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Does anyone think Morag still had a soft side in the 80s?.


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2 hours ago, Jamie! said:

I think we had this to a certain extent ten years ago where Morag said some nasty things to her family, (most notably her outburst at Colleen in the Pier Diner when she was on a date with Ross). She wasn't as nasty as she was back in the 80's, but it was enough to lead her to apologise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pfas2DJU6vQ

Haha. That's one time I can't say I blamed Morag for that outburst. Colleen was being so rude and infuriating 

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On 14/02/2018 at 20:03, Blaxland 89 said:

But that's the type of person Morag hated. She couldn't bare small mindedness or that small down mentality of Celia. She was a real cow but had an exciting life. She wasn't bothered about the little issues Mrs mangel was. She was a sad bitter old lady with no life 

Marilyn was so innocent and I think Morag could see that. She wasn't a threat. Morag was incredible selfish and narcissistic at times who really thought she was a cut above the rest because she married above her station, broke free of summerbay and got an amazing good job. She hated being in the position of being back in the bay and having to communicate with the locals. Everything she did was for a reason for her own ends. Marilyn wasn't from the bay which is another reason why she wasn't that nasty. Also I think Morag tried a few put downs but realised there was no point as Marilyn didn't even get the sarcasm

Having said that there were signs of being soft. Wanting to see Bobby get married, pulling out of that macklin deal as fisher made her question her morals, her affection for banjo! 

After re watching her episodes, she did have busybody side but in a different sort of way. 

I just wish Morag and Bobby left on better terms.

Even in 1989 Morag was already showing signs of being mellowed. 

She seem to get over looking down  at Summer Bay as  backwater. 

She seem become nice to people she thought had brains and I definitely sure Morag be motherly towards Marilyn in her own way and I think Morag generally did realise Marilyn tragic childhood is what causes her to be like she was. 

I think reason why Morag mellowed in 2003 was after Morag helping Dani get out of jail  and that’s when people realise she had good side and after that people went to her for help and Morag realise people did like her and form then on we sure softer side. 

I think if Bobby had try to be nice to Morag then we might sure more delveloment beetween them. 

Also I can definitely see busybody side to Morag in 80s but in different sort way then Celia as I remember her saying to Roo our Judges like to gossip and I think Morag would be type to gossip with people who she thought were worth gossiping with like other judges and people she thought were worth gossiping about . 

But you still would not catch Morag dead gossiping with someone like Celia or one of her gossiping friends as she was not interested in small town gossip.

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