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Levels Of Tragedy

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I still can't believe that Casey is acting like this, at least Tamara is starting to doubt Casey.  I hope that someone finds Kyle soon.

SPAG and capital letters.
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Chapter 36



Summer Bay – In the bush

Kyle was just starting to come round from the seizure, as he tries to sit up he suddenly goes white. Turning to his side, Kyle throws up.

What happened? One minute I felt dizzy now I'm on the ground and I've just been sick. Ugh I have headache; I must be coming down with something. Why is it so cold? When did I end up outside? Ok, maybe now is good time to start panicking. I think I will just stay here for a bit before I try to stand up as I will probably end up falling straight back down again.

Kyle sits up and rest up against a tree. He knows he shouldn't close his eyes but as he starts to feel tired, he closes his eyes.

I think I'll sleep for just a couple of minutes just give myself some time to feel a bit better.

(8:10pm) 1 hour and 9 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Surf Club – Main Area

"So, who's idea was it to circle all the areas searched already?" Alf asks as he looks over the map that Casey had printed out.

"Casey's." Heath tells the older man.

"Don't them two hate each other?" John says as he remembers the constant sounds of arguing coming from the two younger Braxton brothers.

"Yeah well Melbourne changed all that John." Brax points out "Now can we get back to trying to find Kyle?"

With that Alf to speak again: "Right we are going to focus mainly on the bush surrounding the Bay. We have got teams of people already on their way out there to start the search."

"What about us?" Brax and Heath ask at the same time.

Peter thinking it might be best if he takes this question, speaks up: "Well normally we would have family members stay here but I'm going to assume that won't work with you lot. So, myself and you two are going to take one of the areas Alf has marked on the map. And before you say anything Tamara, you will be staying here with Alf."

"Why do I have to stay here?" Tamara demands to know "He's my boyfriend therefore I deserve the right to be out there searching for him."

"Because I promised Leah that I would make sure you didn't get hurt plus you have school in the morning."

"You seriously think I will be going to school tomorrow when my boyfriend is missing?!"

"It's not up for discussion Tamara, you are staying here with Alf and that's final!" Peter tells the teen.

"This unbelievable!" Tamara says and goes to a table and sits down.

(8:59pm) 49 minutes later…

Summer Bay – In the bush



All three members of the search group where shouting in hopes that Kyle would respond to their calls.

"Brax, this is getting us nowhere." Heath tells his older brother as they walk through the bushes.

"Look Heath, we have to keep searching for him." Brax says to him.

"On a scale of one to ten, Peter do you think we are going to find him tonight?"

"I think with the amount of people searching for your brother, we are going to find him." Peter replies "Now instead of just standing why don't we continue searching for him."

With that they continue in the direction they were heading in hopes that they will find him.

(9:12pm) 13 minutes later…

Kyle woke up to the sound of shouting coming from somewhere nearby.

Weakly, Kyle stands up and starts to walk in the direction of the voices hoping that they belong to his brothers.

"KYLE!" Brax yells again.

"Brax." Comes a voice from somewhere in the distance.

"KYL…!" Heath's shout gets interrupted by his brother hitting him "What was that for?"

"Shut up and listen." Brax tells him.

"Brax." The voice comes again.

Peter who also hears the voice says: "That's coming from over there."

With that all three of them head off in the direction of the voice.

(9:19pm) 7 minutes later…

"KYLE!" Brax yells again.

Suddenly there's the snapping of twigs coming from somewhere in front of them.

"KYLE" All of three of them yell.

Slowly a figure emerges from between the branches and Kyle appears in the light radiating from the torches that the three men were holding in their hands.

"Brax?" Kyle says quietly while trying to cover his eyes.

Letting out the breath he didn't realise he was holding, Brax quickly runs over to his brother and pulls him into a hug.

Pulling away, Brax asks his brother: "Are you ok?"

"I'm cold." Kyle answers him.

Heath appears by his brother's side and says: "That might have something to do with the fact that you don't have a coat on and its freezing out here."


"Kyle, my name's Peter." Peter informs him "We have been looking for you over an hour. So, I think it might be best to get you to the hospital and get you checked out."

"NO!" Kyle screams not wanting to go back to another hospital.

Heath and Brax look at each, then Heath says: "I think Peter is right mate. Just to be safe as you have been missing for ages."

"No, I don't want to go to any hospital. I'm sick to death of them."

"Ok, but can we at least get a friend of ours to check you over?" Brax asks him.

Kyle nods his head in response.

"Right I think we should head to back to the Surf Club and on the way there, we can let Alf know we have found him." Peter tells them all, which they all agree to.

With that they all head off in the direction of the car, with Brax helping Kyle just to make sure he doesn't fall over.

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Thank god that they found Kyle I don't blame him for being scared of hospitals I can't believe that Casey did all this.

Capital letters for names.
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8 hours ago, Helena said:

Thank god that they found Kyle I don't blame him for being scared of hospitals I can't believe that Casey did all this.

Just wait more to come in terms of Casey being mean....

Capital letters for names.

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Great chapter! I’m so glad that they found Kyle! Although I’m worried that he’s not going to hospital considering that he had a seizure. I just hope that he will tell them about it so they know. I can’t believe this happened though! How could Casey? I mean I know he doesn’t like Kyle but this could have killed him! 

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I have finally caught up with this Casey pretending to be nice and worry about Kyle only for him to be mean and have Kyle get lost I am so glad they found Kyle.

Update again soon :)


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On 09/01/2020 at 09:50, Kristen said:

I have finally caught up with this Casey pretending to be nice and worry about Kyle only for him to be mean and have Kyle get lost I am so glad they found Kyle.

Update again soon :)


i will be updating the one-shot series for the next couple of days then i'll be back to this one

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Hello everyone, I'm sorry that I haven't updated since January but I have been so busy with work, things in my personal live and my MacBook deciding not to work at the worst time when Apple have decided to close their stores so no genius bar to take it too. Luckily, I know someone who works on the genius bar in one of my local apple stores and they've managed to sort the MacBook out and were able to retrieve this chapter which went missing along with my latest one shot chapter.

I'm also so grateful for the reviews that I not only receive for this fanfiction but also my other one Kyle Braxton One Shot Series and I love reading them. If you have any more one-shot ideas, please keep sending them to me via a direct message or as a comment on my one shot series topic and I will add them to the list.


Chapter 37

(10:04pm) 45 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Living Room

After deciding in the end to take Kyle straight back to the house, Heath had called Bianca so someone could get Nate to be at the house ready for when they got back. Also, to tell them just to act normal as they didn't want Kyle to panic.

So, it didn't surprise any of them to see the doctor sat at the dinner table talking and drinking coffee.

"Mate, just sit on the couch for us." Brax says to Kyle as he puts his stuff down on the cabinet.

Nate watching Kyle slowly sit down, gets up and walks over to him: "Hi Kyle, my name is Nate Cooper."

"Hello, I take it you're the doctor." Kyle says without looking up.

"That's me." Nate says with a smile then turns to Brax "Don't' suppose you know if he tripped over anything?"

"No sorry Doc." Brax responds to the question.

Sick of people talking about him like he wasn't in the room as they had done for the past week, Kyle speaks up: "If you wanted to know that why didn't you just ask me?"

"Sorry Kyle, I'll remember for next time."

"Good because I may not be able to remember much but I can tell you that I didn't trip however I did remember feeling dizzy then waking on the floor which in turn led to me throwing up." Kyle says recounting the moment he woke up on the bush floor.

"That's great Kyle." Nate tells him "Ricky don't suppose you could get Kyle here a drink of water please."

Ricky nods then gets up and does what she was instructed before heading towards the sofa and handing Kyle the glass.

Taking to glass, Kyle places it on the table.

"Are you not going to take a drink?" Nate asks him.

"Why? I'm not thirsty."

"So, you could rid of what I can imagine is the taste of sick in your mouth." Nate laughs.

"Wouldn't it be much better for me to just brush my teeth then it taste nicer?" Kyle suggests to the doctor.

"Your probably right. Why don't you go do that now? Maybe Casey can show you where the bathroom is." Nate says turning to look at Casey who figures out what Nate is trying to do.

Standing up with the help of his crutches: "Come on Kyle, I'll show you where it is."

Kyle stands up and follows Casey out the room. This then leaves the others to talk freely.

"So, what do you think Nate?" Bianca asks the doctor.

"Well he seems to be ok from the initial check and just talking to him." Nate replies.

"What about the fact he collapsed?" Brax ask with a look of concern.

"Well right now he seems to be doing fine. So, the collapse might have just been down to the fact that he might have been panicking as he didn't know where he was."

"What you're basically saying is that the collapse could be down to a number of things?" Heath asks.

Standing up and moving over to the table, Nate looks at them all: "Yes that's basically what I'm saying. Look at the end of day we weren't with him when he collapsed so all we can do is take his word for it on what happened. Now I might go and leave you all to it but if you need me don't hesitate to call as I get that this is not only a massive change for Kyle but also yourselves."

"Thanks Nate." Brax says as he shows him to the door.

Closing the door, Brax then walks back over to the sofa and sits down.

"Well Kyle has gone to bed." Casey says as he re-enters the room.

"Maybe we all should head to bed as it's late." Bianca suggests.

"You lot go. I'm just going to sleep on the sofa in case he wakes up." Brax tells them.

"Oh no, you're going to bed like the rest of us." Ricky says to her boyfriend "I know your worried, but we need to trust that he will be fine, and we also need to make sure we are in the best place to help him if he needs it meaning you need to sleep as well."

In the end, Brax gives in and takes Ricky's hand and goes off to bed just like the rest of them.

(9:23am) Next Day…

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Brax and Ricky's Room

Brax was finishing getting ready when Ricky woke up.

"Come back to bed." Ricky says while rubbing sleep out of her eye.

Sighing, Brax stands up and grabs his phone off the bedside table: "I wish I could, but I need to check on Kyle and make sure he has had his medication."

"Brax, he will be fine."

"How do we know that Ric."

"We just need to give it time and this will become a new normal."

"I would like the old normal back. Kyle was the one we never had to really worry about. He was the one that knew what needed to be done at the restaurant and he was the one who could sort himself out without needing me to get in the way."

"Unless him and Casey were arguing you mean." Ricky laughs hoping it would make her boyfriend smile, but it didn't "Why don't you take him to the restaurant today? Maybe it might help?"

Smiling, Brax looks at her and says: "That's not a bad idea actually."

With that Brax went out the room to hunt down Kyle.

(10:31am) 1 hour and 8 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Path on the way to the Surf Club

"So, tell me again where we are going?" Kyle asks as he follows Brax along the path.

Stopping, Brax turns to his little brother and says: "Ricky suggested I bring you along with me to the restaurant. That way you can maybe help but also get some fresh air."

"I kind of think I got enough fresh air last night Brax."

"Well think of it this way, it will help you get used to the route you need to take if you wanted to visit the restaurant." Brax suggests.

"I suppose your right." Kyle says, "But do you think I could maybe help out?"

"I don't see why not." Brax says then starts walking again.

Kyle quickly follows behind him, while just looking around at everything in hopes it might jog something in his memory but so far nothing comes back.

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Great chapter!

I’m glad that Kyle seems okay. I think it was a good idea for him to get some fresh air. I’m just worried something is going to go wrong. I wonder what Casey’s next evil plan is and when someone will figure out what is going on. 

Can’t wait to read more! :) 


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I really enjoyed this chapter.  It was great to see Doctor Nate in this chapter.  I still can't believe that Casey is evil in this story.  I look forward to reading more.

SPAG and capital letters for names.
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