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New Beginning New Love


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Story Title: New Beginning New love
Type of story: Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Coco, Michelle (my character), Raffy, Ryder, Bob (My character) .
BTTB rating: PG 
 genre General.
Does story include spoilers: No.
Any warnings: Sexual content
Summary: When Coco friend Michelle comes to the bay to be away from her family. Coco is really happy to see her and hang out again. When Raffy feels left out what does she do? Will Michelle fall for Ryder friend Bob?

Chapter one

(Michelle walks in the diner and looks around when Coco spots her and leaves Raffy and Ryder at a table and run up to her)

Coco: Mich it really you

Michelle: Yeah it time for a change

(Coco and Michelle hug and then pull away)

Michelle: Do you know anywhere i can stay

Coco: You can stay at ours

Michelle: Really

Coco: Yeah i missed you plus things with dad probs world war 3

Michelle: I missed you more. Do you go to Summer Bay High

Coco: Yeah and my mum the principal 

Michelle: Wow i better be good then

Coco: Yeah

Michelle: Do you wanna show me around the good places

Coco: Oh you mean to the beach 

Michelle: Yeah 

Coco: Of course 

(Raffy and Ryder walk over)

Coco : Raffy and Ryder this is my best friend Michelle. Michelle this is Raffy and Ryder 

Ryder: Michelle hi

Michelle: Hi

Raffy: Hi Michelle

Coco: Wanna come to the beach with Michelle and I

Raffy: Of course 

Ryder: Yeah 

(They all walk out of the diner)


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Chapter 2

[Coco and Michelle are smiling and laughing as Ryder and Raffy come out of the water]

Michelle: So are those two a couple

Coco: No 

Michelle: Are you and him

Coco: Yeah we are

Michelle: Well you got a good one

[Ryder and Raffy walk up to them]

Raffy: A good what

Coco: Boyfriend

Ryder: Of course you do 

[Coco and Ryder kiss]

Michelle: Do we have an icecream place

Ryder: I show you it

Michelle: Awesome lead the way

[Michelle and Ryder stand up and walk towards surf club]

Raffy: How long have you known each other

Coco: Since High school

Raffy: I am going to get replaced

Coco: No i sure you guys will be friends

Raffy: I'm Not

Coco: You will dont make me choose

Raffy: I wont 

[Ryder gets Coco an icecream and Michelle buys a chocolate one also]

Michelle: Dont hurt her or else you have me to deal with

Ryder dont worry i wont hurt her

[A guy walks in the surf Club as does Coco and Raffy who join Ryder and Michelle]

Coco: Thanks for the icecream

Ryder: Anytime

[ A guy comes towards them]

Bob: Hey Coco, Hey Ryder

Ryder: Hey Bob

Bob: I dont believe i seem you around 

Michelle: I just moved here and know Coco from way back

Bob: Well im Bob

Michelle: I'm Michelle

[They smile at each other]


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Chapter 3

(Coco and Michelle walk in to the Astoni where Brody, Ziggy and Ben are)

Coco: Dad, Zig, Brods where are you guys

Ziggy: Coco we in the lounge room

(Coco and Michelle walk in)

Coco: I hope you don't mind we have a houseguest 

(The three look up from their phones and Ziggy goes and gives Michelle a hug)

Michelle : It is good to see you

Ziggy: Yeah you to

Ben: You can buck with Coco if you like

Michelle: Thanks

Ben: Stuff at home not good i guessing

Michelle: No not really

(Brody looks at Ziggy)

Ziggy: Michelle this Brody my boyfriend and Brody this Michelle a friend of Coco

(Brody and Michelle shake hands)

Coco: Brods what are you making for dinner tonight

Michelle: Surely you don't let the guest cook

Brody: Im actual a chef so i don't mind and I live with these guys 

Michelle: Right ok i didn't know 

Brody: It all good

Brody: By the way we are having Pizza if you wanna give me a hand Michelle

Michelle: Sure

(Brody and Michelle walk in to the kitchen)

Michelle: Just so you hear this first hand my dad he drinks and hurts me he also hits me so that why i come here

Brody: Right I"m so sorry

Michelle: It not your fault

(They make pizzas and put them in Pizza Oven)

(Ben,Coco and Ziggy are in the lounge room when Leah comes in )

Leah: Im sorry to come this late but there been an accident 

Ben: What sort of accident 

Leah: It Alf he was in a car crush 

Ziggy: Omg how is he

Leah: Stable for now

Coco: How Ryder

Leah: A mess i was hoping you could come

(Leah cries and Ben goes and hugs her)

Coco: Of course i can come

Ziggy: I come with you Hunter might need someone

Leah : Thanks guys

(Brody walks in with Michelle)

Brody: Ziggy what wrong

Ziggy: It Alf he been in an accident 

Brody: Is he ok

Coco: He stable 

Brody : And how Ryder, Hunter and Martha

Leah: They are a mess Jack with Martha gosh i glad he out of witness protection and Martha turned Hugo in and stayed in the bay because she have Jack now if she went on the run they wouldn't be together

Brody: Michelle this is Leah

Leah: Oh hi Michelle I'm Leah Patterson 

Michelle: Im Michelle Smith 

Coco: Are you fine coming to the hospital Ryder needs me and Alf his grandad so he would be a mess

Michelle: Yeah that fine lets go

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