "So," she said to herself as she sat herself behind the counter. "Here I go," as the first customers walked through the door. 


"I am so proud of you!" Denny told Ricky as she put her arm around Ricky's shoulders. "Having to deal with all those customers and that smell, honestly there are times that I just have to step outside to get rid of the smell of fish." 

Ricky turned and gave her a big smile. "Yeah, it didn't help that Jett accidentally nearly knocked down a whole container!" The two of them laughed as they walked up form the diner. "But seriously, I had a great time there." 

"Yeah, Mr Stewart was definitely pleased with you, and we both know how hard it is for people to please him," Denny joked. Ricky laughed. "Yeah, but thanks so much." Then suddenly,  she felt the need to celebrate. "Hey actually, do you want to come back to the house for a bear? You know, to celebrate me nearly being covered in fish." 

She was joking but then suddenly Denny looked a bit uncomfortable. Ricky stopped waking and turned around. "Denny, are you ok...?" 

"Yeah, uh... it's just that... I'm a bit tired after today so I was just hoping for a quiet night in, Ricky. Sorry." 

"Oh, it's fine, we could do it tomorrow how about that?" Ricky assured her but still felt confused and, to be honest, a little bit hurt. Where was this coming from? 

"Yeah tomorrow will be great, it will be perfect," Denny told her while giving her a smile hoping that it will hide the fears. 

"Great! See you then," Ricky returned her smile as she walked away. Denny gave her a wave while continuing the other way.


Denny walked on, bearly taking in the beautiful sunset as she confronted her feelings. What happened? She loved spending time with Ricky, where did the uncomfort earlier came from. It's been a while since the day on the beech when she realised that she might have feelings for her, but she was convinced that it was probably nothing. She loved Casey, she was still trying to deal with that tragic loss. He made her smile, they did everything together, she wasn't ready to move on yet. And even if she was, there was no telling what Ricky felt. For as long as Denny had known her, she knew that Brax was Ricky's life. She told Denny that she hasn't been with anyone else since she came to the bay. Ricky was her best friend and she knew that she loved Brax and that Denny, while a great support, was only a best friend. 

That fact didn't do much to rest her feelings. 

She walked up to 12 James Street, she felt like she hasn't talked to her siblings in a while, maybe that will help take her mind off things. 

She came over to the house and saw Evie staring up at the sunset. She turned around, saw Denny and gave a huge smile. "Denny!" She ran over and gave her older sister a hug. Denny smiled and returned the hug. "I haven't seen you in ages, how are you?" 

"I'm doing good, getting on with things you know," Denny assured her as they broke apart. Evie smelled her a bit and smirked. "No fish smell today, you haven't been skipping work, have you?" 

Denny stuck her tongue back at her. "No, I was just busy with Mr Stewart with a new shipment, Ricky was the one looking after the shop today." 

"Ricky, really?"Evie asked, astonished. She didn't really put down Ricky as a type of person who would work at the baitshop. 

"Yeah, she was looking for a job so I persuaded Mr Stewart to give her one. She did very good for her first day  she actually seems a expert there." Denny smiled but that faded away as she remembered the awkward  way she learned ways with Ricky. She was afraid that she may have said something or did something, maybe slept slip her feelings, which even Denny wasn't sure that it was what she wanted. But what if it was? Would she get another chance at it? Or did she even wanted one? Evie noticed the look of worry on her face and took hold of Denny's hands. "Hey, are you feeling ok?" 

"What? Yeah I'm ok  I just..." Denny began but Evie interrupted, "you can't hide much from your siblings, trust me, I know. Come on, talk to you little sis about it," she said. Inviting into the house. 

They opened the door to find Oscar, Matt and VJ on the couch, watching TV. "Hey guys,"  Evie and Denny called, but the guys didn't seem to hear  them. Evie rolled her eyes at Denny and threw a nearby cushion at Oscar. It was a perfect hit, causing the Oscar to yelp and jump up, scaring the other two. "Guys, beat it. Me and Denny have to have a girl-to-girl chat." Matt and VJ began to grumble but then Oscar said, "Come on guys, I've seen first hand that their conversations are pretty intense." Denny had to give a laugh while Evie looked for another cushion but by the time she found one, Oscar had ran out with Matt and VJ. 

"Ok come on, tell me, what's troubling you," Evie sat down and Denny followed. "Well.." Denny paused as she wasn't sure how to state how she was feeling.  This is probably the first time in a while that she talked about her feelings with someone. "It's just that... I've been spending a lot of time with Ricky these past few days, and I... I don't know, I feel... for.. for.." Denny began to observe that she was taking deep breaths and that tears were gathering in her eyes. So did Evie. "Hey, hey calm down, it's alright, it's all ok," she murmured as she wrapped her arms around Denny in a hug as she began to cried. "It's all ok." 

"No, no!" Denny sobbed as she clinged onto her younger sister. "I'm so sacred,.. I'm scared of losing her, or... if I'm letting him down or..... 

"Hey, hey, just slow down. Just breath," Evie reassured her and  after a while, Denny relaxed and stopped crying. Evie got to cups of tea and passed one over. "Now, what's this about?" 

Denny took a deep breath and said, "I may have feelings for Ricky." Just saying those words nearly overwhelmed her by the fact that they might just be real. "And I'm afraid, what if it becomes all too much, what if I lose her or..." 

"Woah, calm down," Evie told her, holding on to her hands. "Just act like you always have. Nothing has changed. You like her, and you still do, it's just that you know it now. 

Denny felt better. She realised that Evie was right. She now knew the feelings were true and it felt so relieving. "You're right, nothing's has to change." 

"No, unless, you want it to.." Evie said suggestively. 

Denny looked at her astonished, she hadn't really considered it. "Evie no! She's just my best friend, no, she sees me as the same, just... no. 

"How do you know? Have you asked her? For all you know she might be thinking about you as well?"

It's not just that," Denny admitted. "There's also Casey, he.. made it all great. I've never felt so happy with anyone else. I don't  want to forget him, not at all." Evie nodded and gave her a sympathetic smile and a hug. 

"Oh Denny, I know you miss him. I saw the two of you together, you were both so happy. He only wanted the best for you, but he wouldn't want you to stay in grieve and worry all your life. He would have wanted you to be happy. Let me come up with a suggestion, what about you wait for a while and then you see if you want to start anything. But just take your time."

Denny smiled and wrapped her arms around Evie. That sounded perfect. All she had to do was see how much things would develop and if she wanted to start a relationship, she knew when was the right time. "Thanks, little sis." 

"Anytime big sis, anytime."

Hope you all enjoyed this. 



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Thanks Red Ranger, JarlieFanEver, Kirsten, Mcgarry.helena@yahoo.com, for responding. I'm am so grateful that you're still enjoying this.

Warning:  Contains a scene of Violence. 

Chapter 5: 

The storm was coming strong, the wind howling against the bay, the huge roar of the waves crashing against the beach startled Ricky as she hurried along. She had no idea why she was running so fast, she knew she just had to. Her hair was standing on ends, her legs felt frozen, even as they ran across the sand. Then she saw a deep glowing light, seemingly miles away and it was only then she realised why she was running, or rather who she was running to: Brax. Brax in his black shirt he always wore at Angeloes, raindrops falling out of his short dark hair and wearing that same old smile that made her fall in love with him all those years ago. His face said all the things she wanted to hear: That he was sorry, he wish he hadn't ran off, that he wanted to start again with her, but most importantly, his face said: I will be here for you. 

She ran towards him, faster than she ever thought she would, her hair trailing behind her, all her resentment and anger forgotten, all she wanted was to be safe in his arms again, to see him hold his son, to start a whole new life together, as they were supposed to.... 

A bright flashing light blinded her. She stumbled back just as she heard sirens, harsh, unforgiving shouts as armed men came hurtling out of nowhere. They came from the headland, they came from the beach, they even came from the sea! "No" she thought, "no, God dammit, not now!" Not when she was so close! She still tried to run to him, as some ridiculous idea came to her that they could still be together, but then she found herself being stopped, strong arms wearing her down, almost as if forcing her to watch as six shadows gathered around and tackled the one she loved to the ground. She struggled against the iron-like hold but it didn't do anyt good. A seventh shadow came in, holding what seems to be a baton, and approached Brax. She screamed as the shadow raised the baton and brought it down. Brax, striken, almost fell but the shadows wouldn't let go of him, instead holding him up as the y stuck again and again and again. Ricky screamed her whole lungs out as she struggled and kicked and pleaded and sobbed as the shadow's arms were moving like lightning. Then she began screaming, suddenly uncontrolling of her own words, as if she saw someone else other than the father of her child being beaten, "Please! Please don't hurt her! I have no one left! Please don-"

"Ricky wake up!" 

She shot straight up on a scream, staring around the flat with deep breaths as if her life depended on it. It was morning, the sun shining through the windows. She then saw Denny right in front of her, a worried and startled look on her face as she held onto her hands. She then heard crying and turned to see Casey pearing from his crib, frightened to see his mother in such a way. 

"Ricky what happened?" Ricky took deep breaths as she registered her surroundings, almost as if she didn't believe it. That dream felt so real! She didn't know where to begin. "They...they..took B..Br...Brax," she began, knowing tears were springing down her cheeks, "And,...they beat him..and..and.." at that point she knew she couldn't go on. She broke down, sobbing as she collapsed into Denny. "I'm so alone!" 

Denny sighed, letting her friend sob into her, stroking her hair as she said "It's ok Ricky, but it's ok. You have me and you have your gorgeous son." Ricky barely seemed to hear that, she was so lost and broken. The next sound she heard as she turned form Ricky to see Kyle, Josh and Tamara run out of the other flat. "Is she ok?" Kyle asked, breathless, already feeling like the biggest idiot in the world as he saw the woman whom he thought of as a sister crying in Denny's lap. Denny gave him a reassuring smile, while trying to clear the turmoil in her own head. "Don't worry, I got her. Can you take Casey?" 

Tamara sprung into action. "Right, definitely." She then walked over and picked him up, stroking his head to clam him. "Come on little man, let's give your mum and Aunty Denny a moment, eh." She walked out to the next flat in the process of calming down her soon-to be nephew, beckoning the boys to follow. Josh and Kyle gave each other a glance and followed Tamara. 

"It's all gonna be alright, Ricky" Denny said as she held Ricky in her arms, giving her a quick kiss on her head, "it's all gonna be alright." 


It took more than a draining hour to calm Ricky down and even then she was so sullen-looking. She had big bags under her eyes, and she looked ahead of her listlessly. Denny got her a glass of water, which she gulped down in one drink. She looked over and gave a weak smile. "Thanks Denny." 

Denny smiled back and gave her hand a squeeze, but in her mind she felt a mess. Ever since she felt decided to follow Evie's advice, she took a step back and enjoyed time with Ricky. They shared jokes at the baitshop, drank at Angeloes and swam and surf at the beach. All this Denny did with the comfort of knowing that the feelings were real and she will get the right chance to act in those feelings at the right time. 

But now, seeing Ricky's latest breakdown, shows that maybe it will all be for nothing. That she will still be holding on. That made Denny so angry, not for herself, but for Ricky, stuck with the past while it continues to hurt her. Her anger was directed at Brax. Brax was her friend, epecially with Casey, He gave her advice that helped her and Casey go a long way. But now, she just hated him. For what he did and was still continuing to do for Ricky, for what he did to her son, to Kyle, and to everyone else.  "Ricky, I am so sorry that this is hapening to you." 

Ricky nodded and looked down on the empty cup. She decided not to tell Denny about the last bit, mainly because she didn't know what it meant. Instead of screaming for Brax, it seemed like she was screaming for Denny. Why? Why her mind would take such a sharp turn, she didn't know. In fact for a lot of the days now, she felt a connection to Denny, she loved spending time with her these past few weeks and it was keeping her so happy. She shook her head. "I don't know, I mean, what he did was wrong, I know that Denny, but part of me is still hoping that we could find each other or maybe, it was something I did, maybe I pushed him away or..." 

Denny shuffled over to give her a hug. "Don't think that. It was all his decision. He made his own selfish choices and he ran, but the worst part of all this Ricky, is how much this is punishing you. The past is still taking hold of you, you should be free to make your own decisions and.." Denny stopped. She felt like she may have said too much. She was afraid of pushing Ricky over the boundary, afraid that she may be going too far. But Ricky looked at her and nodded. "You're right. I hate this so much! I should be free to make my own decisions, plan out my own future for me and for Casey, not clinging onto the past. But it is so hard, Denny it's so hard. 

Denny nodded. "I know, more than anyone else. But you shouldn't let it hurt you. Maybe you're right, maybe Brax will come back for you, and you'll get the happy ending you're looking for, but that shouldn't make you own choices, to stop you from living your life. You can still take pictures, you can still have fun, you can still be a great mother, and you can still hope for the future."

Ricky smiled. "Thanks Denny." She then gave a small laugh and said "So when did you get great at all this mental stuff?" 

Denny chuckled. "Oh, it's a gift," she joked. The two women laughed hard at that as they leaned back against the sofa. They then gaze into each other's eyes, they each suddenly thought of the possibility of something. Instinct made Ricky lean towards Denny, hope made Denny lean towards Ricky. It just seemed that maybe.... 

"Uh Ricky," Josh's head popped out of the door. "Casey may need another nappy." Ricky paused, still gazing at Denny. They both sighed, gave each other a smile and then Ricky stood up. "Right there Josh!" She then ran over to the flat following Josh. 

Denny mentally kicked herself. That was the wrong thing to do at this time. An hour ago Ricky was bawling her eyes out for Brax and here she was this close to kissing her! She was wrong to just assume that her feelings would take care of it all. As far as she knew, Ricky saw her as a friend. She shouldn't act on her feelings just yet, not until she knew where both of them stood. Also there was Brax and Casey to consider as well. No matter what Denny thought of him, Ricky's love for him can't be ignored. And her Casey, she didn't want to feel like she let him down or that the love between them didn't matter when it did. It may be what he want for her, but he meant so much to her to move on yet. 

Nearly got you there, didn't I? null Sorry guys, these girls aren't ready  to go to the next level next, not with all that emotional stuff to deal with. Be patient, things could still work out. Hope you all enjoyed, will update soon. 




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Thanks Pembie, Red Ranger 1, JarlieFanEver, Kirsten and Mcgarry.helena@yahoo.com. I know it took a while to upload, so here we go. 

Chapter 6

"Hey, are you able to close up tonight? I got something at home". Denny looked from the counter to Ricky near the containers. 

"Yeah sure, you may be surprised to know this, but spending time at home when your aunt and former boyfriend are playing lovey-dovey together isn't all that great," Denny told her as Ricky gave a laugh. "So, what's up?"  

Ricky looked over both her shoulders, as if making sure that no-one was over-hearing them, then whispered towards Denny. "This hasn't been made official yet, but Kyle and Tamara told me this morning that they're taking the next step. They just got engaged!"

Denny's mouth dropped open. This is great news! Kyle has had  tough two years, so far, losing both his brothers that it was great that he was getting some happiness. "Oh my god, Ricky! That's great news!" She ran across the counter to give Ricky a massive hug, who wrapped her arms around the younger woman as well. The two of them were felt so happy in that moment, in each other's embrace, but then, the feelings of awkwardness came flooding back to both of them and they quickly broke the hug. "Ricky" Denny stammered,  her cheeks red with embarassment. "sorry, I-" 

"No, it's alright," Ricky assured her, though she was red in the face herself. It's been two weeks since Denny comforted her at her  house and that near-kiss. They both tried to pretend that it didn't happen and continued their friendship, but the awkwardness was still there. Ricky wasn't sure what to make of it, all that she knew was that she still wanted to spend time with Denny. "So," she began, breaking the silence. "Tomorrow, there's a little party at Angeloes, would you like to come?" 

"Err, yeah sure, I'd love to come," Denny managed to get the word out as she fought to keep from blushing. Her mind was racing, keep coming back to that near kiss. She felt so guilty afterwards, she felt like she might have pushed Ricky into something she wasn't ready for and she wasn't sure if she herself wanted it. She didn't know where to hug or punch Josh the next time she sees him. "Anywhere, you better head off, don't want to keep the happy couple waiting." 

"Right, see you later then." Ricky gathered up her things and gave her a smile. "Thanks again, You're the best friend." And with that she was off. Denny's smile melted away as she sat down behind the counter with a sigh. A best friend, Ricky told her, she saw Denny as a best friend. But how will she feel if she knows that maybe I want more than that? Will she hold it against me? Denny didn't know the answers to these thoughts and it bothered her a lot. 

"You alright love?" Alf asked as he walked in. Denny just stared at the floor before realising what she was asked. "Yeah, I'm fine, thanks Mr Stewart. You can head off, I'll close up." 

"You know I might as well. Flaming Palmer forced me and young Roo to come to dinner with him and Marilyn. Wouldn't want to leave them waiting, well Roo and Marilyn anyway. See you tomorrow." Alf winked at her before walking out. 

Denny gathered up her things as she prepared to lock up. She decided to have a night to herself at home and contemplate her choices. There was so much to consider, her feelings and friendship towards Ricky, Ricky's emotional state, Casey's memory and whether her moving on would honour or insult his memory. She had so much to think about.


"Here" Brody picked up his bottle  and raised it, expecting the rest to follow suit. "To Kyle and Tamara!" 

"To Kyle and Tamara." Ricky echoed along with Josh, Ash, Evie, Matt, Kat, April and Dex as they raised their bottles and drank to the soon- to be couple,  who were smiling on them all from the couch, Tamara sitting on Kyle's lap, her head resting against his chest, Kyle smiling like Ricky never seen him smile before. Ricky was trilled for them, they may not have had the best of starts, but their love for each other couldn't be denied. They deserved the very best for each other.

Ricky smile as she saw Kyle began kissing Tamara's cheek as she giggled, trying to escape from his arms. Josh and Brody were chatting with Evie, Matt and Ash were arguing about their shifts at the restaurant, Kat was laughing around with April as Dex began making faces for Casey. She smiled, she was so happy they were all here to celebrate this, and the whole town  will be celebrating it as well.  But, unwilling, her mind went to Brax. She knew how thrilled he would have been if he was here. Kyle would've asked him to be his best man, he would have walked down the aisle with Ricky by his side. She felt very emotional as that came into her head, she left her bottle at the table as she went out to the back. She looked up to the dark sky and all the bright stars. Ricky wondered where Brax was now, he was on the run, in a police cell, or even in the country? Was he thinking about her? Did he still love her? Should she still love him? 

"Ricky?" she turned around as Kyle walk up, concern written all over his face. Ricky gave him a reassuring smile as she looked up at him. "Yeah, I just needed some air." 

Kyle looked down on her with a sad smile. "I know what you're thinking. I miss him too." Ricky wasn't surprised he knew, they were like brother and sister. She knew he missed Brax just as much as she does. "I was just thinking that how much he would have loved this, how he would have been your best man.." 

"Yeah I knew," Kyle replied giving her a hug. "Brax invited me into the family, when Casey and Heath distrusted me and wanted me out, he saw that I just wanted a family and that I was willing to do whatever it took to be part of one. He gave me a chance when no-one else would. He won't abandoned us yet, He'll be back."  Kyle said this, his voice trying so hard not to break as he tried to convince not only Ricky of the forlorn hope that Brax could one day come back to their lives, but also himself. Kyle couldn't just believe that his brother would abandon them, Brax was his big brother, his protector if anyone doubted him, his mentor, he will be back for them. 

Ricky nodded, her face pressed against his shoulder, her hands wrapped around his back. She desperately wanted to believe Kyle, that Brax wouldn't have abandoned them, but she knew the truth: the truth was that Brax abandoned her, Casey and Kyle the moment he walked out of Summer Bay for his mad vengeance quest. He may come back, but even if he does, it will never be the same. Ricky wasn't even sure she would still love him when or if the time came. She realised there at that moment, while hugging the man who was like her brother, that it may be that the one she wanted, the one she needed, was Denny. 


The next day....

Denny looked at herself in the mirror, she was trying the blue dress of her's. It looked good, she decided that she would wear that for Angeloes tonight, she was looking forward to congratulating Kyle and Tamara, but she was nervous about seeing Ricky there. She was feeling like she wanted her more than ever. She's been thinking about it all night, she felt like she wanted to try something with her if Ricky wanted her. She also felt guilty. She felt like by letting her feelings take control of herself, she was putting pressure on their relationship, she felt like if she pushed to far, she will lose Ricky and Ricky can't lose anyone else. She didn't know how to deal with it all. She sighed as she heard the sounds of Hannah and Chris returning from work. She looked back at her dress and nodded. She just had to try and deal with it all without ruining their relationship. For Ricky or herself.  She gave herself a smile and headed out her room. 

So there we are, I'm sorry if that was a bit short, but next chapter will be big, I promise you. Hope you all enjoyed this one.

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Thanks Mcgarry.helena@yahoo.com, Red Ranger 1, Pembie, Kirsten and JarlieFanEver for responding, things are gonna spice up in this chapter! Hope you enjoy! 

Before I begin, I though I might just give you a quick background on the whole bay here:

Ricky is living in the flat with Casey and Kyle, Josh and Tamara are in the other flat.

John, Marilyn and Jett are next door to our main characters

Sasha, Dex and April are living with Irene. Dex and April came back from Paris.

Hannah, Denny and Chris are living in the farmhouse 

Justin, Phoebe, Raffy, Brody,Tori and Nate are living in the Morgan house

Oscar, Evie, and Matt are living with Zac, VJ and Leah in Leah's house

Ash, Kat and Billie are living in the Flat above the Diner

Alf, Roo and Maddy are living on the Caravan Park house

I have decided to not have Andy, Hunter,Olivia or Mason in this one.

Chapter 7

Ricky stepped out of the flat, wearing her blue dress with the rose in it, she remembered how much Brax loved it, the way she used to twirl around in it when they were alone to lift his spirits up when ever he came home tired from work, she sighed as her memories from over two years ago came to her vision, him bringing home a cot from his mother, the banter he shared with both her and Heath before Heath moved away, the way he would hold her in his big, securing arms whenever she felt like she needed comfort or safety....

She shook those thoughts from her mind as she readied herself. Nothing good will come of reliving the past, she knew that. No matter how hard it felt, she knew that Brax made his own decisions. 

She was tired of letting him make her's. 

She took a deep breath and walked over to Casey's cot and picked her little man up. He seemed somehow to understand that his mother was having deep trouble in her mind because the first thing he did was wrap his little, chubby arms around her neck and squeeze. Ricky smiled as she kissed her son on his forehead. Casey will need to know about his father, he deserved that much, but that's as far as her son will get to the old life of the Braxtons and River boys. Just like Heath promised for Darcy and Harley, and just like Kyle will surely promise for his future children, Ricky promised no matter what, she will ensure that Casey will get the good life that herself or any of the Braxtons got when growing up. 

She walked to the adjoining flat where she saw Kyle and Tamara embraced in a hug and Josh trying to fix Brody's tie. The moment Ricky walked into the room, both Josh and Brody gave a joking wolf-whistle, followed by Kyle, who got a playful push by Tamara. "Wow Ricky, you look stunning!" Ricky smiled. 

"Thanks guys, I had a hard time picking out the right one, but for me, this feels right at a great time like this. But are you sure it's alright that I'm gonna be late?" Kyle smiled reassuringly at her. 

"Yeah, it's fine, you'll have all the time you need to get Casey settled before Marilyn comes to watch over him, you know how much she adores him!" Ricky nodded relieved. "But don't worry, I will be there in time to have a drink with the soon-to-be-wedded couple." 

"Actually Ricky,I think you should stay here, or else no-one will have time to congratulate Kyle and Tamara since they'll all, just be staring at that dress!" Josh joked. Ricky and Brody laughed as, straightening up his shirt as he replied, " I thought you only had eyes for me." 

Josh rolled his eyes as he pulled Brody closer. "You know I do," he told him, giving Brody a passionate kiss. Ricky smiled at the two, she wished that she can be that happy with someone again. And immediately after she thought that, Denny, her sweet voice, her strawberry blonde hair, her smile and laugh came all flooding towards her....

"Ricky, are you alright?" Tamara asked, she realised that she must have been lost in her own thoughts for a while. She gave them all a smile as she continued to hold up Casey. "Yeah, just thinking. Now get out of here, you can't leave the whole town waiting!" They all gathered up their stuff and, after saying goodbye, headed out. Ricky looked  at her son as he stared around the living room. She smiled to herself, feeling happy like she hasn't in a long time. She felt like this night was going to be one of the best she's ever had. And she thought she knew who exactly would make it perfect. 


"This is great, isn't it?" Denny said as she sat in one of the booths with Evie, Matt, Oscar, Maddy, Hannah and Chris watching Kyle and Tamara being congratulated by a crowd of well-wishers. "The whole town out here to celebrate this?" 

"Yeah it is," Chris replied looking at his glass of wine. "This is a bigger crowd than I expected, especially for a Braxton." 

"Hey," Hannah argued, playfully pushing him. "Kyle has gotten a long way from when he came here. And Tamara and him are so happy together, so be nice!" Chris smiled at her and put his arm around her, kissing her forehead. "You know me, I'm the definition of nice!" Oscar and Evie looked away embarrassed while Matt and Maddy both laughed at their discomfort. 

Denny would have been looking away embarrassed as well, especially since it's her aunt with her ex, if she could stop staring at Kyle and Tamara. She was so happy for the both of them, their love for each other couldn't be denied or ignored, but she couldn't help but feel like that's what her and Casey could have ended up like. She missed him so much, they were planning their whole future. And for it to be just taken away, just seemed too cruel for words. She also felt for Ricky, because she knew that that's what she was hoping for her and Brax. Would she want the same with her? 

She looked around the restaurant, which was really looking amazing for tonight. Nearly the whole town has shown up. Kyle and Tamara are sitting near the bar, receiving congratulations from Alf, Irene,Roo, Zac and Leah. Brody and Josh were behind the bar, standing next to each other chatting with Tori and Nate, Ash and Kat were joking around with Phoebe and Justin, April and Dex were snuggled against each other in the corner booth, Billie and VJ, Spencer and Sasha, and now Maddy and Oscar, were dancing  away to the night. She loved this town so much and the great sense of community, but she couldn't help feel that, despite her family and friends here, she was the loneliest person here. 

That feelimg disappeared almost immediately as she saw Ricky enter the restaurant. She had her silver blond hair in plaits behind her head, wearing a blue long dress with a cute rose on it. Denny caught Evie's eye as her younger sister smiled at her, mouthed "good luck", and led Matt away to talk to Kyle and Tamara. Denny stood up and approached Ricky with a huge smile on her face. Ricky saw her and returned the smile as she engulfed Denny in a hug. "Hey Denny, great party, yeah?" 

Denny smiled and nodded as she pulled back to look at Ricky. She looked beyond stunning, to Denny she looked like heaven. "Wow, you look...look.." She cursed herself as she tried to get her words out, but Ricky seemed to understand what she meant. "Yeah, it looks alright," She said modestly. Denny shook her head. "It's more than good, Ricky, it's one of the most amazing things I've ever seen!" Ricky smiled as she blushed red. "Aww, thanks Den, that means so much." And she meant it, Denny's re,are meant to her much more than from Kyle, Josh, Tamara or anyone else really. She feels like Denny was special. "So, I'm gonna go get a drink, talk to you later?" 

"Yeah sure, enjoy yourself." Denny smiled as she went back to her booth, she felt so great after seeing Ricky here, it felt like she pushed all the clouds away. She watched as Ricky spoke to Pheobe and Kat, then went off to chat with Josh and Nate. Denny felt like Ricky was special, but how will she get her to notice that. 

The night went on and Denny enjoyed herself. She joked around with Kat, Tori,Pheobe and April, she chatted with Roo and Zac on how well the bait shop is going, she congratulated Kyle and Tamara for God knows how many times, and was able to successfully get several shots from Brody without him noticing her not paying for them. 

After the next drink she had, she started to feel a bit tired and anxious at the same time. Everything seemed to be going around her head, circling her as it kept mentioning the two names that mean the most to her, "Casey..Ricky...Casey...Ricky," making her feel like she had to chose one now... 

She stumbled and was about to fall when two, warm, gentle arms caught her and cradled her head against their chest. She felt her own heart thumping, the thumping increased as she looked up towards her saviour and saw that it was Ricky. Ricky smiled down on her as she asked her, "Are you alright?" 

Denny nodded as she stared up at her, at a lost of words, but then, possibly encouraged by the number or drinks she had or by the fact of how beautiful Rocky looked, she mumbled, "Can we talk in private." Ricky nodded at her reassuringly, stroking her hair. "Sure we can." She helped Denny up and lead her outside to the beach. No-one took notice, they were too busy talking with the new couple. 

The two of them stared out at the dark night, the waves crashing against the beach, until Ricky broke the silence and said, "Ok, now let's talk. You didn't bring me out here just to look at the stars, eh? " 

Denny took a deep breath as she gathered her thoughts. It was hard enough talking about it with Evie, it felt almost impossible to speak to Ricky about it.  "It's just that..I..I.I really like you Ricky,"she blurted out, barely taking in Ricky's calm, almost relieved reaction as she continued. "We've been spending a lot of time together lately...and I feel like...but I didn't want to hurt you...you're already hurting so much and...I don't want to let Casey down....I feel...I feel....." She was interrupted by Ricky stepping forward and pressed her lips against her's. Denny looked shocked but didn't break it off. She felt how sweet it felt and she breathed loudly as Ricky pulled away. Denny looked at her and gave her a half-smile to return her own, still suprised about what just happened. "What.." 

Ricky smiled and took hold of her hands. "I've been feeling the same. And I've been having the same doubts as you. But now, I'm putting them aside. I'm deciding to follow my heart and have what I want for both of us. And now Denny," she asked Denny, reaching up and stroking Denny's long hair behind her head. "What do you want?"

It took a moment for Denny to respond as she leaned in. "You," she replied as she kissed Ricky and Ricky kissed her back. The two women shared that passion for each other for a minute, feeling their tongues against each other's, Ricky's hand against Denny's head, Denny's hand against Ricky's back. Afterwards, they put their foreheads together as Ricky asked Denny, "How was that?" 

Denny smiled at her. "Perfect." 

Finally, they're together! I hope you're¬†all happy with this as much as I am. Next chapter will be coming soon. ūüėÄ Thanks.¬†



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Thanks Red Ranger 1, Pembie, JarlieFanEver, Kristen and Mcgarry.helena@yahoo.com. I'm so happy that you're still enjoying this. 

Chapter 8 

Denny woke up in her bed, she turned to her side and saw the sun shining through the curtains. Despite how much she had drank the night before, she remembered the kiss she had with Ricky, the sweet taste of her tongue, the smell of her hair. All of it seemed to good to be true. And was it? Could it have been just her drunken mind showing her what she wanted? Tears gathered in her eyes as she thought more about it, thinking it was probably just a dream and that Ricky would never see her in the way Denny saw her. 

That's it was a suprise to hear a yawn beside her, and to feel Ricky move up her body behind her and press her face to Denny's hair. "Morning," Ricky murmured sleepily. Denny looked up at her and gave her a watery smile, trying to hide the tears that have probably already gone down her cheeks. But Ricky, of course noticed. "What's wrong?" She asked anxiously. 

Denny shook her head as she turned over to Ricky's side. "Nothing, it's just... I thought last night...I mean..us, was just a dream.." 

"Hey, it's ok," Ricky promised her, wrapping her arms around her and brining Denny into a hug. "I promise last night wasn't a dream." Denny gave a laugh. "Well I know that now, thanks." The two of them laughed as Denny snuggled into Ricky, laying her head on the older blonde woman's chest. Then Denny suddenly realised that the two of them were in the same bed. "Ricky..are you sure that we should be sharing beds yet?" 

Ricky looked confused, and then with turning alarmingly red, laughed and reassured her. "No, we did nothing her last night. You were just a bit wasted from the restaurant and I brought you home. I didn't feel like leaving you alone so I fell asleep with you." 

"Oh good," Denny murmured, keeping her head on Ricky's chest. "I don't want to go that far ahead yet, you know?" 

"Yeah, me too," Ricky said, kissing Denny's forehead gently. The women stayed together, their arms around each other, Ricky pressing her face into Denny's hair, Denny listening to Ricky's heartbeat. The two enjoyed the comfort of each other and the silence, until Ricky bolted up with a joint, "Oh my god! Casey!" Denny jumped up with alarmed until she realised that Ricky needed to get back home to her son. Quickly they jumped out of bed, the two of them already dressed, Ricky needed to put on her shoes. When she had done that, Denny pulled her towards the window. "Here, jump through here." Ricky raised her eyebrows at her. "Bit dramatic, don't you think?" Denny rolled her eyes at her and stared at her new girlfriend pleadingly. "I just want us to be a secret for now, is that alright? I enjoy this so much, I don't want to rush ahead with things." Ricky gave her a smile and took her hands with her own. "Don't worry my lips are sealed." She gave Denny a quick peck on her lips, opened the window, and climbed through. "See ya!" And off Ricky went. Denny turned around, and fell back on the bed again. A smile crept on her face. For a very long time, she finally felt content. 


Ricky ran back to the house with all the speed she could muster, hoping that she hasn't left Casey, Kyle, Tamara, Josh, Marilyn, or anyone else worried for her. It's just that she enjoyed last night so much, not just for Kyle and Tamara, but also for Denny. Maybe they were a bit impulsive when they acted on their feelings, but she felt like it was the right thing to do. Denny proclaimed her feelings for her, Ricky couldn't possibly begin to express how happy she felt at that, having feelings of her own for Denny as well. She loved Brax, but she also remembered Denny's words from before, that Ricky shouldn't hold on to the past. And she was right. Brax abandoned her, abandoned her son, he didn't deserve Ricky spending her whole life waiting for him. Denny made her happy, Ricky made her happy. Right now, to her, that's all that mattered. 

She ran up to the flat. Kyle and Josh were eating breakfast while Tamara was talking to Marilyn who was holding Casey in her arms. Josh was the first one to notice her, looking up from his breakfast. "Ricky," everyone turned around to see her nearly out of breath, her hair all tumbled up. "Hey guys, sorry I'm late, I was with Denny. How was Casey, Marilyn?" 

"Oh you know, he was a pretty little angel, as always!" Marilyn reassured her, smiling a big smile as she handed Ricky her son. Ricky smiled back as Marilyn said her goodbyes to everyone and left. Tamara turned to smile at her. "So how are you after last night?" Ricky grinned at her soon-to-be sister in law and replied "I'm alright, I just had to look after Denny, she was a bit hammered  from before, but she's fine now." She bundled Casey in her arms, looking at him smile at his mother and aunt, oh how adorable he is! Ricky, of course, knows this, but she always thinks this when she sees him. 

Kyle gave her a smile while wolfing down his toast. "You're a good friend to her Ricky, you know that?" "You two are good together." 

Ricky returned his smile as she took Casey back to their flat, trying hard to conceal her secret. Oh, she and Denny worked more than Kyle would think. Ricky was actually almost about to tell them all, but her promise to Denny held her back. Also there was Kyle to consider. She loved him like a brother, but she was afraid of his reaction. One of the many things she admired about Kyle was his unquestionable loyalty to his brothers, but now, she sees that as a bit of a problem. She knows that Kyle cares for her and wants what's best for her, but he thinks that Brax is what's best for her, as she is best for Brax. And until last night, Ricky felt the same. Until last night. 

What also didn't help matters was that Denny was yet another former girlfriend of the Braxtons. Ricky wasn't entirely sure that Kyle seeing two of his brother's former girlfriends with each other would be the best for them or himself. She didn't want to hurt Kyle, he was hurting so much from all that had happened in the last year. She was planning to let some time past for Kyle to be in a good place, for him to accept Ricky and Denny for who they are. He got on fine with both of them, Ricky didn't want to ruin it.

As she set Casey down to prepare for his breakfast, she took a moment to take it in: Denny's beauty, the scent of her blonde hair, the way she looked at her with delight when she entered Angeloes, the taste of her lips. All of it was just breathtaking and it felt wonderful. Denny was surely something special to Ricky, and what really made her smile that she knew that Denny felt the same. 


"So, how are you feeling after last night?" Leah asked Denny as she waited for her coffee. Denny nodded back with a tired grin. "Yeah, a bit tired, but I'm getting there." And she was. She'll admit, she was still feeling the aftermath of the hangover, but it felt like nothigpng, because of Ricky. She almost felt overwhelmed when she found Ricky next to her this morning, but the feelings they share overcame it. She hasn't felt this happy in a long time, and she owed it all to Ricky. "Still feeling the hangover, but it'll go away." 

"That's the spirit love," Alf encouraged her as he looked up from his newspaper on the stool. "Most people will feel like that after a good night out, but after a while, it will be gone." 

"Yeah," Leah agreed, giving Denny a little wink. "And besides, I've been there and done worse myself sometimes!" 

"Haven't we all," Justin commentated from his table, throwing an exasperated look at Pheobe, who was snoring into the table, her head burrowed between her hands. Denny and Leah laughed. Denny collected her coffee, said goodbye to everyone and headed off. She stared out into the beach and the beautiful sea. It looked more beautiful than ever, but then again, everything seemed brighter today. To her though, Ricky shined above them all, even the sun, she was her special person. 

"Hey Denny!" She turned to see Evie coming up towards her, a huge smirk on her face. Denny gave a sigh and a smile as she approached her sister. "So, you left with Ricky last night?" Evie observed. Denny smirked back at her. "I did." Evie just smirked. "And..." Denny sighed, of course she knew something would happen. So now there was no point in hiding it, she can trust Evie to keep quiet until she wants her relationship to be public. She confirmed Evie's suspicions with a nod. "We kissed." 

Evie's smirk softened into a happy smile. "I'm very happy for you Denny. You're a wonderful person, so is Ricky, you tow will work great." Denny smiled at her and brought her younger sister into a hug. "Thank you." 

Sorry if it was a bit short, but after such a big chapter, I thought it would be nice just to see the tow of them afterwards and how they feel. Hope you enjoyed this. ¬†ūüėÄūüėė

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Thanks again guys, for commenting. Sorry it took so long, it's been a busy two weeks. So here we go! Hope you enjoy. ūüėĄ

Chapter 9

"Twenty-eight..Twenty-nine....and Thirty!" Dex announced as Ricky dropped the weights with a huge gasp. She decided to start working out at the gym and Dex told her yesterday it would be a good start if she tried the weights first. "Great start Ricky. Most of our members aren't able to keep them up for that long." 

Ricky looked up to him and grinned. "Thanks, I guess that All those times I had to carry all of Casey's toys for him seems to have helped," She joked as she picked up her bag. "Thanks Dex, see you same time next week?" 

"Yeah sure, see you then," Dex said goodbye as he headed back to the office. He was always happy to help a new member and especially for a friend. It was good to see Ricky up and about again. He, or anyone, hasn't seen that for a while. He and April came back to the bay at least five weeks after Casey died and they could see how much it affected the community. It affected them as well, while he didn't approve on how Casey treated Sasha, he was a good guy and his best friend. He didn't deserve what he got. But he could definitely see how this affected Brax and Ricky. Brax just turned into this angry, distant  guy who would have a go at anyone just for walking into him. He began to neglect his job at the restaurant and the gym, so it was down to Dex and Kyle to keep the businesses running. This Dex was happy to do, it always reminded him of Indi and Romeo. Then Brax ran off, leaving Ricky also a shell of what she once was. It made him feel happy that she seems to be getting on with her life now. 

He noticed that it was time for his break and headed up the stairs to Angeloes. He already decided to meet up with April there for lunch. He was too busy looking at his phone that he accidentally crashed into Kyle as the Braxton was heading down the stairs. "Oh, Kyle, sorry about that! Me and my phone..." Dex began mumbling apology after apology while Kyle gave him an exasperated look. It amused him on how awkward Dex was sometimes when they meet. "Dex, it's fine, I was actually coming to find you anyway. How was Ricky today's?" 

"Oh, she was alright. She did pretty well with the weights for her first time. You Braxtons and your girls really prove the muscles, don't you!" The two of them shared a laugh. "She's getting a lot better. "

"Yeah,she seems much happier now," Kyle admitted. Ricky seems to have gone a long way in the last few months. After Brax went on the run, Ricky was just broken. She barely left the house, even if Tamara, Pheobe and the girls insisted on a night out, she couldn't even go near Angeloes, and she only spent time with Casey. She woke up nearly every night sobbing her heart out. But now, she's turned a brighter colour. She spend more time with her friends, she was able to enjoy the restaurant and was able to have a peaceful sleep every night now. He was proud of her. 

"Well, I'm going up to meet April for lunch. See you later." Kyle said goodbye and left to the surf club for a break. Now that he began to think about it, Ricky seems to have changed a lot very quickly. Then, a alarming thought appeared to him; what if she was seeing another man? He knew that Ricky was her own woman, but she loved Brax and Brax loved her. Kyle still believed that Brax would return to them, it wouldn't be good for either of them if he returned and she moved on. But when he thought about it, Ricky hasn't really been seen to close with any man recently, with the exception of Josh, Nate and Dex, but they all had their own partners. Then Kyle began to remember that Ricky was spending a lot of close time with Denny...but no. They were just friends. And Ricky was straight! At least, he thought she was. 


Ricky was just after giving Casey his afternoon bottle. He was now sleeping peacefully in his crib while his mother watched over him with all the love she can feel in her body. Really, she felt like Casey and Denny were her whole world. She didn't feel as happy as she did with anyone else. Then, she heard footsteps and she saw Josh coming into the other flat, having finished his shift. Perfect, she thought, moving away from the crib, looking down at Casey to make sure he was comfortable. Just the person I was looking for. She walked into the flat with a smile on her face. "Hey Josh. How was work?" 

Josh looked up from the couch and smiled back. "Hey Ricky. Work was good, thanks. What's up?" Ricky sat down beside him. "Actually, there's something I want to talk to you about." This was kind of nerve-wracking for her, but she decided it was time for her to tell someone about her relationship. Denny has already Evie in her confidence, she told Ricky about it. Ricky assured her it was fine, but she decided that she wanted someone in her confidence as well. She loved Kyle as a brother, but because she didn't knew how he would react, she couldn't tell him or Tamara. And while she was close to Pheobe and Kat, she couldn't feel like she could trust them with something this big. She felt that Josh was the perfect person, because he was gay himself. He was feeling the exact same as Ricky felt. Taking a deep breath, she began. "How did you knew that you had feelings for Brody?" 

Josh looked at her surprised. He didn't expect this question. He shifted in his seat. "Well, I knew that I was gay for a while before, and I didn't really feel like any of my previous relationships didn't really felt like what I was looking for. And then I met Brody. And I fell in love with his cheeky smile, his curly hair.." He drifted off, images of his perfect boyfriend floating in his head. He then snapped back to reality and continued. "We both felt a strong connection, and it made all the dramas with his family, all the struggles and fears and dreams, all worth it. Why do you ask?" 

Ricky adjusted herself on the couch uncomfortably. "Well, firstly, this has to be an absolute secret, you understand, right? I don't want anyone else to know for now, ok? Josh, though still very confused, assured her that she could trust him. Ricky was very glad to hear this, Josh was like a little brother to her and it felt good to share her secrets with someone she trusted other than Denny. 

So here goes, Ricky thought, taking a deep breath and blurted out, "I'm gay and in a relationship with Denny." It took a moment for Josh to fully register the news, and when it did, his eyes widened in surprise. Out of all the things he thought she was going to tell him, that's the last thing he would have thought of! "You and Denny...Wow,"Josh murmured, before then he realised how obvious it was, her and Denny had been spending a lot of time with each other. And he remembered the time he and Kyle heard Ricky's cries from her sleep and rushed over to see Denny comforting her. The little kiss she gave on Ricky's head definitely had some tenderness in it. Was it really that obvious? Why hasn't anyone else taken note of it? Then he decided to hell with it being obvious, that didn't matter. What mattered was that Denny and Ricky were happy together. He recovered from his shock to turn back to Ricky and say "That's a suprise, but a great one. Congratulations." 

Ricky relaxed and gave him a relieved smile. "Thanks, I knew it was a surprise, but I knew that you would understand." 

Josh returned the smile. "It's a big one, I can tell you that, but you two seem happy with each other. As long as there's that, screw everything else." Ricky laughed at that and gave him a hug. The two of them sat in comfortable silence, until a question came to Josh. "Ricky, does Kyle know?" Ricky bit her lip, and looked down while she answered. "No, it's just that, I love Kyle like a brother, but his loyalty to his brothers, while I love it, is what I'm afraid of now. He probably thinks that what's best for me is Brax, and I felt the same for a long time, until a couple of nights ago, when Denny and me..you know.." 

Josh nodded understandably. He knew that Ricky was hurt for a long time when Brax abandoned her and Casey. Who could blame  her for moving on? Though he could see why she wanted to keep it from Kyle, his reaction could go either way. "I mean, Kyle is still struggling, who knows how he'll feel if he sees two of his brothers' exes together. I just have to wait for him to be ina good place, and for him to accept that Brax isn't coming back and then I think he'll be more accepting." 

Josh gave her a reassuring smile. "I understand, and don't worry, your secret is safe with me." Ricky smiled at him and hugged him again. "I know you will. Thanks Josh." She then said goodbye to him and, after checking Casey again and Josh promising her that he'll look after the kid, she decided that she'll go for a walk. 


Denny looked over the beach  seeing the sun shining bright, the waves smashing gracefully onto the sand. God, it was so beautiful! And speaking of beautiful, she then saw Ricky, walking up, in that cute short black t-shirt of hers and her hair done in a ponytail. She smiled at her as Ricky approached. "Well, hello there, gorgeous. What are you doing on this fine day." Denny smirked at her girlfriend's flirting. "Nothing much, just decided to have some fresh air." 

Ricky smiled at her gorgeous girlfriend. " You know, that's exactly what I was thinking as well. Why don't you and I head down to the beach to enjoy the sun beating down on us?" 

Denny nodded excitedly. "That sounds good." And then, seeing Ricky glowing there in the sunshine, her smile the most wonderful thing ever, she leaned in and kissed her. Ricky returned the kiss and they felt completely at ease. That is, until a loud voice broke them apart. 

"What the f**-!"

Ricky and Denny looked up in alarm at the third person. They have been discovered!

Cliff-hanger! So, who do you think it was who spotted them? Hope you enjoyed this one! ūüėĄ



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Thanks everyone for commenting and for waiting on this. I am deeply grateful for your patience. Hope you enjoy this, as I reveal the person who came upon Denny and Ricky....

Chapter 10

(Author's note: Kyle is one of my most favourite characters on the show, and in my opinion, the best of the Braxtons, however, spoliers, he doesn't act the best in this chapter, for this I am sorry, but it works with the story. So again, to the rest of the Kyle fans out there, sorry.)

Kyle did not expect to see what he saw when he walked down to the beach after his day in Angeloes. Not in a million years did he ever expect to see Ricky and Denny kissing away at each other like mad. And he had no idea what to feel about it.

Not that he was homophobic, because he wasn't. He was fine with gay people, he completely accepted Josh and Brody without blinking an eye! It's just the fact that it was his brothers' ex-girlfriends that were together that he couldn't comprehend it. He thought Ricky was straight, Denny too! They fell in love with his brothers, how did this came to be? Was it really that obvious? Was it easy for him to see it before? He hadn't the faintest idea how it happened or how he was suppose to react. He spoke out without realising what he was saying, barely registering the words that escaped his mouth, the stares he got from a passing runner, or the suprised reactions of Ricky and Denny as they turned towards him. The only thing he registered at this time was the shock.

Shock slowly gave way to..to...what exactly? Not exactly anger, but it felt close to it. Even though he told himself that he shouldn't be feeling this, he couldn't help but feel betrayed on Brax's behalf. Ricky was Brax's girlfriend! They loved each other, they were planning  a whole new life together. But now, even with Brax on the run, Kyle expected that Ricky was going to wait for him, not go kissing another person. It didn't help that Denny was Casey's former fiancée. While a small voice inside him told him that his view was ridiculous, he couldn't help it. His loyalty to his brothers came up top for him. He just turned and walked away, blocking out Ricky calling his name, telling him to wait. He couldn't deal with this, not now. 


Ricky came rushing into Angeloes, desperately looking around the nearly-empty restaurant. She needed to find Kyle and explain to him what about her and Denny! This is what she was afraid of, she loved Kyle as her big brother and she knew he was one of the nicest and supportive guys ever, but she was afraid that when he found out, he might see it the wrong way and overreact. Besides he found out way too soon, sooner than Ricky would have wanted. She had to find him, make him understand what Denny meant to her, and then he'll get over the shock and accept it. She ran up to the bar where Matt and Brody were talking. "Guys, quick! Have you seen Kyle? Is he in his office?" 

"No sorry Ricky, he finished his shift ten minutes ago," Matt told her apologetically, slightly startled by her rushing into Angloes breathlessly. "He said he was going home," Brody said. "Is there anything we could.."

"No, it's fine, I just need to talk to him. See ya!" Ricky said quickly before running out, leaving the two men very confused. She raced down the stairs, through the surf club, running outside where Denny was waiting for her. Ricky didn't tell her about her doubts of telling Kyle, she didn't want her girlfriend to be doubtful. "What's going on Ricky? Did you find Kyle? Why.." Deny asked before Ricky came to her. "Don't worry, I just need to talk to Kyle about something. I talk to you later," Ricky assured her. She kissed Denny's cheek before running off. "Ok," Denny mumbled, watching Ricky running. What was she hiding from her?


"Kyle! Kyle wait!"

Kyle kept walking, almost reaching the door handle, before Ricky grabbed his hand and stepped in front of him. Kyle sighed and looked down on her, wondering what excuses she was going to give him. Ricky took a deep breath and began to explain. "Look, Kyle, I know what you saw and what you may be thinking, but..." 

"But what Ricky? What? I saw you kissing Denny! Two of my brothers' exes snogging away! How are you going to explain that to me?" Kyle interrupted.

"No, Kyle, listen! I know it's coming as a big suprise, but..Denny has been a great support for me these past few weeks, she was really the one who has kept me going, and then..I don't know, feelings blossomed and we...we decided to do what's right for us!" Ricky struggled to express herself. She was a bit worried, she knew that it would take a lot of effort to bring Kyle to sense, but she didn't expect him to be like this. She was hopeful that she could convince him, but still she didn't expect this overreaction. 

Kyle scratched his head and paced around the small space between his flat and Ricky's. If it wasn't for Brax, he would have been fine with Ricky and Denny together. Suprised, definitely, but fine. However, Brax was still his brother, he brought him into the family, he gave Kyle a home, he couldn't betray him, and for that reason alone, he couldn't just accept what Ricky was telling him. "And what about Brax, huh? Did you think about how he'd feel about it? How he would feel that you've just moved on? That you abando-" Kyle then stopped himself, realising that he crossed a line.

All the fears and all the reassurances that Ricky had in her head gave way to a burst of anger. She couldn't believe that he would say this, that she just gave up on Brax. Does he not know how many times she woke up crying in the middle of the night from the dreams reminding her what she lost? How she was unable to take a step into Angeloes without going through painful memories? And he dared to say that she abandoned Brax? She loved him, but it was clear to anyone's eyes that it was Brax who abandoned her. Kyle's loyalty to his brothers was something she always loved about him, but if he refused to see the truth, then Ricky will make it plain enough for him. 

"I abandoned him, is that what you think," Ricky hissed, her voice barely a whisper. "Is that the way you see it?" 

"Ricky, I didn't mean that," Kyle said, really regretting what he said, but also refusing to back down on the discussion. "I just meant that-" 

"How could you Kyle, how could you?!" Ricky cried out, also refusing to back down. "How dare you think that, after all the times, I broke down, all the times I couldn't walk into Angeloes or the times when I went into a panic attack when it came to my own son! I did not abandon Brax, do you hear me? I did not abandon him! He abandoned us! You, me, Casey, Heatg, Biannca, Tamara, Josh, and everyone else to go on a revenge quest! He left us all!" 

"No he didn't! He wouldn't.." Kyle started, trying to push down all the doubts he's been having for months. 

"He did! It may be hard for you to see it, but it's the truth. He left us without a proper goodbye and just took off. And, what you expect to just wait? Just sit here, crying my eyes out and hoping that someday he returns? To play happy families again? Look, Kyle, Denny has been my rock for a long time now. She knows exactly what I'm going through and she doesn't judge me! We're happy together and if you can't accept that, then hard luck!" 

Kyle's jaw tightened as he prepared another argument when Casey's cries came from the other flat. Ricky gave him one final look then moved past him to the flat. Kyle just stood there, breathing deeply before looking behind him to see Ricky hugging Casey close while placing a kiss on his head. Kyle sighed before entering his own flat. All the doubts he felt since Brax left were all brought up by Ricky and he couldn't help but thinking that she was right. He knew he crossed a line with some of the things he said, but he couldn't help it. He still couldn't wrap his head around Ricky and Denny, but now he was thinking that maybe he was seeing this the wrong way. 

I hope you enjoy this one. Again, very sorry if you didn't like the portrayal of Kyle in this, neither did I, but it worked with the story, and hopefully you could see where he was coming from. The only reason why he's acting like this is because of Brax, he isn't being homophobic and now that he has doubts, there's room for him to change is mind. 



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