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Character you were most sad to see leave in the last 2 years?.


Character you most sad to see leave in last 2 years?.  

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Character you most sad to see  leave in last 2 years?.

Both Matt and Kyle are my favorite characters but it was sadder for me to see Matt leave as he seem more real leaving town. Wheres Kyle had a dramatic exit storyline as it was in character for Kyle  to take the fall for someone he loved   despite everyone thinking it was stupid to take the fall for someone he just met.

 But I  think Kyle felt that Isla deserved a chance to prove to her kids and ex husband that she could be a good person. All thought that in the 2015 Kyle storyline was feeling like he didn't belong and that's  why he did some out of character things like running off to Melbourne and making a move on Maddy while drunk  after losing the baby.  He did feel very guilty and then feeling connection with Ricky.

Matt felt very sad for me when he  left as it seemed like it was my best friend who was leaving town.

Out of the girls Ricky as I was sad how she left town without saying goodbye to anyone other then Ash and Phoebe. No one else seem to notice she was gone. 

But in fairness a lot of characters in any TV show leave unnoticed without goodbyes and actually it happens quite often in real life  when you move away and chance schools and jobs etc.



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11 hours ago, Blaxland 89 said:

vJ. Not because I liked him but because it has left Leah even more redundant and we could all see it coming when he was recast

I think Leah is at the right age to be taking in teens. 

As Irene is starting to feel too old to be taking in teens as most people her age are retired or thinking about it. 



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