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2018 Season - UK Episode Discussion

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Very swings and roundabouts with Raffy going back when she did.  She had geared herself up to go back and I don't think anyone could have predicted her assault on Abbi.  Leaving it longer would have put her further behind and open to a lot of more taunts from Abbi.  Maybe, as Maggie said this week 'off' will give her a chance to study on her own and get up to speed at her own pace.   I did admire her for owning up to what she had done and was willing to accept her suspension and turning down the chance to appeal which really would be more stressful for her. Maggie was absolutely right to suspend her, even if it was the meds causing her anger.  If she didn't let off Coco, her own daughter, she couldn't be seen to favour someone else. Even if she had wanted to keep Raffy in school, it's in the guidelines the school has a no violence policy set down by the board and education Department. Wonder what punishment Abbi will be getting? Her parents, even if they don't know she's the school bully would expect their daughter to be safe at school and not be beaten up. The doctors can't be blamed for them not working, meds aren't a one size fits all type of thing, every patient is different and as frustrating as it is for Raffy it will take several goes to find the right combination.  Bad enough for an adult to have to go through this but for a 15/16 year old doubly so I would imagine.  I would think it'd have been a lot worse if Abbi had ended up in hospital, her parents could have brought a charge of assault against her and sued the school for not taking due care of their daughter.

The Morgan's seem very happy for Marilyn to step in and whisk Raffy away as and when - Tori and Mason were at the hospital and Justin and Brody were somewhere. I find Marilyn's more than half full glass view on things annoying and can be detrimental, her assuring Raffy everything would be OK being a case in point when as it turned out everything wasn't. After her outburst, all these grown ups telling her what to take and what to do has to be  riling,  I'm glad Raffy calmed down and decided to start taking her meds again and she was overjoyed at Tori's news. Not wanting to put a downer on it but is it wise everybody is getting to know the news,?  It's very early days.  Pity we didn't see Coco and or Ryder there offering their support to Raffy.

Mason was a great brother to Tori and Raffy, Brody and Justin having faded away for some reason.  If Tori had been wearing her doctors head she would have known her cramps could be anything, but as she was wearing her possibly expectant mum head all that knowledge went right out of her mind. Robbo coercing/cajoling/emotionally  blackmailing Jas in to looking up Tori's records wasn't the best boyfriend behaviour but it wasn't the first time that's happened and won't be the last. I'm guessing after Jas told Tori the news the specialist did show up and confirm it so allowing her to go home.  As Mason isn't qualified anything obstetrics wise would be out of his learning zone so far, but at least he knows now. Jasmines' protests to Robbo that everything was OK didn't totally convince  me and there are still, hopefully, nine months to go. Once again she showed how understanding she was by telling Robbo it was alright for him to take Tori home. Tori then told him to go home, but oddly he didn't tell Jas.  Quite a descent from the happiness of ringing Lance to tell him he's going to be a dad again to looking at the photos of Sophia and Lucas and getting those flashbacks, good days, bad days, bringing him crashing down. I'm hoping we'll get an explanation as to why he feels he needs to guard Tori and their unborn child other than he couldn't save his first family so he feels he ought to do all he can to 'protect' his new one. Something else for Jasmine to think/worry about.

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