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Kyle Braxton: One-Shot Series

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26 minutes ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter

poor Kyle really should of listened to Nate and his family/friends

I hope Kyle will be okay and someone finds him

Update again soon :)


Thank you for the continuous reviews i love reading them.

I going to try and write the next part tomorrow but probably won't get it up till Wednesday afternoon as i'm at work tomorrow night and then my little brother has a hearing test at 11:20am on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile if you have any ideas don't be afraid to send them my way. xx

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Oh dear Kyle collapsed I get how annoying it is for Kyle when no one will let him breathe nagging him every five minutes I get that their concerned I can't wait to read the next chapter.

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Great chapter. Oh no Kyle collapsed! I just hope that someone will find him soon. I get that he is frustrated but he has to let people help him. He really should listen to Nate and his family and friends. Looking forward to reading more. 

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Please can you all make sure to read Chapter 30 – Watching Over You. Otherwise you won't understand what this chapter is going on about as it's going to be a follow up. Also read chapters 33 and 34 as they are the first and second parts to this chapter.

This is also the final part.

Idea by Joycechanxo (Fanfiction): You could try and do a spin-off of this and how Kyle discharged himself early, like he does in the soap, but in the story, his condition could get worse and maybe collapses like Phoebe and Nate predicted 

Chapter 35 -  Against Advice Can End Badly - Part 3

(3:17pm) 1 hour and 19 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Outside/Living Room

Brax and Ricky approach the front door to the main house. As Brax goes to open it, he notices that it was locked.

"Hmm." Brax says out loud.

"What?" Ricky asks from behind him.

"I never locked the door."

"Maybe Kyle did."

"Yeah maybe." Brax says as he unlocks the door and enters the house "Kyle?"

There was no sound from the house to indicate there was anyone else there.

"He might have gone for a walk to get some fresh air." Ricky suggests as she goes to put the kettle on.

"I'm just going to check his bedroom to make sure he isn't in there." Brax says as he wanders out the room.

(3:24pm) 7 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kyle's bedroom

Opening the door, Brax looks around the room.

His eyes go to the bedside cabinet but doesn't see Kyle's phone.

Turning back round he leaves the room, not realising Kyle was actually on the floor on the other side of the bed.

(3:28pm) 4 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Living room

"Was he in there?" Ricky asks as she places the cup of coffee on the table.

Sitting down beside his girlfriend, Brax tells her: "No he wasn't in there. Neither was his phone, so I guess he has gone for a walk."

"Well then, he'll come back soon."

"We promised Pheebs we would keep an eye on him."

"You can't help the fact you had to go for a bail check-in." Ricky reminds him "Phoebe, will be fine as long as Kyle comes back."

"Ok." Brax replies then picks up his cup and has a drink.

(5:34pm) 2 hours and 6 minutes later…

"So, Phoebe called." Ricky says walking back into the main house from the flat.

"And?" Brax quizzes her.

"Her and Denny have decided to go into Yabbie Creek for dinner and movie. Apparently, Denny thinks Phoebe needs a girly day and night."

"I suppose that's good then."

"Yeah considering Kyle still hasn't come back yet."

Looking round, Brax notices a set of keys on the kitchen table.

"What is it?"

"If Kyle went out and he locked the door, why are his keys on the table?"

"That's impossible he can't have. Which means…"

Before Ricky has a chance to finish what she was saying Brax pulled out his phone.

"Can you hear that?" Brax says as he listen to the sound of a phone ringing from somewhere within the house.

"It sounds like it's coming from one of the bedrooms." Ricky tells him.

Hanging up the phone, Brax runs out the room.

(5:47pm) 13 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kyle's Bedroom

Brax flings his brother's bedroom door open and as he scans the room that's when he notices a foot sticking out from the other side of the bed.

"RICKY!" Brax yells as he runs over to his brother and bends down.

Running into the room, Ricky asks: "What do you need?"

"Call an ambulance now!" Brax tells her without looking up "Kyle, can you hear me?"

Tapping his brother's face makes no difference when he notices that his brother's chest isn't moving.

"NO no no! Kyle, don't do this not again."

Checking his brother for a pulse he panics when he can't find one. Grabbing his phone, Brax rings Nate.



Nate: Brax?

Brax: Kyle isn't breathing.

N: What?

B: We got worried when we couldn't find him. Found him passed out in his room not breathing.

N: Have you called an ambulance? Are you doing CPR?

B: Yes, and Yes. It's not working though.

N: Right keep doing what you're doing help will be there soon.

B: Not soon enough Nate.

Suddenly, two people appear on either side of Brax and push him out the way and start to work on Kyle.

N: Brax? You still there?

B: Yes, the paramedics are here now.

N: Good, I'll make sure everything is ready at my end.

With that the phone call ends and Brax quickly follows the paramedics and his brother out the room.

(6:07pm) 20 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Resus

"Kyle Braxton, aged 23 found by his older brother unconscious and not breathing. CPR was performed before arrival." The paramedic tells Nate as they transfer Kyle on to a hospital bed.

Waving them off, Nate turns to the nurse and says: "This may have something to do with the accident so let's keep that in mind whil…"



"HE'S CRASHING!" Nate yells as soon as he hears the flat line tone coming from monitor.

(6:22pm) 15 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Outside Resus

Brax and Ricky were currently stood outside Resus when the door opened, and Nate came rushing out.

"Nate!" Brax says causing the doctor to turn round "What's going on?"

Looking at the oldest Braxton and his ex-girlfriend stood in front of him, Nate knew he had to tell them: "His heart stopped."

"But they had got it started again while in the ambulance."

"Yeah I know but just as the paramedics left the room he stopped breathing and his stopped again."

"He was fine though." Brax tells Nate.

"Are you sure? Because I told both Kyle and Phoebe that he needed to be back here, but he didn't listen." Nate informs them "So if he was showing any symptoms, one of you needs to tell me now."

"Wheezing." Ricky says to no one in particular.


"Kyle was wheezing this morning. He was asleep on the sofa and I went to check on him and you could hear it."

"Anything else?"

"A persistent cough and he has been tired. He slept the whole of yesterday pretty much away." Brax remembers "He got back from the restaurant with Phoebe after she left went to his room only came out for lunch didn't seem him again till dinner."

"Tell me about the cough?" Nate asks them.

"Not much we can tell you about it except it seemed to be getting worse."

Ricky jumps in with: "He was slurring his words this morning when we woke him."

"Slurring?" Nate says but before he gets a chance the sound of alarms ring out again.



Nate quickly runs back into the room leaving Brax and Ricky just standing there both seriously worried for Kyle.

(6:39pm) 17 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Resus

"This is no good." Nate says to the nurse as he tries to get the tube down Kyle's throat "Get me the next size up now!"

With the bigger tube in hand, Nate manages to it down Kyle's throat to help him breathe.

"Hook him up to the vent. Also get him up to CT, so we can find out what the hell is going on!" Nate demands then turns to another nurse "Get a rush on his blood work, I want to make sure there was no toxins in his blood stream."

With that, Kyle is wheeled out the room and straight past both Brax and Ricky.

(7:45pm) 1 hour and 6 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – ICU – Kyle's Room

Ricky was sat stroking Kyle's hair and Brax was pacing the room, when suddenly the door was flung open.

"OH MY GOD!" Phoebe exclaimed as she saw her boyfriend.

"Pheebs." Brax says to her.

"What happened?" Phoebe demands to know "You said, you would look after him while I was out!"

"I had to go for my bail check-in."

"So, you didn't think to take him with you!"

"He was in a mood Pheebs. We weren't going to be long, so I thought he'd be ok."

"So, when you got back you didn't think to check on him?"

"The door was locked so I want to check his room and his phone wasn't where he puts it. Me and Ricky assumed he had gone for a walk."

"Well obviously he didn't!"

"We know that now. Don't you think I feel guilty enough Phoebe?" Brax tells the girls with a look of guilt all over his face.

"Well you should feel guilty!" Phoebe shouts at the man "He's in here because of you!"

Thinking now was a good idea to say something, Ricky shouts: "STOP! JUST STOP!"

Both Brax and Phoebe stop and look at Ricky who was still stroking Kyle's hair.

"It's no one's fault. All we need to focus on right now is getting him better and that can't happen if we are all arguing, so just shut up or get out!" Ricky tells them both.

Phoebe goes to say something but thinks better of it and instead walks over to the other side of the bed and takes a hold of Kyle's hand.

"Nate said they are just waiting on the results of his blood tests to determine what is wrong so until then, let's just be thankful he's still lying here in front of us." Ricky informs Phoebe.

(7:56pm) 11 minutes later…

Eventually Nate enters the ICU room to inform them all about Kyle.

"So, what did the blood test reveal?" Phoebe asks him before he has a chance to say anything.

"The toxins that hadn't completely left Kyle's system before he discharged himself, were still there."


"Well because he discharged himself it meant he wasn't getting the drugs to help counteract them. Which meant they were just attacking his body from the inside." Nate informs them "So the wheezing which was probably caused by the persistent cough. Also, the tiredness were all side effects of the issue."

"When he was trapped under the bus he wasn't wheezing or coughing?" Brax says remembering how Kyle was that night just under two weeks ago.

"That's got something to do with that fact that help got that sooner and the toxins hadn't had the chance to travel through the blood stream. However, he has had two days where he hasn't been monitored."

"So that's why he wasn't breathing?" Phoebe asks curiously.


"So now what?"

"Well, I've decided that the best course of action is too keep Kyle in an induced coma."

"So, we're back at square one?" Brax huffs.

"Unfortunately, yes we are. But this is a good thing."

Ricky not understanding how this could be a good thing, asks: "How?"

"Because it gives us a chance to make sure that there are no toxins left in Kyle's blood when we wake him up."

That's when it clicks in Phoebe's mind: "Is this so we don't have a repeat of this situation?"

"Bingo!" Nate says causing them to laugh "Look, if Kyle had done what he was meant to in the first place this wouldn't have happened, but it has so all we can do now is make sure it doesn't happen again. Anyway, I have to go inform the nurses of this decision."

They all say bye to Nate and go back to sitting and waiting.

(11:37am) 4 days later…

Darkness. This is all that greeted Kyle and a weird feeling like he was being chocked but he couldn't figure out why.

Suddenly there was a voice from somewhere: "…open your eyes?"

It sounded like Phoebe, but he wasn't sure. Another voice came from the somewhere else.

"Kyle, can you open your eyes?"

Whoever they were seemed to want him to open his eyes. So, he did what he was told.

Opening his eyes, he could see who the voices belonged to, there in the room was both Brax and Phoebe smiling at him.

Suddenly become more aware of the fact he was still being chocked; his head went towards his mouth.

Quickly grabbing the arm, Brax shouts: "NATE!"

Rushing into the room, the first thing Nate notices is Brax holding his patient's arms down.

Walking over to the bed, Nate says: "Someone decided to rejoin us in the land of the living eventually."

A nurse appears beside Nate with everything ready to take the tube out.

"Kyle, on the count of three I want you to take a big cough." Nate instructs Kyle.

On the count of three, Kyle coughs and the tube slides out of Kyle's throat.

"How you feeling Kyle?"

"Thirsty." Kyle tells him just as a straw is put to his mouth.

"Better?" Phoebe asks him as she holds up a cup of water.

Kyle just nods his head.

"Kyle, do you remember what happened?" Nate asks him.

"I couldn't stop coughing." Kyle remembers.

"Yes, that was one of the symptoms from the toxins that were still in your system."

Kyle just stares at Nate before his eyes slip shut again.

Phoebe and Brax look back at Nate, who tells them that its just from the sedative that was still wearing off and that he would be a wake properly in a couple of hours.

(2:50pm) 3 hours and 13 minutes later…

Kyle was wide awake when Nate came back to check on him.

"So, how are we feeling now?" Nate asks him.

"I'm feeling a lot better, thanks Nate." Kyle replies.

"Good." Nate says as he picks up Kyle's chart.

"I'm sorry for not listening to you Nate." Kyle apologised "If I had done what you said and not discharged myself this wouldn't have happened."

"Did you learn from it?"

Kyle nods his head in response.

"Well then let's leave it at that." Nate says putting the chart back and goes to leave the room.

"So, when can I get out of here?" Kyle asks which causes everyone to laugh.

"Not until I say so." Nate throws over his shoulder as he walks away to check on another patient.

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missed a word out

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Thank God that Kyle is alright.  It's not Brax's fault that he didn't see Kyle and Phoebe shouldn't have shouted at Brax.  Hopefully this time Kyle will listen to everyone and stay in hospital.

SPAG and capital letters for names.
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Great chapter! Glad that Kyle is okay and that he knows that he should have listened to Nate. Loved how he still asked when he could go home. Classic Kyle! Loved the ending to this idea and looking forward to reading more! :)

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Great chapter 

phew Kyle is okay thank goodness!

Glad Kyle apologised to Nate for not listening in the first place 
Update again soon :)



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Hello everyone, I'm sorry that I haven't updated since January but I have been so busy with work, things in my personal live and my MacBook deciding not to work at the worst time when Apple have decided to close their stores so no genius bar to take it too. Luckily, I know someone who works on the genius bar in one of my local apple stores and they've managed to sort the MacBook out and were able to retrieve this chapter which went missing.

I'm also so grateful for the reviews that I not only receive for this fanfiction but also my other one Levels of Tragedy and I love reading them. If you have any more one-shot ideas, please keep sending them to me via a direct message or as a comment and I will add them to the list.

Idea by Helena (BacktotheBay) : Can you please do a one shot where a fire starts in Kyle's bedroom and Brax has to rescue him.

For this Kyle is in his final year of school so he is 18. I decided to make Casey two years older than him.

Chapter 36 -  Fire Hazard

Sunday (10:23pm) …

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Living Room

"You're late!" Brax says as soon as Kyle walks through the front door.

Rolling his eyes, Kyle stands in the doorway: "So?"

"It's a school night and you are meant to be home by half 9 at the latest." Heath reminds his baby brother as he joins the other two Braxtons on the sofa.

"Do I look like I care?" Kyle asks them as he points at his face.

"Kyle, it doesn't matter if you care as at the end of the day, I'm the adult and you are the child." Brax states to him.

"Really as last time I checked; I was 18 meaning I'm technically an adult in the eyes of the law."

"When you live in this house you are meant to follow the rules." Brax goes on to say "Anyway, it's late get to bed and I'll deal with you in the morning."

"FINE!" Kyle shouts and then storms out the room. A slam of a door indicating he was in his bedroom.

"Was I ever that bad?" Casey asks his brothers.

"Well you had your moments, but you certainly weren't as bad as Kyle that's for sure." Heath laughs.

"That's good to know I think." Casey states.

With that the brothers go back to the game they were watching.

(6:42am) Next day…

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Dining Room

Flinging his backpack on the sofa, Kyle wanders over to the table and sits down.

"We need to talk about last night." Brax tells his brother as he places a plate in front of Kyle.

"No, we really don't" Kyle retorted.

"Yes, we do. Firstly, where were you last night?"

Kyle stays silent as he just eats his toast.

"Don't make me ask you again."

"I was with my mates."

"Well I didn't think you were on your own. I meant where were you as in place."

"Funny not. If you must know I was at Matt's place with the guys."

"So, if I call Matt's parents, they will say you were there?"

"How would they? Matt's mum left again, and his dad was at work as always."

"Why doesn't that surprise me? Look Kyle, at the end of the day I don't mind you being with your friends, but it was a school night and you agreed to be home by half 9 on a school night."

"I lost track of time so shoot me." Kyle says as he stands up and puts his plate in the sink then walks over to his school bag.

Watching his brother put the textbook that was on the living room table in has bag and then tie his school tie, Brax wondered: "What happened to you Kyle? You used to be the one I never had to worry about but over the last year I don't know what happened, but you certainly aren't the kid who first came to live with us."

Kyle grabs his backpack and heads towards the door, before leaving for school he throws over his shoulder: "News flash Brax, I grew up!"

Brax just watches as Kyle leaves. Sighing he says to himself: "Oh, don't I know it!"

(12:03pm) 5 hours and 21 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Summer Bay High – Lockers

Kyle walked over to his locker and put his stuff back inside it then slammed the door shut. Turning around, he says to his friends: "Brax was on my case again this morning."

"What for this time?" Rocco asks him.

"Well the usual."

"No surprise there then." Aden says as he grabs his bag from above his locker "If it helps Morag was on my case last night too."

"Ugh, don't know which I would prefer." Kyle says causing them all to laugh "Anyway let's go grab lunch."

(12:35pm) 32 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Stewart's Point

"I'm so happy we don't have to be back till last lesson." Kyle says as he pulls a lighter and a packet of cigarettes out of his bag.

They all agree as Kyle starts passing the stuff around.

"What do you think Brax would do if he knew you smoked?" Matt quizzes his friend.

"I honestly couldn't care less what he would do." Kyle answered him "Besides the others have done much worse than smoking when you think about."

"True, I know my dad wouldn't care either way." Matt replied.

"Sally would ground me for ever." Rocco threw into the conversation.

They all then turned to look at Aden.

"Roman might have a talk with me about the dangers of smoking but Morag would more than likely kill me." Aden says.

With that they all go back to smoking and eating their lunch.

(4:41pm) 4 hours and 6 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kyle's Bedroom

Kyle had just got home after going to the Surf Club to play some pool with his friends. He had been happy to see that no one was home, so he went straight to his bedroom and decided to have another smoke to take the edge of ready for when Brax gets home.

Feeling a bit tired, Kyle stubbed his cigarette out and placed it in the bin. Then walked over to his bed and quickly fell asleep.

What Kyle didn't realise was that when he threw the cigarette into the bin, he hadn't completely put it out. Meaning that the paper that was already in the bin had started to catch fire.

(5:19pm) 38 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Garden

Brax had just arrived home and decided to take the BBQ stuff straight into the garden.

Placing everything on the table and taking the earphones out that he had in he was suddenly made aware of the sound of the fire alarm coming from within the house. Then out of the corner of his eye he could see flames through Kyle's window.

Dropping everything Brax quickly runs into the house shouting for Kyle.

(5:25pm) 6 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Kyle's Bedroom

Brax doesn't bother to knock instead he just rushes straight into his brother's bedroom.

Once in the room he notices the flames coming from the bin and the room full of smoke. There on the bed he noticed Kyle not moving.

"KYLE!" Brax yells as he rushes over to the bed and tries to wake Kyle up.

All of sudden he starts to stir and Brax picks him up and runs outside.

(5:30pm) 5 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Braxton House – Path in front of house

Putting Kyle down Brax quickly pulls out his phone to ring for a fire engine when Heath and Casey pull up to the house.

Rushing over, Heath goes straight to Kyle who was currently coughing on the ground: "What's going on?"

"His bedroom is on fire that's what's going on!" Brax yells after hanging up the phone "Casey come with me."

"Where we going?" Casey quickly asks as he follows his brother.

"To try and put the fire out!" Brax says then yells to Heath "Get Rachel!"

With that the two Braxtons disappeared into the house while Heath ran to get Rachel. Leaving Kyle on his own.

Watching his brothers go off in different directions, Kyle thinks to himself: What have I done? Brax is going to kill me when he finds out what I've been up to.

(5:37pm) 7 minutes later…

Kyle is still coughing when Heath reappears with Rachel.

Kneeling down, Rachel looks at Kyle and says: "Have you got any burns that I can't see?"

"N no. Jus just a co cough." Kyle says as he coughs again.

"I need you to take a deep breath just so I can check your lungs."

Kyle does as instructed just as Brax and Casey reappear after managing to put the fire out.

"The cough that you currently have is what we expect to see in someone who has smoke inhalation. So as soon as the ambulance gets here, we can get you on oxygen. Right now, I need you to keep taking deep breathes." Rachel explains to him turning to face the brothers "Did they say how long the ambulance would be?"

Brax answers: "No they didn't."

"Ok I'm going to ring them again just keep an eye on him while I go grab my phone." Rachel says as she gets up and quickly runs back into her house.

Watching the doctor disappear, Kyle looks up at Brax and says: "Br Brax, I'm sor sorry."

Bending down, Brax knowing why he was sorry after seeing the contents of the bin once they put the fire out but decides to play dumb asks: "Why?"

"I wa was smo smoke smoking. I mus must not ha have put the cigar cigarette out prop properly."

Heath looks at his brothers and then asked: "Are you serious?"

Kyle just responds with a nod of his which in turn makes the coughing worse.

"WHAT WERE YOU PLAYING AT?!" Heath just yells at his brother not realising that now was probably not the best time to do so.

"I w was ju just ex experi experimenting like most pe people my age." Kyle says as he tries to take in more air but finding it hard to do so.

Brax watches Kyle closely and notices how hard he was finding it to do a simple task like breathing: "Casey go and get Rachel NOW!"

Casey hears the desperation in his brother's voice and quickly runs off to grab the doctor who was still looking for her phone.

"Kyle, you need to slow your breathing down like Rachel said but make sure your taking deep breathes." Brax reminds him.

"I I'm try trying to, but it is isn't hel help helping." Kyle says as he starts to claw at his throat.

Out of nowhere Rachel appears just as the sound of sirens echo from the distance.

"He's getting worse." Brax tells her just as the ambulance pulls up beside them.

Watching the paramedics running over to them, Rachel shouts: "18-year-old male, suffering from smoke inhalation. He was fine a couple of minutes ago other than a slight cough however his breathing has started to deteriorate."

The paramedics quickly start helping Kyle and load him into the ambulance with both Rachel and Brax jumping in as well.

As the ambulance leaves both Casey and Heath just stand there with no idea what to do.

(6:06pm) 29 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Resus

After the ambulance had arrived at the hospital, Kyle had been rushed straight through to resus and Brax was left to stand in corridor.

Noticing how low Kyle's oxygen stats where, Rachel turned to her patient and said: "Kyle, you need to slow your breathing down as it will help."

Kyle tries to do what she says but it doesn't seem to work as his oxygen stats continue to decrease.

"Julia, I need you to turn the oxygen up to 100%." Rachel tells the young nurse who was assisting her.

The nurse quickly hooks Kyle up the oxygen and does exactly what she was told. Julia then proceeds to place an IV into Kyle's arm.

(6:51pm) 45 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Waiting Room

By now all three of the Braxtons were sat in the waiting room, waiting to hear anything on how Kyle was doing.

"I still can't believe he's smoking." Heath says calmly to no one in particular.

"Well believe it Heath." Casey tells him "Once we got the fire out there was a cigarette in the bin, obviously the idiot hadn't put it out properly so when he put it in there it set the paper on fire."

"What I don't understand is why he felt the need to start smoking in the first place." Brax throws into the conversation.

"You heard him Brax. He was experimenting." Casey reminds them of what Kyle had struggled to say earlier.

"Yeah well I don't like what is happening to him and I'm certainly not happy that he has had to learn the hard way that smoking can be dangerous. As by the state of his room, that fire started well before I got home." Brax thinks about the damage however that is suddenly interrupted by the door opening and Rachel entering the room.

Before she gets a million questions thrown at her, Rachel explains: "Kyle is doing much better now. We have him on an oxygen and he is currently been settled into a room."

"So, he's going to be ok?" Heath asks her.

"We will no more in the morning, however I can't see why he won't make a full recovery."

"So, no lasting damage?" Brax continues to question his neighbour.

"No there shouldn't be. However, to be on the safe side we are going to keep him in for 48 hours just to keep an eye on him, but he should be fine to leave by then." Rachel tells them just her pager goes off "Look I have to go as I'm needed with another patient, but you can see him now as long as you go easy on him, as I think he know what he did was wrong."

With that they all say thank you and follow Rachel out the room but heading off in a different direction to find their brother.

(7:28pm) 37 minutes later…

Summer Bay – Yabbie Creek – Hospital – Kyle's Room

"I really hope you've learned a lesson from this Kyle." Brax tells his brother in hopes that the next part will sink in "Because if I hadn't come home when I did, the outcome might have been much worse."

Grabbing the oxygen mask and pulling it off his face, Kyle replies with: "I'm sorry Brax. I never meant for anything like this to happen. I promise that I have learnt my lesson and won't do anything like this again."

"Good." They all say at the same time.

"Look Kyle, we just want our little brother back not this new person as we don't really like him very much." Casey states.

Heath decided to join in the conversation: "Yeah, what Casey said. We miss the responsible Kyle who didn't cause anything us any stress or worry. So, can we please have him back."

"Okay, I guess I was just sick of being the one who never had any fun and I just wanted to change that but I can see now that I went the wrong way around that and I promise I'll go back to the old me." Kyle tells them as his eyes start to close.

"Just make sure you do." Brax tells him "Now put the mask back as you aren't meant to take it off and get some rest."

With that Kyle puts the mask back on his face and quickly falls asleep leaving his brothers to watch over him.

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I'm really glad that I came up with the idea you did a fantastic job of writing it I really enjoyed reading it. Can you please write a one shot about the Braxton family having to self isolate  I think that that would be a really interesting story.

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Great chapter! I’m glad that Kyle is okay. A rebellious Kyle is interesting but I’m glad that he’s going back to normal now, I think his curfew will be a bit early for a while until Brax calms down, can’t wait to read more :) 

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