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Levels Of Tragedy

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Great chapter 

I hope Kyle wakes up soon 

oh Casey that is just low pretending to care about Kyle

Update again soon :) 

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Hello, the author here, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has continued to read this fanfiction. Also, thank you to everyone whos takes time out therir lives to write a review. They are so lovely and i enjoy reading them all. Anyway, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 23

(9:50pm) 12 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room

Tamara was sat talking to an unconscious Kyle when Brax quietly slipped into the room.

"Guess what Kyle, Brax has eventually returned and he has coffee." Tamara laughs as she turns around to look at the oldest Braxton "Did they have to pick the coffee beans before making it?"

Brax walks over to her and hands over the coffee: "I didn't know you were funny."

"Well I am now." Tamara continues to laugh as she takes the coffee "So, what was your excuse then?"

"I thought I would give you some time alone with Kyle, before everyone returns to visit. Ended up sitting with Ricky in the canteen then popped into Case's room to check on him but he was fast asleep."

"Thanks Brax! I'm grateful that you wanted to do that but he's your brother you can be here too. Also, do you honestly think this whole thing with Casey caring about Kyle is genuine?"

"I know I am, but you haven't seen him in a couple of days and the first time you do since going on this stag do, it's in a hospital and he's unconscious. Also, I honestly do so I wouldn't worry about it as Casey seems to be really worried that Kyle might not be alright."

"Well first off, Kyle will be fine." Tamara states then continues "After all he has that stubborn Braxton gene. Secondly, you're probably right and I'm just ready way too much into this than there actually is. However, you can't really blame me for thinking like this considering he hasn't really been very nice to Kyle since we got together."

"You're right Kyle will be fine." Brax says as he sits down on the opposite side of the bed "No one can really blame you for thinking this way, but we do need to give Case a chance to prove that he can care about Kyle instead of hating him all the time."

With that in mind both Brax and Tamara go back to looking at Kyle. They both start a conversation with Kyle in hopes that he would responds to one of them.

At the same time…

Melbourne – Hospital – Waiting Room

"I don't understand why we can't seem him!" Phoebe says to her friend "After all we know him better than any of those other people."

Alex sighs and for what felt like the seventieth time he repeats himself: "As I keep saying Pheebs that just because we have known him the longest doesn't mean anything. They are his family and before you say no, they aren't as we are his family, you have done nothing but be horrible to Kyle since he got here and then you pushed him which caused him to bash his head. So tell me, how can you really call him family?"

"I apologised to him Alex and he forgave me for what I did. To top it off when I peaked in through the window to Kyle's hospital room, there was a girl sat in there who I hadn't seen before, she has no right to be in there at all!"

When Phoebe mentions the girl, Alex starts to describe her to make sure that the girl was his best mate's girlfriend.

"Yeah that was her!"

"Well Pheebs I hate to break it to you, but that girl has every right to be in there."

"I don't understand what you are on about."

"The girl you saw is Kyle's girlfriend Tamara."

Just then the door opened and Lydia enters and hears what Alex says: "Did I just hear you right?"

"Yeah you did Lyds."

"I thought she was related to them not Kyle's girlfriend when I told them where to go earlier."

"Did they know who you were?" Alex laughs.

"No but that's because I didn't tell them." Lydia quickly replies: "Look I have to and check on Kyle then I'm finished so we should head home and come back tomorrow."

"I not going anywhere till I've seen him." Phoebe states as she throws herself into one of the chairs.

Alex turns and answers: "Yes you are and if you don't walk out of here yourself, I will carry you."

With that Lydia, tells them she will meet them back at reception after she checked on Kyle.

(10:18pm) 28 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room

As Lydia enters the room, she notices that the occupants of both chairs were asleep and she didn't really blame them as it had been a long day for everyone.

Quietly she grabbed the chart from the bottom of the bed and then walked over to the machines and started running through the list of things she needed to do.

While Lydia was working on this Tamara opened her eyes and sat up: "How is he?"

Startled Lydia turns around to find Tamara looking at her: "He's doing as well as can be expected at this stage although we would have preferred for Kyle to have woken up by now, but knowing Kyle he is going to make us all sweat a little..."

Lydia suddenly stops talking when she realises what she had just said.

"What did you just say?" Tamara asks the nurse as she didn't think she heard her correctly.


"No, you just said something that made it sound like you know Kyle."

Knowing she wasn't getting out of this conversation, Lydia responded: "Me and Kyle have been friends since high school."

"Hang on, you aren't by any chance Lydia White, are you?"

"Yeah I am but how do you know that?"

Tamara looks at the woman and smiles: "Kyle has told me all about you, Alex Maden and Phoebe Nicholson. My name is Tamara Kingsley, the girlfriend."

The last part cause both girls to laugh but they quickly stop when they see Brax move from the corner of their eyes.

"Well Tamara its lovely to meet you eventually. Kyle told us so much about you before he even arrived in Melbourne and then continued to talk about you when he got here."

"Good things I hope?" Tamara quizzes.

"Don't worry not a bad thing was said. We could tell that he really cares about."

"I care about him too."

Looking at the clock, Lydia notices she has finished her shift and her friends will be waiting for her: "Look I'm about to finish but I'll be back tomorrow morning why don't we grab lunch in the canteen and we can get to know each other a bit more than what Kyle has told us about each other."

"You know what that would be great as it will give the others a chance to see Kyle. I guess I will see you tomorrow then." Tamara says then repositions herself in the chair.

Lydia bids her goodbye, places the chart back where it belongs then heads off to clock out and go home.

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Great chapter 

Tamara making a joke to Brax about taking forever to get coffee.

Lydia and Tam meeting was a nice touch.

Update again soon :)


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I really enjoyed this chapter it was nice of Tamara to make a joke about the coffee and also for her and Lydia to have a conversation

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Chapter 24

(8:32am) Next day…

Melbourne – Hotel – Heath and Bianca's Room

"Anything from Brax this morning?" Bianca asked her friend who had just entered the room.

Ricky walked over to the chair and sat down: "Yeah I got a text to say that Casey was fine, which we all knew anyway."

"What about Kyle?" Heaths asks her as he pulls a clean top over his head.

"Still no change with Kyle. That was at something like 3am this morning when a nurse checked on him."

"Isn't that a good thing?" Bianca quizzes her "After all it means he isn't getting any worse."

"Well Brax doesn't seem to think so but this is Brax we are talking about." Ricky tells them "Anyway, you both ready to go."

Making sure they had everything (including a change of clothes for Brax and Tamara) Heath then walked over to the table picked up the keys and his wallet: "Yeah I think so."

With that they left the room and headed out the hotel so they could get to the hospital.

(9:14am) 42 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room

Everyone minus Casey was gathered in Kyle's room when Doctor Murry appeared in the doorway.

"Sorry to interrupt but I was wondering if I could talk to Kyle's next of kin?" Doctor Murry says softly.

Brax stands up and answers him: "That will be me but anything you have to say can be said with everyone in this room present. So, what is it?"

"Well I'm a little concerned by the fact that your brother hasn't regained consciousness yet when there was no reported head injury from the accident."

"Could that not just be due to the whole, being impaled on a branch?" Heath states as he remembers having to pull the branch out his brother's side.

"No that would not be the cause of this, like I said this is something that would happen with a head injury. I would like to know if anyone has any idea if he may have hit his head or something?"

"Not that we know of. What other symptoms could occur with a head injury other than this?" Ricky asks just wanting to know what might happen.

Doctor Murry walked further into the room and took the glasses off his face and said: "Repeated vomiting, loss of consciousness for a long period of time, confusion and a headache that doesn't seem to go away which becomes more intense over time. These of course are just some symptoms of a head injury."

Heath looks to Brax than not realising says out loud: "Oh no!"

"Do you know something?" Doctor Murry asks Heath.

"Well it might be nothing and could just be down to the accident but when Kyle was trapped in the car, we had to keep telling him there had been an accident as he couldn't remember."

"That was probably down to the blood loss that your brother was something from Mr Braxton."

"There was something else though." Brax remembers back at the hotel the other morning.


"It might be nothing but yesterday morning when we went to get Kyle, he was sick for like 10 to 15 minutes but he said that was down to a hangover as he had gone out the night before. Then there was the fact that he told us once he had stopped that he would meet us across the road in the café but never did and when we did find him again he joked on saying he was messing with us but to both myself and Heath it was like he couldn't even remember it because he also had an argument with our younger brother that same morning and couldn't remember that either."

"That like you say could just be down to hangover."

"But doc that's not it." Brax tells him "Last night before we left to go home Kyle was talking to his friend Phoebe and she said that she had come to the hotel to apologise for what happened the night before and that she hoped he was ok."

"Apologise for what?" Tamara butts in.

"That's the thing, I don't know." Brax replies.

"We need to try and get in contact with this Phoebe then to find out if anything happened."

Tamara quickly remembers that Kyle once said that Lydia shares a flat with Phoebe, so she decides to inform Doctor Murry: "Why don't you ask Nurse Lydia White to find out?"

"Why would Nurse White know about this girl?"

"Kyle is friends with Lydia and I remember him telling me that she shares a flat with Phoebe."

"Are you sure?" Doctor Murry asks and gets answer in the form of a nod "Well if you excuse me, I will go and call Nurse White right this instance."

As they watch the doctor leave the room, Ricky turns to Tamara and asks: "Are you positive that's what Kyle told you?"

"100 per cent positive Rick." Tamara says as she goes back to looking at her boyfriend.

(9:21am) 7 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Outside Kyle's Room

While Tamara sat with her boyfriend, everyone else was congregated in the corridor.

"I know that look." Ricky states as she stares at her boyfriend's face "What you thinking Brax?"

"I'm thinking that what if that girl was apologising for perhaps arguing with Kyle then in the process Kyle somehow managed to hit his head?" Brax replies.

"But that makes no sense Brax, why would they be arguing?" Bianca jumps into the conversation.

Heath thought it was best to tell them who Phoebe was: "Well they might have been arguing because before Kyle left Melbourne with Dad, he dated this chick and apparently she wasn't very happy with him from what we could gather at the dinner on the first night here."

Before anyone had a chance to say anything a loud noise was heard coming from Kyle's room and a shout.


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Great chapter 

poor Kyle I hope he will be alright 

Update again soon :)


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Hello, author here! Thanks again for the reviews. I hope you enjoy this next chapter and I'm sorry it's shorter than my other ones but have all my final deadlines for uni in the next two weeks but wanted to update this story for you all. Anyway, here's the next chapter.

Chapter 25


The group of people who were congregated outside of the hospital room looked at each with a look of horror when they heard the shouting.

(9:34am) 13 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room

Quickly, they all ran back into the room to find the machines surrounding Kyle going stir crazy. Doctor Murry and a couple of nurses come rushing into the room just behind the Braxtons.

"Get them out of here!" Doctor Murry shouts to a nurse as he lowers the bed in which Kyle is lying in.

(9:37am) 3 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Outside Kyle's Room

Everyone was now stood outside the room just looking helplessly at each other as a nurse wheels a piece of equipment past them.

"Tamara, what happened?" Brax demands to know as he turns to look at the young girl.

With what appears to be tears running down her face, Tamara responds: "I don't know Brax. One minute I'm talking to him in hopes that he can hear me and the next thing I know the machines start going mental."

Tamara stops speaking and the tears that had been running down here face changed to a stream of tears and she starts to sob.

Ricky walks over to the girl and pulls her into a hug, then says to her boyfriend: "Brax instead of demanding answers from Tam, why don't you just wait for the doctor to come out here and tell us what the problem is?"

"Ricky is right bro. Demanding answers from anyone isn't going to help the situation so just calm down." Heath tells him just as the door to Kyle's room opens.

"Doc, what's going on?" Brax inquired.

"I'm afraid your brother's heart stopped beating again." Doctor Murry informs them "So I've decided to take your brother down for MRI to see if whatever is causing his heart to stop might have something to do with why he hasn't woken up."

Just as he told Kyle's family about what was going to happen, Kyle was wheeled out the room and down the corridor. Brax went to follow but was stopped by the doctor.

"I'm sorry but you can't go with him however you are more than welcome to stay in the room until we come back." He says then turns on his heels and goes off in the direction that Kyle had just been taken in.

Everyone just watches as the doctor disappears down the corridor.

(10:36am) 59 minutes later…

Melbourne – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room

Nearly 20 minutes ago, Kyle had been brought back to his hospital room and the doctor had informed them that the scans revealed bruising to Kyle's brain but other than that, there was nothing to overly concern them.

"Well guess he has a tough head then." Heath laughs as they all stare at Kyle.

With that comment, Bianca slaps her fiancé: "Heath, stop picking on your brother!"

"Jes woman, all I meant by that was it's a good thing as it has probably saved him."

"Likely story." Bianca sighs.

"It's very true." Heath responds.

Everyone else in the room just laughs as they watch the pair bicker like an old married couple, who weren't even married yet.

(3:21pm) 4 hours and 45 minutes later…

Tamara was sat in the room on her own with Kyle, while everyone had gone for food. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and in walked Lydia.

"Hiya Tamara, I didn't see you in the canteen like we said." Lydia says as she walks over to the now vacant chair that Brax had been sat in.

Tamara doesn't say anything instead she continues to watch her boyfriend.

"Do you mind if I sit down?" Lydia asks her but gets no response "I take it this has something to do with what I was asked about by Doctor Murry?"

This gets Tamara's attention and she turns her focus to Lydia: "So, something did happen between this Phoebe and Kyle?"

"Yes, but not what you think, I promise!"

"Well I knew it wouldn't be that considering Kyle loves me and would never cheat on me even though Casey keeps saying he will just like their dad did." Tamara tells her boyfriend's friend "What did happen then?"

"They had an argument, which to be honest had been brewing ever since Kyle left."


"When Kyle left, he broke Phoebe's heart. They had been together for five years then out of nowhere Kyle just ups and leaves not a word to anyone. A couple days after he left, which neither me nor Phoebe knew he had gone at this stage. We went round to his and Alex's place and Alex told her that Kyle had left but told Alex to let her know they were over."

"That doesn't sound like Kyle at all." Tamara says looking puzzled.

"Exactly, which is why Phoebe was worried that something was really wrong with Kyle. However, Alex told that Kyle had found his dad and well you know pretty much how that went after." Lydia finishes.

"Yeah I do." Tamara remembers how her, and Kyle first met "So, when they argued what actually happened as the doctor said Kyle had bruising on his brain."

"Well from what I can gather from Phoebe, they were discussing you two and Casey. Then it turned into an argument about them two and apparently Kyle said it was ridiculous the way she was going on. So, he got up and turned to walk away then she pushed him, and he collided with table before landing with a thud on the concrete floor."

"So, she hurt him?" Tamara states just as she feels pressure on her hand and looks back at her boyfriend.

"Yes but she apologised too Kyle and he forgave her or tha…" Lydia doesn't get to finish her sentence as she release that Tamara is no longer looking at her "Tamara?"

"I think he's waking up!" Tamara says.

Lydia looks at her friend then runs out the room to find a doctor.

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Please say that Kyle is actually waking up I'm so glad that the only thing wrong with Kyle is his head injury

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7 minutes ago, Helena said:

Please say that Kyle is actually waking up I'm so glad that the only thing wrong with Kyle is his head injury

you will have just wait for the next chapter

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