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The Bay 2010

Guest Di

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THE BAY 2010

You drive down the road to Summer Bay, it has the familiar buildings of the Surf Club, then carry on a little further along the bay, there is the Caravan park .You also see the Beach house.

And then there’s the, palace it still is colourful on the inside, and I don't just mean the colour on the walls, then you arrive at the diner for some food and a chat, fully expecting Alf or Colleen to serve you.

But then reality hit's you, its 2010 not 2005 .All the buildings shells are still there, 'the same as 2005 but that’s were the similarity ends.

Jesse stopped sleeping around with every woman he met, on the first date and settled down with a well loved Summer Bay character.

Alf was mourning the death of Duncan he fell off the surf club, after he and Tasha got high, glue sniffing and thinking they could fly.

Kirsty and Kane have come back to the bay after a 3 year absence; Kirsty and Kane know how very lucky they are to be alive. Never mind have two children Kirsty is back to full health.

Kane still has his regular check ups once a year to make sure there no cancer in his body. He has just started see a counsellor, and is doing anger management course to control his temper, (Sadly it isn't as simple as just getting on with life).

Kane is like many abused children, they have suppressed the horror's of what happened to them, thinking it is for the best, But as you get older your mind sometimes brings up the past, even if you are happy and content now

Robbie has HIV and he was very bitter for a while, but never blamed Kim or Tash for the needle stick he got when ran around the camp naked, playing truth or dare five years ago.

Despite him having HIV it is under control, with a combination of antiviral drugs, as these can slow the progress of the disease, and may prevent the development of full blown AIDS. He still has a normal life, and he and Tasha are engaged, and are having a baby through a sperm donor.

Rhys and Shelley had moved away ,from the shame they brought upon them self’s with there affair, and getting back together it left Beth shattered ,and very bitter and she had all ready tried to kill Rhys and her self.

Hayley is back with Irene at the beach house, she has never really got over the loss of Noah. She still paint's plus she teachers art, at the school two day's a week. She also sells her paintings, in a little shop in the Yabbie Creek. Irene has an on/off relationship with Barry Hyde.

Felix is alive an well, and still stalking the resident's of the bay

But the main story is that of a young teenager male get's raped and his fight to survive his ordeal.

From a personal point

a message of support to anyone who is reading this and has been there, you’re the survivor in this. Don’t let your abuser win again there not worth it. The only way is up it might be hard at times and you might not see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet, but believe me you will get there one day.

The memoire's never fade. It’s what's sadly made the person I’m today. Just that I've become a stronger one, I don't take life for granted, and can cope better with life's uncertainties. As how can it get any worse than what I’ve already been through in my short life. My PM box is open 24/7 /356, if anyone need's a chat anytime

Take care Di xx

Chapter One


The red people carrier pulled into the caravan park, it had three children fighting and falling out, "hey stop it were home now", said there dad.†Come on help with the shoppingâ€,Pippa and Paul the twin's were nearly six, and Tom was four yrs old. "Hey don't leave me with the heavy stuff, Sally" shouted to Jesse and the kid’s.†Do you want a hand Sally" asked Robbie,"yeah if you want to," said sally. Robbie was recovering, from a bout of bacterial pneumonia.


Henry, Max and Matilda were finishing there final packing, there thing's as they were ready to leave for Uni.Everyone chipped in to give them all there unwanted furniture , pot's and pan’s. Scott helped them, take there big item's in a van.

While Max drove his clapped out camper van, to him it was his pride and joy .While in Scott's van Henry and Matilda were talking, about the good old times when they used to play pranks on everyone.

"Well wait until we have moved in into the uni dig's", "they will not know what hit them "said Henry, with a great big grin on his face.

Don't forget what you are really there for" said Scott. In a parent voice," yeah had the lecture thank's"said Matilda reaching for her mobile phone, as someone was texting her.

Her face lit up it was Jake her boyfriend. He was asking if they were settled in yet, Matilda had forgotten to tell him they had to go a day later because they had to wait for Scott as he had a big police case happening.


It was busy with the lunch rush .just about over Alf was still at the diner. With Colleen and help of the uni students earning extra money to get them through from one week to the next.

Alf was distracted he was just about getting through the day. Hour by hour. Irene walked in she could see Alf was just about to crack under the pressure of him blocking out the grief of the second anniversary of Duncan's death."

"Hey Alf can I have a coffee and the house special please" Irene told him she was here for him if he needed a shoulder to cry on ".Thanks Irene" Said Alf


The children were playing outside, as Sally was hanging out the fourth load of washing, and while Jesse had a rare day off from the Bar. He Ran with Kane, he was doing the odd jobs around the caravan park.

"Why don't you get some sleep," Sally said to him "the customers will not be happy if you fall asleep", "Yeah your right" Said Jesse with a big smile upon his sexy clean shaven face, and his turn you on shaven bold head. (well it works for me if only he was 34 and lived here I might be in with a chance he ops back to the story)

"would you care to join me" Jesse asked, while grabbing on to Sal’s hand and pulling her close as they began kissing, "hey I'm trying to hang out the washing.

There kissing and cuddling, was getting more and more sexual by the second.

They knew the children were safe, as they were fenced in. Jesse led his wife into the house, there sexual desire was getting out of control, as they undressed each other and made love on the kitchen tableâ€. Sally said "we should do this more often," but with three kid's it wasn't easy.

Five minutes later they walked outside, hoping the kids were none the wiser well that’s what they assumed anyway .(Five minutes for a quickie well it's fan fic after all ha ha ha sorry back to story).

They just carried on with what they, were doing before passion took over. "Hey mummy your top is on the wrong way round, you’re a silly billy" said Pippa. Sally and Jesse both looked at each other, red with embarrassment and gave each other a smile.


Katie and Kyle Phillips, Kane was making silly animal noises to try and make the kid's eat there tea,†Right the daddy bear is comming to eat your yummy tea," ROOOAARR" "YUMMY IN MY TUMMY"as he gabbed Katie's tea and pretended to eat it," MMM YUMMY" "daddy stop it been silly"Katie and Kyle were smacking there daddy.

"Stop it" they said as they chased him around the kitchen table, he hadn't seen Kirsty come home nor should I say heard her come in, from her day shift from the bar.†MUMMY" as the kid's ran to her, "hi my prince and princess have you been good for the hungry bear".

Hi babe" she said kissing Kane.†Have they been good ,"we are all way's good for daddy," "well you know what four and five year olds are like," said Kane" temper tantrum's and hey that's mine toy every five minute's".

"But we love them" mmm you get more sexy every day", as they were still kissing and couldn't keep there hand's off each other.

"Mummy can we have some ice cream please," just in the nick of time before they got too carried away, with passion.†What kind do you want "said there mum, as Kane went to get ready for the night shift at the bar

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Chapter two


"Look Alf don't torture your self", "for the rest of your life with the ifs, Duncan knew what he was doing," "and he was only too happy when he was hurting other’s.†He got a kind of kick out of it, most of the time even when he sometimes got hurt himself," "but that didn't bother him."

"Yeah" it makes me sad that I have to agree with you," "that my own son was the scum of this earth, "and only looked after number one"." Well at least I know he can't hurt anybody again" Alf said.†Right had better help Colleen, and Charlie and Jame's close up", "Thanks" Irene it was just what I needed, a kick up the backside".


Alf and Irene were having an very emotionally charged chat, about it being the second Anniversary of Duncan's death, and how the people of the Bay are still affected by his action's, even though he is dead.

Meanwhile Scott and twins had reached the uni digs;†hooray" Max clapped his hand's about timeâ€.†I have nearly finished emptying the camper van". "Well with a woman in with us we had to stop, a couple of times ","said Henry.â€You "pig" Matilda said while she smacked Henry.

He doubled up "OOOUUCH" that hurt", "It was their fault they got lost", Matilda said. She was "OOOUUCH" "I’m so sorry i...i...didn't mean to hit you that hard".

Suddenly Henry started to laugh his head off ,"you rotten pig" said Matilda hitting him again, "That serves you right" said Scott "come on you guy's" ,"I would like to get back to the Bay tonight ."

"I need to get some sleep""Yeah some beauty sleep said Maxâ€,"you neeed load's of beauty sleepâ€,"hey watch it I might have to book you, when you next come back to the Bay".

A couple of hour's later Scott was just about ready to leave, to go back home when he remembered he had three bag's for the guy's ,"Hey I almost forgot to give you these," he said whilst he gave them out ,"what are they.†Well all I can say is open them privately,†Cheer’s said Max "Thanks said "Henry "What ever" said Matilda grabbing her bag.

"Hey don't open them here Scott trying to keep a straight face, as Scott knew what was in them,†Right guy's I'm of don't forget if you get into a spot of trouble just call me" "yeah thanks for helping us and we will call if we need to yeah in their case it will be every two minute's," shouted Matilda as he drove out of the car park.

A little while later in the uni dig's living room Henry and Max opened there bag's, there face's were a picture, of surprise and embarrassment ,as they pulled out leaflet's on sexually transmitted infection's, how to spot the sign's ,and where the nearest clinic was.

And condom’s plus plenty off pain killers, and them horrible fizzy thingy's that settle your stomach, and a first aid kit and all there personal paper's e.g. passport, birth certificate, medical insurance card.

Matilda just stud there come on let's see what you have got "NO"it will be only be the same as you have gotâ€, with that she stormed off to her bedroom. She did have the same plus a few extra thing's, a girl need's like painkiller's for her bad period's, and them very useful hot water bottle's(, what would we do without them girl's)and an safety alarm, you could have gave me some pepper spray," she said out loud.

Just then Max and Henry came barging in to her room, "HEY GET OUT", " don't you know it's rude just to come running into a woman's room", Matilda shout's out to them†Henry say's while laughing", "a woman's room " "why where's the woman", just then she threw a pillow at them.


"There will be the biggest lock you ever seen on this door tomorrow" Matilda shout's she just slammed in there face's.


Sally was getting the kid's ready for bed ,"come on Tom time to have a bath, she shout's down stair's as they were fighting, who's turn it was to play on the play station 5,(well it might be by then)"it's my turn said Paul to Tom "NO GIVE IT BACK."

"I want to finish my turn" ,they started hitting each other, "BOY'S STOP THAT RIGHT NOW" as Sally ran down stair's to them,†right Tom give" him the controller and get your backside up those stair's NOW".

He banged his feet all the way up the stairs,"you will get no supper if you carry on with this mood young man.†I DON'T CARE he said slamming his bedroom door. Jesse was just coming out of the bathroom,

"Do you want me to talk to him" "no let him calm down first,†but you can give me a kissâ€, as she pulled him towards her, mmm "I love you when you are angry, Sally Fletcher" as they kissed.

"Right had better get to work so we can pay for our holidayâ€.â€I love youâ€,"and I love you too," "Don't work to hard and be careful", "as she let go of his body she had, held so tight to her a few second's ago.

"Right mister "as she opened Tom's bedroom door,"bath now don't you forget, Pippa and Paul need a bath, as well". "You’re not the only child in this house you know".


Kirsty had just kissed her husband as he was off to work at the bar. He and Jesse co owned, Kirsty had the job of calming the kid’s down, as Kane had got them all excited.

Chasing them around the house, she still had to pinch her self at times; as she and Kane assumed they couldn't have kids due to his testicular cancer five year's ago.

"Hey mummy what's the matter" Kyle, said tapping his mum to get her attention, "oh nothing is a matter†as she picked him up and she swung him in the air, spinning him around, "wee again mummy" he said giggling.

She was thinking about the baby she lost while she was ill with her kidney's, she was so glad she didn't have to decide what the baby's future was, but it was still hard sometimes, as you never forget yes you move on, but never forget.


"Thank god peace at lastâ€. Irene said sitting down to with a cuppa, just then a knock at the door,"only me oh hi did they get settled in all right", and “I think so I gave them their bags.

"I wish I could have seen there face's," "yeah me to" said Scott. Just then the phone "It's Max, "just to say we are settled in okayâ€.†And thanks for them bag’sâ€. I just want you all to be safe in the city".


Matilda grabbed the phone "hi Irene thanks for the stuffâ€.†Only one complaint you could have put some pepper spray in", "yeah I kind of don't trust you three with it ".

"I know how accident prone you can be", "yeah just before you goâ€,"I just want to say thank you for my period things", "it was very kind of you."yeah" I know how much a hard time of it you have with them" "don't want your study's to suffer" and "remember to take your insulin with you".

Don't forget to," "yeah", "yeah," I know what you’re going to say", "wear my medics alert bracelet at all times", "eat regular healthy low sugar, meals and snacks.†Okay I’m just want to make sure your been sensible", see you later Irene", "yeah Bye."

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chapter three

Yabbie Creek police station

Dani was angry, that Scott was late, when Scott arrived in her usual sulky voice, "were the hell have you been." I broke down on the way back, from dropping Henry and Matilda of at uni. "Well it was a good job I covered for you, then isn't It", "LOOK IAM THE BOSS HERE NOT YOU, "no one needs to cover for ME."

Before she even had a chance to answer him back, he slammed the door to his office. Everyone was stressed as they had to work over time, to solve a very nasty Rape, on a local teenage Boy he nearly died.

Now he was been treated in the local mental health unit, as he was in a very bad way he was on 24 hr suicide watch.

Dani is still felt uncomfortable, when a sexual assault victim comes in, to the station. She put her own emotions aside, from her own attack in 2001, but this was still hard for her to do.

One of the other officers had seen her get up set in the changing rooms, the day the teenager was brought in.

There was a call into the station; someone had found some blood stained clothes, in the local woods. Dani knocked on Scott's door.†Come on we might have some clues on our assault victim".

Flynn was on duty when he arrived, a couple of days ago, he had spent most of his spare time with him trying to get him talk to the police. About what happened and, as a trained counsellor try and start to help him, with the emotional and mental scares, of the last few days. They didn’t even know his name.

At the scene of the blood stained items sergeant Sutherland, and Inspector Hunter ,were looking around the site.Dani had shivers down her spine ,and the hairs on her back stood on end ,as flashbacks were running through her mind."

Hey are okay" as Scott could see she was just staring into space"yeah I’m fine," they spend a while at the site.

An hour or so later back at unit, Flynn was with the teenager trying to talk him again. It was a little difficult as he had been given a mild sedative, and he had only started eating today, he was still shacking.

Flynn was sat in front of him, while Dani and Scott at the other side, of the room. Rady to take a statement w...w... was on my way to see my granddad, for the first time.†I just found out the other week that my Granddad lived here."

I was lost as I am from the city," this red haired woman approached me,†I said do know were the diner was.†She said they knew it very well,†and knew the owner very well".

"She said she would drop me off†As I got in the car her boy friend come out of the bushesâ€,†they seemed very nice, "b...b... but they d...d... drove off at speed, to s...s... some w...w.. woods", the boy started to cry.

"Hey" Flynn said giving him a comforting, pat on the arm "in you own time son" Dani had to get out before she lost it, "sorry got to take this call "as she walked out the door, in a hurry and into the toilets to compose her self. Scott knew she didn’t have a call as she always has to go out, to compose her self. Sometime during this kind of interview.

The teenager carried on telling Flynn what happened, "he forced me out of the car at gun point†He robbed me took my money", "phone and my watch, and my gold ear ring.†They seemed high on something ","why do you say that" asked Scott, "well I saw some drugs in the glove compartment."

"Then he hit me with something," I... I... m...m... not sure what it was""."I passed out and kept coming to and passing out again." Meanwhile Dani had entered the room again,"I... I could feel someone on top of meâ€.†I... I... don't remember all that muchâ€.†It is a fuzzy in my head.†Just then he put his hand to his mouth,"I’m going to be sick" as he rushed out the door, to the nearest toilet, with Flynn close on his heels, he just made".

Flynn wasn't sure if he wanted him to comfort him or not, so he just stood, and waited for the vomiting to subside, and waiting to help the boy if he needed it.â€Can you help me back to my room", he asked in a whisper, "yeah sure mate come on up you get."

He was very unsteady on his feet, Flynn virtually carried him to his room, and he sat him on his bed.

The boy curled up into a protective ball. "Hey what’s your name son," "come on it will be our little secret I prommise"." if that’s what your botherd about". "But will your family not be looking for you’re no I live on my own","but your not old enough" he started to sob. "Hey come on you don't have to tell me, anything you don't want to."

But I would like to know your name, at least.†Its Dalby" he whispered, "thanks for that sonâ€.†I think it will be a good Idea, if you rest it’s been a very hard day for you""Yeah it has†Flynn was just as much drained as Dalby.

"These cases never get any easier do they," Flynn said to Scott and Dani, "no they dont"replyed Scott.

Scott understood Dani so well, as they had a on/off volatile relationship, he knew what was going to happen, when they finished there shift it allways does."Do you want to go to Noah's bar", "when you knock off" said Dani.

"Yeah that would be great thanks," "with the day we just hadâ€.†I think it's just what the doctor ordered "said Flynn.

An hour later Dani, Scott and Flynn were propping up Noah's bar.

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chapter four

At Noah's Bar

Jesse had just pulled the bolt open on the doors and right on cue Beth was the first in she found this was the only place to dull her pain." “Great all I need Jesse said under his breath.

"Beth I think you have had enough already for one day.†Go home and sleep it off "come on this way as Jesse grabbed her arm to steady her†look I just need a drink "I promise to go when I have had one†as she slurred her words and wobbled so much Jesse had to hold her up as he took her outside."

"No sorry if you stay you will only cause trouble""no... I will not I...I will not" she protested as he sent her on her way.

Just then Dani Scott and Flynn walked in Dani was rolling her eyes with disgust†When will she learn this is not the way to get over dad and Shelleyâ€.†look we have bent over backward's for her". "It's about time she stopped wallowing in self pity and moved on with her life".

"Scott and Flynn just looked at each other and they both knew Dani would be in a foul mood.†well were gonna have fun tonight they both said to them self’s." I will get the first round in red wine Dani and a beer yeah" they both said as they sat at the other side of the bar.

Kane came up to them "hi guy's" Hi how you doing "I'am fine thanks" "and how is kirsty and the kids going" "yeah there fine" she didn't see as much of her family as she wanted because of work.

Dani and Kane got on a lot better with Dani seeing how much Kane ment to Kirsty and his cancer battle she saw a new side to Kane a very vulnerable and caring side to him shone through that hard macho image he put across. They weren’t ever going to win the best brother and sister in law award any time soon but things were getting better between them.

"Do you want a game of pool? Flynn asked Scott" er... he paused and looked at Dani's expression "Hey don't stay on my account "I'am a big girl I don't need baby sitting" "I..I was only being supportive with the kind of day we all had" I assumed you might have wanted to talk things over". "But with that kind of attitude I won't even bother" he said this while slamming his drink on the bar and walking off to play pool with Flynn

"######hell I’m in the wrong if I do stay with herâ€,†in the wrong if I come and play pool with you". "I can't seem to win with her at the moment", "sorry mate I didn't mean to go on", "all you want is a quiet game of pool and that's what your gonna get" ."Hey don't worry about it I know what women are like"," hum" Scott wasn’t' sure where to look as he was embarrassed.

"Hey its okay I can handle the backlash I’m old enough" "and ugly enough" Scott chipped in grinning "hey" Flynn hit him."Anyways I'm free and single and loving it no one to answer back to do as I please when I please. "Hey rub it in why don't you said Scott looking over where Dani was sitting ten minutes ago.

"Hey your turn" Flynn nudged him as Scott was looking around to see if he could see her,†she must have gone home without you" Yeah it look's that way" "don't worry we will get home some how" "cheers" "well what are mate's for†they carried on playing and drinking. Until well past the time Dani was expecting Scott home.


She was in bed as she could here him trying to open the door with his keys but he kept on dropping them, just then the door came flying open there stud a very angry Dani. "OOOPS DID I WAKE YOU" Scott said loudly "shhh wake the whole street up while you’re at it" "sorry" he whispered. But she was already on her way back up to bed.

A couple of minutes later Scott put his cold hand's on her, "hey has anyone said how sexy you are when you’re mad†he said creeping to her. "Get off your drunk" "no I'm not" as he kept on tormenting her she got out and took the bedding with her and went to the spare room. "Dani come back I’m sorry I will leave you alone" but she wasn't listening he soon fell asleep snoring his head off.


Dani did a fry up knowing it would make Scott sick right on cue as soon he come down stairs and smelt the breakfast he rushed to the bathroom and threw up. Dani was eating her breakfast when there was a knock on the door she was puzzled who it might be this early.

"Hi" it was a very bright eyed and bushy tailed Flynn,†sorry to bother you but I had a phone call about twenty minutes ago". "It's our rape victim he wants to talk to me alone", just then Scott came out of the bathroom. "Jeez you look rough mate.†How do you do it you just had as much as me last night"?

"Well I can handle my drink unlike some" said Flynn with a grin on his face; Scott was looking for the painkillers all over the place. "We ran out the other day" she was trying very hard not to smile not "I have some in my bag I will just nip and get you some" "cheers mate" Scott said making a very strong black coffee.

Flynn came back in with the painkiller’s†thanks mate your a life saver "huh a mug for not making you suffer†said Dani "as you were saying the boy who wants to talk to you" yeah I was wondering where do I stand on how much information can I give you guy's" "as he seam’s to be under 16"."

"It’s the same as what an adult is entitled to." “The only that you can pass on what the attacker's description's are". "What they wore" said Dani. "Thanks for clearing that up for me†I had better get down there.

Then as he said that he took some of Scott's bacon butte with him" Hey""cheers mate he said walking out the door.†Well you only have your self to blame" Dani scolded him as she read the newspaper.


Flynn had been in with Dalby for half an hour before he even spoke to Flynn, "In your own time son" "but it's better to tell me what they looked like before they go and do it to someone else."

He sat up and looked out of the window so he didn't have to look Flynn well he was tall and slim with black short wavy hair brown eye's she was small framed shoulder length reddish/brownish hair blue eyes slim.

"There mood was all over the place" the car was a white v w beetle the window screen had a crack in it". "she wore pale blue jeans†a pink t -shirt" and black boots" and black jacket". He wore dark blue jeans" "green t-shirt and a denim jacketâ€.â€Okay thanks for that son".

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"Felix" Flynn whispered under his breath Dalby was sitting on the window staring out, in the hospital grounds below.†I...I... "Should have not got lost"a...a...a...and took that ride." "None of this would have happened", Dalby just kept on looking out the window, so Flynn couldn't see the tears.

"They looked okay" I...I..., d...d...didnt think" ", for one minute...t...they, w...w...w"...â€hey "shh…come on son" Dalby was shaking so much, Flynn that to steady him with his hand. It was killing Flynn in side, even though he had seen this many time's before, it was so hard when it was kid's.

He had seen what it can do to adult’s, but he knew Dalby was scared for life, even with the best help from specialised rape group's, he knew Dalby was in for a very rough time.

"Son" as Flynn put his hand on his shoulder,†sorry but it's time to do what we spoke about yesterday.

Dalby went so pale Flynn was sure he would faint," ca...ca...Can." "Yeah I will be there I will be doing the examinations .They had already got his clothes he was wearing on that day, they walked in silence to the treatment room. A few minute's later you could here, a sickeing scream come from the room, then someone trying to vomit."

All done son" as Flynn pulled off his gloves’, so he could help him to get dressed. Scott came out of the room, he ran his hand down his face and he let out a sigh, as his hand fell down to his side. He could have done with a beer there and then.


Scott walked into the office, to see if Dani had any more clues’s, to where Felix and his girlfriend were hiding out. They had a tip off, "someone had seen a white vw parkedâ€,"in some bushes just outside the bay." "The whiteness said the, two people were fighting" so much, he stopped his car."

"And went up to them and asked if all was well.†He just got abuse from the man,†so he just walked away."

Just as well he did", "they could have been high at the time.†said Dani.


10.30 pm Back in Dalby's room he just lay, on his bed and he was curled up, in a ball rocking from side to side. Flynn stayed with him all night, so he was there if Dalby wanted to talk Dalby had finally fell asleep. After rocking himself for two hour’s, it was the first time he, had done so without the help, and of any sedative's been pumped in to him.

2.00 am in the morning, when he was woken up, by a nurse shouting his name. Flynn he has hurt himself again, said Stan, Flynn dived up and ran into the bathroom.

2.01 amDalby was huddled in the corner of the room, sobbing and rocking back and forth. Flynn was shocked, at the state Dalby was in, there was blood pumping all over the place, as Flynn held his arm up to stem the flow of blood. Flynn scooped Dalby up and rushed out of the room, he was taking him to the treatment room

2.05 am Dalby had passed out, "get me some blood'" he asked Stan as he was putting in a cannula so he could give him a saline drip, to help him until they could give him a blood transfusion.

2.10 am Flynn gave Dalby a local anaesthetic, and waited for that to work.†Stan can you stay with him while I phone the police station" "to give then an up date on Dalby"Flynn walked out the room, and punched the wall with his fist, and he swore.

2.20 am He told the duty officer, to pass on a message to Dani and Scott, He went back to Dalby he had ,started to come around, he was groggy and was shacking."

"Hey how you doing," "I’m sorry" "sorry for what", "Doing this "as I promised, I wouldn't be so stupid again".

"Hey you have nothing to be sorry for"; "You have been to hell and back, this last couple of daysâ€. Flynn started to stitch his wounds, up as Dalby drifted into an, drug induced and an exhausted sleep.


2:30 am Jesse was getting in to bed after a average night at Noah's bar, Sally never slept really until he came home.†I Hun" he whispered as he cuddled Sally, I she said turning around to him, and kissing him then, they went to sleep.

7.00 am Dani had just got word of Dalby's self harm incident, she remember how hard it was for her, in the early day's of her attack. She couldn't keep any food down and when she did sleep, all she was doing is going in slow motion, of what Kane did to her.

7.02 am She just shuddered as she came back to the reality, of Dalby's nightmare just beginning to unfold in front of her "Hey ready "as they were on their way to see him at the unit "yeah ready as i will ever be, as she gatherd up her courage".


9.00 am Dalby was awake, knowing the breakfast he had eaten wouldn't stay down for long. He had been put the safe again he could remember, it from his first night he was brought here.

After A passer by had found him wondering half naked down near the little chapel where there, was happy time's here, but sadly there were far to many tragic events' it was just out side the bay.

It was on a beautiful hillside looking over the beach when you come here to light a candle or pray for your loved one. You can here the wave's crashing down on the rocks below and there is such a great view of the dawning of a new sunrise.

It was a good place comes to if you need to clear your head or just to get away from the stresses and strain's of today's life.

10.00 am Dalby was sat at the window leg's crossed and rocking back and forth he found this a great comfort. The door opened to his room, it was Dani and Scott they gave him a sympathetic nod and a smile as they sat down. There was an awkward silence in the room while they waited Flynn to join them.

10.05 am Flynn walked in and said hi to Dani and Scott, they nodded. He walked up to Dalby as he was still sat on the window sill, rocking back and forth. Flynn sat down next to him. "In your own time son".

10.23 am Dani was tapping her pen on the statement sheet's that were still blank, Scott had been to get the second round of drinks.Dalby had now moved to his bed. Curled in the foetal position.

10.30 am "I...I...m r...eady "Dalby mustered enough energy, "are you sure ""NOâ€

"B…ut I...I... want to do it .â€Sure "Flynn "Yeah "Dalby sat up straight on his bed and took the hardest breath he probably would take in his life.

10.35 am "I got of the 6pm bus from the city," "there were only two of us who had got of the bus". "It was a woman; she got into the red car that was at the bus stop.†I" just looked around there was the beach in front of me" there was a man fishingâ€. And some kids playing football".

10.40 am I" haven’t been to the beach for year’sâ€.†It was so nice to feel the sand between my feetâ€.†I walked in the waterâ€.†Talked to the man who was fishing he seemed very nice to meâ€,†joined in with kid's and had a kick about with them".

10.50 AM "I had a walk to some nice rock's," There was a young family "the little girl waved to me.â€I waved backâ€.†The dad was catching crabs with the boy".

11.00 am "I sat and the beach and wish my family, was that nice as the people I had seen on the beach." "Suddenly I awoke it was getting dark." I had fallen asleep on the beach. There was no one there to, ask as it was very quiet area of the beach.

11.10 are†So I just walked and walked" that's when I stumbled" "upon""t...t...That" ..."w...woman"...a...and" "with the car,"Dalby took a deep breath in to stop himself from crying"w...w...when" "s..s...he" stopped".

And he gulped hard, "that's when I said I was lost" "and "w...w...when" "i ...i...i..."he gulped again but the tears just would not stay away much longer i.i...I. told her I...I... was lost and where i was going.

She was nice and told me, she knew him very well indeed. And that's when she offered to give me a lift. The tears flowed and his head went down. As he spoke.

11.20 am Flynn gave him a pat on the arm, and gave him a tissue for his tear’s.†you okay""yeah" "just want to get it over with". Dani took the statements while Scott asked the questions.

They had already written two pages Dalby cleared his throat "That's when he got in the car," I...I...I...tried to get out "but it was lockedâ€.†And they drove off at full speedâ€.†They just laughed,†I was so scared", I...I...didn't have time say anything" "then they drove up a narrow laneâ€,†they told me to get out the car".

11.30 am Dalby's heart was beating a little faster. And his palms were getting sweaty. So I did get out a...a...and t...hey r.o...B...bed me as Dalby tried to compose, him self. "Do you want a break sonâ€?â€No I...I...I...just want to finish." Dalby was curled up a foetal position, rocking back and forth.†That’s when, he hit me", and I passed out".

11.40 am Dalby was breathing faster he was shacking and he was crying so much Flynn got on the bed and held Dalby in his arms."Hey shh," Breath nice and slow. Flynn wiped the tears from his eyes’; He had to be strong for Dalby. "When I came too" "I w...w...as." "N...a...AK...ed." she was on me". It was all hazzey""He was getting his own pleasure from it.†I passed out again". "With the pain in my head".

11.50 am "I'm glad I passed out in a way" cause at least I didn't know", what they did to me .Just then Dani knew what was going to happen She was right she just managed to give Flynn the rubbish bin before Dalby was violently sick.

Flynn rubbed his back "ow god" as Dalby kept on been sick "that's it better out son".

11.55 am Dalby froze and stared into space, as he shook, he could hear voices in this distance. But he could not respond to then all he could see was in quick mode .Like when you are travelling in a car at speed and everything goes so fast(It is Kind of hard to explain unless like me you have had them)you just see all these images’ rush through your head.

11.59 am"Dalby Dalby" can you hear me .There was a response from him apart from tears' running down his face. Right leave it for now I don't know how long he will be like this. "Yeah sure mate" said a shocked Scott this was the worst case, he had seen in a long time. they had a ten paged statement that needed signing.

"I will leave this for another day to be signed, Said Dani." Yeah a good idea, said Flynn still holding onto Dalby.

14/04/05 To be continued.............

Thank you for reading it and the support you have given me. :D:)

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Max was and Henry were making there signature dish spag bol Max was the better cook. Matilda had just finished making her room more of a lived at home look, suddenly her mobile rang it was Jake her boyfriend. "Hey we can more spend more time together now were at the same uni," she had a great big grin on her face.

"Maddy dinner" shout's Max" "coming" "got to go see you later Hunâ€. Henry and Max were having a toast to there first night on campus. "where is my drink," What did your last slave die from"."Your so not funny Henry," as she went to the fridge to get a drink.

"Guy's" maddy had a serious look on her face,†after we have registered and filled ton's of form's inâ€,†Stood in a thousand line's". "We had better find a job as soon as possible". "As all the good one's are snapped up first.

"I'm going to get a bar job Henry tells themâ€, I’m going to be a student union rep"and hope to get a pizza delivery job "Max adds', "what about you "Mads." "Well I would like to work in a Nail art bar,†and maybe some bar work".

"Right a toast erm... good luck†and we will do our best we can with our studies. But Henry interrupt’s Maddy "Yeah party hard" "drink hard" Henry adds Maddy gives him a dirty look"What"he just carry's on. Most of all we must have the time of our lives. Cheer as they put there drinks together, cheers.

The next morning


"come on your shift started ten minutes ago Charlie""yeah sorry had a big essay to finishâ€. "You young uns today burning the candle at both end’s†clubbing studying, clubbing"Dani and Scott had come in for their normal." Two strong black coffees"strewth you to look rouge".

"Well yeah you would spat Dani" "hey I was only asking, "no need to bite me head off".â€We have a very horrific rape case going on", "a young teen male he is in a very bad way"

"God I hope the relative he was here to see don't feel responsible", "about what happened to himâ€.†So do us Alf, "thanks for the coffee we had better crack on." "Good luck and I hope you get the bastard who did this". "Yeah so do we say Dani?"

On there way out they bumped into Flynn who was getting something for Dalby as the hospital food isn't up to much, Colleen had arrived for her shift.†Hello Dr Saunders." "Hi Colleen", "you look like you need a good night's sleep.

"Well I have a lot on my plate at the moment,†well I hope your looking after your self Doctor"." Don't want you to get sick", "then where would you be for us.â€Colleen always thinking of her self, he said to him self.

"Look Colleen I'm a big boy now, and I can look after me selfâ€, I have been on my own for two year's. (He and Zoe tried hard to stay together but we know what the resident's at the bay can be like don’t we).

He just wanted to get back to Dalby "Colleen can I have a vanilla shake and a hot chocolate with extra shot of chocolate and cream, two of them double Decker cheese cake's thanks ."

"Looks like someone needs a bit of comfort food", "yeah one my patients†needs a little T.L.C. Colleen was trying to get some information about his patient, have they been in hospital for a long time?

"Colleen" "you should know better than that," Flynn threw her such a stare it would have curdled the milk, in two second's flat.†sorry Dr Saunder’s,"I was just taking an intrest that’s all". "Look it's just a very delicate situation," It is just getting to me a littleâ€, Flynn paid for his stuff and rushed off to the hospital.

The Hospital

"Morning Flynn" "hi Christy", "morning Zoe", "How was my patient over nightâ€,†well he had a comfortable night" "still asleep I think? “Flynn walked in and Dalby was indeed still asleep. Flynn was glad at least Dalby was at peace. Well that was Dalby started to thrash around the bed "no"," no ", "don't hurt "get off me".

Dalby suddenly sat up he was covered in sweat, he flinched as Flynn held him "hey it's only me, "it was only a nightmare", as Flynn sat on his bed and comforted him. Dalby was crying as he spoke. "I hate this, "I hate thisâ€,"why can't I be left in peace to sleep", "without that scum been in my mind all the time".

Look its early days, it will get better as time passes, believe me,†It might seem your stuck in this nightmare forever","but as my job as a trauma councellor."

"I have helped a few people through there trauma's" they have suffered" "Beleive me when I say you will get there in the end.â€It's not going to be easy ride", "you will get there in the end", "and I will make sure of that".

"Your getting discharged today", "where am I going" Dalby had a worried look on his face. "Don't worry your not going into foster careâ€,†you’re going to stay with a friend of mineâ€.†She a local womanâ€,†she is one of the best around".

"She has taken in young teen's and other way's and stay's over her yearsâ€,†while she has lived here in the Bayâ€.†She has had her fare share of problems in her past as well" "and has helped some difficult kid's through some very hard times".

To be continued later....

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Thankyou Jackieleanne, yeah i will keep chipping away at it. :D


No problem Di, dont forget about Kane's cancer battle though because I love that one aswell. :P


Thank's for that i'm gonna write some Kane's cancer today and doing a bit of The Bay 2010 as well. :D

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