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Jasmine Delaney - Sam Frost

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Jasmine, for me, has become one of my current favourites right now. She's been a great support for both Robbo and Tori (except during Tori's deception), and overall is a generally nice person, even if her storylines aren't as interesting as many (including myself) would hope. And, again a very unpopular opinion, but I'm really enjoying her relationship with Robbo, which makes me rather confused by people's claims that she has "ruined" him. 🤨

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With Jasmine and Robbo married, I know Jasmine said she didn't want to have kids of her own but if she changed her mind about having a baby, do you think Robbo would be as over protective of Jasmine as he has been of Tori? 

SPAG and capital letters.

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