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Friday 18th February 2005

Guest Di

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oop's crap this should say Feb 18th not March sorry

At the diner

Peter serves Alf with a paper's he has to testitfy against Kane,he doesn't want to.Not against a mate,is there away around.No there isn't Morag pipes up.Thank's that makes me feel a hole lot better.Morag is enjoying this and tell's Alf i will have to get my self prepaired against you then .

Morag say's, had better go and see my client.Peter has to go to.Leah and Irene are talking about Colleen's new man .We don't know him(he is the stalker hahaha)he could be a weird o say's Leah,Alf said don't you think it's the other way round.Irene laugh's,What do you reckon about this internet date thing Sally.

Sally is destracted thinking about them pill's she found.Irene can see she isn't with it.Sally just told her it's something,she has to disguss with Flynn when he get home form work.

Alf chips in hope it is nt nothing to do with Ric is it, ,no,no, infact he has settled well back in to school.Took it on the chin Alf say's. Good on him sally tell's him he is looking foward to the fishing trip, with you but he isnt, amitting it (something going to happen on the trip,stalker wise accident may be, insliun going missig may be while he and Alf are in middle of no were) .

Alf is so thrilled how good thing's have turned out, with him and Ric.Irene agree's,Sally say's there has been ,a change in him can't figure, who is the good influence is.

Surf club

Ric and matilda are playing pool,Your luck is gona run out, he says, to her what's luck got to do with it ,she say's as he has hit turn,your go.Matilda say's once you drop out of schoool you will have plenty of time to play.

Ric tell's her well erm i'm saying on at school,Alf will not be impressed if i did drop out.

Thing's still going okay with you, yeah they are still early day's, but yeah it's going well so far.

I can't beleive how my life, has changed in the last six month's.Matilda ask him if he misses his dad yeah i do, but we were never that close. Things are different with Alf i want it to be normal. He is clearly uncomfortable talking to matilda and he say's he is sorry for going on matilda say's don't worry about it.

Beach House

Kane is not happy that Alf has to testify against him, are you going to drag all my freind's to court Morag. Kirsty then say's Hayley got a letter to she is a witness.Morag then tell's a stuned Kane your brother's testimony should go a long way.

Yeah if he does what he say's he's gona do Kane isn't convinced he will. Morag say's he know's what will happen, if he doesn't tow the line, i will try and make his appeal not go in his favour.

Kirsty tell's him come on babe,you been doing so well Morag then say's we have to think about character witnesses.Kirsty ask's who were you thinking about well i have asked Irene and Scott. But i was hoping kirsty you would to agree ,Kirsty was surprised at what Morag was asking of her.

Yeah sure i will Morag said it is a bit unorthadox but it will be okay .Kane said will it realy help.Morag well it will not hurt.Well if your brother's testmony fail's we hvae these as back up.

What about putting me up on the stand.Absoultly not,but if i can't talk to the jury how can i convince them i'm not guilty.

Kane this is my job do you trust me. Kane say's.Yes I do but we don't, need, the prosecution to make you look bad.And if you go on that witness stand who knows what they will ask. Kirsty then asks if he is iinnocent, then i will prove it Morag tells them you have, to trust me to do it my way.


Alf is complaining about the boat business been down,Irene tells him it will pick up. Leah is very worried about something. Irene say's you know it goes in cycles,it wil pick up.

Alf can see Leah is still worried what is it Leah what's on yoiur mind.It's nothing Alf you know something don't you, no i don't( Leah wishes she had kept her big mouth shut)Alf still pushes her,well it's Colleen she and madge were shopping and they heard, people saying they don't want to use the charter.As there is a crimnal helping out there.

So they are giving us a wide birth, because of this Kane thing.Irene tell them both well he has only been charged, and he is innocent well i don't think they Care,Irene is not to happy and lets rip. That kid has turned him self inside out to fit in here, and there going to reck it all.Sometime's this town feel's smaller than it is.

Alf says' well the time fit's Irene then say's your telling me you don't beleave he did it.No all i'm saying they have stayed' away in droves since his arrest.I havn't got a clue what i'm going to do about it.

Surf club

Matilda and Ric are still playing pool,told you yuor luck was gona run out said Ric , then Henry see's them.Henry tells him maybe you should put somre money on it you will make a killing, ignore him Matilda says,' or maybe not some of the shot's can be murder.

Look why don't you get out of here before,you get hurt Ric tells Henry, see the truth hurt's.Stop been such a loser i'm been the losser I'm not hanging out with a guy who killed his dad.

Ric goes up to Henry and grabs hold of him ,and slam's him against the wall. what you waiting for say's Henry then,Dalby hits him in the stomache Matlida ,ask's henry if he is allright.Ric is shocked at what he has just done.


Kane and Kirsty are waiting to be served, he said i wouldn't want to dying of thirst, Peter walks in Hi guys Kane isnt impressed one bit. He goes in the kitchen to see whats going off.He hear's Leah and Irene Trying to disgus what to do to drum up more buisness for the boat.

And right on cue Kane walks in on them,ow hi there Kane. He tells them is that why the charters are so down because of me.Alf tell them it was only a couple of jobs, nothing big You telling me the boat is going under cause of me .

Irene tell him no it is because of a couple of gossip mongers.

Kane then tells then naybe i should just leave, you and scott to it then Irene, tells him you can't resign, then he walk's out. With Alf going after him. HEY, HEY i decide who stay's.

you work for me end of story,Kane just walks out the diner.Irene pipes up gawd i could strange a couple of people in this town. (hum i know plank, and .the stalker must have over heard her as it 's her that got the letter about whats the stalker is going to do next)Leah said it is more than a couple.

Peter is on his mobile yeah i will be there in the morning, glad you told me straight away.Dan then asks whats that all about it was the head of the investigation crash team.

They are sure of one thing, the plane was tamperd with.Every one is shocked to say the least.



Leah says' this doesn't make sence who would want us dead. Did they know how it was done yeah it was the engine.

Leah says' see someone want to kill us,Irene then tells her don't worry Peter tells then, i'm sure you were not the target. Maybe it was the poilot they were after (well my crystal ball tell's me he is wrong about that I can feel it in my waters')Alf said they could have been after the company.Explain the vouchers then,we get invited on that trip ,and the plane crashe's. Peter ask's Leah have you the envolope they came in,i think so. peter say's we will get to the bottom of this don't panic.

The hunters

Henry tell's Malilda that guys a freak, call the cop's.Beth then say's they are going to want to know what happened, as she gave him an ice pack.He grabed me and threw me against the wall, Beth say's after you said a few nasty thing's to him.Your on his side as Beth said you can't blame him. But i don't condole violence. Why are you sticking up for him as he, went of to his room.

Matilda said I was giving him a second chance I know you were. Beth say's but tonight shows Ric has a long way to go.

Seeing him like that scared me as he switched.Well it shows he has still got to sort a lot of thing's out.You think i shouldn't hang around him ,well while he is like this no i don't. what could he do next time.

The caravan park

Sally ask's Ric what were you thinking, Ric then said he wouldn't shut up,yeah but that doesn't mean you can hit people. you knew it wasn't going to be easy.I didn't mean to loose it .This is a small town and people start to talk yeah look i'm sorry i didn't mean to lose it.

Flynn walks in as Ric goes past him, Flynn say's hello mate but he walk's away with out saying anything.Sally tells him he had a fight, do you want me to talk to him no I think he feels bad enough as it is.

Then Sally get's the pills i found these when I was tidying up. Ric saw you take them for you headache, what are they well they are samples from a drug company.They must have fell out my bag. you get all the perks of the job. Sally then walk's off as flynn goes to the fridge ,he is so glad she brought it( it was a close shave son)


Leah is still worried about what Peter told them, about the crash .Maybe it is something to do with Vinnie. someone want us dead, they are not going to stop until they have done the job. I want to get out of here. The city maybe the last couple of month's have been horrible .

The beach next morning

Peter is met by Dan he give's Peter the enovlope the tickets come in,How is Leah this morning.Well she is still freaked out,if you could tell me anything.peter interups him you know I can't, yeah I know she not eating or sleeping were going to the city for a bit .good idea said Peter.Tell us if you here anything, yeah i will don't worry. (Peter looks verty sus to me).


Leah is still stressed and is in a tizzy, with the order's Irene tells her off for comming in, you should be away we can manage.Go it is what young and engaged people do now go. When you come back you will not remember been on that dam plane.

Alf come's in with his fishing gear Gawd i thougt you were only going for the weekend said Irene. We are i dont know if young Ric, has been camping and put in a few extras.We don,t want him to get crook on his first time out there.

Sure he will enjoy it said Irene.Feel a bit bad leaving you on your own.with all that is happening here .look I have just got rid of Leah with her going on about it.

Morag comes down stairs she has a serious look, on her face what said Alf Duncan's on the phone,there been an accident it's Roo.

The caravan Park

Ric is packing his bag, why don't you have some breakfast, I had some thank's he tells Flynn. Sally said All set to go yeah .Then a knock at the door,It was Alf come in do you want some coffee before you go. No theres been a change of plan. Roo my daughter your aunt has been in an car acciedent in new york.

Sally ask's is she allright don't know.

I have to get out there so our weekend wil have to wait sorry.WE will do it when get back. Okay said a disapointed Ric.I feel realy bad no don't you worry .I can get a fight today. No youj ust get out there said Sally.Don't worry we will look after him Tell us when you get there.


It is busy as Kane and Kirsty walk in people just stare,maybe we should eat at home Kane said. As people was starring at him.no we will eat here they can leave .

Morag is telling Alf she should go with him. No your needed her for Kanes trial Iwill be okay.One more favour can you keep an eye on Ric Irene. yeah course I can.You have a safe trip .

The beach

Matilda is walking alone on the sanrd, as Ric run's up to her. Hey wasn't you going on a trip. Alf had to go to America. His daughter has been in crash.I will be around if you want me .

Yeah got a lot of school work to do.Look it was the fight I'am sorry it will not happen again i just snapped. look I don't want to spend time with you. He is gutted .


Kane said i have worked my butt off to fit in here,now it looks like it's all wiped out.Well i'am proud of you, our baby is going to be proud of you.Just feels i'm been shut out againyou know.

Look when this goes to court they will see that you are not guilty. Ric comes in he is in a strop and has a litte go at someone passing him .

Irene tells him off for what happened,he just asks for a milkshake, but she is still going on and he say's it again in an raised voice I asked for a milkshake.

Peter tells Sally and Flynn they can't trace the person who brought the tickets. It was from an internet cafe in the city.Who would want to hurt them,Well there is so many nutters out there Irene tells them.Look at the thing's been happening the Palace, bush fires',That body now this.

Are we missing something.Peter tells them not to worry and not to panic Then Beth come's in and said this was out in the post box. Irene opens it. ow my god as she hands it to Peter. they all gather around it say's SUMMER BAY WILL PAY.

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