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Tuesday 1st March 2005

Guest Di

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Ric and Matillda sat outside, so what did you tell your mum about tomorrow,i have not told her just waiting for the right time.Well i will meet you outside at 10pm don't forget you ID will you.We don't want any trouble at the door, Ric are you sure were gona get away with it.well don't you think half the people on the dance floor are going to be under age.

Maddy it is gona be fine, i did this stuff all the time (so did i ), we will have a top night i promise you Maddy,look i have to go for dinner got to get in my mum's good book's .Hang on, no i have to go .(Ric hide's just in time )Hey maddy wait up as Henry run's to her, come on we got to get home, were in big trouble mum just called me.why does' she treat us like kid's , look this is different she sounded realy up set come on we got to go .


Jesse and Josie were stacking the chair's away from the stalker meeting, Peter did a great job i don't think the media is gona go away. Well a mad man on the loose is better than hearing man catches' a big fish ,(alf spring's to mind)Well is that's what you think our big news' is always' about(well you two are gona make big news' very soon your wedding ).

Marc come a strolling in well i can't see the point of clearing away,why do you say that mate, well IF the wedding goes' ahead it will only get trashed again .Let me help you he say's toJosie (he had a smug look upon his face)no i can manage,well only trying to help.Have you got the wedding sorted out, well still writting out me vow's there harder than i thought.

What about you Jos do you want any help writting your vows,'(the sex was great, we shoud do it again sometime,and thanks' for the hush money)no i'm fine .So how did the meeting go guys', well it was good .What happened to you,Marc well Something came up I had to take care of (he is so smug and he is loving winding Josie up).


Peter is there as well as the forensic investigation team are checking for finger print's, Look's like they jimmed the whole lock out.Don't worry it was probally just kid's after easy money,I don't care it just that someone has been in here.Don't worry once i have rigged up an alarm system they can't get in say's Robbie.

Peter asks' them I dont' know if you know, if anything is missing, well it is hard to tell in this mess, as Beth is looking , it is funny they didn't take the digital camera for the kitchen,or the x box(i would not take an x box if you paid me)or the vcr, I wonder if we disturbed then whem we came home. I don't want to think about that add's Beth.

Well let me know if you find anything is missing, the funny thing is they left this Beth goes to the table there si the noteTIC TOCK TIC TOCK what does that meen(Then you hear that music that tells' you had better watch your back, the stalker did it),Peter is shocked and Beth can see this Peter, oh i don't know he blurts' out.


Constable can you grab this note when you have a minute, is there anyway you could you stay somewhere else toningt.I'm not gona let someone push me out of my own house. Just then Henry and maddy came in what happened we got broke into.


Peter 's phone rang , good day Flynn.(stalker music again)In the back ground you can here Beth asking were have you been.WHAT Peter said then it cut's to Sally and Flynns'house, it has been wrecked the same as Beth's place.Nothing much is taken.

Okay see you in a bit Peter say's Flynn(then you can clearly see a photo is missing from the mantle).Peter is on his way , why would anyone do this, what if Pippa was here , look Sal these guy's get in and out as quick they can Ric adds.

Flynn says i think we need an secuity system put in (Stalker music again). I don't want to feel locked in this isn't what this town is about. (you see in the backgroud Ric has found a note it's from the stalker),(Stalker music again)Ric say's check this out as he opens' the note TIC TOCK TIC TOCK.

Sally and Flynn are sat at the table Sal has Babby Pippa in her arms,That whole night Sarah kept on saying it over and over again(stalker music),.look let's not jump to anything.Flynn buts' in it has Sarah Lewis written all over it.peter adds yeah intresting thought but that's all it is.

Well it is more than that ,what do you mean ,well in that letter it said we are all gona pay,maybe the stalker is someone close to sarah, a friend, brother or sister.So it's about revenge well it's a possilbity, adds Sal,flynn then add's the only people who will know, what TIC TOCK mean's are the people who were at the night of the seige .

None of our friend's are that crazzy(i wouldn,t count on that mate),well we have told plenty of people what happend. And they have caught on to the craze, are you going to talk to her family and friend's peter.Yeah iam and will get some prints'of this to,but in the mean time keep this to ourself's.Don't want the media beating it up again , i just go and check on how the boy's are doing.Baby Pip start's to cry, as Sally and Flynn just look at each other.

Next day as an new dawn break's over the Bay

Sally and Flynn's

Flynn is yarning as Sally come's in i didn't sleep that good, i could'nt turn me brain off adds Flynn,Sally is still going on about the Sarah conection.Why would some one hate this town so much,(hm were shall i start)Flynn then say's yeah if the break in is connected with the stalker.

Come on there has to be more to it, they did Beth's place too, Well i get the lock's changed.Why don't you go over to Leah place, No i don't want to change anything.Besides i want to stay here, and see if anything is missing.Okay you call me if you need anything.(stalker music and you can see the family photo is missing)

HOSPITAL(Robbie is there for his HIVresults)

Robbie,Tash and Beth are sat on chair 's maybe we can go to the yabbie Creek tonight said Beth,Robbie is mile s' away, sweet oh yeah dinner sounds' great mum.Tash comfort's Robbie it will be okay, yeah.

Zoe comes' up to Beth I'm sorry about the break in.

Thanks' i feel sorry for Flynn and Sally.Zoe then goes on to say it happened to her creepy,when they go through your thing's. Beth tell's her they didn't take anything, Realy said Zoe.So why bother , well to scare us i guess.

Flynn aproche's them come in as the go to an exam room, so well i'm not gona beat about the bush your HIV test 's are negative .Are you sure yeah as he hand s' Robbie the results', he is over the moon as is Tash and his mum.

Beth's House

Maddy and Henry are happy yeah it feel's like i've been let out of jail,and i can breath again i know it look's like i handled it but it si all i have been thinking about.So from now on it's mr cool.So mr cool what about the compitition have you edited the video . Oh yeah Rob and Tash leave and go to Robbie's bedroom ,What about your entry then Henry i got board.

I'm of to the Yabbie Creek to get new locks' you girl's comming, er no we will just stay here.Mum can i stay at Emma's tonight, i don't think so .My parent.s are cool with it,we i will have to speek to your mum.But she is at work, well i will have to speek to her, thanks' mum as Maddy and Emma go to her room.

Robbie's room he and Tasha are watching the video he made,Tasha loves it , but Robbie is looking for the origanal but can't find it .

Then you see Josie at her flat ready to leave, she open's the door and there is a package(Robbies' tape?)she put's it on the side and leaves'.

Out side

Robbie and Tash are walking and talking about the video, when Josie is walking near them. Hi Josie is there a problem if you want to cream the opposition,well none as for as i can see.See at least someone in your family agree's with me .Got to post this see you in 20 at the diner.

At least he hasn't let brake in bother him, yeah about that video, it is missing, he think's he threw it out while cleaning, he is sorry .It might be for the best .(josie is thinking about that pacel she put in flat before she left)She just run's off , then you see slowley Jesse has hold of the tape and shakes' it.and open's it.

Josie get to the flat as jesse is gona watch it,she takes' it, your not suppost to watch this until after the wedding,so why did you leave it ,well i changed me mind.what is it you'll have to wait.As good thing's come to those who wait she kissess him.you put away the shopping and i will give you a taste of whats' to come.

The Beach

Marc said to Josie God Josie what has it got to do with me ,well it goes missing from Robbie's and Turns' up at my door for Jesse to see. I didn't anything about a tape, you could have over heard us talking.Okay why would i give Jesse the tape, and end our little arangment she said black mail , call it what you want , Why would i cut it off the money suply.

You are driving me insane, well i think you are doing that just fine by your self Josie ,said Marc,look i don't know what your playing at strange thing's have happened since you can here.what strange thing's . You don't think i'm the town stalker do you.

explain why you wasn't at the meeting , you think iam don't you said Marc.can you explain why you wasn't, Well okay if it will help you sleep at night, okay i will I was at a dinner meeting, yeah right the police are gonna realy be intrested in your dinner.Are you threating me Josie.

You know what you look worried marc, let me make it clear one final time, if you ever make any trouble for me i will tell everyone about what happend in1989. Is that understood, you have no right, you know the problem with your plan Josie.

If you tell anyone about that tape, your gona have to tell everyone what we were doing in the first place.

Just for the record i'm not some crazzy stalker , you on the other hand.

Sally and Flynn's

Sally is tidying up as Ric come's in i'm sure nothing is missing, thank's for your help Ric, oh it is okay.Is it alright if i stay a wazza's tonight.yeah of you go have fun, yeah thanks'.(stalker music)as Sally notice's the photo is missing.

Beth's House

Maddy come's out of her room , were off now mum , have fun. Emma can i have your phone number. Mum you can call me on my mobile, but said Beth, they were out the door, as Peter turns' up.Hi i'm sorry i havn't finished the search yet.Thats okay all i want you to do is check if there is any photo's missing,well sally rang me and the only thing is missing is the photo of her and Flynn.there was a photo of me and the kids'(stalker music).

You see the stalker pin the missing photo's up on that board


flynn talking to Zoe why only take a photo it doesn,t make any sence yeah i know ,are they playing mind game's or something.Yeah kids' maybe said flynn,guess you did not sleep last night I dead on me feet.Is everything okay, yeah i don't want to slip up agian and end up at square one.

Don't look now it's the dragon Dr Saunder's can i have a word , i will be with you tonight. But the board was happy with me. yes we are but we have to make sure you can do clincal duty's unsupervised,so no pressure then . Well we need to see how you handdle pressure,shall we say in a hours' time Zoe wishes him luck.you see flynn looking at the medication cuboard.

The party

Ric and Wazza are waiting for Matilda and Emma, they are walking down the hill, cor you look hot,do you want to dance, what if the door man hassles us don't worry just smile.Ric get's in but it takes' a while for the door man to let Matilda in.


flynn is talking to Anna well am i doing okay, yes so for i'm impressed with how your pulling youself together.So now what well i wlll recomend to the board no further action against you .Thank you Anna look i don't know which way the board will, jump but it is looking good.Yes Zoe walk's in let me guess,it went well, yeah did, that coffee must have done the trick.(yeah not just the coffee)

Surf club

Peter on his mobile so your telling me they can't even pick up print's, okay so we checked the paper and the ink, just do what ever it take's.he walk's into the bar looks' like you could do with a beer mate , yaeh thank's. Josie walks in any news' on the robberies, no not yet.

I here the only thing that was missing was some photos', well news travels fast.It seem's strange that no one know's anything.Maybe it is an outsider who si doing it (you can see Marc looking at Josie). Well you have a theory.well cant help wondering.

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