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The Summer Bay Doctors and Nurses


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Story Title: The Summer Bay Doctors
Type of story:Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Brax, Ricky, Nate, Hannah, Evie,Matt, Kyle, Billie, Denny, Casey, Josh,Maddy, Indi, Romeo, Oscar, Ziggy, April Brody,Phoebe,Olivia,Hunter 
BTTB rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers:  No
Any warnings: Sexual content, violence/death
Summary: 5 lines - The Doctors and nurses at the SBH all focus in different areas but work together as a team to save the patients. Along the way they get to know each other. Will some Romance devolp between the doctors and nurses? Will they stick at it?

Chapter 1

(The nurses are at the nurses Stations finds out there rooms from Indi the nursing manager)

Indi: Right April you got rooms 1 and 2, Ziggy 3 and 4, Olivia 5 and 6 and Hannah you have 7 and 8 

Hannah: Indi who have room 9

Indi: A new nurse who is starting today her name is Billie Ashford 

Olivia: Ok Who showing her around?

Indi: Does anyone volunteer to?

Ziggy: I can do it

Indi: Ok Thanks Ziggy

(A girl walks towards the counter)

April: Can I help you?

Billie: Yeah I Nurse Billie Ashford

April: Hi Billie Im April that Olivia and Ziggy, This is Indi our nursing manger and Hannah another nurse

Hannah: It great to meet you

Billie: Likewise

Ziggy: Come with me i show you where you can put your stuff

Billie: Thanks 

Indi: The rest of you do rounds

Olivia: Ok

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18 hours ago, CaptainTed84 said:

very short chapter... i am keen to see the rest!!

Thanks and they will get longer this is just an info chapter 

14 hours ago, ~JarlieFanEver~ said:

Interesting start to this fanfiction :) Looking forwards to the next chapter Xxx

Thanks glad your liking the story

14 hours ago, pembie said:

You watch Grey's Anatomy right? :lol:

Billie the sexy nurse :wub::wub::wub: I show her to the bed baths :lol:

Yeah i watch Greys and All Saints

9 hours ago, Kristen said:

Great idea having the most recent teens/20 something  from recent years as nurses  I look forward to more  Update again soon :) 

Thanks glad you like my idea

4 hours ago, KKB said:

Love this


15 minutes ago, Marls said:

Great start.

Update soon

Thanks i will tommorow or later tonight 

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Chapter 2

(Maddy the orderly comes up with a patient)

Maddy: This is Derek Stevens he have chest pains and is having heart surgery today with Dr Darryl Braxton 

Indi: Hi Derek i am the nursing manger and this is Hannah she will be looking after you

Hannah: Room 7 Maddy

(Maddy wheels Derek to room 7 and he in bed so she walks out and Hannah walks in)

Hannah: Derek this is your pre meds

Derek: Thanks

(Derek arrests and Hannah presses the button fot help Olivia and Ziggy as well as ward Clerk Phoebe come in)

Hannah: Olivia do cpr

(Olivia does Cpr)

Hannah: Phoebe page Dr D Braxton and tell him it urgent

Phoebe: No probs

(The others are doing Cpr when Dr Braxton walks in)

Brax: What happening

Ziggy: He haven't been breathing for 20 minutes and we been doing cpr the whole time

(Brax looks at his pupils)

Brax: His pupils are blown so i calling it. Time of death 9:40pm

(Olivia and Ziggy walk out)

Hannah: Is this my fault 

Brax: No not even i thought this would happen

Hannah: Really 

Brax: Yeah, You couldn't do anything Hannah, i think he had another heart attack a major one which caused him to die 

Hannah: Ok 

Brax: I see you later

Hannah: Yeah 


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