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Top 20 Favourite Characters of the Early Years


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There's probably a thread on this already on here somewhere, but i couldn't find one on the first few pages. These types of threads are always a nice bit of fun anyway so here goes. This is my top 20 list

1.Donald Fisher (not keen in him in 1995 though, he suddenly becomes quite unlikable for a while)

2. Bobby

3. Alf

4. Ailsa

5. Tug

6. Blake

7.  Jack Wilson

8. Irene

9. Marilyn

10. Pippa

11. Shannon

12. Morag

13. Karen Dean

14. Selina

15. Damian

16. Chloe

17. Dodge

18. Diane Fraser

19. Saul Bennett

20. Mr Stone  i can never forget when he caned Blake lol 


Near misses include Revhead, Lois Crawford, Steven, Tom Fletcher, Michael, Curtis and Sally. Also Gypsy although i don't really count her era as part of the ''early years''



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1988 and 1995 was when we saw Don's darker side, his more villainous side. At the start he was meant to be the local hate figure but after Alan's death they mellowed him. He was one dimensional at the start. His best moment was dressing as a punk to stop a rebellion against school uniform. Great to see Don dressed like punk Mary Smith from EastEnders. Actually a scene in EastEnders with Martin and Sonia dressed as a goth due to their daughter Bex doing so was a virtual copy of the H&A scene.

Don, Bobby, Alison, Alf and Lartin (Lance and Martin after their bromance) were my fave early years characters.

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This list of names are in no particular order

Joel Nash

Gypsy Nash

Sophie Simpson

Sally Fletcher

Shane Parrish

Shannon Reed

Nick Parrish

Pippa Ross

Michael Ross

Frank Morgan

Roo Stewart

Alf Stewart

Alisa Stewart

Hayley Smith

Will Smith

Rob Storey

Donna Bishop

Don Fisher

Carly Morris

Jack Wilson


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On 9/9/2017 at 06:06, adam436 said:


What happened in 1995? I my knowledge of 1991-early 1996 isn't great. 

He became a really unreasonable bully again like he was back in 1988. At other times he was strict and often pig headed but he was mellowed out enough to show a softer, kinder side. Not so much in 1995.

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