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Levels Of Tragedy

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I loved this chapter especially heath trying to bring humor to the situation can't wait to read more

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Hello, the author here, firstly I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I was trying to update the one-shot series then I have been working on my uni's magazine over the summer plus my placement. Now I have graduation next week, so I have been busy. Secondly, I have just started a new job so been trying to sort out all the stuff with that. Most recently I got the chance to meet Nic Westaway who played Kyle Braxton on the show. Anyway, enough of the excuses I think you have waited long enough for the next chapter so here it is.

Chapter 29

(4:47pm) 59 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room

As soon as she was told that she could go back in the room, Tamara had rushed in and straight over to her boyfriend.

To Kyle, she looked happy to see him until she slapped his arm: "What was that for?"

"You scared me that's what that was for." Tamara says with a serious face.

"Well I am so sorry that I scared you TimTam." Kyle smiles at her.

"Oh, your definitely feeling better if your calling me that." The girl says laughing at the silly nickname Kyle had given her.

The laughing stops when Kyle looks away from her and towards the door where Brax was currently stood.

"Hey mate, how are you feeling?" Brax asks his brother calmly.

Kyle just looks Brax up and down as he tries to figure out who he is: "I'm ok. Thank you for asking."

"No problem, little brother." Brax says forgetting this Kyle doesn't remember Brax is his brother.

"What did you just call me?" Kyle asks curiously.

"I called you Little Brother."

"I know that I have brothers, but dad has never let us meet."

Tamara decides that maybe now would be the best time to speak: "Well Kyle, you actually live with your brothers back in Summer Bay."

"What? I'm so confused." Kyle says starting to become agitated "Tamara, will you find my phone please."

"Ok but why do you need your phone as we are all here." Tamara quizzes her boyfriend as she gets up to go look through the bag of Kyle items that was in the cupboard.

"So, I can call dad and he can explain what the hell is going on." Kyle replies.

Looking at Kyle, Brax decides to let Heath know that Kyle is awake but not to come back to the room.

(4:51pm) 2 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – Casey's Room

"Is that Brax?" Casey asks as soon as he sees Heath take his phone out of his pocket.

Heath nods as he replies to the message.

"What did he say?" the other three says as Heath puts his phone back in his pocket.

"Well Kyle is awake, and they've started him on a drug to stop anymore seizures from happening. He still has no idea who Brax is. In actual fact, Brax let slip 'little brother' which has got Kyle even more confused." Heath informs them all.

"How?" Ricky asks.

"Well Kyle knows he has brothers, but he said that dad hasn't let us meet each other yet."

"So, he still thinks dad is alive?" Casey quizzed his older brother.

"Well considering he has asked Tamara for his phone so he can call dad so he can explain to him what's going on, I think it's safe to say he does but Brax doesn't want us to go and see Kyle just yet."

"He's going to tell him dad's dead, isn't he?"

"I think so mate." Heath responds.

"Well let's hope it goes down better this time." Casey says normally while laughing internally.

At the same time…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room

Tamara gives Kyle his phone which he takes from her and unlocks it. He locates his dad's number and rings it.

Brax and Tamara just look at each when Kyle hangs up and dials the number again.

Walking over to his brother, Brax takes the phone and ends the call.

"Give me that back!" Kyle shouts as he tries to grab the phone back from Brax.

Sighing, Brax sits down in the seat Tamara had been sat in a couple hours earlier, he then looks up and Kyle and speaks: "He's not going to answer Kyle."

"Why not? Dad hasn't been sent back to jail, again has he?"

Turning to look at Tamara and without saying anything she nods and leaves the room.

"Where is he?" Kyle asks again.

"Mate, I need you to listen to me carefully."


"Dad's not going to answer because he died Kyle."

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Adding something missed out

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Chapter 30


"Your lying." Kyle says to his brother.

"I'm sorry Kyle, but I'm not." Brax looks at his brother "Actually, from what you told us, you were sat outside in your car when Danny died."

"I don't…" Kyle stops mid-sentence as if he is trying to remember what the stranger is telling him.

"When Danny died you were sat outside keeping an eye out for the police and you were going to send him a text, but you didn't get a chance before you heard the gunshot."

"Someone shot him?"

"Yeah mate but it was in self-defence."



"Who shot my dad?"

"It was your little brother, Casey."



"Why did he do it? I know you said it was self-defence but why?"

"According to Casey, Danny had told him to kill the security guard, but Casey refused so Danny went to kill him instead."

"So, Casey shot him for that?" Kyle looks at Brax like he was about to cry.

"Yes. After that Casey was arrested and while he was on bail, I decided to take him camping which is how we all ended up crossing into each other's paths."

Kyle stays silent as he listens to everything Brax tells him. From the kidnapping to how Kyle ended up living with them all in Summer Bay.

(5:02pm) 11 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – Casey's Room

Casey, Heath, Bianca and Ricky were in the middle of a conversation when Tamara appeared in the doorway.

"Hey Tam, thought you would be with Kyle." Bianca stated.

Walking to the end of the bed so that she was in the middle of the room, Tamara spoke: "Brax give me the look."

"The look?" Ricky quizzed.

"You know the look that says, 'I need to tell someone something so think you can leave the room for a bit'."

"Oh, that look."

"Yep, from what I could here when I was stood outside the room for a couple of mins, it sounds like Brax is telling Kyle about your dad." Tamara says as she looks at the two remaining Braxton brothers.

Casey wondered: "How do you think he's going to take it?"

"Well from what I heard; I don't think Kyle believes Brax at all."

"Do you blame him?" Heath says which gets a look from everyone "Think about he doesn't remember Brax and now this guy who is a stranger to him is telling him that his dad is dead."

"Now when you say it like that, I wouldn't believe it either." Tamara replies.

Casey just looks at his hands and starts playing with them.

"Case, are you ok?" Ricky asks the teen.

"I just hope Kyle and me can get along after this major step backwards." Casey tells them all.

Laughing, Tamara looks at her ex-boyfriend: "Are you for real?"


"You couldn't care less about Kyle before the accident, now you're worried."

"Watching him nearly die made me look at things differently." Casey says while hoping that's enough to keep Tamara from discovering the real reason why he is being nice.

"Well sorry if I don't believe you for a second." Tamara says as she moves away from the bed "I think I'll go and get something to drink."

Watching her leave, Heath turns to his brother and tells him: "Don't worry Case, she is just trying to protect Kyle. However, if you keep being the way you are, she'll come around eventually."

With that Casey just nods his head and goes back to playing with his hands.

(5:38pm) 36 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room

"Are you still with me?" Brax asks his younger after finishing how Kyle ended up in the Bay.

"I think so, I just don't understand why I can't remember any of this?" Kyle says quietly.

"The doctor is trying to figure that out mate so don't worry about it."

"Yeah well it's a bit hard when you have no idea why the only thing you can remember from the past year is your girlfriend who turns out is actually your younger brother's girlfriend."

"No Kyle she isn't. Tamara had a choice and when her memories of how you two met and her relationship with Casey came back, she choose you because she loves you and don't forget that again." Brax laughs at that last part.

"Don't laugh at guy who can't remember anything." Kyle says to his older brother "There's just one thing I don't get."

"What?" Brax asks him.

"Why would she choose me after knowing what happened because I wouldn't have if I was her."

"Because I love you!" Tamara says as she enters the room with two cups of coffee and hands one to Brax.

"I think you got your answer right there." Brax tells him as he gets out the seat to allow Tamara to sit down.

"Besides, what you did wasn't the real you Kyle, you were upset and wanted to hurt the person who killed your dad." Tamara explains too him "The real you, is the most loving and kindest person I know."

"Well that's true the real me wouldn't intentionally hurt someone particularly someone who is meant to be my younger brother." Kyle admitted.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Heath entered the room with Casey who was in a wheelchair.

Brax looks at Heath and says: "What did I say to you?"

"Not to come and see and Kyle but if we are blaming anyone, Casey begged." Heath blabbed loudly.

Hitting himself in the face, Casey responds with: "Thanks a lot Heath."

"No bother Bro." Causing everyone to laugh even Kyle.

"So, how you doing Kyle?" Heath asks him, then noticing the look on his brother's face quickly adds "I'm Heath. This idiot in the wheelchair is the youngest of the four of us, Casey."

As the teen in the wheelchair rolls over to him, Kyle doesn't miss the glare that Tamara gives him: "I'm good I think."

"See, Case I don't know why you were so worried." Heath states which earns him a look from Brax telling him to shut up.

Casey turns from looking at Heath back to Kyle and says: "I'm glad you're ok Kyle as I would have hated myself if I hadn't got the chance to apologise to you for everything I did after finding out about you and Tamara."

"Thanks, but I should be the one apologising to you." Kyle tells him.


"Because I nearly killed you when I took you to the desert from what I gathered from Brax."

"Long behind us mate." Casey smiles and puts out his fist for Kyle to fist bump, which he does.

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I'm glad that Brax filled Kyle in and that Casey and Kyle are getting along.  Looking forward to the next chapter.

SPAG and capital letters.
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On 07/01/2020 at 05:48, Helena said:

I'm glad that Brax filled Kyle in and that Casey and Kyle are getting along.  Looking forward to the next chapter.

Keep an eye out going to do some more tonight.

SPAG and capital letters.

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Great chapter! I’m really glad that Brax filled Kyle in. It was quite sad when Kyle asked Brax why he called him little brother, I really hope his memory will come back. Looking forward to reading more! :) 

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Chapter 31


(8:47pm) 3 hour and 9 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – Doctor Murry's Office

"So, John, what do you think we are dealing with here?" Doctor Patrick Murry asks the head of Neurology.

"Well from what you've described and looking at the scans, I think it's safe to say that it's a combination of PTE and a TBI." Doctor John Williamson replies to his colleague.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am. He is having seizures which yes is normal when suffering with a TBI, but the memory loss is too extensive for it to be just from the seizures alone. You even said that only a day or two before the young man had suffered a blow to the head while having an altercation with another person then you take into account that he more than likely hit his head, which was already injured in the accident it certainly makes my diagnosis more accurate."

Sighing and running his fingers through his hair, Patrick stands up: "I guess we better tell the patient and his family."

"I think we should." John agrees.

(9:07pm) 20 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room

"So, I was right then?" Tamara says, breaking the silence first.

"Yes, in this situation you were but as I said earlier please don't use google to research people's symptoms." Doctor Murry reminds her.

Looking at the two doctors who had just told them what was wrong with Kyle, Brax asks: "So what happens now?"

"Well as I understand you've already been made aware of what PTE is."

"Yes, Dr Murry already explained that one."

"Right a TBI basically stands for Traumatic Brain Injury, now there is many different types some are primary and some are secondary, but it appears that Kyle is suffering from a coup-contrecoup injury which is when the brain becomes bruised, this what is called a primary injury to the brain. Now it's more than likely that if he had not hit his head less than 24 hours before the accident we might not be in this situation now, however if you take a previous head injury and then become involved in a car accident in which the head is propelled forward and accelerated and then moved back in deceleration before you even hit it on anything then the chances of developing a TBI becomes greater."

Heath now feels like it's time to put his own two pence worth into the conversation: "So your saying if out brother hadn't been pushed causing him to hit his head of a concrete floor there was a greater chance this might not have happened?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying. As I said there are two categories which the type of brain injury falls into now in most brain injuries they are comprised of a mix of both primary and secondary injuries." Doctor Williamson pauses to make sure that everyone was still listening to him "Now the blow to the head that Kyle suffered when he was pushed is what is causing the secondary injury, now I believe he is suffering from Second Impact Syndrome which is an extremely rare outcome where death or severe neurologic injury occurs when a person sustains a second concussion before symptoms from an earlier one has subsided. So, when you add both the primary and secondary injuries together and based on how severe the initial insult was, the more likely the secondary injuries will have a major effect on the patient's overall outcome."

"I feel like the more you speak Doc the more this becomes worse." Brax tells him.

"Don't worry Mr Braxton, most people with your brother's condition still manage to live a somewhat normal life."

"Somewhat?" Kyle speaks for the first time, reminding everyone that he is still in fact in the room.

"Yes somewhat, see Kyle you fall into the moderate to severe category."

"Really Kyle, you had to out do didn't you!" Casey jokes as he tries to lightening the mood which in turn causes everyone to laugh.

"Now the only issue is we can't always pinpoint whether this is just going to be long lasting, meaning it will get better or it could potentially be permeant. So, when I say somewhat, I basically mean that most people with a moderate to severe TBI face life challenges that will then require them to adapt and adjust to a new reality. A new normal way of living."

"So, your saying that everything that I would have done normally won't be the same anymore?" Kyle asks him again.

"With a moderate to severe TBI it can cause permanent physical or mental disability due to the fact that polytrauma is common with moderate to severe TBI, many patients end up having to face additional disabilities as a result of other injuries. So, things like work and completing tasks that were once routine can be much more difficult than before the injury. Some patients find that the skills and abilities that they used before the injury to meet these challenges are not as sharp as they once were."

"I play a guitar, so in your words you're basically saying that I can't do that anymore."

"No Kyle, I said for some patients they can find skills and abilities that they used to have aren't as sharp after the injury, but that is certainly not the case for everyone." Doctor Williamson repeats himself.

"Get out." Kyle suddenly says to them all.

"Kyle, we can get through this." Heath tells his younger brother.

"I SAID GET OUT NOW!" Kyle yells at them all "JUST GET OUT!"

With that everyone quickly gets up and exits the room, leaving Kyle to rack his mind around what he had just been told.

(9:48pm) 41 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Outside Kyle's Room

Once everyone was out the room their faces drop the positive expressions they had shown in front of Kyle, to heartbroken.

"Doc, is there anything else we should know about this condition?" Brax asks "Just I think we should know the facts and I mean all the facts."

"Yes there is, but personally don't feel discussing it in the hallway but you all won't be able to fit in my office." Doctor Williamson informs them.

"What about my hospital room then?" Casey suggests "It's not a hallway and it will definitely fit us all in."

"Ok then we will discuss it there." They all nod in agreement.

With that they all head towards Casey's hospital room.

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Chapter 32

(9:54pm) 6 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – Casey's Room

Once everyone was in Casey's hospital room and Casey was back in bed, Brax then said: "So, what else do we need to know?"

Doctor Williamson looks at the room's other occupants and then answers: "Well, the issues I said that Kyle would face can also affect his personal life. As people who have experienced brain injuries may take longer to do cognitive or in English, thinking tasks associated with memory, for example coming up with the correct change in the checkout line at the grocery store or just placing an order at a restaurant."

"He's the manager to the family restaurant and he's the best we've had." Casey points out.

"Well there's no guarantee that Kyle will suffer from something like that."

"Ok, anything else?" Ricky decides to say.

"Family relationships will almost certainly change, and in some cases the patient will be totally dependent on their caregivers."

"Totally dependent?" Tamara repeats loudly.

"Yes, for some patients but thankfully, that looks like it won't be the case for Kyle." Doctor Williamson points out "The fact remains that at the end of the day a traumatic brain injury will be a life-changing experience for many patients and there's not much that can be done as there isn't an instant cure for this situation."

"I guess that's one thing we can be positive about right Tam?" Bianca says the young girl.

"I suppose so." Tamara says but then turns to the doctor "You mentioned disabilities early, what type of disabilities?"

"Well the ones just from looking and talking to Kyle about what's happening to him, there's a chance that he may have: difficulty simply carrying or moving objects like boxes, there's a chance he could have problems with his vision which could result in him wearing glasses then the loss of his fine motor skills, such as buttoning a shirt will become difficult and difficulty with social relationships could also become a problem for Kyle."

"Well he doesn't really have any friends back in the Bay." Casey mumbles thankfully not loud enough for anyone to hear him.

"I definitely think he's going to have difficulty with his thinking and remembering things which can be common with these injuries."

"What about walking?" Tamara asks as she remembered reading that walking can become difficult for people.

Dr Williamson sighs and looks at the girl: "I think Dr Murry was right you should read a medical textbook. Until we get Kyle out of bed and moving, we won't know. However, Kyle has just had major surgery to fix the damage from the branch if I'm correct so to be safe, we aren't going to get up him out bed for at least a couple of days just to allow his body time to heal."

"Why does everyone keep telling me to read a medical textbook?" Tamara sighs causing everyone to smile.

"Now I should also warn you that people with moderate to severe also have trouble with making and keeping both professional and personal relationships which in turn can cause issues with social gatherings and activities."

"So mum is no longer coming to family gatherings then." Heath exclaims.

"Really Heath?" Brax and Casey says at the same time.

"Well you know she will just have a field day with this."

Casey looks at Brax and agrees: "Heath does have a point Brax. She already hates Kyle; do you really want to give her more ammunition?"

Brax nods his head in agreement then waits for the doctor to tell them more information.

Picking up where he left off, Doctor Williamson goes on: "As you can guess if social activities are going to be a problem then so will any other type of activity, whether that be for fun and for work. But there are ways around all these problems."

"Like what?" Brax asks him,

"Well writing steps down for tasks that way there is always something for Kyle to refer back to when he forgets something. It's basically just learning to do every he has done before but a different way, which can become frustrating for everyone but there are people who are there to help and support not only Kyle but yourselves." Doctor Williamson tells them.

With that he goes on to tell them that he will get some leaflets that contain all this information so they can read up on Kyle's condition.

(10:15am) Next day…

Melbourne – Hospital – Kyle's Room

It was now the next day and Kyle had been moved to a more private room away from the ICU.

After the night before everyone including Kyle had had a chance to think over everything they had been told and were not getting their heads around the fact that live was probably going to change not only for Kyle but also themselves.

Tamara was currently in the room with Kyle, when he speaks up: "If you want to break up with me, I would understand but can you wait until I've rebuilt the relationships, I have with my brothers first."

"Kyle, I'm not going to break up with you for something like this." Tamara tells him "Besides you didn't with me."

"I know I didn't. That's because April had said you would get them back."

Tamara smiles and looks at him.

"What?" Kyle says confused.

"You remember that?"

"Yeah I do." Then it suddenly clicks, like someone had just turned a light bulb on "I remember that. TimTam I remember that!"

"Yes you do Kyle." Tamara laughs as she sees her boyfriend's face light up "What else can you remember?"

"Discharging myself from hospital then me and Casey arguing but I can't remember why we were arguing."

"That doesn't matter that you can't remember what you were arguing for as it will come back, but we will definitely be having a talk later about you discharging yourself from hospital." Tamara explains to him.

Just then Brax and Ricky chose to enter Kyle's room carrying a change of clothes for Tamara and food.

"What's this about discharging yourself?" Brax asks Kyle.

"Kyle just remembered that the other night after he hit his head that he discharged himself from hospital. So, don't worry Brax he won't be doing that right now." Tamara informs them "Also, that's not the only thing he can remember."

Kyle tells them how he can remember what April had said about Tamara.

"That's great Kyle." Both Ricky and Brax say together.

Ricky walks over and hugs him: "That means your memory from the last year is starting to come back but promise you won't try and force it like this one did."

Kyle promises not too. All four of them hope this is the start of Kyle getting better and secretly praying the doctor was wrong.

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I really hope that Kyle recalls everything that went on it doesn't sound good that Kyle has had a terrible diagnosis but at least he has his family and girlfriend really two fantastic chapters looking forward to find out what happens next.

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13 hours ago, Helena said:

I really hope that Kyle recalls everything that went on it doesn't sound good that Kyle has had a terrible diagnosis but at least he has his family and girlfriend really two fantastic chapters looking forward to find out what happens next.

thank you for the lovely reviews and you won't have long to wait as i'm writing the next one now 

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