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Hello! I'm new here and would like some help with some unanswered questions :)

Summer's Bay

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1 minute ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Yes, but that was because it was the only way to get her out of trouble with the police, and after she'd been to him to defend Tom and Pippa as foster parents.

That scene when Tom and Pippa bring her home and the family take the photo always makes me cry...when Floss touches Bobby’s face, I just lose it


speaking of Floss, do we know how long her and Nev  lived in Summer Bay? I got the impression they had only been around for a few years but I recall the episode where Floss/Nev spoke about Samuels parents dying and that must’ve been longer than a few years

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Don and Richard were probably moderately civil and married into the Stewart family.


On 11/09/2018 at 04:19, Sally Keating said:

Was it me or was the backstory (retcon?) of Sophie being Bobby's step-sibling or whatever it was, kind of flimsy, and never really served any purpose after Sophie's initial introduction?

Them being sisters (via Al's adoption of Bobby) was never really touched on apart from talking about getting the same kind of kickings from that... dastard  but they were moderately close. 

I'm betting Floss and Nev were in the bay long enough to see Lance and Martin flunk out of school and Martha ''Drown''.

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