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The Bond Of Family

kathrine french

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Main Character Maggie, Ben, Tori ,Ziggy, Brody, Mason, Justin, Coco, Raffy and Jason Wright ( My character)


GERNE Romance/ Drama

ANY WARNING Sexual content and violence

SUMMARY  Been friend since they were in high school Maggie with her husband Ben take in the younger Morgan kids after their parents die

 Justin took of no one seen him in three years Ages Tori 24 Broody and Ziggy 17  Mason 13 Raffy and Coco 5

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" NEVER AGAIN JAROD!  I'M OVER YOU, WE'RE DONE THIS TIME," Ziggy Astoni  shouted getting out of his car and stormed inside.

" What happened, Zig?" Maggie asked her seventeen year old daughter.

" You were right Dad, he's a loser I never want to see Jarod again," Ziggy replied then ran upstairs knocking Brody Morgan toward the wall.

" Watch it Zig," Brody snapped.

"You two don't start, I finally got Raffy to sleep," Maggie Astoni said looking at her husband.

"Maybe Brody can go live with Tori, he's old enough now," Ziggy announced.

" ENOUGH ZIG!" Ben shouted.

"Sorry Dad, Brody will be gone once he turns eighteen?" Ziggy asked.

" No more sharing a bathroom with the princess," Brody teased then laughed.


"MUMMY," They heard five year old Raffy scream.

" I'll go, Raff is having a nightmare again," Maggie said.

"Is she ready for school next week?" Ziggy asked.

" Raffy will be fine, she will have Coco with her," Ben replied.

"Bet you and Maggie reget taking us in," Mason said walking into the room.

" Never Mason, it's getting late, time for bed. Maggie is taking you shopping for school clothes tomorrow," Ben said

"Okay I'm looking forward to high school,," Mason announced.

"Nerd Mason a mini Brody," Ziggy teased.

" I remember you slept in your uniform the night before your first day Ziggy," Ben announced.

Mason and Brody laughed.


Tori Morgan looked at her phone seeing another missed called from her boyfriend Martin Ashfield.

"Stop calling Ash," Tori snapped answering the phone then hanging up.

"What did Ash do this time? Tori he does love you," Jason Wright, one of Ash's best friends and Tori's co worker asked.

"Really Jason, so he hasn't told you he slept with Phoebe," Tori snapped.

"No. he said you were pissed about something," Jason replied feeling sorry for Tori.

" You're his friend Jas I just cant forgive him like that," Tori replied.

Tori left the staff room.

Jason walked into Salt after work and see Ash with a group of their friends.

" So is Tori getting over her issue with me?" Ash asked.

"You slept with Phoebe?" Jason asked.

" Once man, I said I was sorry," Ash announced.

"Phoebe's pregnant too," Patrick Ashfield, Ash's brother added.

" Can you blame her for being angry?  You got your girlfriend's best friend pregnant," Jason asked.

" I'm sorry. I was pissed. I do love Tori," Ash replied.


"Raffy"s asleep finally so you two keep it down," Maggie announced coming downstairs to Brody and Ziggy still arguing.

Give me the remote Brody. Australia's Next top Model is about to start?"Ziggy asked.

" No way, Stars Wars is on," Brody and Ben said.

" Which you've seen how many times, Dad, I'm buying my own TV," Ziggy announced.

" We will see Zig this year. You're in year 12," Ben replied.

" I know Dad. I beat Brody in our exam last year. I'm not stupid," Ziggy snapped then went upstairs and slam her bedroom door.

Brody watched where Ziggy went.

Brody had a crush on Ziggy since they were ten. He never had the guts to ask her out because their families had always been close.

kathrine french
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Yes come on Tori get over your issue with Ash he only slept with Pheobe whats her probelm? :lol: Haha I loved that very funny

Interesting twist that the Morgans are living with Maggie and Ben Speaking of Maggie if I was Brody and living there Maggie would be the one I would have a crush on she's very pretty :wink:

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