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H&A 30th Anniversary articles


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A few articles on the shows 30th Anniversary, with old photos & looking back at memorable moments etc, for anyone interested (apologies if any of these have been posted elsewhere on the forum).


from TV Week:

The biggest moments in Home And Away history.

The Aussie icon is hitting the big 3-0.

Strewth! Home And Away is three decades old! It is, in fact, the second-longest running drama series in Australia. The show has brought plenty of laughter and tears and has launched the careers of actors and actresses who have gone on to become huge stars in Hollywood.

To celebrate 30 drama-packed years on air, we look back at H&A's 30 most memorable moments.



...and DailyMail

From weddings and births, to a mystery stalker and a VERY raunchy pole dancing scene: Relive Home And Away’s most memorable moments as the TV soap turns 30.



...and The Daily Telegraph :

Summer Bay to Hollywood: Aussie soap Home and Away awash in A-listers.

IN terms of producing Hollywood stars and homegrown talent, Summer Bay must surely be Australia’s most over-achieving suburb.

The fictional beachside town, which was brought to life by the Seven network 30 years ago in a little show called Home and Away, has gone on to produce some of our biggest
A-list stars.

Yesterday, actor and radio host Kate Ritchie, who spent 20 years of her life on Home and Away, paid homage to the show sharing a series of throwback photos from her first day on set on January 17, 1988.

“First official day of shooting on a show no one had yet heard of. 1987. Balmain backstreets,” she wrote next to a pic of herself, aged just eight.

The late Heath Ledger, Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, Naomi Watts and an array of other big screen heavyweights, also started their careers on Home and Away and went on to make it to the big time.

Ray Meagher, who plays Alf, has been at the helm of Summer Bay ever since day one and let slip he nearly didn’t sign on to do the series.

“We filmed the pilot in a couple of weeks and then they said they were going to make it a series. I thought ‘that’s good, might be three months work’, but they wanted me to sign for
two years,” Meagher, 73, told Confidential.

“I said no, I’m not signing for two years, that’s a lifetime. I refused. That was 30 years ago. And I’m still here.”

As for how much longer he will stay in the Bay: “I probably won’t do another 30, I don’t think the good Lord would be that kind to me,” he said. “I might have an answer on that shortly. I’ve got to meet to discuss any future contracts, it might be all over then, or it might go a bit longer.”

British and Irish media outlets and fans also celebrated the show hitting the big 3-0, heralding their three decade “love affair” with the program that still airs twice a day on RTÉ, Ireland’s national public service broadcaster. International fans took to Twitter to describe the show’s impact on their lives. One Irish fan tweeted “we named two new calves Shane and Angel”. Another said “two girls in primary school took Angel and Finlay as their confirmation names”. While Hazel O’Toole recalled every pair of 16-year-olds in 1996 fighting over who got to be Shannon and who got to be Selina.

also these couple:

Kate Ritchie celebrates Home and Away's 30th birthday with cute throwback snap.



Back to the Bay! Kate Ritchie reveals her first EVER Home and Away script she received 30 years ago... and you won't believe the amazing condition it's in.




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On 19.1.2018 at 13:26, joany208121 said:

I think the TV week (Now to love) top 30 Moments countdown is pretty accurate. Obviously some fans are going to have a few different top picks, but this countdown seems to cover all of the years pretty well. 

I don't agree!

That magazine "now to love" ranked Romeo Smith as one of the 20 most iconic and popular charachters ever on the show. Really??? He was not that popular even if he had his fans, he wasn't among the most popular ones, not even in his era.  His departure was only speculative and use the topic cancer like that isn't good at all. Kim Hyde is also on the list. There were far more popular charachters from his era, too. Well.... 

 And no Sutherlands?? No Nashes? No Hunters? No Holdens? These were very popular and very dominant in their eras. 

Hm... I think they have picked Kim Hyde/Chris Hemsworth and Romeo/Luke Mitchell because of their careers after the show. 


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On 1/22/2018 at 14:16, jodlebirger said:

IHm... I think they have picked Kim Hyde/Chris Hemsworth and Romeo/Luke Mitchell because of their careers after the show.

Of course they did. They always do that kind of thing.

Remember when Julian McMahon (Ben Luccini) became famous in Hollywood for Nick/Tuck? Suddenly he was featured in all the H&A top tens and nostalgia articles. Now that's long over and he's not quite as prominent anymore, no more mentions!

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