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Connection Then Love

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Story Title: Connection Then Love
Type of story: Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: VJ, Coco are the two mains but Ben,Maggie,Leah,Ziggy,Raffy,Hunter,Olivia also appear
BTTB rating: G 
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Sexual content, V/D
Summary: When the Astoni family arrive in town Coco hates it until she meets VJ. Will they fall in love? Is VJ ready to move on from Billie? Will Coco and her family stay in the bay? How will Coco parents react when they find out she likes someone?


Chapter 1

Coco: Mum why do we have to live in this place

Ziggy: The house isn't that great and the town looks so small

Maggie: Kids stop we staying it time for a change

Ben: And after all that happened it just what we need

Coco: Doesn't mean we have to like it

Ziggy: I hate it 

Ben: Here an idea how about you guys go to the beach, then you might change your minds

Coco: We go but I doubt we change our minds

Ziggy: I grab my board and meet you out the front

Coco: Ok

Maggie: Don't get in trouble 

Coco: Mum we are not five

Maggie: I know that

(Ziggy goes and gets her board and Coco waits outside)

Ziggy: Ready to get away from then

Coco: You bet I am 

Ziggy: Let get out of here and see what the beach is like them

Coco: Yep this bus ride going to suck

Ziggy: True that

(They get on the bus and then 30 mins later it stops at the bay and they get of and walk towards the beach)

Coco: At least the beach looks good

Ziggy: Yeah that would be the only thing

Coco: True

(They sit down on the sand and see a guy surfing and watch him)

Ziggy: Finally some good eye candy

Coco: Yeah for you he looks so hot he would never like me

Ziggy: You never know 

(The guy goes out of the water and leaves the beach)

Ziggy: I going to hit the waves

Coco: Ok I going to go to the surf club and get a drink

Ziggy: Ok

(Ziggy goes in the water and Coco walks to the surf club where she sees the guy)

Coco: Hi, you were great in the surf

Vj: Thanks, I don't think i seem you around

Coco: No we just moved here 

Vj: Well Im Vj Patterson 

Coco : Im Coco Astoni

Vj: Wanna go get a drink 

Coco: Sure that sounds good


Upcoming in next chapter

Coco and Vj get a drink and get to know each other 

Ziggy sees Coco with Vj 

Ziggy questions Coco on if she have a crush on Vj which worries Ben and Maggie

Vj tells Leah he going to move on and Leah worries 

The Pattersons and Astoni have a BQQ

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Chapter 2

(Vj and Coco are in the surf club drinking Banana Milkshakes)

Vj: So why did you move to the bay 

Coco: my sister had a bad boyfriend who mum and dad hated and i got suspended from school which means they wanted a fresh start 

Vj: A fresh start can be good

Coco: Yeah but I'm nervous about starting over 

Vj: Don't be by the sounds of things you have a good heart. I'm sure you will get friends easily

Coco: Really

Vj: Yeah 

Coco: What about you how long have you lived here 

Vj: My whole life but it just me and my mum 

Coco: Right did your parents spilt up

Vj: No he died in a farming fire

Coco: Oh I'm sorry

Vj: That ok, Are you going to Summer Bay high

(Coco and Vj smile at each other as Ziggy stands outside the surf club)

Coco : Yeah I am

Vj: Well it a good school after all I go there 

Coco: It must be good then

Vj: Any how I better go and do my housework, I will see you round

Coco: Yeah see you round

(Coco gets up and walks out and sees Ziggy but they walk to the bus stop in silence then get the bus home they get home and walk in the door)

Ziggy: So do you have a crush on him

Coco: What

(They walk in lounge room unware that Ben and Maggie are there)

Ziggy: Do you have a crush on him

Coco: No I only just met him

Ben: Met who

Coco: That doesn't matter

Maggie: If you have a crush it does

Coco: Well I don't 

Ziggy : Really

Coco: Really

Ben: I'm going to get some food from the diner for tea. I be back soon

(Ben leaves and drives to the diner he walks inside and sees Leah)

Ben: Hi can I have the best meal there is

Leah: Sure, I haven't seem you around, Are you new in town?

Ben: Yeah, I moved here with my two daughters Coco and Ziggy and my wife Maggie

Leah: Well how about you scrap the meal and come to mine for dinner 

Ben: Really 

Leah: Well it just me and my son and we having a Bqq with plenty to go round

Ben: Ok sure but I will bring dessert 

Leah: It the house at the caravan park, you won't miss it

Ben: Ok Thanks, I will see you soon

(Ben goes home with no food)

Maggie: Where the food

Ben: Change of plans

Coco: What the change

Ben: We got invited to Leah's for a Bqq with her and her son

Ziggy: Well I better get changed out of these 

Coco: Me too

(Coco and Ziggy get changed before the Astoni' s drive to Leah)

(Leah gets home with extra meat)

Vj: What with the extra meat

Leah: We have guests Ben and his family they are new in town

Vj: I better put a shirt on them

Leah: That would be a good idea

(Vj races up to his room and puts a top on them goes and starts cooking the Bqq when he sees the Astoni Clam arrive and sees Coco walking towards him)

Vj: Hi Coco 

Coco: Hey

Vj: It nice to see you again

Coco: Yeah you too

(They talk when Leah comes out)

Leah: Vj here more food

Vj:Thanks oh mum this is Coco 

Leah: Hi Coco I'm Leah

Coco: Hi Leah

(Ben, Ziggy and Maggie walk towards them)

Ben: Hey Leah

Leah : Ben hey

Ben: I see you met Coco who ran here

Leah: Yeah I have Ben this is Vj

Vj: Hi guys

Ben: Hi and this is my daughter Ziggy and wife Maggie

Ziggy: Hi 

Maggie: We bought pudding 

Leah : Thanks I'll put it in the fridge 

Maggie: I will help

Ben: I will come

Ziggy: I will too as I need to use the bathroom 

Leah: Ok, you walk in and it the first room upstairs 

Ziggy: Thanks

(She races upstairs as Ben, Leah and Maggie go in the kitchen)

Ben: This place is amazing

Leah: Yeah it is

Maggie : Do you live here with your husband

Leah: My husband Vinnie died in a fire

Ben: I'm so sorry

Leah: Thanks 

Maggie : I am sorry I just thought 

Leah: It fine

Ben: Those two look like they are having a good time out there 

Leah: Yeah

(Vj and Coco are outside talks as he cooks)

Vj: Twice in one day

Coco: Yeah so tell me what are the teachers like at school

Vj: Our English teachers are good and the rest suck 

Coco: At least the English ones are good

VJ :True

Coco: Do you want to play 10 questions 

Vj: Sure

Coco: What your favourite thing to do

Vj: Surf what yours?

Coco: Mine hanging out with friend but I don't have any here

Vj: Yes you do, You have me

Coco: Really 

Vj: Yeah 

Coco: Fave food

Vj: Pasta what yours

Coco: Mine Custard now as you used my question you think of me

Vj: Fave colour

Coco: Rose Gold, yours?

Vj: I like Blue

Coco: Fave drink

Vj: Raspberry 

Coco: That mine to

Vj: One place you like to go on hoilday

Coco: Hawaii

Vj: I would love to go to Disney Land

(They kept playing until dinner was ready then they waited for the others to come out)


Upcoming chapters spoilers

They eat dinner and Vj and Coco flirt 

Coco confesses to Ziggy she likes Vj

Ben helps Leah out

Coco get builled at school and Vj helps her though it

Coco Befriends Raffy

Vj Tells Leah and Hunter he moving on from Billie





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Chapter 3

(They are eating dinner and Vj and Coco won't stop looking at each other)

Leah: So Coco do you like it here

Coco: Yeah nothing bets this

Leah: What about the rest of you 

Ben: Best place i ever live 

Maggie : Hardly the best i prefer the city 

Ziggy: Well I don't i like it here 

(They finsh eating)

Ben: I will clear up 

Leah: I will give you a hand 

Ben: Ok Thanks

(They clear plates and walk in the kitchen)

Leah: Is your wife ok?

Ben: She just wasn't a fan of moving here

Leah: Why not it a great place

Ben: I know it is but she doesn't 

(Leah trips over and hurts her ankle)

Ben: Are you ok?

Leah: It really hurts and I don't think i can stand up

Ben: Well I carry you to a chair and take a look at it 

Leah: Thank you

(Ben carry her and flirts which Maggie sees)

Leah: How bad is it

Ben: Really bad

(Maggie sneeks over and pour water over Leah head and Coco, Vj and Ziggy see it)

Ben: What the hell Maggie

Maggie : Well you guys were flirting 

Leah: We weren't I hurt my ankle

Maggie: I don't believe you

(Ziggy and Coco walks over)

Ziggy: We taking you home mum

Maggie: Why

Coco: Just come on 

Maggie : Fine

(They go home)


Carry over spoilers 

Ziggy finds out Coco likes Vj

Vj helps Coco after she gets builled

Vj says he ready to move on

Coco and Raffy become friends

New spoilers 

Ben and Leah sleep together

Alf meets the Astoni family 

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Chapter 4

(Alf , Vj and Leah are talking the next day in the diner when Ben and , Ziggy Coco walk in)

Alf: So what was her issue

Leah: No idea

Ben: Hey guys

Vj: Hey Ben, Ziggy Coco. Oh Alf this is Ben and his kids Coco and Ziggy 

Alf: Hi welcome to Summer Bay

Coco: Thanks 

Leah: Alf the summer bay legend

Ziggy: Well then I better make a good impression. Do you know if any jobs going?

Alf: I have one but it to fix boats 

Ziggy: I can do that

Alf: Your hired then

(Coco smiles at Vj and Vj kisses her)

Vj: I only known you for a short time but im falling for you

Coco: Do you wanna give us a go

Vj: Sure

(Leah and Ben are talking behind the counter 

Leah: How things with Maggie 

Ben : We broke up and she went back to the city 

Leah: I'm sorry 

Ben: Don't be it been a long time coming 

Leah: You will find love again

Ben: I already have and that with you

(Ben kisses Leah)

The end





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