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A Case Of The Munchies (by pembie and Ludub) - comments

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I have to admit I was struggling to think what could be alien about Tori. Justin has his funny voice Brody has his out of this world cooking skills. But I had the sudden thought that Tori could have the most important role of all singal so the mother ship can find them all.

Thanks for reading everyone

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Great chapter

Oh dear Alf and Irene taking everyone on a wild ride and the summer bay house isn't a house but a ship :lol:

Shocked at the ending of this chapter.

Update again soon :) 

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Loved Billie thinking about how feeding the bub was her job, not Kyle's .....and how Irene and Alf were commenting to eveyione how they are as normal as all the humans [vj, chris etc] trust Hunter's actions to be of the destructive/violent kind

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AN appropriately weird coooooooooooooooooooooooooooool finale to this fic !!!!! ......... 


and given how old Alf is, this line was just ....even with a fic this bonkers extreme ... so unexpected ......


“Alfred do not curse in front of me or never mind how old you may be I will still give you a smacked bottom.”



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I will try maybe one day to write something vagey normal :P And Ludub I don't think you were expecting to write something so out there when you said hey let's write something silly together haha

Thank you for all your comments people had such fun writing this

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