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Were Carly and Steven supposed to be foster parents?


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Do you think TPTB wanted Carly and Ben to become foster parents back in 1991 like Bobby and Sally eventually did?

Or Steven? If he'd been around in 1998, I reckon he would have moved into Summer Bay House instead of Travis and Rebecca, and they'd probably have married him off to someone (maybe single mum, Natalie)

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13 hours ago, KKB said:

If they did that there would be no Joel and Joel is my fave. Carly should have been and she is in real life


I guess alternatively they could have written out Travis and had Steven marry Rebecca instead? If I recall correctly, they only married a few months before Pippa left. I liked Travis, but he didn't have much personality :P

Then Joel and Natalie would have had their storylines as normal. 

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3 hours ago, c120701 said:

Would Steven have been allowed to foster given in the eyes of the Department he’d abused a position of trust before with his relationship with Selina?

Depends on whether both departments communicate and whether there were legal ramifications for it.

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