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Phoebe Returns

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Story Title: Phoebe Returns
Type of story: One Shot
Main Characters: Phoebe, Brody, Mason, Ziggy,Olivia
BTTB rating: G
Genre: General.
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings : none 
Summary: Phoebe returns and reunites with Brody and Mason and meets Ziggy


Phoebe walked in to the Surf club where she was spotted by Mason and Olivia. Phoebe Mason said as Mason and Olivia walked over and hugged her. We had no idea you were coming Olivia said, well you know me one for surprises. Mason and Olivia smile at her. Let go upstairs Mason said Ok Phoebe replied.  Mason walks upstairs and into to Salt. Brods look who i find Brody turned around as Phoebe walked in so she ran over and hugged him while the girl next to Brody watched them. I had no idea you were coming Brody said to Phoebe, well I'm one for surprises, i see some things never change Brody said smiling as Olivia and Mason join in Phoebe and Brody hug. Who this the girl left out of the hug speaks up, Ziggy this is Phoebe Olivia said, she my best friend Brody added. Well Im Ziggy Astoni she said Phoebe Nicoleson Phoebe replied. Come join in the hug Olivia said ok Ziggy says running in joining between Mason and Olivia.






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