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Forbidden Love

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Story Title: Forbidden  Love
Type of story: Long Fic 
Main Characters: Mason, Zara[my character], Raffy, Tori, Brody, Justin, Coco
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama.
Any warnings: Sexual content,
Summary: When Mason meets Raffy friend Zara he gets to know her and despire the age difference he gets a crush on her and she feels the same about him. Will Mason and Zara tell each other how they really feel? How will Raffy react when she finds out her friend have a crush on her brother? How will the Morgans react when they find out Mason have a crush on a younger Girl?


Chapter 1

[Raffy and her friend Zara walk into the house unaware Mason sitting on the couch]

Raffy: You get the movie and I will get the food

Zara: Ok

[Mason looks up]

Mason: Don’t hog all the good stuff Raffy

Raffy: I wouldn’t do such a thing

Mason: Yeah you would

Raffy: Sorry Zara family disagreement

Zara: It fine I used to it

Raffy: Oh Mason this is Zara my friend she new to school and moved to the bay last week

Mason: Hey Zara I am surprised I haven’t seemed you around

Zara: Other then school my parents don’t like me leaving the house that often so it an expect  tonight am one off

Mason: Right well they should let you live a little

Zara: Yeah they should but they are protective and don’t want me going to parties or having boyfriends but I want to do all of that

Mason: Well they should allow you to

Raffy: Don’t worry Zara my family protective to

Mason: Yeah but after what happened in our family lives we have every reason to be Zara’s family don’t

Raffy: True that

Zara: How about you join us Mason you look like you need a night in

Mason: Sure if it ok with Raffy

Raffy: Yeah it fine but we have no food so I will go and get some. Do you wanna come Zara

Zara: Nah I will stay here if that ok

Raffy: OK I wont be long and Mason here if you need anything

Zara: Ok see you in a bit

Mason: Yeah bye Raf

[Raffy walks out the door and Zara walks over and sits next to Mason]

Mason: So are you liking the bay so far

Zara: Yeah my parents and I love the diner we go there for breakfast often, school is cool and the people I met so far are amazing

Mason: Yeah well most people here are amazing

Zara: I can see that

Mason: So where did you live before the  bay

Zara: In a town called Arnolddale it a small place as for you I an sorry about your parents and witness protection Raffy told me

Mason: Yeah Thanks it couldn’t be helped

Zara: At least it all over

Mason: Yeah that the best feeling knowing that something behind you

Zara: Yeah I agree

[Raffy walks in to see Zara and Mason smiling at each other]

Raffy: It great to see you smiling Mase

Mason: I always smile

Zara: What food did you get

Raffy: Lots of chocolate, lollies, popcorn and Ice-cream

Mason: I am so going to regret this

Zara: So am I

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Chapter 2

[ the next day Mason in the diner with Tori and Raffy sitting at one table  and they see Zara and her parents at another]

Raffy: Do you think she ok

Mason: I am not sure

Tori: Who are we talking about

Raffy: Zara she a friend from school and her parents are really protective

Mason: She told me she couldn't even go to parties

Tori: That sucks 

Raffy: Yeah it does

[Zara looks at Raffy and Mason and smiles so they smile back]

[Zara and her parents are sitting there]

[Zara dad starts yelling]

Zara: Dad calm down it Raffy who I stayed with last night and Mason her brother

[Henry hits Zara and yells]

Henry: Don't you dare tell me to calm down now go to school and come straight home

Zara: Yes dad

[ Zara walks out]

[Mason, Tori and Raffy are at the table}

Mason: I feel like killing him for hurting her

Raffy: Me too 

Mason: Look after her at school Raf

Raffy: Sure...why are you so worried

Mason: Her dad hit her so I'm allowed to be

Tori: She going to need a check up so bring her home after school

Raffy: I do my best

[Raffy walks out]

Mason: Zara doesn't deserve this. she a nice person

Tori: No one deserves it I don't get why you care so much

Mason: Her dad hurt her of course I going to care

Tori: Well I do too

[ Raffy walks into to school and sees Coco and Zara]

Raffy: Zara are you ok

Zara: I hate him so much]

Coco: That understandable

Zara: At least once a week he does that but worst then today

Coco: Do you have a free now?

Zara: Yeah why

Coco: You need to be checked out

Zara: No hosptails

Raffy: My sister at home she a doctor she can check you out

Zara: Ok

Raffy: I will come with you

Coco: So will I

Zara: Thanks guys

[Zara, Raffy and Coco walk out of school]

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Chapter 3

[Zara, Coco and Raffy walk into the Morgans and see Mason and Tori]

Mason: Zara are you ok

Zara: Other then been used to getting hurt ten times worst and hating my dad I'm fine

Mason: This have happened before

Zara: It happens every week but worst then today

Tori: I'm Raffy and Mason sister Tori can I take a look at you

Zara :Sure

[Tori checking Zara out]

Coco: You shouldn't have to put up with this

Mason: Coco right you should stay here tonight 

Zara: I cant if I don't come home dad will hurt me the moment I get back

Mason: Well I wouldn't let that happen

Tori: You could have some facial injuries it safer if you stay here

Zara:  But my dad

Raffy: Don't worry about him right now

Mason: Yeah right now we taking care of you 

Zara: Thanks guys

Coco:  Stay here today I will explain to mum

Zara: I don't want to be alone

Mason: You wont be I will stay with you

Zara: Promise 

Mason: Yeah I promise


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Chapter 4

[Zara, Mason and Tori are in the lounge room]

Zara: Thanks for letting me stay

Tori: It fine we don't want to see you hurt

Mason: Yeah he not going to hurt you again

Zara: It cant be guarrated 

Mason: Well your safe here

[Tori walks out]

Zara: Where Tori going

Mason: To work. but you will be fine after all I'm here to protect you

Zara: Thanks that helps calms my nervous

Mason: No problem

[Zara and Mason sit on the couch]

Zara: Are you sure me been here with be ok with your brothers

Mason: Yeah it will be fine I promise

Zara: Good because I don't wanna step on anyone toes

Mason: Well your not

Zara: So I'm sure your girlfriend will be annoyed that your here looking after me

Mason: I actual don't have a girlfriend

Zara: How can someone as kind and caring as you not have a girlfriend

Mason: I guess the right girl for me haven't come along yet

Zara: Well any girl would be lucky to have you

Mason: Really

Zara: Yeah your one of the most caring guys I ever met

[Brody walks in as Mason and Zara are smiling at each other]

Brody: Sorry to interrupt 

Mason: It fine

Brody: It Zara right i'm Brody Raffy and Mason brother

Zara: Hi Brody it nice to meet you

Brody: You too Raffy filled me in on what happened stay for as long as you need 

Zara: Thanks

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Chapter 5

3 days later 

[Mason and Raffy, Brody and Tori was in the lounge room]

Brody: Raffy are you ok

Raffy: I'm really worried about Zara

Mason: Why... what wrong

Raffy: She haven't been to school since she went home

Mason: You think her dad hurt her don't you

Raffy: Yeah

Tori: Do you knows where she lives

Raffy: No idea.. we need to help her

Brody: We will do everything we can. 

[Justin walks in after been away visiting Ava for three weeks]

Justin: Who got then selves into a mess this time

[Tori, Brody, Raffy and Mason look at Justin]

Brody: None of us one of Raffy friends is been hurting by her parents

Justin: Are you sure your facts are right

Tori: Yeah Raffy, Mason and I along with everyone in the diner saw it

Mason: She got no one else we have to help her

Justin: And we will

Mason: Do you have her number Raffy

Raffy: Yeah I tried calling her but she hang up every time

[ Raffy phone beeps she have a voicemail]

Raffy: Guys I have a voicemail from Zara

[Raffy presses play on the voicemail it starts playing and Zara speaking in fearl]

Zara: Raffy  my dad haven't stopped hurting me or saying bad things to me he even taken my laptop and phone of me and locked me in my room I haven't had food or water in three days I ringing you on my spare phone which only have two minutes of battery left. Look I really need your help I'm so scared and haven't slept I don't care what you have to do just please help me.

[Raffy ends the voicemail]

Mason: We need to call the cops

Justin: We cant do that when we don't know where they live

Raffy: They could track the voicemail

Mason: I don't care what we do we just need to get her out of there

Tori: We should go to Colby instead of calling then

Brody: Yeah it could be quicker

Justin: Well we all shouldn't go

Brody: Fine you stay here and unpack but I'm going

Raffy: So am I she my friend

Mason: Me too I so worried about her 

Tori: And she might need checking out

Mason: Lets go


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Chapter 6

[Mason, Raffy, Tori and Brody stand outside Colby door as Raffy knocks on it the Colby opens the door]

Colby: Hey guys what up

Raffy: A friend of mine her dad been hurting her and she hadn't been to school in three days then she left me a voicemail asking for help and I'm really worried about her

Colby: Do you still have the voicemail

Raffy: Yeah

[Raffy gets her phone out and plays the voicemail]

Mason: She scared we need to do something

Colby: Raffy do you know her address 

Raffy: No but you can track the voicemail right

Colby: I will call the sgt and get him to track the call Asap then  I will go over there

Tori: Ok how long will it take to track

Colby: Only a few minutes

[Colby gets his phone calls the sgt who quickly tracks it]

Colby: The call was made from Yabbie Creek. I think it will be a good idea if you guys followed me there

Brody: Ok

[The group runs gets into the cars and both speed off]

[Raffy and Mason are in the back of the Morgans car and Tori and Brody are in the front]

Raffy: I hope we get to her in time

Mason: So do I 

Tori: She going to need a check up when she up to it as well

Brody: Well I bought food for her it in the back

[ Colby pulls up at the house and gets out of the car the Morgans pull up Mason quickly gets out followed by the others]

Colby: You guys wait here

[ Colby knocks at the door and a woman answers it]

Woman: Can I help you

Colby: Are you Fiona

Fiona: Yeah that me now what wrong

Colby: I need to speak to Zara

Fiona: Well she doing homework right now so she cant

Colby: If you don't let me speak to her I will have to arrest you

Fiona: Henry come here

[ Henry walks out]

Henry: What do you want 

Colby: To speak to your daughter

Henry: Well she busy right now

Colby: If you don't go and bring her out here I will have to arrest both of you

Henry: Fine I will get her but she is fine

[Henry gets Zara and they walk towards the door. Zara sees Mason and Raffy and runs past Colby and hugs Mason as she cries and Mason puts his arms around him and Zara head in his chest, Colby arrests Zara's parents]

Zara: I was so scared

Mason: Your safe now ok I'm here and I  am going to make sure he doesn't hurt you

[ Colby walks past with Zara's handcuffed parents]


Zara: No it isn't you hurt me and your not getting away with it


[Colby puts her parents in the cop car Zara is still in Mason arms and the other Morgan's watch on]

Colby: Is it ok if Zara stays with you guys until I find her somewhere to stay

Brody: Zara can stay with us for as long as she likes to

Tori: Don't rush finding somewhere to stay for Zara we don't mind having her

[Colby gets in the car and drives off with Zara's parents as Raffy and Mason look after Zara]



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Chapter 7

[ Raffy, Tori, Brody, Mason and Zara walk in to see Justin watching Tv]

Zara: Where can I put my stuff 

Raffy: Put then in my room you can stay there with me

Zara: I would actual prefer the couch. I'm already been a burden

Mason: No your not Zara so don't think that

Justin: Yeah Mason right

Brody: Zara this is Justin our elder brother

Justin: Your not been a burden anything you need just yell out

Tori: It getting late we should all head to bed

Mason: Are you going to be ok

Zara: Yeah I will be fine I just want to sleep

[ Zara lays down on the couch as the others go to bed]

4 hours later

[Mason wakes up to the sound of crying and walks into the lounge room to discover Zara in tears]

Mason: Zara what wrong 

Zara: I'm Fine don't worry about me

[ Justin walks out and is watching Zara and Mason talking]

Mason: Just because your parents didn't care about how your feeling doesn't me I wouldn't care

Zara: Why would anyone care about me I'm a ugly piece of crap who is bashed up

Mason: Your not ugly Zara, you are beautiful

Zara: How can look at me and say that when I'm not

Mason: You are beautiful in my eyes no matter what you look like. 

Zara: You really want to know what wrong

Mason: Yeah I do I want to help you 

Zara: Everytime I shut my eyes I have flashbacks of him hurting me and if he gets on bail he will find me and hurt me again

Mason: He wont find you here besides I'm not going to let him hurt you

Zara: Promise

Mason: Yeah I promise

[Mason puts Zara head in his chest and holds her as Justin watches on ]


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Chapter 8

[ Raffy, Zara and Coco are sitting on the school oval]

Raffy: Did you get a good sleep

Zara: After I talked to Mason I did although I felt bad waking him up

Raffy: It Mason he wouldn't cared

Zara: He one of the most caring guys I ever met all the guys from my past were horrible they were my dad friends or his sons they would say bad things to me but Mason he different he haven't said a single horrible thing to me

Coco: Well Mason one of the nicest guys ever he wouldn't say a horrible thing about anyone

Zara: I still didn't expect him or any of you to come out when I was crying last night I thought you would left me there

Raffy: We couldn't just leave someone when they are crying

Zara: Well I'm glad he come out it really helped me

Raffy: I'm glad we could help you

Zara: Thanks both of you for been amazing friends I haven't had friends like you before

Coco: That makes two of us

[ They group hug and smile at each other]

[Mason is sitting watching Tv and Justin walks in and switches it off]

Mason: What did you do that for

Justin: We need to talk

Mason: About what

Justin: I heard what you said to Zara last night how you thought she was beautiful and cared for her

Mason: So it the truth

Justin: The fact is you never said that to a girl apart from Beth. So I need to know do you have feeling for Zara?

Mason: Yes I have some but whether it love or not I'm not sure yet

Justin: You deserve to be happy Mason and I wont mention this to anyone else

Mason: Thanks Bro

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Chapter 9

[Zara phone rings as she walking out of class with Raffy and Coco so she answers it]

Zara: Hello Colby

[Colby voice over the phone]

Colby: Your mum have been let out on Bail and she in the bay

Zara: What? How?

Colby: Apparently she got a hotshot lawyer 

Zara: And my dad

Colby: Is still locked up

Zara: Well thanks for letting me know bye

Colby: Bye

[Zara looks scary which makes Raffy and Coco worried]

Coco: Is everything ok?
Zara: My mum been letting out on bail and she in the bay

Raffy: Zara lets go home your safer there

Coco: Raffy right

Zara: What if she sees us

Raffy: She wont 

[Raffy, Zara and Coco walk out past the school and beach and arrived home with Zara still looking worried they walk in and see Justin and Mason as Zara storms off and goes outside ]

Justin: What going on?
Raffy: Her mum been let out on bail and now she really scared

Mason: I'm going to go talk to Zara she needs a friend right now

[Mason walks out of the lounge room]

Coco: Should she have the rest of the day off

Justin: Yeah she should

Coco: Well I fill mum In on what happening

[Coco walks out the front door]

[Mason walks out the back door and sees Zara sitting on the stairs so he walks over and sits next to he and puts his arm around her back which makes Zara look up]

Mason: Zara I'm sorry this is happening to you

Zara: I'm scared Mason what if she finds me?
Mason: She wont and besides I'm not leaving your side until I know your safe

Zara: You shouldn't have to deal with this none of you should

Mason: Zara I'm going to look after you and besides you deserve to be taken care of

Zara: Thanks Mason

Mason: What for

Zara: Helping me and been there for me no matter what

Mason: It my pleasure

[Justin and Raffy walk out and see Mason hugging a crying Zara and they both hold each other and stay in the embrace for a long period of time]




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Chapter 10

[Zara, Mason, Raffy and Justin are sitting on the couch]

Zara: I feel like some pizza for lunch

Raffy: So do I 

Mason: Well I will go and get it

Zara: No it fine Raffy and I will go 

Mason: Are you sure

Zara: Yeah I cant let her run my life

Mason: Well be careful ok

Zara: I will be fine

Raffy: Let`s go then

Justin Here some cash

Raffy: Thanks

[Raffy and Zara walk out and head for the surf club when Zara mum comes towards then and hits Zara head  from behind which makes her blackout and fall to the ground while her mum runs off]


[Zara laying on the ground and Raffy kneels down next to her]

Raffy: Zara wake up please?

[Brody and John run out]

Brody: What happened 

Raffy: She was hit from behind

John: I will call the ambos 

Brody: Any idea who could of done this

Raffy: Her mum

Brody: She locked up

Raffy: She got bail

[ The paramedicas arrive and Brody and Raffy go with a barely awake Zara they get to the hosptail and is wheeled in the room]

Zara: Did my mum

Raffy: Zara we think so 

Zara: My head hurts

Brody: Well the doctor just getting some painkillers

Raffy: We glad your back with us

Zara: So am I 

[Tori walks in]

Tori: Zara how are you feeling 

Zara: Both like an idiot and crap

Brody: Your not an idiot 

Tori: Here have these they should help the pain

[Zara have the painkillers]

IT IS NOW 9:30 PM 

[Raffy walks in the Morgan house with Brody and Tori]

Justin: About time I was about to come and get you from the beach knowing you would of gone there

[Raffy, Tori and Brody look at each other]

Mason: Ok what going on and where's Zara

Tori: She in hosptail

[Mason is finding his keys]

Mason: What happened 

Brody: She was hit from behind

Mason: Well I'm going to see her

Tori: It a bit late isn't it

Mason: I promised her I would protect her and look what happened

[Mason runs out the door and drives quickly to the hosptail when he gets there he walks in Zara's room to see her laying down with an IV hooked to her]

Mason: Zara 

Zara: Mason hey

[ Zara sits up and Mason walks closer and sits in the chair besides her bed]

Mason: I'm sorry Zara

Zara: What for you done nothing wrong 

Mason: I said I would protect you and I didn't 

Zara: Mason this wasn't your fault

[Jasmine walks up to the door and sees Mason with Zara so she stands there]

Zara: Can you come and lay down next to me and hold me

Mason: Of course I can

[Mason gets up as Zara rolls over to make room for Mason, Mason gets up on the bed and lays down next to Zara and wraps his arms around her as she does the same]



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