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This Was Going To Be an Easter Story But Isn't


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Story Title: This Was Going To Be an Easter Story But Isn't

Type of story: One Shot

Main Characters: Ryder Raffy Coco Hope

BTTB rating: A
Genre: Comedy
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: No
Summary: This has nothing whatsoever to do with Easter I have no idea where this came from its very silly

Ryder brushes the golden swishes of Raffy’s hair back gently. The two teens have taken to studying and their subject is anatomy the practical version it would seem. It has young Ryder feeling excited and giddy. Ryder’s a young boy, who even though he puts himself across as bold and brass and self confident with girls. In truth Ryder has in fact had very little experience up until Raffy had baited him to the comforts of the yellowed grains of blanketed sand dusted beach, Where Raffy had gotten as far as opening her studying textbook before looking over to a very nervous and shy and jittery Ryder, Who Raffy can see has closed his eyes and pushed out his lips ready in the hope of winning himself a kiss. When really his lips had reacted with a sort of itchy burning sensation caused by one of his grandfathers freshly caught and cooked to brunt crispy perfection eel sandwiches.


Raffy took Ryder’s eagerness as a green lit sign Raffy has been taught signs by her sister Hope.

“When dealing with shyness in boys you have too take charge because really their a bunch of wusses”  Raffy remembered Hope saying laying facedown while the tattooist marked her shoulder blades with a skull and cross bones. Raffy remembers that to be a very true fact given the face of Hope’s tattooist looking queasy as he brought the blowtorch down to Hope’s skin where she never even flinched from its heated touch. Hope would be proud to see Raffy being as brave and hard as nails as her when she posted a picture of her and Ryder kissing to her Facebook account. Finally no longer would Raffy have to live in the shadow of her best friend Coco ,hearing Coco’s wittering stories about having gotten with this new guy, and oh how so sweet and cheeky he was.

Only downside being how his breath smelled of fish sometimes and how he dreamt of becoming a clown treating her to witty magic tricks and illusions.


Raffy suddenly pulls back turns towards a loud coughing sound and a slight tapping of a foot in the sand next to her.


“Coco” Raffy sputters. Quick did Hope say anything to her about accidently pashing her best friend’s boyfriend? Memories flood through her mind like opening creaky forgotten and abandoned drawers. The drawers open and bang open and bang open and bang shut until Raffy finds and opens the memory drawer with Hope’s advice of running away when caught sleeping with a guy who looked like Orlando Bloom within the dark shadows of the moonlight, But when awaking from the blurriness of drunkenness into reality the next day and catching sight of Orlando Bloom within the startling brightness of the daylight he really looks like a brown stained turd stuck to the end of a toilet brush.


Ryder opens his eyes as far as he can anyway. They have puffed up like balloons. Raffy hasn’t noticed she’s too busy getting her hair pulled and being flung across the sand by a very angry looking Coco. Raffy picks herself up off the sand. Coco kicks sand up at the heels of her feet back at Raffy as she marches towards Ryder. Coco stops short of her boyfriend though who’s face has taken on the likeness of a runny toffee butter butterscotch pudding. But given Ryder’s allergic to his fishy sandwich. Ryder’s appearance has a drowsy sandy melted butter lifeless flimsy look to it, mixed with huge red blotches of scorch traces running down his face. There for Ryder looked like a Butterscotch pudding/butterscorch pudding with extra ghost chillies thrown in for that fiery kick for added flavour


Raffy is about to rugby tackle Coco to the ground, but stops as Ryder tries to say something tiredly through his granitic whales lips. Coco and Raffy are both shocked  by Ryder’s new a frightening monstrous sized head.


“Raffy you must be a super bad kisser” Coco says with just the hint of smugness in her voice, and Raffy can only go so far into denying that it might just be true and Coco is right.

“Kiss him Coco maybe you can turn him back quick.” Raffy says with cautious in her voice.


Coco bends down towards Ryder closes her eyes and feels slightly sick as she gently kisses Ryder, who is in shock because to be truthful this wasn’t the way he had imagined getting lucky with his two best friends in the same day. The turn of events have taken him by such ground breaking surprise one of his hands has fallen to the sand, and upon that sand there rests a jellyfish. Ryder instantly expands and starts to float upwards like a hot air balloon. Coco and Raffy make chase as Ryder vanishes into the whiteness of the clouds.


“Ha Ryder always the joker” Coco says nervously

“Yeah his always clowning around either or his so in love with us his floated off to cloud nine” Raffy adds with a giggle


I take that boost of confidence Coco says taking Raffy’s arm under hers the two girls skip away thinking themselves as two goddesses of love








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